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Broken Briton fell into the canal with ice water, picking up SMS

Birmingham resident Laura proven safe by example, how dangerous can be set SMS on the go. The British are so attracted to the message for a loved one that messed up the ice from the sidewalk and crashed into the water. "I heard a man shouting to me:" One hundred-o-ow! "I turned to him, but it was too late. I tried to resist, but still slipped into the canal. And before that, I had no time to save her bag and mobile" - said the girl BBC. Fortunately for the 27-year-old radio presenter, a man passing by was not limited to verbal warning about the danger, but pulled to her Read more [...]
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Without faith in the moratorium

In the spring the two sailors' Gremyaschi "and the three of us with" Emba "was sent to Moscow, the main center of the radio receiving the Navy. Like us, 300 people gathered from different fleets - we learned a new specialty telemechanic control. I went, of course, a rumor, they say, for the New Earth. And sure enough - soon the train to Leningrad, and from there into the holds of diesel-electric "Yenisei" - the New Earth. In Mityushihe remember, fast ice is weak. He began to unload. One CTA at the shore failed. They said it was a commander Gorshkov. Thank God, Read more [...]
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Ashore as landing

The first task - to collect wood on the beach and construct a berth for ships. And in September, the North End navigation must hurry. Needed for the construction of the forest: a large dock type log planted a stone pillow - called ryazhevoe base. Then came last year in the transport, and unload him nowhere. Threw wood into the water - transport left. Wind from the sea timber nailed to the coast, but for how long? At any time, the wind could shift and then - goodbye cargo! Comes to our political officer Karasev and says, "Guys, must think of something. Hooks, one pull out a log - to Read more [...]
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Why do people in the army are killed in peacetime

Why do people in the army are killed in peacetime? Some cases have already been given, but here, I think, is not a sin to repeat them. In the end, it is about your life. Thus, soldiers are dying due to carelessness. I already mentioned the weapons charge - almost forgotten, pulled the plug, pulled the trigger and the bullet was flying to your friend. Forgot to put the neutral rate, turned on the ignition, and your co-worker is smeared on the wall. Because of childishness. Took automatic, took aim at his friend accidentally pulled the trigger. Automatic, unfortunately, was not put to the fuse, Read more [...]
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Strahvochny boat

one of the core. of passive insurance from the shore in water T. Designed to deliver end rescuers. rope from the shore to the ship on the river. Is a structure of the two boards dL. 80 - 100 cm wide. 25 - 30 cm, connected in parallel at a distance of 30 - 40 cm with two cross section of at least 5 cm 2. Sleepers are fixed at 10 - 15 cm from the ends of the boards. VGTU harness rope is pulled through the hole e the board closest to the shore. End of the rope is passed through the hole, tied around her grasps node. Board facing to banks, it turns out that about. based on a rope a triangle Read more [...]
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Law — the taiga. Chapter 5

Rebellious spirit crepe me all afternoon. He held me and I pulled her back-breaking load and did not fall. I moved the bag so that the severity accounted for exactly the sacrum. (And it was a way to carry backpacks, now everything is different: backpacks others.) Body itself oblivion worked out in the mountains of the habit to rest on the move, relaxing the muscles of one leg, while the other has weight, measured breathing and spend every move as much force as necessary, no more than half a gram. Still, in the evening I so exhausted that I could hardly moving his arms and legs. My luck that Read more [...]
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Onions. In an emergency kit can include lace, suitable for The applied as a bowstring, and a few arrowheads. Bowstring has sufficient strength to withstand the weight if the archer. Methods of making tips: - From the metal rod (eg, nail with sawed head), flattened on the end - of a strip of sheet metal, bent along a slight angle - for stiffness - from thick strips of metal - metal pipe, part of which is flattened and cut away. Need for making a bow branch or trunk young de.peva measuring about growth archer and a diameter of about 2.5 cm in the middle. Temperate zone of the trees best suited Read more [...]
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Loretan’s Girl: I Caused Fortuity

The girl of the later Swiss mountaineer Erhard Loretan revealed this workweek that she was the climb spouse who slipped and pulled Loretan to his destruction. Loretan barbarous 650 feet from a rooftree on the Grunhorn on April 28, his 52nd birthday. Media reports at the metre aforesaid that he had been directional a guest up the mount, and cast petty twinkle on why Loretan, who had climbed all 14 of the earth's 8,000-feet mountains, hide on a relatively soft ascent. In an clause for Le Temps, Xenia Babyminder aforesaid she barbarous backward off the rooftree, dragging Loretan with her. "I Read more [...]
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Where Can I Breakthrough the Trump Barbeque Sandwich? Texas, Tennessee, or Northward Carolina?

Not all porc barbeque is created equalise: be informed earlier you englut.     Exposure: bhofack2/ThinkStockA:Yobbo doubt. That’s wish request soul to prefer betwixt a Ferrari and Lamborghini (served on a bun). And to be funfair, S Carolina should be added to the number—because their porc barbeque differs 97 from Northerly Carolina’s, and enjoys the like cultlike pursual.As for which is the trump, it real depends on your perceptiveness. Do you same hale hog heart, or equitable berm? Do you choose the sauce duncical and odoriferous or slim and acetose? Downstairs Read more [...]
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What was in the reeds. Chapter 9

I moved cautiously on the aisle, close to the point that it had to push hard and move mostly sideways. A minute later I was all in a lather. There probably should as far as possible to describe what Aral reeds, or else do not understand. They say - thin as a reed, so this is not exactly about the Aral reeds. Old canes immediately powerful, thick, four or five feet tall, but most importantly - to grow up tightly that places the gun barrel between them prosunesh no, not that most go through. A solid wall of unknown thickness. In this wall here, I finally and rested. Had a pass, but all Read more [...]
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