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psychology in the light of the PSU and the consequences for others.

We rarely, and sometimes not one may rarely touch on the theme in conversations "mental illness," we do not like to talk about it. Few people want to know that in the year about 30% of the adult population or that acquires a diagnosable mental illness. And in every generation, about 50% of adults suffer from psychological disorders. For me has always meant little filling is called and so on. Talk about brains and their filling. And so - Hello Friends and enemies go to hell. Text a lot. Propensity to self-analysis and general welcome. Begin. We will discuss with you the basic psychological disorder. We Read more [...]
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Moral psychological preparation of children to the outputs on the environment. Organization of children’s hike with children 5-7 years.

(Photo not mine, where ripped unfortunately do not remember, but the topic is very symbolic post)Have a good day! Peep information on this site and gradually collecting a library for a long time. Among the mountains of information is a lot of great work and medicine, and weapons, and recommendations from experienced test seasoned travelers, hikers Survival etc ... But, from vpechatleleniyu, there was information that everyone survives goes hiking in itself, independently, without considering that with him and may be untrained people, family members and even small children. As a person who Read more [...]
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American police learn to shoot at children and pregnant women

American police will be trained in the shooting of the new targets - images of pregnant women, children and elderly people with weapons in their hands. The new practice is designed to remove the psychological barrier of the cops in an extraordinary situation. Only 99 cents police can order a poster with a picture of an armed child. It will be American ministers police practice shooting. This unexpected approach to training should help the police first to pull the trigger in a critical situation, when in front of him is a pregnant woman or an old man with a gun with a shotgun. As a rule, police Read more [...]
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Munich 2006

The artist always puts into his work makes more sense than it myself guess. For his film about the tragic events at the Olympic Games in 1972, Steven Spielberg chose the artless name - "Munich" - and hardly thought about his possible implication. But in the politicized public consciousness Munich - this is not primarily Munich-72-Munich 38. Delivery of the Western powers in the hope of Czechoslovakia to buy off Hitler. Today, when Israel has failed in most of its history under the fire of war * hypocritical criticism of the "world of progressive public opinion" and the "Al-Jazeera" Read more [...]
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Personality in extreme conditions. Conclusion

So, the core problem is the adaptation of the extreme conditions. Mental readaptation in extreme conditions, maladjustment and readjustment to normal conditions of life are subject to regular alternation of stages. Analysis of the stages of mental readaptation, rehabilitation and exclusion under the influence of psychogenic factors revealed the following. Regardless of whether a person will have to pass a test of nervous and mental stability in the isolation chamber, or do a parachute jump, or make a trip into space, and so on - always clearly distinguished "preparatory phase". Read more [...]
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Theory and practice myatezhevoyny

Everyone knows the expression: "The generals are preparing for yesterday's war." And to what else could they be prepared? To learn how to reflect the new threat, it is necessary to know and to learn, it has to be faced. For example, during the Vietnam war, our air defense missile systems at first operated successfully. Many of them have suffered, the Americans found the opposition: they began lobbing rockets air-land along the line of the radar, and they flew straight to the station. Against such tactics were asked sharply lower antenna down: radio beam running along the rocket Read more [...]
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Some of the rehabilitation

Due to the progressive increase in the incidence of breast cancer is usually found in women aged 45 to 60 years, along with better treatment outcomes, and increase the number of healthy, under the supervision of oncology 5 years or more, in recent years one of the highest popped problem of rehabilitation. Restoration of function after treatment and return to normal work and family life, the removal of psychological material caused by the disease itself as well as mutilation, the need of some restrictions and compliance for several years - all these questions are in the concept of medical, psychological Read more [...]
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Transactional direction

A special place among the psychological models of alcoholism is now a concept grounded in the transactional analysis (Berne, 1964; Steiner, 1971; Carrol, 1980). Under the transaction in psychology means an act, which turns into a response action or state of others and may be calculated in such a transformed return. Transaction system is built from conscious or unconscious motive to cause some changes in the actions of the state or other person required to meet the needs of the subject transaction (Stolin, 1982). By transactional analysis E. Berne described interrelated transaction system, which Read more [...]
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Test-diagnostic studies-8

Progression of disease in these groups was medium to high, and the social consequences of alcoholism match the severity of clinical manifestations. The fourth group also included Sinton person with signs of balance and stenichnosti prone to bind to somatic complaints. In this group alcoholism proceeded most favorably: the timing of its formation have been stretched, and social effects on the expression behind the severity of clinical manifestations. Most malignant alcoholism proceeded with for the fifth group, premorbid features of which were regarded as psychopathic. Social consequences of Read more [...]
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Test-diagnostic tests-7

Using factor analysis data set derived from MMPI, G. Skinner, J. Jackson and G. Hoffman (Skinner, Jackson, Hoffman, 1974) have identified eight subgroups of alcoholics. Each of them has their own, are not repeated in other subgroups, signs. Without giving the entire typology, we note that it has covered essentially all types of alcoholic patients who have previously been described by psychological techniques. The authors have shown that in-group differences are so great that any kind of average data and average MMPI profiles lead to unacceptable simplification. J. Carroll, also dealing with Read more [...]
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Test-diagnostic studies-6

Particular concern in the context of the provisions developed by us can have the data obtained using projective techniques, many of which are directly addressed to the research motivation. The most popular among them is the Rorschach test (see Bleicher, 1976, Sokolov, 1980). Avoiding esoteric terminology used by the authors of the test, we present the main findings with the help of data describing patients with alcoholism. First of all - the tension needs and inclinations, which is sometimes referred to as "the power of ambition", combined with the inability of socially acceptable Read more [...]
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Test-diagnostic studies-10

Cleveland and M. Sykes (Cliveland, Sikes, 1966) found that alcoholic patients are greater than in healthy, pronounced tendency to feel and your body dirty, disgusting, painful being in a deformed state. A number of studies, in contrast, are characterized as alcoholics people prone to avoidance of strong emotions and feelings did not allow into consciousness thoughts of severe illness and death (Sales, 1971). Correctly, seems to speak of the inability of patients to the formation of strong emotions, except for those arising on egozaschitnomu mechanism (Tsytsarev 1982, Balashov, 1987). The conclusion Read more [...]
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The critical role of psychologists and psychology in general, however, lies not only in the practical application of psychological knowledge in the treatment process. The main task of medical psychology as a science in this area lies in the development of the psychological foundations of psychotherapy, science-based definition of the goals, objectives and methods of the psychological impact on patients, to assess the effectiveness of measures to secure the criteria on the basis of deep research psychology, the sick, and especially their personal and psychological characteristics. Psychotherapy Read more [...]
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Psychological help for alcoholism can take several forms. First of all - psychotherapy, psychological adjustment, and psychological counseling. Psychotherapy - is a comprehensive medical impact using psychological means to the patient's psyche, and through it the entire body in order to eliminate the painful symptoms and changes in attitudes towards themselves, their illness and the environment, is the application of psychological knowledge to the treatment of various diseases, disorders of the purposeful arrangement of the body and mind by psychological means ( VN Myasishchev, P. Janet, Read more [...]
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Psychological counseling-2

In working with alcoholics and abusers of alcohol, straight order extremely rare and usually for patients who have resorted to medical care. On the basis of the manifestations of psychological defense patients often formed indirect or inappropriate orders. Order can be initiated either by the client or consultant, for example, the company psychologist, university, school, hospital. In the latter case psychologist must justify the need for psychological counseling to help the client to formulate order to create his motivation to participate in the PC and get the informal consent of the client Read more [...]
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Psychological problems of training of psychotherapists and counselors to work in Addiction-1

Thus, to solve the problem in the method of active social learning needed to combine psychotherapy and training methods. Searching and finding the active participants of social learning the authentic style of interpersonal behavior mean decision posihoterapevticheskoy identification problems due to their own individuality liberation from the illusions in self, overvalued (in the sense of non-psychiatric) ideas, feelings of inferiority, and other forms of protective attitude. This, along with the formation of an adequate image of the "I" is an important task psychological adjustment Read more [...]
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Psychoanalytic direction-2

Consequently, in the view Sh Zimberga main point of alcohol is to achieve adequately reinforced, "grand" way "I". The need for such a representation of the author himself quite accurately termed reactive grandiosity (reactive grandiosity). Anxiety is a major and direct source of defense mechanisms, including denial, closely connected with the "grandeur", serving as an extreme degree of uncritical self-perception. A step forward in the concept of S. Zimberga is, first, the recognition of real social and psychological relations as the main source of psychological problems Read more [...]
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Psychoanalytic direction-1

An example of the typology of alcoholics created within psychoanalysis is that of M. Chefettsa (Chafefz, 1959; Blane, Chafetz, 1971), one of the leaders of this trend in the 1960s and 1970s. He described two types of alcoholics: 1) reactive or neurotic, and 2) addictive (from the English. Addictive), or suffering from "addiction" to alcohol. The first of the group of patients with a relatively normal pattern of premorbid personality. Patients use alcohol to suppress stress, arising from provocation. They are well adapted to the family, in the education and training activities, and Read more [...]
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The problem of the psychological study of personality in alcoholism

The term "alcoholism"Is mainly used in two different senses: to refer to the mass social phenomenon, that is, to a large extent as a synonym for" drunk ", and to determine the chronic disease resulting from alcohol abuse. In the context of solutions for medical and psychological challenges faced by this book, this concept will be used mainly in the second, health, values. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines alcoholism as a form narkomanicheskoy dependence occurs in people, always drink alcohol, which is characterized by forced consumption of alcoholic beverages within Read more [...]
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The problem of personality in clinical psychology-2

Thus, the example psychoneurology most clearly the central position in the medical problems of personality psychology. Psychopathology as a section of medical psychology in the past dealt with the problem of identity to a lesser degree than is the case at present, the main attention was given to the diagnosis of mental activity decay, so necessary in psychiatry. But almost always, and especially at the present time, this problem is, in spite of its relevance, yet secondary role in relation to the problem of studying the collapse of the individual. So, here problem personality is the main place. In Read more [...]
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