The mortality of rabbits began in the Kemerovo region

In Prokopevsk area in several villages began mass mortality of rabbits. For the night people lose on 15-20 Pets. The breeders call each other to warn of the scourge. Veterinary service district no warning, quarantine and emergency vaccination to declare in no hurry. Say, normal gemologically disease, just in the area have not been such a massive intrusion. The villagers insist that animals in pain crying, when you die, that they never saw. The mortality of rabbits registered Tarantasca, Kings, new Safonov, Tikhonovka and Tirane. Source:  SAN Read more [...]
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Syrian opposition has promised to use chemical weapons

Syrian militants are planning a chemical attack against supporters of President Bashar Assad. The Internet has been posted a video in which, action Syrian opposition kills rabbits with chemical weapons. There is evidence that the Syrian rebels might be planning an attack using chemical weapons against the supporters of Bashar al-Assad. On Thursday, the video appeared on the Internet, where, presumably, the Syrian opposition gunman killed rabbits with chemical weapons - they die in just a minute. The masked man says: You, the enemies of Allah, shall die like two rabbits. Believe me, we Read more [...]
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In the Orenburg region appeared Chupacabra

The third week of the residents and communities Nauruzovo Novobogorodskoe Orenburg region preoccupied with the murder of animals that occur at night quite a strange way - they die from what they drink something with blood, causing a bite in the neck or throat Gnawing. The first animals that suffered, were 4 sheep, and then the villagers began to find systematically morning bled carcasses of rabbits and geese. As said one of the women from the village Nauruzovo Nurtdinova Gulia, her son bred rabbits for several years, and just terrible to see how the whole of the population, destroyed by a strange Read more [...]
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Chupacabra in Zaporizhia

Unknown, but very strong and ferocious beast has recently hosted on farmsteads Kushugum urban villages in the Zaporizhia region. His victims were rabbits, poultry, dogs were scared, and local residents are now afraid to go out in the evenings. Perhaps the rabbits in the yard Basil Shmygelskogo not the first hit by an unknown animal fangs, but that Vasily tried to warn the townsfolk. The plot of the destroyed cells and lying on the ground bloodless carcasses showed even in national television news. But only culprit night robbery is still not known. - House Shmygelskih is not on the edge and Read more [...]
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Chupacabra in Zhytomyr: distance of ten meters beast overcame two jumps

It seems mysterious chupacabra had the courage and now from the countryside, where there are few people and vehicles, comes to town. At this time the unusual animal inhabitants of the district center saw Malin Zhytomyr region. During the week Chupacabra visited here four farmsteads. Usually the predator opens cell extracts therefrom rabbits and drink their blood. And this time for one yard and placed another Chupacabra carcasses of dead animals in a row ... in size and color of fur."The carcasses of rabbits was not damaged, only tiny holes through which predator drank blood"- Read more [...]
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Chupacabra rampant in Pskov

Lyubyatovo, Chernyakovitsy, Podborove, Fomkin and bottom - in these areas appeared chupacabra. People complain that the killer vampire at night killing chickens and rabbits, leaving the morning completely bloodless corpses. Just two weeks ago in the village Dachnoe Dnovskogo district had an accident 18 rabbits have fallen by the fangs of unknown creatures. It upset Armen Barkhoudaryan, a resident of the village. - I was usually in the early morning went to feed the rabbits and was stunned - says by phone edition Armen. - All 18 animals were dead in two rows, neatly along the cell. According Read more [...]
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Case of rabbits began in Kemerovo region

Prokopyevsk in several villages in the area was a massive case of rabbits. During the night people lose on 15-20 pets. Breeders call up each other to warn of the menace. Veterinary Service District no warning, quarantine and emergency vaccination declare no hurry. They say regular gemorogicheskaya disease, just in a long time there was such a massive infection. The villagers, however, insisted animals squeal in pain when they die, this they had never seen before. Deaths registered in rabbits Terentevske, Kings, New Safonov, Tikhonovka and Tyrgane. Source:  SAN Read more [...]
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Case of rabbits began in Kemerovo region

Prokopyevsk in several villages in the area was a massive case of rabbits.During the night people lose on 15-20 pets. Breeders call up friend another to warn of adversity. Veterinary Service District no warning, quarantine and emergency vaccination declare no hurry. They say regular gemorogicheskaya disease, just in a long time there was such a massive infection.The villagers, however, insisted animals squeal in pain when they die, this they had never seen before. Case rabbits registered in Terentevske, Kings, New Safonov, Tikhonovka and Tyrgane.Source:  SAN Read more [...]
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Hunting for small animals

Hunt for deer and other large animals can not only days, but weeks. Of course, you get a big carcass immediately, but often it can also be a waste of time. Many hunters prefer smaller animals. In the fields and forests can always meet protein and rabbits, and the chance to kill a small animal above. Active life they lead in the early morning and late evening - plan a hunt in accordance with the schedule of your next victim. 22 caliber rifle or shotgun for hunting rabbits and squirrels. Often, hunting down larger prey, hunters across the wild chickens, quail, pheasants and grouse. One day, Read more [...]
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Animals as food

All animals can be a source of supply. Some, including worms and insects, can be extracted without much skill, but the bulk is necessary to obtain traps and hunting, which requires knowledge of both animal and methods. The more you know about the animal, the better, and general information on zoology and natural history should be used to expand their knowledge through observations in nature. There is no single recipe - requires trial and error. You have to learn the habits of each animal to know where it sleeps, eats, and that goes to the watering. You need to learn how best to kill him, what Read more [...]
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Cholinergic agent-1

When administered daily rabbit 10 mg / kg benzogeksoniya in the first half of pregnancy stillbirth was 23%. Under the influence of the drug increased the content of soluble proteins in the muscle and liver, and decreased levels of collagen protein in the muscles, heart, liver and kidneys of newborn rabbits. Confirmation of a direct effect on the fetus ganglioblokatorov we obtained in experiments to study the contractile activity of the segments of the small intestine to acetylcholine in the newborn rabbits from females treated during pregnancy benzogeksony. Established that the reaction of the Read more [...]
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Antihypertensives and vasodilators-5

Therefore, in this section we found it necessary to also provide data on the effects on the utero-placental blood flow of some other drugs, not belonging to the group antispasmodics. For example, for the same purpose, use drugs other groups, such as chimes (dipyridamole). This drug improves peripheral circulation, promotes the synthesis of energy compounds in the tissues, inhibits platelet aggregation. In order to improve the utero-placental blood flow, we also proposed the use Carbochromen (intensain, intenkordin). In experiments on a model of chronic cardiovascular insufficiency in pregnant Read more [...]
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Wild Rabbit

Small animal that looks like a hare. Body length of 31-45 cm, weight of 1, 3-2, 2 kg. Hind legs much shorter than that of rabbits. The ears are also relatively short, their length is always less than the length of the head. Coloring in all the seasons, brownish-gray with a reddish tinge. On the back is noticeably darker jet chatost formed the guard with black hair, and the neck behind the ears reddish stain. Flanks slightly paler back and head, white belly or grayish-white. Among rabbits frequently (3-5%) are individuals with abnormal color - black, light gray, speckled, and white. Home Read more [...]
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Oncogenic viruses

Sarcoma virus long time chicken was the only known virus that causes the appearance of a tumor. Much later opened other similar viruses. In 1933, Shoup found in wild rabbits caught in Kansas, abundant cutaneous warty growths - papilloma. If healthy rabbits was rubbed into the skin pounded paste of these warts, they have 20-30 days to appear such as warts, and so the disease can be transferred from an infected animal to a healthy number of times. Further studies revealed that the cells contain special papillomas virus, which causes this disease, and papilloma can be transferred from one animal Read more [...]
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Immunological basis of fertility and infertility (background)

The relatively young field of research - immunology of reproduction - has given rise to his classic work "On spermatoksinah" Mechnikov. They almost simultaneously with Landsteiner (1899) and S. Metalnikov (1900) were proved antigenic properties of semen. Mechnikov (1900) introduced the male guinea pig sperm and an 8-day noted the inhibitory effect of serum on animal seed thread. Moxter (1900) observed, as has been the introduction of semen into the abdominal cavity of the guinea pig leads to immobilize effect on serum sperm for l '/ z hours. When re-immunization is the observed Read more [...]
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Shorthair breeds of rabbits

Rex - rabbit average. Live weight is 3-3.5 kg. Introduced in the USSR in 1928, rabbits river could not adapt to the conditions of our country, and they were unproductive. In recent years breeders have begun to pair these animals with rabbits normalnovolosyh breeds that are highly prolific. As a result, the experimental farm of the Research Institute of Animal Breeding and rabbit were removed shorthair rabbit squirrel and dark brown in color, and in Biryulinskaya State Farm - the same animals black kangaroo, white, blue and silver-veiltail-porous stains. Domestic shorthair rabbits are larger Read more [...]
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Hunting roundup

Usually rabbits practicing small raids, hunting two or three at 4-6 beaters who are good cross-country skiing (in the case, if hunting is in deep snow). The arrows are located on the edge of the woods, on the road or the track. Beaters, going for 500 yards against small chains, go to the shooters, while maintaining the original alignment and the distance between them. Sunset beaters and placement of shooters numbers should pass silently. Gon begins at the signal. Remarkably, if 1-2 beater go near the very edge of the forest, a few chain beaters in front, and thus prevent the rabbits to break Read more [...]
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Down rabbits

Kirov feather bred in farms Kirov region. Body length of the rabbits - 54-55 cm, live weight - 3.7 - 3.8 kg, and the largest - 5 kg, hair color - white, sometimes blue. With each animal harvested an average of 300 g, and on the top - at 400-600 g of down. Pooh these rabbits, as the most valuable, is used to make felt "velvet." Tatar feather Biryulinskaya bred in the farm by mating Angora rabbits rabbits normalnovolosymi large breeds. Body length Tatar fluffy rabbits ranged from 53 to 67 cm and live weight - 4 to 6.6 kg, going down on average per year from an animal about 400 grams, Read more [...]
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