Should I put the example LOOIR?

Hello Dear Editors! Recently, widely unfolded debate around pricing of tickets and the introduction of a single federal hunting permit sample. Not without it and in the last room "horn".In his article, «When would end «All-Russian obiralovu?» («HORN» Number 43) Victor Gurov indignantly writes about why hunting grounds users of all forms of ownership of trade in natural resources belonging to the state.What in the package tour contract, are charged money for «provision of services»It is a fiction, because no one actually does not have any services other Read more [...]
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Sheer luck

Villages along the road flashed one after the other, like each other like twins. In early 2009, I had a chance right after the New Year to go to the Tver region for hunting. Even before the celebration, in December, we agreed with our friend Yury that after Christ will gather to visit him to try his luck hunting. Yura log house in the best traditions with Russian stove and bath. All this splendor is in Sandow village, an old Russian settlement where around as the eye can see, stretch endless fields, dense forest and abandoned villages, which are Read more [...]
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Defendants in the case of illegal hunting of the Red rams should be one hundred million rubles

 Anatoly Bannykh, Barnaul legendary entrepreneur, one of the defendants «business arharovtsev»Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Altai, and for some time now the entrepreneur in Moscow, apparently going through hard times. The federal database Bailiff «Capitalist» Anatoly Bannykh found three executive production.Two of them – Performing a recovery gathering, and one – the seizure. Resolution bailiff on September 3, 2014 for the recovery of the performing collection № 77011/14/476818 amounting to 75.992 million 634 rubles 10 kopecks, and the Read more [...]
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One point of the case is not correct

Photo by Ilya Lipin I read an article, an editorial of Game Biologists AE Berseneva and master of laws AV Kolodkina «Law on Hunting: can not execute the correct»(«HORN» Number 26, 2012), in which the authors ask the question: where to put the comma? I read, and crept into the consciousness of the idea, not whether the government is trying once again through the mouth of Anton Paton distract us from the urgent problems of hunting and hunting? Background The emergence of the Hunting Law and the subsequent adoption of criticism after it revealed that it does Read more [...]
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Move the victim. What to do?

Any movement of the injured (wounded, injured) is possible only if it is dictated by the urgent need (for example, a man lying on the road, in the area of fire and so on). Moving alone If there is nobody to help you to quickly move to categorize simply flip) the victim, use the strongest muscles in the body — hip and shoulders. If the person is unconscious, there are two possible ways of its movement: 1. supporting under the arms, dragged behind him, retreating backwards; 2. tying the hands of the victim and selling in between his head to move forward on all fours, Read more [...]
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Narcotic poisoning. What to do?

The reason most tragic cases, drug-related, is overdose. It is especially dangerous drugs with sedatives, you have a calming effect. They cause a person sleepy and sharply reduced muscular activity. In severe cases, death. Signs: • Excited state, bouts of hysteria. • Dilated pupils. • Nausea and vomiting. • Hallucinations. Treatment: • lay the patient on his stomach and turn his head to the side; • try to make him lavage of the stomach and cause vomiting, check before it, does not block the throat; • lay him away from the Read more [...]
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Scouting trip to … DALE Seagull

Good evening ... Today, I write an article about it, what did you do this weekend MARINE CORPS YAROSLAVSKY SCOUTS "FORT". MARINE CORPS YAROSLAVSKY SCOUTS "fort" ... A trip to the camp "Seagull" was organized with the aim of passing the test ... oh no ... will be explained below Warning ... lots of pictures ... So, the weather was a success - lukewarm, but slightly damp ... but nothing - that sea scouts ... Temperature behind 8 degrees, the wind is weak ... overcast, but no rain. Bus unit was delivered to the point of disembarkation ... PPC camp ... And as time has been to dinner, after Read more [...]
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Of home-made diesel valve.

The last time I talked about how I did whatever over mechanical saw, today diesel valve. Let's start this morning for previously rendered service I got uninhibited and ground valve I set to work to start on the sandpaper brought shape and painted marker slopes. Pretty worn out I got here so- Thought long over the handle decided to make a dial-PCB, leather and at the end of this thing ebonit.Vse glued with epoxy glue metal shavings. Processed nazhdachkoy produced sheath and voila- Well TTX Overall length-30cm Blade length-18cm stick length 12cm the thickness of the butt-0.3sm width-3.7sm Something Read more [...]
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Prescription gamma this dish is extremely bright and colorful.Here are 5 main rules of making soup in the Dnieper Cossack.1. The more species of fish "involved" in the production of food, the thick ear. Best fat from lean rock (ruffs, perch).2. At first, cook the bones, head, fins small fish. Later, the broth is filtered or defend, selecting unadulterated layer.3. The broth finely shred the onion and cook with the addition of a handful of millet and potatoes.4. For 5-10 minutes until cooked soup in it is put on the cut pieces of larger fish. Along with it add eggs, milk, liver.5. Before removing Read more [...]
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Gingerbread honey, eternal ..

"Eternal" gingerbread For the preparation of gingerbread needed: 1200 g of honey, 2 kg of wheat flour, 5 eggs, 2 teaspoons of baking soda and a little spice to any powder. Honey is heated to a temperature of steamed milk and pour into a bowl with the flour. There also break eggs repaid poured soda and add spices. Knead the dough thoroughly, wrapped in a napkin and put in a warm place for 0.5 hours. When it rises, it is kneaded, divide into pieces and rolled into circles with a diameter of about 20 cm, is placed on an iron sheet, greased and floured, give even a glass of juicy razpodnyatsya.Mozhno Read more [...]
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Pouch-transformer with their hands

Again hands itch. At this time we decided to make the pouch-transformer. Inspired me pouches transformers relief shops (on zabugornye language - «Dump Pouch»). For example: Materials Protivogaznaya bag Tarpaulin Velcro-Velcro Thin elastic plastic Nylon slings Elastic cord Cord stopper Nylon thread Glue "Moment" Work 1. With bags of mask GP-5 otporol all unnecessary, stitched all the seams on the machine again to gain. 2. Wrapped and stitched edge bags, put elastic cord to tighten the neck, put the stopper. 3. Cut out a rectangle of canvas, wrapped and glued edge-glued Velcro Velcro Read more [...]
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Gift for wife or another home-made.

Good afternoon Komrad! So decided to lay another creation of my hands on your display. So a little backstory on the job was found ancient wooden rubanok.K my regret restore this relic opportunities nebilo  and I left him only blade. (with a strange stigma 3g3, on tattoo plant manufacturer is not found) So it would lay around, but my wife asked her to make a "mobile knife." Command accepted I'll take the case.Because the blade was a bit short, I Navariya plate then took up the manufacture of bronze tube rukoyati.Itak produced similarity bolster chisel put on the back side slowly began to heat Read more [...]
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PST by abandoned places

All welcome! I want to share my impressions (small photo report) from walking through the deserted village With the dawn of the sun my brother and I were already in place, far away from civilization - an abandoned village. As such, the goal was not put on this trip, just relax, see the sights, breathe in the fresh country air (much better than staying in the city for the weekend). With rations took a few meals (sandwiches for a snack, stew, bread, biscuits, tea in a thermos, tea and sugar jars, etc.), knives (I KO-2 and Terek Kizlyar) Shotgun TOZ 106 (just in case) Snow has begun to melt, it Read more [...]
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Cost Warming apartment!

Of course, it would be better on the eve of the cold and the expected BP to move into the village, where there is his house, and a stock of firewood stove. But not everyone has such capabilities. Someone will have to survive in the apartment. Therefore, the next step after the insulation, you need to figure out how are we going to get warm. Well, if there is a gas stove and it then works. Because if there is electric and it works - electric heaters warmed. Well, if elektroenergiyu cut down together with heat - your salvation in the gas stove. Take a large pan or bucket, pour sand there (preferably Read more [...]
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Knives from scraps

People from time to time making knives inevitably remain cutting steel which is a pity to throw and keep the business does not work because they are too small length. That left me with three trim 3mm 30Ch13 and H12MF. I took 3 pieces of stainless steel tubing, 8 mm, made at the ends of the longitudinal cuts 3mm width for plates. And cook the whole thing "argon" doped stainless. wire Overlap where necessary metal. Dolya machined shape and shorter blade designed. Shlifanul whole thing And vopshem all. Left to take 3 pieces of wood drill grind and seal them in a piece of iron on epoxy. Glands Read more [...]
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Beautiful knife … and work

Friends! Very short note will be! I've forged knives, and then decided to make a strip of metal - was accidentally good industrial damask. Collected from the handle sawn along antler on internal pins - damask drilled diamond paste for 90 rubles. syringe, sold in wholesale jewelry stores, warehouses. By the way, the usual nail in the drill, 40 minutes - and a hole in a thick hot iron ready. Bonding - poksipolom, a small guard - mammoth tusk, and also the head of an eagle - mammoth tusk. So, with all the eagle's head decoration, helps cool enough - you hold in your hand as much pleasure. Turned Read more [...]
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Not converted warehouse apartment in civil defense!

Not converted warehouse apartment in civil defense! 1. Looking for like-minded people from your town. 2. Determine the midpoint of the residence. Within 7 minutes run. Or 10 foot. 3. At this point For rent house basement. (Basement with 2 outputs), not in the valley. 4. Put the iron doors with good locks and hinges + combinational locks. Transitional lobbies consider. 5. Duplicate wiring - 12 volt power supply and set several cars rechargeable batteries and put in a separate komnatuhe generator exhaust retracted away from home in the well / reservoir. 6. Put a couple of propane tanks and a gas Read more [...]
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Powerful canning candle-paraffin.

All a pleasant time of day uv. comrades, this is my first article and I strictly do not judge, critic and adequate supplements are taken Consider this same thing! Candle in a tin - has a powerful wick is made mostly of conventional candles OT2 host up to 10 pieces, versatile case lets you perform multiple tasks. Body - can give stability, some protection from the wind, easy to transfer, when breaching holes in the body (above the paraffin line) allows use as a plate (to smoke heavily bottom) Gives a lot of heat, and in the construction of certain adapt easily transformed into a heater for a small Read more [...]
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My outfit for the fall hunt.

Developed for a kit for quick trips to shoot birds after work. For quick charges and out for the evening hunt gathered for himself and tried to hunt here running such a system. At work, there is such a bag which collected the whole set for a quick breakdown of the nature: change field clothing, waders, ax, eat, every little thing. There also put shredded gun, ammo pouches and unloading. Unloading (Case survival) was donated by long birthday spetsnazerom familiar and previously never used. After acquiring a gun, it was decided to use it for hunting. All that is necessary for running on it is Read more [...]
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Forest pantry

Strongly welcome all friends, not deprived of a healthy appetite and love for natural products. I have the desire to share one field lunch took place in mid-August. The bulk of the products made plants collected by me near the place bivouac literally fifteen minutes. Dinner consisted of salad, soup and a drink. Has collected the following plants: Ground-, cuff, plantain, nettle, dandelion (leaves and roots), oxalis. Choice of plants is due to several factors: 1. All these plants are familiar and known to everyone. If someone does not know the names, the plants themselves every person who sometimes Read more [...]
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