Squirrel named Belka

In urban families who have children and grandchildren, as well as the desire for contact with nature at all in the zoo has different quality and quantity of the inhabitants of the cornerIn our city apartment over the years, when growing up the daughter and grandchildren, visited over the years a lot of all living creatures: parrots of different breeds of hamsters, turtles, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, fish, etc. Each of them left in memory of family members different memories, but especially all remember pribludy protein.This was thirty years ago, her daughter was still small.  We live on the ground Read more [...]
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On the protein without the dog

Hunting for a protein – one of the most hazardous, cheerful, requires very challenging, exhausting climbing through the swamps, to overcome windbreaks. It would seem that not having a good huskies, and try to have nothing to hunt squirrels, but it is not so. To successfully hunt fur requires quite a bit, especially observation, attention to detail, patience and perseverance. Another absolutely essential good hearing and vision. In summer and fall you can not just go to the nearest forest to pick berries, mushrooms, hunting for grouse.Be observant, mark and store all the interesting, new, Read more [...]
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On the protein with a charge of incompetence …

By how much depends on factors, will be able to tap into protein or not: the weather, time of day, and in the first place - from the massive and density of the crown of the tree bark. On the competition even more. How she likes to repeat one of the oldest of our karelochnits IS Sokolova, "have come together here all the stars"Photo by Sergey Buslaeva  Based on the experience of expert work on tests and competitions huskies squirrel, held under the auspices MOOiR, I dare say that the hunter can trust the dog only if he is fully confident that his husky is not inclined to empty Read more [...]
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As I have guns and dogs treated

Autumn 1957. Grace for the hunter's time in the upper reaches of the river Uda Irkutsk region, where I worked in those years. Sayan Foothills.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova That fall, we gathered with the forester Grigoriev belkovat Ibsit the river that flowed into the Udu.Bouquet – My one year old husky, yet does not show itself, indifference to the protein. I had my time to take the neighbor's young but already running squirrel dog is black. We partner both huskies were zverovymi, so it also took a friend's husky.Breezing two horses. Packs were small, as were going on 10 days–12.We Read more [...]
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Eating insects

In conditions of extreme survival, when a person loses weight much, just needed protein food. But to get it is not easy. Lost in the forest or mixed forest, people are not always armed and capable of hunting large and medium game. Hunting for small game hunting and fishing may not bring the desired results, but the need for protein does not alter this fact. Then, we have to pay attention insects and their larvae. In many insect protein. This is important! Yes, we all residents of south-east Asia, and insects, worms, larvae – far from being a delicacy for us. However, there are times when Read more [...]
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Liquidiser Bottle

SportMixerBlenderBottle SportMixer     Photograph: Courtesy of BlenderBottleWorkout-ReadyWith well-nigh sports bottles, when you stump a protein or hydration-powder boozing, thither’s nearly ever a blockheaded clump of it unexpended at the freighter. Not so with the 28-ounce SportMixer. It sounds gimmicky, but it deeds: a stainless-steel telegraph sector located inner the long-wearing moldable bottleful agitates the contents when jolted. It’s fundamentally ?a portable liquidiser. In our quiz, we motley ?up a fourth cup of Greek yoghurt, a soap of protein powderise, and Read more [...]
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Protein bar [puc.1] provides saturation of the organism simply digestible protein. It contains a huge amount of protein which is the building material for muscles and cells responsible for oxygen transport and metabolism.Proteins in just absorbed, digested by the body in full, unlike ordinary food proteins.The bar has a good taste and reduces hunger. Good, both for Breakfast and after intensive exercise.For production we will need [puc.2]:• 2 egg whites• 2 cups of oatmeal• 4 greedy (120 gr) protein was used vanilla whey protein)• 50 g almonds• 1 Cup milk powder• banana• vanillaThe Read more [...]
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    Multifariousness is the spiciness of sprightliness, veracious? NuttZo thinks so. It combines legumes (peanuts) with barmy and seeds for a blended butter that has six to vii grams of concluded protein and 50% of your casual prerequisite of Z 3 per service, piece taste ilk a goody. NuttZo uses buggy and seeds that suffer oodles of wellness benefits:Flax semen improves digestion, helps brace lineage glucose levels, fights tumour establishment, and enhances cardiovascular wellness. Cobnut reduces bloodline curdling, boosts cardiovascular wellness, lowers the endangerment of Read more [...]
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Shuffling a Powerfulness Smoothy

"Mmm, superpower!"     Picture: Mitch Altman/FlickrA creamy (oooh!), chocolatey (aaahh!), treat-yourself bite backpacking the arrant Retrieval RATIOS of protein, roughage, and heart-healthy fat—because you earned it (yes, I did!): 1 banana; 2 tbsp innate goober butter; 3 tbsp unsweetened chocolate; 1 cup fatless milk; 3/4 cup ice; 1 tbsp dear; 2 tbsp linseed, land; 2 tbsp straw bug, earth. Combine until shine; makes two servings. 402 calories, 49 g carbs, 18 g protein, 19 g fat, 14 g fibre.Get more recipes in 5 Essentials for a Victorious Spirit, by newspaperwoman Read more [...]
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The On-The-Go Bivouac Nutrient Face-off

For campers and backpackers looking the topper pre-prepared backcountry meals, Near To-Go is the new competition in townsfolk. Co-founded by chef Jennifer Scism, the Maine-based accompany aims to shuffling jackanapes foodie meals that exceed distinctive lyophilised do.Scism, who co-owns Annisa in New York's Greenwich Settlement and has cooked at four-star restaurants, distinct she needful improve nutrient options later preparation a weeklong packing tripper with her conserve. So she pulled out the dehydrator and started fashioning the kinds of meals she'd be pleased in her own eatery. My fiancée, Read more [...]
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Fivesome Charged Unit Grains

Pentad charged unscathed grains     Pic: Pic by Inga HendricksonFive-spot charged unhurt grainsPentad charged unit grainsSo you've traded in the Inquire cabbage for unit straw. Praise. But don't occlusion thither. Not lonesome are unanimous grains plenteous in fibre, protein, antioxidants, and minerals, but new explore links whole-grain diets to a fitter bosom and digestive scheme. A late Tufts University discipline ground that feeding tercet to four-spot servings of unit grains casual, piece feeding no than one helping of elegant grains, results in less trench ab fat, the troublesome Read more [...]
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11 Athletes Part Their Favourite Meals

The departure 'tween striking the top and striking the bulwark oftentimes comes consume to the fire in your stomach.     Photograph: The Plummer-Kennedy Cabal/GettyWe vetted apiece of these recipes with Adam Korzun, quondam chef at the Quadruplet Seasons Hotel Boston and now caput dieting­itian for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard squad. See apiece formula's "Why It Deeds" for Korzun’s take our athletes' superpower meals.Adventurer Sebastian Copeland's Galosh Get-up-and-go BarCopeland at his W Hollywood family.  Exposure: Jake StangelThe Repast: In 2011, Copeland Read more [...]
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The Humans’s Better Obstruction Path Racer Shares His Mysterious Formula

    Pic: Hannah McCaugheyWith up of 35 first-place finishes, 36-year-old Hobie Song has won more obstruction races than anyone. His unavowed? Smartness breeding, trusted. But Birdsong likewise swears by his wheat-grass smoothies—so lots so that he blended and gave out 1,500 of them at the 2012 Utah Ascetical Fauna. “What makes it so heavy is that it has everything: superiority vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, fats, protein, carbohydrates, and character,” says Shout, from Erda, Utah. Wheat-grass gives the smoothy lots of those damage-fighting nutrients, and Read more [...]
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Topper Foods for Athletes: Umber Milk

Umber milk     Photograph: Shutterstock/ Efired Perverse to democratic feeling, you don't motive monumental amounts of protein abaft a exercise. "What you very motive for recuperation is simpleton carbs with a picayune bit of protein—roughly a 4 or fin to one proportion," says Lewin. You could obtain that in approximately boughten drinks, she says, or you could stump a crank of low-fat cocoa milk and get the like benefits. Positive, the caffein in cocoa dilates and relaxes descent vessels, serving oxygen-rich bloodline reaching your muscles more quick and easy. Lewin's Read more [...]
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Scoop Foods for Athletes: Buggy and Nut Butter

Nut butter     Photograph: Shutterstock/Jiri HeraBecause they're a innate combining of protein and goodly fats, cracked (and nut products) are a basic in many athletes' diets. They're too promiscuous to condense, says Pluhar, and can service counterweight your bloodline gelt when mated with carbs. "If you were to eat a beigel all by itself, it would address dinero middling promptly and you'd occupy all of that vigour forthwith," says Pluhar. "But if you put approximately goober butter or almond butter thereon beigel, the protein and fat can aid get those carbs concluded Read more [...]
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Scoop Foods for Athletes: Beans and Legumes

The 9 trump foods for athletes     Photograph: Shutterstock/Stefano PareschiFor vegetarian athletes (or those who fair deprivation to go meatless erstwhile and a piece), plant-based sources of protein are a mustiness. These admit soybeans (and tofu), lentils, peas, and all varieties of beans—inkiness, pinto, gabardine, kidney, you epithet it. "Virtually masses don't eat decent of these or they say they don't ilk them," says Lewin. "But genuinely, you can do so lots with them: add them into salads, piddle a three-bean chilli, eat hoummos... you don't suffer to Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

Candidate PROTEINS of ANIMAL ORIGIN.The main building material for the body are proteins ,which accounts for up to 20% of our body mass.And since all the cells of our body bespreryvno updated, and protein we need constantly.Protein is the difficult component, the basic structural units of which are Amino acids.The shortage of protein in the diet, the body loses the necessary Amino acids, and in trouble with the activity of all body systems, first with the activity of the cardiac muscles, brain, etc.Meat, Fish, milk and dairy products are a good source of protein.But what is if for some reason you Read more [...]
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AKON — Forgotten BROTHER Land PEARS: usefulness, nutrition, protein and amino acid composition.

Akon (lat. Smallanthus sonchifolius ) - long herbaceous plants of the genus Smallanthus of the Asteraceae. Comes from the Andes.Akon grown for sweet crunchy roots. Its structure and the smell is a cross between an Apple and a watermelon. The plant is a close relative of the sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke. The root of acona - low-calorie food, because the sweet taste gives it trudnosvarivaemymi carbohydrate inulin. The fruits of this plant resemble bottles with long necks, have a brown-reddish skin and white or yellow flesh with little red specks. Usually, on the same Bush appears 10-15 fruits. Read more [...]
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Recitation: Beneficial for Trunk and Encephalon

Exercising has farsighted been joined to increased yield of a protein known as the "brain-derived neurotrophic component" (BDNF). BDNF is all-important for creating and maintaining tidy neurons and thereby delaying (or maybe preventing) neurologic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.Participate cellular biologist Bruce Spiegelman and his colleagues from Harvard Aesculapian Cultivate and the University of Michigan Aesculapian Mall. The researchers suspected FNDC5, a protein induced during exercising, was responsible increased levels of the "impertinent protein" Read more [...]
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Everything You Recognize Approximately Nutrient Is Wrongfulness

Block the nutrient pyramid; it's hanker out-dated by now.     Exposure: Elnur/ShutterstockTHE USDA, THE Agency that develops guidelines on how to eat, has relied on its omnipresent Nutrient Draw Pyramid to ranch aliment entropy to the world for more a tenner. Since its origin, nonetheless, many victuals experts deliver questioned how easily the prick has worked. "The pyramid inevitably a drastic rescript," says Michael Jacobson, executive of the Core for Skill in the World Pursuit. Why? Many look that the nutrient pyramid isn't dramatically blemished; it's fair hazardously Read more [...]
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