Year in the North

Volume Two. A trip to the northern rivers. Collections Pavel Gusev. Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev Vidal walrus you live? — Where can I see it, old man? — AND that guy anywhere. On Picture something there he had you look like the same. Great because he had our lives; orcas only a smaller and all these beluga, seal it, hares, harp seal — all it smaller. One thing to tell you: the fat from it pounds on 15, at 20 drips from a patient. AT sell it and with Tink (fangs) and with haravinoy Read more [...]
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Plunged in the autumn with the head

It's time! It has long been time for me to break out of the concrete slum of the city and enjoy the autumn with his head! And the problem seems to be solved easily, but that's just like not only drive as far as the Don, namely plunge in the fall with his head! What if visiting again explored his new place? The fish is caught there, the mushrooms grow and fall there. At the same time something else scout…Stop the car! Farther – on footThe first ferry across the Don in Trehostrovskoy we arrived on time. Upstream is a lot of fishing boats. Apparently, catch bream or Read more [...]
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And only in the evening, and only a day

How nice to wander quiet running waning autumn day, out of the corner of the forest of bright green clover, on the aftermath of the young, the crude precipitated by evening dew. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina To reflect and watch the rest goes to the majestic view of our planet. How does it quickly, even very, sinks, retires, is huge, with the crown of the distant darkening forest. But at the last moment, it gives the ground a dazzling, a bright smile that forest, though embarrassed, and again flashes lights up the horizon crimson sunset fire. In front of me is an old lime tree branched, Read more [...]
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The Forgotten Expedition

I will never forget that one day your humble servant, who accompanied two customers from Germany, came out on the Gulf Shelting, where he was expected from Magadan chartered boat. The Germans went to Russia for bearskins, but main memory for them will be a picnic on the extreme the shore of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Gray inhospitable sea katilo gray oily waves in waves billowing bluish ice broken, lost in the horizon Crude gray haze.I took Snaslazhdeniem shoulders the heavy backpack, which were two skins medium size Read more [...]
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With the decoy and cop

Go to my village was only on April 23, so there were domestic circumstances, and closed the season is 27th. In fact, in the pocket of the three days of hunting. And only three or three should show the time.I do not unloaded in a hurry in a meadow in front of the house. That spring, without end and without boundary, with a vibrant game hollow water spills baggy, crazy expansion mimohodnoy birds there. Winter thaw quietly unusual here was vented malosnezhe, leaving the April sun, the banks of the river in the summer, in the water meadows crackles underfoot parched reeds, like in the arid steppe. Read more [...]
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All the ban is over! Waiting for him as demobilization, a matter of days, and then suddenly it turns out that it's already June. But people are now longing still, bite to eat there or not, just to pick up and get spinning on plane ...Resolved: Saturday go to Dusan overnight. How and what will be caught? Yes to all! Check out turns into some sort of revenge of any innocent Pike and her rapacious family. Time did not allow catching two months, so now do not blame me… And honestly, the plan ultralight, zherlitsy and float for fishing bait.The last two days pouring in buckets. Read more [...]
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The hunt for UFOs

I am in essence a typical Soviet engineer, Ph.D., and I do not believe in any miracles, magic, UFO, "energy" feeding, and the like devilry.In those now distant days I hunted one, finding it great fun. However, I had to watch the two phenomena are not nor fit understandable in the formula or in the hypothesis. Both of these phenomena are, anyhow, have been associated with hunting.So, April 29, 1991. Stormy Vetluga spring floods, flooded meadows and a significant portion of the forest in the the left bank of the canopy. AT those now distant days Read more [...]
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Pescara Knight

Photo zimpenfish / (CC BY 2.0) From childhood I remember the story of a small village on behalf of the boy, who always went to the local creek to catch minnows, but it is not worked. But when you get up close to him by his grandfather, he always catch these minnows long hours and a good size. Yes, fun kept saying that there is no fish more tasty than fried minnow. Santa boy told his secret: it was found necessary when catching stand in coastal bushes so that they hide your own shadow in the water, while fish peck fearlessly.Once in some book I read that from the Middle Read more [...]
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At the end of the season duck

Hunting for a duck in the first icePhoto by the author The most important thing – not to miss the moment when all the surrounding district in the puddles, swamps and lakes covered with ice and later zhiruyuschaya mallard, deprived of their favorite places to fly on near the river, where running water is still free of ice. But it is important to have time, as a duck on the river holding no more than two or three days, and then flies to the south, where the frost yet. And if you have all coincided: close friend of the river, you have a weekend or holiday, outside solar frosty Read more [...]
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River childhood

Photo Anatoly Mailkova In Russia, many of the great rivers,Deep, violent, wild.But it is another nice river,That river with childhood sweetheart… A lot of water has flowed in the river over the years, but it beckons me to his Viltovka as a child. Probably, because dozens of nights while away on the wooded shores, traveled hundreds of kilometers along the river. Many have experienced the joys of fishing. Maybe unbreakable thread connects the river with my motherland, firmly holding? ..Narrow forest Viltovka – easily, fled in peremahnesh bottlenecks track. But lurking Read more [...]
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Joyful shine halmasy

Photo Austro Fish trifle drizzled and drizzled from a small mesh. Ran from the coastal village of women and children began to help fishermen, shaking from the grid transparent small fry. I'm tired of being just an observer (and maybe Lankans tired of looking at the overly curious foreigner), I took up the edge of the grid, and also began to shake her. So our hostess carefully shake out after the winter rugs. For half an hour I mustered a decent slide fish detail. «Halmasa!» – joyfully exclaimed one of the fishermen scooping up a handful of silver weight.The best Read more [...]
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What nonsense — to preserve history!

Our legislation armory waiting for another major shake-up. Expanding the concept of civil arms, and it appears another new subspecies - "antique weapons." Photo by the author What would it be so? It will dulnozaryadnoe weapons under the black (smoke) powder manufactured before 1899 inclusive. These weapons will be in free circulation and demand only confirms his status examinations of the Ministry of Culture. To him it is equated copies and replicas dulnozaryadnogo weapons, as well as cold and pneumatic weapon until 1945 release. Is it good or bad? At first glance it's hard Read more [...]
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Come with a partner to the place of hunting and spending the night – half-rotten old cabins torfodobychikov. But it's the little things, the main thing – have a roof over your head. The path is not close – seven kilometers. The benefit is already half-way on the edges begin reed ditches, which can sit duck. I fell behind. Suddenly out of the ditch break mallard. Teammate beats drake, and the stone falls into the water. Clean shot! We throw off the backpacks. I – to rest and mate – to get to the other side of the birch tree felled: the bird was closer to shore. Suddenly Read more [...]
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Not pioneers

In a series of rain there has been a break. The dry and even sunny day inspires hope that tomorrow we are going on a fishing trip. We would damp day is not much hindered, but would like to forget. In the morning there was some weather orgy. Rain, wind and kolotun. Three in one. Even self-titled coffee is not saved from pessimism. But once you read this, we realized that our fishing no one has canceled. The boat did not want to sit down, and drag it to the trailer on our roads – no simple matter. As a result, after a brief meeting, which has not survived the battering, we Read more [...]
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Why stendovikam glasses?

I am honored that the newspaper writes about Sporting, they say, is training in the offseason, and decided to go to the booth, the more that recently received a hunting license and bought a gun. Dai, I think, try to shoot.I am honored that the newspaper writes about Sporting, they say, is training in the offseason, and decided to go to the booth, the more that recently received a hunting license and bought a gun. Dai, I think, try to shoot. He came, and I was funny: healthy men shot in the headphones, all caps and goggles. The funny thing is that the sky that day was overcast. What all these shooters Read more [...]
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Half a surprise

About five years ago I went on a fishing trip with his sons on the river. Great near the village. Selihnovo. This village is probably most remembered. It is located on the road when following on Pushkin Mountains. Before reaching the bridge over the river, we turned left onto an unmade road. A few kilometers left to the right bank of the river.We planned to relax and go fishing for three days. Weather has: August were sunny days with warm nights. My boys, Ruslan and Ivan, caught a bleak day, swimming, sunbathing, and at night, tired of running around carefree, asleep in the car. Read more [...]
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The very first

Hunting for ducks ... It seems that I am not a novice in zagashnichke there are wild boar and geese and grouse, and hares in sufficient quantities. But no, I never can say that hunting ducks to me childish and fun, I can not ever abandon it. Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina Duck hunting for me, though available and seemingly simple and easy, does not lose its meaning, and never get bored. Is there something special, something familiar and elusive, due to my birth as a hunter. And always on the eve of the holiday in my memory that gets my first duck hunting.I was about fourteen. I looked Read more [...]
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Would you urge exhausting a helmet spell skiing?

    A:Hunky-dory, foremost, a disavowal: As far as I'm implicated, everyone on the satellite should be tiring a helmet at all multiplication, disregarding of the activeness. Why? A meteorite hit a firm in New Orleans not yearn ago, so who is to say what volition or won't pass when you strike the threshold? With that tacit, it'll be no storm to discover that I habiliment a helmet conscientiously when bicycling (a use that perchance has protected my living, or leastways prevented spartan mind injuries, on leastwise iii occasions), when shake climb, or when travel on glaciers approach Read more [...]
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stalkersky fishing

in his first post, I want to tell you about fishing on the river Moscow, which flowing through the metropolis Moscow carries its "water" in here I Oku.Tak follower spinning, as is well known, this trend needs to open water, but after the winter in our latitudes her big problem)) By hot effluents into the river Moscow it never freezes in the most terrible cold ... it was way out of the situation and allowed to abandon their seasonal uvlecheniya.pervy time on the bank of Moscow in its lower reaches (below center), I was in 1999. I remember that day very horosho.proydya hundred meters along the shore, Read more [...]
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Makeshift raft made of bottles

Makeshift raft of bags with bottles. Read more [...]
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