Everything You Recognize Approximately Nutrient Is Wrongfulness

Block the nutrient pyramid; it's hanker out-dated by now.     Exposure: Elnur/ShutterstockTHE USDA, THE Agency that develops guidelines on how to eat, has relied on its omnipresent Nutrient Draw Pyramid to ranch aliment entropy to the world for more a tenner. Since its origin, nonetheless, many victuals experts deliver questioned how easily the prick has worked. "The pyramid inevitably a drastic rescript," says Michael Jacobson, executive of the Core for Skill in the World Pursuit. Why? Many look that the nutrient pyramid isn't dramatically blemished; it's fair hazardously Read more [...]
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Fenoment three-sided pyramid

Pyramid of toothpicks placed first for a few hours at the antenna, which is nothing more than a concave mirror, which concentrates energy at one point (in this case on the pyramid). Then the pyramid starts to distort the Earth's gravity.
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How to put in a living cell microprism

In the Netherlands, learn to create open microprism that can be used as individual "prison" of the studied living cells.Most cell research is done "on the plane", although this is far from the natural behavior of the cells, which require sufficient space for themselves in all three dimensions. This opportunity is open to the pyramids, created by the Institute of Nanotechnology at the University of Twente (Netherlands).The report on the study published in the journal Small.Chondrocyte cell, caught in the open microprism began to talk with the neighbors. (Hereinafter, Read more [...]
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Pyramids Krasnoyarsk

Rows of megalithic masonry are seen here and there, any resident or guest of the city, facing the side of the Red Ravine, easily distinguish these neat rows of huge gray blocks. Russia is well known to everyone in the Krasnoyarsk chapel - the picture adorning banknotes. Pull out the gold coin out of his pocket, expand and enjoy. However, in perspective, in which the given image towers, difficult to know where exactly it is located. Exactly, stands the Chapel of St.. Martyr Paraskeva on cone-shaped Guard atop the mountain, which is now in the middle of one millionth of Krasnoyarsk. And once Read more [...]
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In Peru, found the ancient Temple of Fire

Primitive structure of the burnt offering age of five thousand years was located in the right wing of the main pyramid of El Paraiso.Peru reported the discovery of a temple in El Paraiso, near Lima. A rectangular structure with a narrow entrance was built, estimated to be about 5 thousand years ago. Traces of a hearth in the center allude to the burning of offerings.El Paraiso - one of the largest archaeological sites in central Peru. Construction of size 6.82 to 8.04 meters and is located in the right wing of the main pyramid. From the walls of 2.5 m high have only 70 cmImage AFP.Experts Read more [...]
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In the pyramid of the Sun found a sculpture of the ancient god of the Indians

Mexican archaeologists have discovered in the famous Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, near the capital, sculpture Ueueteotlya god - the god of fire and the home, which the Indians considered the oldest of their deities, according to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.The find was made at the height of 66 meters, in the pyramid. The sculpture of the god, the biggest of the previously found Ueueteotlya images in this historic place, located in the voids of impressive dimensions in this grand structure. Scientists can not yet give a precise answer to the question of how the sculpture Read more [...]
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House of Eternity: the secrets of the ancient Egyptian pyramids

12/08/2012 Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser, built 4600 years ago, is the first, if not, then at least one of the first in the history of human culture stone structure, characterized by the same impressive size. First - you did not have a role model. The first - so there was no ability to build such facilities and, accordingly, the method of construction was created along with her own. Presumably it is this construct further influenced the architectural style of Egypt and other regions, as well as facilities such as the pyramid of Cheops, and other great pyramid.   Egyptologists know exactly Read more [...]
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Trauma middle and inner ear-1

Emergency. When you break the eardrum must first of all take care of the prevention of infection. To do this, you should not wash your ear, pouring in any drugs. Allowed only sterile cotton gently remove the probe from the ear of the accumulated blood and cover. After this, enter the sterile swab into the ear and apply a sterile dressing on it. Be sure to enter the patient on Bezredke tetanus toxoid and antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin, etc.). If the damage of the middle ear due to sudden changes in atmospheric pressure should be taken to careful patient transportation and admission to Read more [...]
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Petrozit - inflammation petrous part (pars petrosa) of the temporal bone. Petrozit most often a complication of acute suppurative otitis media. For petrozita characteristic severe pain in the temple or crown, suppuration of the respective ear, abducens paralysis, decreased corneal reflex with a sore hand, trismus, or displacement of the lower jaw to the side. Petrozit may be accompanied by a more severe complications: purulent meningitis, venous sinus thrombosis and brain abscess. For diagnosis petrozita important radiography. Surgical treatment (see Mastoidektomiya) - special intervention Read more [...]
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Temporal bone

Temporal bone (Os temporale) pair, there are enclosed hearing and balance. Through its channels are the nerves and blood vessels. Bone consists of three parts (Fig. 51). Scales (squama) has the shape of a thin oval plate placed vertically, almost in the sagittal plane. Temporal scales of the surface begins zygomatic process (processus zygomaticus). At the beginning of this process on the bottom of the scale is a mandibular fossa (fossa mandibularis), which is located in front of the articular tubercle (tuberculum articulare). On the brain surface is marked with scales from the middle meningeal Read more [...]
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Arnette Climbs Carstensz Pyramid

Alan Arnette summited Indonesia’s Carstensz Pyramid ended the weekend, complemental one of the almost technically thought-provoking climbs of the Septenary Summits in his bid to lift $1 trillion for Alzheimer’s search. Arnette, a retired merchandise developer at HP, began the 7 Summits Mounting for Alzheimer’s in November of 2010, soon astern his father’s dying from the disease. The left heap on Arnette’s name is Alaska’s Backing McKinley.

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