In a time of famine will select whether you have one last piece, condemning him to death to feed their own family?

Anonymous votingIn a time of famine will select whether you have one last piece, condemning him to death to feed their own family? Yes2374.2% No825.8% Get the codeVoted 31 people.27 Dec 2011 19:13|I like617 commentsMisha Radchenko not to play in humanity will naturally selected , or it will be taken from me.27 Dec 2011|4Alexey Nikitin Voted no, but if my family was exhausted to the point of exhaustion, then took it, but not all, would have left and the poor too. Look with me would honor someone once were, the good is not lost, it will return.27 Read more [...]
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food for thought..

4 Feb 2013 15:14|I like53123 44 commentCyril Radchenko Not by faith but by the blood of a single4 Feb 2013|3Elizar Bolotin said Cyril Radchenko Amen4 Feb 2013|1Alexey Nikitin5 Feb 2013|Egor Andreev Insert your 5 cents Read more [...]
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1st bell of the Scribe

Link Russian army has refused all the latest armored vehicles. T-90 tanks, loved by Putin, has sold over limit Tanks get the Algerians and Turkmens, in turn several buyers. And this despite the fact that the T-90 mercilessly criticized in the General staff and the army. The Ministry of defense will be to upgrade..14 Feb 2012 16:55|I like713 commentsMisha Radchenko clearly, the types still trust can be seen to purchase imported shit and warm their hands on it, of course they would be against purchasing their own equipment , especially Read more [...]
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The most difficult choice. 6:5616 Nov 2012 23:17|I like112 34 commentMisha Radchenko said Boris Chernikova Boris And nothing I will explain to wouldn't. - As was said at one point,do what you must, come what may.17 Oct 2012|Boris Chernikov said Ergli Bolchovski Ergli, I know,but that beside you upturned and your offspring17 Oct 2012|Misha Radchenko said Boris Chernikova Boris And after these words ,you glasite I cruel ? I have no conscience ? )))17 Oct 2012|Ergli Bolchovski said Misha Radchenko Mike, I agree with you, Read more [...]
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Remember enemies in the face so he 1st echelon occupation

Link The salting of the USA in the Russian Federation met with representatives of the opposition23 Jan 2012 13:14|I like46 commentsSergey Vladimirovich this clown has long been time on the rack.23 Jan 2012|3Vladimir Catherine I would be so all this crud on the Gulag would have stuffed Though somewhere in the taiga "compete for democracy"23 Jan 2012|3Misha Radchenko Oh...them with me to the cottage......poborotsya for cleanliness and collection, and I in the past year a bit back was not Read more [...]
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look advertising

21 Jun 2012 at 1:06|I like13 commentsSerge Abramovich what does this clip and survival ?21 Jun 2012|3Eugene Technogen hate blacks...21 Jun 2012|Misha Radchenko what for you Negroes did .....? The budget of our country was stolen? Or drunk on cars with flashing lights driving around the town ?21 Jun 2012|Eugene Technogen said Misha Radchenko Misha, they are animals and they live by instincts Read more [...]
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Guys, tell me where you can buy,but not CCO

may 31, 2012 at 17:24|I like520 commentsAnton Denisov if IT MAKES a CCO then why not to take them,the quality will not changemay 31, 2012|1Misha Radchenko how is called?may 31, 2012|1Alexander Tsybakov replied Anton Denisov Anton, it is not only the SSO produces)may 31, 2012|1Alexander Tsybakov said Misha Radchenko Misha, would know)may 31, 2012|1Misha Radchenko said Alexander Tsybukova Alexander, like a belt from SMERSHmay 31, 2012|1Alexander Tsybakov said Misha Radchenko Misha seems,but Read more [...]
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As for you?

Test drive "Bear" 2:20Anonymous votingAs for you? Super Machine for BP33100% Get the codeVoted 33 man. Sergey Vladimirovich18 Jan 2012 22:39|I like813 commentsMisha Radchenko Uuuuuhhhhh..........already want, screw 10 pieces)) Only about fuel consumption, nothing is said, will be sad if he eats Solaro like a tank. He used another active protection to hang, frame and protivokleschevuyu "arena " to install it , and perhaps I b m times have half a brain before the storm .18 Jan 2012|3Osia Katzman The question is,who will wage Read more [...]
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SAR-Trained Dog Saves Avy Dupe

Ryan's promise: Lotto on police at Fernie Alpine Repair, November 2001.     Pic: Kurt MarcusHunt & SavingBingo graced the covering of our February 2002 publication.On December 19, 2000, rough 24 hours earlier possibility day at British Columbia's Fernie Alpine Repair, animation manipulator Ryan Radchenko skied out-of-bounds on his dejeuner prisonbreak, triggering an avalanche that carried him 450 feet earlier burial him active.A patroller who witnessed the glide anesthetize a radiocommunication birdcall to marshal Bingo, snow-safety supervisor Redbreast Sigger's five-year-old Read more [...]
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Boris Radchenko

... That day in September, Boris Radchenko, a 29-year-old resident of a village Zhidacheskogo district, Lviv region, came home drunk. Actually, it was his normal state - firmly he made friends with the "green snake." Because, by the way, and could not long hold anywhere on the job. He himself began to be weighed before the operation that left her completely by going to the content of his wife, a nurse, even though the house has three children. Swaying ..., Radchenko entered the house. In addition to 7-year-old daughter, first-graders Irina, it was empty. Glancing at a slender figure, Read more [...]
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The Confection Scent of Succeeder

Ryan's Promise: Beano on police at Fernie Alpine Haunt, November 2001     Exposure: Kurt MarcusON DECEMBER 19, 2000, around 24 hours ahead scuttle day at British Columbia's Fernie Alpine Recourse, raise hustler Ryan Radchenko skied out-of-bounds on his dejeuner prisonbreak, triggering an avalanche that carried him 450 feet earlier burial him alert. A patroller who witnessed the slideway extend a wireless shout to rally Bingo, snow-safety supervisor Redbreast Siggers's five-year-old SAR-trained Labrador/Margin collie mix, who was whisked from the foundation domain by snowmobile. Siggers, Read more [...]
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