This interesting case occurred in peat quarries in Orekhovo-Zuyevo Hunting lease last year. Photo Tony Brierton It was a lovely warm September day of Indian summer. I came for the weekend to the country to the other, which is located on the banks of the quarries, where we hunt ducks. In the opening days of hunting in August, the country is very noisy, as we, the hunters are going to 6 people–8 and we celebrate with colleagues this long-awaited holiday – the opening of hunting season. We all – colleagues in the army, and we have something to remember and talk about.2-3 Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. Kaolin quarry Bali

During the trip to the North of the Chelyabinsk region we visited Kaolin quarry in the town of Kyshtym. Local residents for the color of the water is a place called Bali. I have not been to Bali, but what show on TV, very similar. The shore of white sand (clay), turquoise water and lush vegetation around. But bathe in it is not recommended, because it close to 1.5 -2 km from this place is the city dump, and ground water can be completely fall into this pit. Naturally, there are people who, in spite of the ban, bathe in it, but what will happen to them in the future, we certainly do not know. We Read more [...]
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Shabry. Sedelnikovo

25 kilometers south of Sverdlovsk is Shabrovskoe talc Combine one of the world's largest commercial deposits of soapstone, fine refractory material. You can get here by bus Sverdlovsk Sverdlovsk Shabry or train-station Ufaley Sisert, then working train. Walking distance to the village bus stop Shabry Vtorchermet (15 km) or Nizhneisetska. The village is surrounded by mixed forest. Left of it departs road the quarry (at most bus stops). Steep white walls talc quarry descend to 100 meters. At the bottom of the quarry is road on which vehicles are taken in rock dumps and the factory. Every day of his Read more [...]
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Cheremshanskaya career

Mined nickel ore in it and passing the white marble. Over 40 years of service career, it was the depth of 250 meters. On the days of career two lakes, connected with each other channels. If you look from the top, aqua system remembers bukuvu N. Color of water in these 2-different lakes. In one color scheme of water over green. In another contrast, the blue gives. This fact is not marvelous.  Everything is depending on the composition of metal salts dissolved and in suspension in vode.S west side of Old Cheremshansk career is a road and it is perfectly visible. You can drive up to the edge Read more [...]
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Koleginsky marble quarry

White marble marble deposit Koelginskoe well known throughout Russia. And in Moscow, with a few exceptions all metro stations are decorated with them. In addition a great number of buildings are decorated with marble and produced at koelga. And that is what the Grand Kremlin Palace and Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Koelginskoe marble exported to and a lot of countries in the world. Mining history Koelginskoe marble begins in 1924, when it was organized the first workshop for the production of marble extraction. Currently, the marble in the quarry is developed with the help of special machines Read more [...]
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Essay on How I Spent My Summer Outing or the distant nature

It all started around the end of winter 2011, when sitting on the Internet I dig up an interesting article about the campaign more accurately report the single traveler, a lover who was not very easy, besides illegal and a five-day hike through the Chernobyl exclusion zone. I first thought about how it would go on a long hike independent I can not say. Most likely it since childhood, when seen enough movies and read a lot of stories on this topic. All the time I seriously thought about it, though I personally have been a no experience in similar matters Read more [...]
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Remembrance of the July 2011 outing

Hello All! Finally I decided to write my first publication about the walk. Contributed to this fix my PC and not after several hours of torment, I was given vostonavit part photos and videos. And something I've digressed. It all started with the fact that my friend called me, saying that I came to work for him, not what any Bravo and went on easily, by the way it works on a marble quarry. I came to work for him, he told me that the day off and show you how it all arranged! I was not told and glad we went. Marble waste productionNot sawn marble blocksAnd here is the quarry. Wanted pozdarovatsya Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Fishing for redfish in the quarries. Part 1

Now our heroes - Vladimir jets and Roman Butuzov cast off in the Moscow ponds in search of low places catching winter bass. Since not yet gluhozime, they rely on everyday spirited fishing without any feeding and lengthy procedures. Everything is just a model-free baubles and a great desire to catch a fish. Fishing place - underwater career that evolved around the Moscow River. Then quietly, populated by many fish and place well praised by local fishermen. So we'll just have to find a good point and drill wells for fishing. Hungry bass should pay a visit.  Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Fishing in Bolshennom Rublevskom career

Rublyovsky large quarry is especially popular in the midst of the fishermen. So we came here in the midst of winter to turn up as a delicious place near the shore and at depth. We examine all the excellent features of the pond for a couple of issues.Our heroes got to the pond without bait and bloodworms without packing. So what will catch the lure and fishing tackle bezmotylnuyu. Still active perch should assist in our fishing. But wishing to fish a lot in his career. So we were able to find a couple of willing places often were sitting past fishermen and began oblavlivanie areas.Read more [...]
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