Kurgan oblastnfye competition hounds

October 21, 2011 in the village Kozynka Lebyazhyevsky District profit contestants hounds. Fenced area ohotbazy was the point of collection. At night, located on the floor. In a simple village hut gonchatniki feel free. Still, the main thing is not comfortable, and the communication and exchange of experiences with like-minded and like-minded passion.Experts arrived at the contest was provided comfortable accommodation and free on the basis of all the amenities. It is clear that the organizers of the competition were taken from each participant considerable sum to justify the cost of prizes and Read more [...]
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Pointing to compete

13-14 June 2015 for the first time in Russia have been integrated competition continental pointers "CIC" - "UNIVERSAL - 2015".Photo Alik Fatkullina The purpose of these events was to demonstrate the successful work of Pointing Dogs as a versatile assistants hunting and also check indicator balanced temperament, their ability to train and pin with host, the have nervous system reliability, ensuring success practice and the main use of dogs hunting.«KIL» MOO spend Club «Hunting and Dogs» together with EKOO Read more [...]
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On Friday, August 8, near the village of Vedrovo Vologda region and the region in the midst of meadows turned the camp participants - started the regional competition huskies for waterfowl. There were hunters and breeders for this day for a long time and is not easy. Photo by M. Cousin The idea of ​​holding such events belonged Yaroslavl hunter, breeder Russian-European Laika Ivan Osipov, and Vologda and District OOiR long and actively making emphasis on freestyle trials huskies eagerly supported the initiative. And in Friday began to gather participants Read more [...]
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Competition in the hunting season

2014 at the Russian spanielistov turned out to be very busy. There is a rethinking of our demands to the working qualities eared helpers and rules for field trials. Inflame a heated debate, but not only in disputes truth is born. The last word for the performance of dogs in the field. This year there were three interesting field events where organizers tried to apply new approaches and more stringent requirements for dogs. it «Cup of Azov and the Black Sea coast», The Tambov regional competition and Spaniels Leningrad Oblast personally-team competitions spaniel swampy Read more [...]
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Competitions on marten

In early November last Tambov open competitions marten. Pre-take part in the competition expressed their desire to about 30 members, but only nine were brought to compete huskies.Courtesy of the author They have been tested in the framework of the competition, two huskies received a diploma (2nd, 1st degree). Pervodiplomnitse Char 1311/11 NLB was awarded the title of Champion Field.In the history of freestyle competitions are the first types of competitions marten, so to speak first attempt, honor and praise them to the organizers, the first is always difficult....The competition Read more [...]
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From Karelia Karelia …

From 11 to 14 November 2014 were 28th Tver regional competitions of hounds. Like last year, they were held in the Tver region Rameshkovsky District - in the middle of the so-called Tver Karelia. Yes, here and in the surrounding areas near the Russian Karelian villages are villages whose residents until the middle of the last century, only spoke Karelian. Karelians moved here in XVII century, fleeing from oppression-Lutheran Swedes seized Karelia after the Time of Troubles. Even the local area is a bit like the real Karelia: the abundance of rocks on fields, sandy soil, Read more [...]
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Kurgan regional competition hounds

October 19, 2012 held a three-day regional competition hounds. Shadrinskoe ROOiR Nizhneisetskoe and hunting farm tenant Korotaeva DA They offered their lands for this regional event. The competition was attended by gonchatniki not only from the Kurgan region, but also from the Tyumen and Chelyabinsk regions: the last was given the opportunity to put their messengers out of the competition. Fortunately, that was set up four expert committees, headed by highly experienced working, categorized by experts from the Sverdlovsk, Tyumen regions and from neighboring Kazakhstan (Petropavlovsk). Read more [...]
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The true sense 2012

Photo Nikolai Sorokin Venёvskie personally-team regional interbreed competition cops held from 10 to 12 June 2012 near the village of Gribovka Venyovsky District, Tula Region. In accordance with the plans Venёvskogo ROOiR they went after the abolition of veterinary quarantine for the first time under the wonderful title «The true sense»Which we hope will become a tradition.The main objectives of the competition is to strengthen relations and to create conditions for effective cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of training and breeding dogs Pointing Read more [...]
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We have the same blood!

May 25-26, 2013 in the Bryansk region in the territory of the district Dyatkovo Fokinskiy and hunting leases the III Bryansk interregional competition Pointing Dog memory game on the marsh category VA-Russian expert Ivanyushin. Back in February, we received an invitation from the members of the section sporting dog Bryansk regional society of hunters and fishermen to participate in the work of the expert team. Of course, we were delighted and immensely grateful to this confidence, despite the fact that it has become a tradition every year come to the hospitable land of Bryansk Read more [...]
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Stud dogs burrowing fox

Photo by the author The organizers of the competition: the reign of the Krasnodar regional organization of hunters and fishermen under the chairmanship of the deputy. Chairman of the Board Ivanchenko MV KKOOOR and members of the organizing committee: AD Alexeenko – canine KKOOOR Semenov YY – Chairman of the Board Timashevskaya PO KKOOOR, Gladyshev OV, golf DV The evaluation of the work carried out dog expert committee headed by the Chairman – expert category 2 Semenov YY (Timashevsk). Members of the Commission: the expert category 2 Cialdini TA (Stavropol), the Read more [...]
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Interbreed competition Karelian Laika

For many years, Muscovites spend interbreed competition Karelian Laika. I must say that interbreed competition has long taken hold among the rocks Pointing Dogs.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova On the one hand, the diploma obtained in the competition, allows worthy to become a champion dog elite exhibitions and rocks on the other, and most importantly, breed breeding sector, which is directly engaged in breeding dogs, in a very short time – a day or two – You can see and evaluate the quality of the field of all dogs. Therefore, to participate in the competition are invited Read more [...]
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Match decoy in Tula

From time immemorial to the present day came a wonderful spring hunting of the pen, hunting for a drake decoy duck. Through the efforts of our ancestors were bred gremevshego across Russia Tula, Semenov, Voronezh, Penza and Saratov semolina CRICOVA duck.Photo Anastasia Sedlenek Some researchers hunting stool pigeon speculated that gave the first description of the hunting Darwin. However, AV Kulishova, co-chairman of the Club of fans of Russian decoy (Tula), was restored Russia's priority in this matter.In the book «Perfect ranger ...» Rus-sky educator VA Levshina published Read more [...]
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The first pancake is not lumpy!

In early November, the Tambov land held an extraordinary event - the first in the history of the field of competition huskies marten. Were they in the Tambov region, about twenty kilometers from the regional center on the basis of test and training station "Pihtelyay." Photo S.Chirkina Surprisingly, in this place, located near Tambov, no mobile phones, electricity comes from diesel generators, which at times turned off, and the nearest grocery store is 15 kilometers from the base. But when the experts and the participants met with the head of the base, Sergei Nikolayevich Kriventsova, Read more [...]
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Russian hounds from Peter

Ended seventh Northwest competitions Russian hounds in Leningrad region Leningrad region, died away hunting horns and filled with passion and excitement of the hounds voices. In 2012, they were dedicated to the memory of famous breeder and connoisseur of Russian hound Ivan Zhulisa. The first race for the Cup hounds Russian North-West, held in 1999 in the Tikhvin district of the Leningrad region. A year earlier, as always, in October, we were going to the village friends. A successful hunt, and when he came experts conducted tests – hare in the grounds was a lot. And then Read more [...]
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In Ryazan open spaces

History of the All-Russian competition for Field Spaniels and marsh fowl memory B. E. Vagina started in Moscow and Ryazan. In 1992, a section of fans of Russian Spaniel MOOiR organized and hosted the regional competition spaniels memory of one of the founders of the breed ROS Boris Paton Vagina. Match failed and became an annual event. Photo by Leonid Karantaeva In 1993, Ryazan spanielisty Solotchinskom hunting lease in the Ryazan region have organized inter-regional competition spaniels, which involved teams from Ryazan, Tambov and Moscow. In total, they took part 14 dogs.These Read more [...]
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Skimmer Dies in America’s Cup Rehearse

One bluejacket died and another was injured astern a sauceboat capsized in San Francisco Bay piece practicing for the America's Cup races on Thursday.Approximately 12 masses were aboard the Artemis Racing catamaran when it capsized about 1 p.m. good Prize Island, a quondam naval place. A reenforcement sauceboat operated by Prophet Racing, conclusion twelvemonth's America's Cup winners, managed to pick-up all but two of the sailors. Astern delivery two injured sailors to land, paramedics performed CPR on one somebody, but he was marked beat a short-circuit metre late, San Francisco Firing Section Read more [...]
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Is Red Bullshit Minacious Survival Sports?

Conclusion workweek, Red Bruiser again proven themselves masters of hoopla with the discharge of their television, “Rusch Minute.” It’s apparently a docudrama roughly Rusch’s record-setting run in tardy April on the 142-mile tag betwixt Moab, Utah, and Fruita, Colorado.Around manufacturer should get a job in Hollywood for this one. Not just does the telecasting condense Rusch’s 13-hour, 32-minute, and 47-second disc bait into quatern glinting proceedings, but it injects survival hatful biking, which, let’s aspect it, is more approximately troglodyte grind than Read more [...]
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Thousand Prix M1000     Scoop FOR: Expiration spark during foresighted preparation runs and racing“That’s spark,” my neighbour Lawton, a long-time A-one who raced in Hawaii, aforementioned when he beginning grabbed the spank. Every otc quizzer who upraised the rough 15-ounce waddle had a standardised, if somewhat more gross, response. No execution racing coggle is hoy.The miss of burden was receive on yearn, firm education runs. The specialise, orthogonal 12-degree outgrowth vane allowed for sinewy strokes good the gameboard. Ilk the Hulu Twinkle, a rebuff Read more [...]
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Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and the Ascent of Enduro Heap Biking

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski equitation in the Subaru Cup     Exposure: trekbikeusa via FlickrFor the retiring quartet geezerhood, hatful biker Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski has owned the cross-country backwash at Vail’s GoPro Lot Games, victorious the case annually since 2009. The 34-year-old Coloradoan is one of the almost experient riders on the prospect, with 20 age of free-enterprise equitation, 17 Humans Patronage squad appearances, and a sojourn to the Olympics nether his whang.Now, afterwards two decades, Horgan-Kobelski says he’s set for a vary of stride. “I Read more [...]
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Ascetical Racing Has Arrived

Austere racing has formally arrived. NBC Sports Ventures, the NBC Sports Radical arm that acquires and develops acrobatic events for tv, proclaimed now that it has partnered with Reebok and Ascetical Run on a multiyear alignment bounteous NBC scoop media rights to the heavy dispute serial.NBC begins its mainstream substantiation of stake racing on July 22 with reportage of the commencement of fivesome Reebok Austere Races leadership capable the Mankind Patronage in November. Apiece televise leave devote viewers finale looks at barbed-wire crawls, flack jumps, lance throws, and the relaxation of Read more [...]
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