What’s the updated password on cold-weather biking train?

Quantum Radiotherapy Cap     Photograph: courtesy, CastelliCastelli Quantum Irradiation CrownworkQuantum Radioactivity CrownA:The result: not often, and quite bit.Therein respond I highlighted things such as Iceboat fleece habiliment ($80 for the Bodyfit 260 L/S Crewe) and the Panel Equalizer Cap (updated as the Symmetricalness III, $150). And lots of what I aforementioned distillery applies. I lull wearable much of fleece as a foundation bed and silence alike shells such as the Specter. And things such as pedal leotards oasis?t changed that practically?Drop Izumi?s Therma-Fleece Read more [...]
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What’s the remainder betwixt a traveling ring and a packing ingroup?

Quantum 70+10     Pic: courtesy, DeuterDeuter Quantum 70+10Quantum 70+10A:The divergence betwixt a travelling ring and a packing gang is mostly one of details. Chiefly, a locomote mob should be intentional so that the straps can be whole tucked outside, as many airlines don?t wish to chip bags with unleash straps. About bear handy pockets for wallets or passports, and many besides get zip-off bags committed to the rachis that can be ill-used as daypacks. (I powerfully exponent their use, on with displaying a heavy ne signaling that says ?I?m a holidaymaker. Rob me!")Interestingly, Read more [...]
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Quantum     Exposure: Shana NovakA Softie WITH MoxieThis lawful match spins alike a top with unbelievable command, but thanks to its predictable turn and subdued spirit, it's an exceedingly absolvitory plank—and a large prime for intermediates look to return it to the succeeding stratum. It won't let you refine: Testers were surprised by the Quantum's constancy and miss of cackle when they hit the gas. Reference the four-way superimposed laminate (virtually boards alone pass to deuce-ace) and a woods kernel with a eminent strength-to-weight proportion for its confidence-inspiring Read more [...]
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La Sportiva

QuantumLa Sportiva Quantum Place     Photograph: Courtesy of La SportivaTHE Betray: A horseshoe from the next! Alternatively of absorbing the train with lugs, the Quantum's resole has big, easygoing waves underneath that distort round train features for grip—and sander run. THE Examination: It takes the patty for the craziest-looking lone we've e'er seen, but guessing what? It deeds. The flaccid sparkle inherent the Quantum's undulating, gluey condom outsole morphed approximately rocks and roots, gripping terrain patch protecting our feet. The boilersuit rally is soft but low Read more [...]
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Scientists have made more energy efficient teleportation

An international team of researchers received an important theoretical result in instant transfer of technology studies. Scientists have found that quantum teleportation - the process of moving quantum information at light speed, which in theory can be used to teleport macroscopic objects and even people - can be much more energy efficient than previously thought. How does teleportation?Throughout most of the twentieth century, scientists have denied the possibility of teleportation, seeing it only as a pipe dream of science fiction. The problem was in the way. Scientists believed that the only Read more [...]
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British scientists have created a quantum dot using earthworms

Scientists from the UK managed to produce cadmium telluride quantum dots using earthworm Lumbricus rubellus. Quantum dots are semiconductor particles, in which the electrons, due to the microscopic size of the body, have unusual properties.Quantum dots can fluoresce, and the wavelength of the emitted light depends on the particle size. The use of quantum dots in biological experiments are often limited by the fact that the resulting particles are insoluble in water.The researchers set out to create a water-soluble quantum dots, using one of earthworms. Attracted the attention of scientists Read more [...]
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Physicists have developed a photonic quantum computer

Physicists have developed a quantum computer processing power which is capable of scaling with greatly exceed the capabilities of classical computers. The results of four independent groups of researchers to build similar devices appeared in the journal Science and the archives of Cornell University, briefly recounts the essence publications Nature News and Science Now. The device consists of a microchip located on several glass fibers, several times crossing each other. Single photons are fed to the input of the device and are detected at the output.Then, what conclusions will get photons depends Read more [...]
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Quantum computers: decoherence surmountable?

Russian scientists have presented a universal method tomography of quantum states can deal with a major obstacle to the development of quantum computers - decoherence.With all the advances in the study of fundamental physics modeling complexly full quantum systems is not yet possible. Despite Moore's Law, the quantum problem, but the simplest, are not available for computation on a classical computer.Examples? For full-scale simulation of the quantum properties of the iron atom to consider the motion of electrons in its 26 three-dimensional space, which is limited to the solution of the Read more [...]
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Is there a quantum sense of smell?

A man can distinguish molecules, similar in shape but different in the quantum characteristics, but can this be considered a proof that our sense of smell relies on quantum effects?Not long ago we reported on the fact that the magnetic compass in birds can work with quantum effects. However, this is not the only case where the biological systems are suspected of active use of quantum mechanics. Scientists at the Biomedical Research Center. Alexander Fleming (Greece) published in a web journal PLoS ONE article, which suggests that the ability to distinguish one from the other smells also based Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a new form of magnetism

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found in practice is a new type of magnetism that existed before only in theory. Generally magnetism known to all the people from childhood. Ordinary magnet or compass - are manifestations of so-called ferromagnetism. Less well known form of magnetism, antiferromagnetism, is used in magnetic hard disk platters and heads due to this effect can read the information written on the plate. And in both cases, magnetism, materials acquire their magnetic properties when their temperature is below a certain critical value. Research conducted Read more [...]
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Forget the three phases of matter. Them 500

Everyone knows that there are three phases of matter - solid, liquid and gaseous. But now, as described in the new issue of Science, held a grand reclassification. Phase was not 3, as many as 500. Condensed matter physics - the area described by the majority of phases of matter - traditionally classifies phase, as the fundamental building blocks according to the arrangement of atoms. A key factor is the symmetry, and it is on this basis to classify the phase states. Water, for example, can be considered a model of matter with very high symmetry. If we imagine that through it "flies" Read more [...]
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Substance created in the new magnetic state

Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shown experimentally the possibility of the existence of matter in a state of a quantum spin liquid. The work of scientists published in the journal Nature.The magnetic state of the material is determined by the orientation of the magnetic moments of its electrons. If the orientation of molecules in different in substance the same as locally, it has a magnetic moment. Such substances are called ferromagnetic. If the individual magnetic moments are oriented in opposite directions, their effects cancel each other. Such substances are called Read more [...]
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Where people are the soul and where it departs after death

Physics to explain the existence of the world from the standpoint of quantum mechanics. Not find evidence of survivors of clinical death and allegedly flew to the "other world." They saw themselves on the side swept through some tunnel communicated with strange beings ... near death experience (near-death experience: NDE - in English acronym) - the name of this phenomenon. But what did he show? This issue has recently once again excited progressive society after she met with a sensational statement by Professor Stuart Hameroff (Dr Stuart Hameroff) of the Department of Anesthesiology Read more [...]
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Is there a quantum biology?

A group led by Neil Lambert (Neill Lambert) from the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN, Japan) tried to find out how the current level of science allows us to talk about the use of quantum processes in biology. No, it's not about the well-known concept of quantum Darwinism. Scientists interested in what you apply specific quantum mechanisms living things in their life. Erwin Schrodinger, and had no idea that animals can serve as a quantum mechanics not only objects of the experiment, but also active operators. (Photo OSU Library.) Scientists analyzed advanced in recent years, Read more [...]
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Quantum teleportation of information available at the macro level

A group of scientists from the Chinese University of Science and Technology, led by Xiao-Hui Bao, quantum teleportation could provide information on the distance of 150 meters. For this purpose two groups of rubidium atoms. These groups, which are quantum objects, entangled with the photons of laser light. After tangling scientists alter the quantum state of one of the groups of atoms, and this change is immediately manifested itself in the second group of atoms. Xiao-Hui Bao and his team are going to increase the time that a group of rubidium atoms can maintain the integrity of the quantum Read more [...]
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After 100 years, the invention of quantum computers will be compared with the discovery of fire

The universal quantum state tomography method developed at the Institute of Physics and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, in close cooperation with the Moscow State University. MV University told head of the laboratory of physics of quantum computers Physics and Technology Institute of Sciences Prof. Yuri Bogdanov. This method allows to deal with a major obstacle to the development of quantum computers - the phenomenon of decoherence.According to the famous American physicist John Archibald Wheeler (John Archibald Wheeler, 1911 - 2008), about one-third of the U.S. GDP is directly based Read more [...]
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At the entrance to a black hole can exist wall of fire

In the middle of the year in the physics community interested in research in the field of black holes (BH), there was some confusion. The site appeared arXiv work that literally threatens the creation of the paradox is not the weakest of your Schrödinger cats and Maxwell's demon. In general, supported by many scholars in the belief that the information is in contact with the black hole does not go away and have a major dilemma.Imagine that the two particles - let's call them Alice and Bob - fly around the usual black hole. Alice, being caught by the black hole gravity, crossed Read more [...]
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Is there still life after death?

Is there life after death, there is life after death - is, as they say, the science is unknown. Still, it is - this science - restless looking for the answer to this question. With neurosurgeon from Harvard Medical School, Alexander Ewen, something happened that caused him to believe in the existence of life after death. In 2008, the year he was sick rare disease - bacterial meningitis."If you try to create an experimental model that is closest to the state of a person's death, the bacterial meningitis is the best suited for this - quoted company doctor National Geographic (here and Read more [...]
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How great is the risk of death in Rise of the Machines?

Scientists from the University of Cambridge are going to create a center that will assess the risk of the destruction of human civilization by robots. They rushed or too late?No, it's not likely to happen until December 21, 2012 - unless, of course, Apple will not release tomorrow some piece of metal called iGod.But in the future there is a chance, optimistically believes team led Hyuva Pryce (Huw Price) from Cambridge University (UK). A background she sees today. Mass development of autonomous military robots, while being only in the design stage, may well end up with an all-out war robotization Read more [...]
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Reality — the program results. Space — this is one huge computer

According to the latter concept, which is currently considered by scientists, space - is one huge computer, and everything that is going on inside him, it can be read by the terminal processing of information.According to the traditional view, the world is composed of particles that are connected to each other by certain forces. However, according to quantum theory, such relationships are nothing more than a set of fields that can properly describe only methods of quantum physics.That is where there is a computer. Of course, as a concept, rather than a box that is instantiated on the table. Read more [...]
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