Danger. Radiation Army Competitors

Post-apocalyptic world full of dangers. Today we will try to find out, that threatens a person or group of people, in such circumstances and how to defend and fight. Radiation. If there was a nuclear attack or accident at the facility, to radioactive elements – serious danger to humans is radioactive radiation. You must be able to measure radiation levels. For this, you need to get hold of a dosimeter, a Geiger counter. Well, if you have a special anti-radiation protective suit. Although one should say: no protective clothing does not protect from radiation 100%, it only reduces the impact Read more [...]
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In the extreme environment, operate more efficiently in the presence of transport. Avotomobil, motorcycle – it can quickly cover a respectable distance away from the pursuit, to be more maneuverable. And, if your disposal will be a BMP, the armored personnel carrier or other military equipment – this, plus, firepower and armor. Transport will not help you only in three cases. First, due to large-scale disasters all the traffic is out of order or at least burnt electronics. Second, the air is controlled by the adversary, and hide from helicopters undetected – easier on foot. Third, Read more [...]
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6 Jul 2014 20:20 via Android|I like147123 60 commentsEvgeny Egorov said Konstantin Timoshenko Constantine, ground explosions provided for thermo-nuclear oradev it is artificially increased such amazing causes,as light radiation,EMP, and penetrating radiatsiei comparable small equivalent of the battle-papason burning since the last contract start,the power of the warheads was limited to 1 megaton mono-block ICBMs.10 Jul at 22:25|Konstantin Timoshenko said Evgeny Egorov Eugene, at the ground of the explosion of a 50 Kt ordinary atomic bomb (without cobalt improvements) Read more [...]
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Handbook on radiation safety

The guide provides information about the biological effects of radiation; levels of natural radiation; valid doses; protection from radiation, definitions and units of ionizing radiation. Describes how dosimetry methods for calibrating devices. The above rules and regulations of radiation safety when working with radiation sources, transportation of radioactive substances, the collection and removal of radioactive waste.Handbook on radiation safetyhttp://www.odnagdy.com/2011/08/blog-post_28.html Read more [...]
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The radiation. The invisible killer

Now the topic of radiation safety is one of the more debated in our country. Radiation technology is an integral part of modern science and technology. Radiation is everywhere: in the ground, in the air, it surrounds us. Radiation has always been, even before the emergence of life on Earth. And yet, why do we not know a lot about radiation? From us something to hide? Or we prick? Usually, the pieces of information possessed by most people, is or articles, or rumors, walking on the Web. Meanwhile Chernobyl and Fukushima gave the population a lesson that should not be forgotten. What is radiation, Read more [...]
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• The harmful effects of radiation exposure.There are countless harmful effects of radiation, and, sadly, many of them imperceptible over time.Low level exposure over a long period of time can lead to an imbalance of the digestive system, the change of blood and even the destruction of many cell structures in the main body organs and tissues. Common signs of low-level exposure include symptoms such as, for example, fatigue, migraines, nausea, tenderness when touching the scalp, the color change of the scalp and dry/itchy skin. In the latter cases, low doses of radiation can also cause brain damage, Read more [...]
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Nuclear strike

Part 1 - explosion In a nuclear explosion several damaging factors, but all except the radiation are quickly and relatively close to the epicenter. Actually, if you find yourself there, no theoretical knowledge will not help you.Major factors in a nuclear catastrophe are light radiation, ionizing radiation, shock wave, radioactive contamination. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP).Blast wave - This is the main effects of a nuclear explosion that produces destruction of, damage to buildings and structures, as well as affects humans and animals. HC is the source of a lot of pressure, the image in Read more [...]
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Many "specialists" they say that the use of nuclear weapons is unlikely others believe that the use of nuclear weapons of mass destruction will destroy the earth's population from the face .In ANY CASE, hunt to see what methods, tools and principles of radiation protection for you will really help if you are at a certain distance from the epicenter of the explosion, on the other, as in the anecdote about radiation : it is necessary to use white sheets and quietly crawl to the cemetery, because being in the midst, you will not survive.In real time there is a developed system of permissible Read more [...]
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Sun released the most powerful flash this year

On the sun on Thursday afternoon there was the most powerful flare of the year, which is classified as GOES C3.4 level was assigned — previously the biggest event of the year was considered the flash level C2.7, registered in July. Solar flares are divided, according to the power of x-ray radiation from the sun, into five classes, which are designated by letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, M and X. The minimum class A0.0, corresponds to the radiation power of the Earth's orbit in NW 10 per square meter and when moving to each next category is increased by 10 times. During the peak of Read more [...]
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Something clean, or hands, or fruit …

The author has no satisfied with his definition of "general hygiene." In the first approximation. Science. Medical and prophylactic studies, on the one hand, the man on the other - any factors somehow affecting it. Which sets itself the task of use and enhance beneficial aspects and factors used negative confrontation. Goals: health, performance, life expectancy, etc. To list a few traditional comment sections.Communal (microclimate planning of settlements, water and sanitation, shelter, etc.). Care of children and adolescents. Labor. Supply. Aerospace hygiene.And if you go beyond the traditional, Read more [...]
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Total radiation in the Urals

 For practical goals it is important to know the total radiation, i.e. the sum of direct and diffuse radiation. Its composition varies depending on the clouds, the height of the sun, transparency  the atmosphere, the reflectivity of the underlying surface. From North to South annual average total radiation increase from 3159,2 to 3600 MJ/(m2∙months) ( table 6). In the winter months (December-March) ward total radiation varies nearly pulse. In March-April at all latitudes of the total radiation increases very rapidly, which is caused by the rapid increase in the height of the Read more [...]
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River Sinara

The main tributaries of the river Sinara are Bagariak, left and Karabolka on the right. During radiation tragedy 1956 across the river was the so-called East of the Urals radiation footprint.  However, the current background then usual. As translated Sinara? Nezaniesla Sinara rises were not Turkic languages, as it versprochenen najuzhnom the Urals, and Finno-Ugric. Once in the North of the southern Urals lived aminoate nation. "Sinara" output of the Komi language, as "a key spring river". On patiraki stand such settlements, as Tubuk, Buli, Uskova, Ust-Karabolka, Carino,Ust-Bagariak. In Tubule Read more [...]
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Absorbed radiation Urals

Absorbed radiation is that part of the incoming radiation that is absorbed by the Earth's surface. Its value depends on albedo the reflectivity of the underlying surface, so the albedo varies throughout the year depending on its condition. Within the territory in question from October-November to April-May, and in the far north from November to June snow, t. E. Underlying surface has the same properties substantial part of the year. Due to the large reflectance of snow at this time absorbed less than 30% of the total radiation coming. Minimum absorbed radiation observed from November to January. Read more [...]
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on November 17, 1978, the USSR said the successful test of a neutron bomb. With this kind of nuclear weapons is due to several misconceptions. We will tell about the 5 legends about the neutron bomb.The Stronger the BOMB, the GREATER the EFFECT.In fact, because the atmosphere is rapidly absorbs neutrons, the introduction of neutron large capacity ammunition will not bring special effect. Because the neutron bomb has a capacity of less than 10 kt. Actually produced by neutron ammunition have a capacity of less than 1 kt.Undermining such ammunition creates a zone of neutron radiation with a radius Read more [...]
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Vostochnouralsky Reserve

Trace of the explosion, so called East-Ural radioactive trace left on the east, contaminating a large area. But by the early 60s managed to reclaim a large part of the land, and return into circulation. Only the territory, located in the head of the trail, dirtier remained inapplicable for use. Because here, in 1966, was created by the East-Ural Nature Reserve. It was assumed that there will be observed the effects of radiation on plants and animals. Newly established reserve was assigned to the most experienced research station (Onishi) as a research site. Where excluded people living, economic Read more [...]
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The influence of topography on the temperature of the air in the Urals

Within the county the greatest impact on distribution winter temperature has reduced the total relief, resulting in anticyclonic weather conditions observed runoff and stagnation of cold air in the trough, and even more by the cooling of its radiation. For all its insignificance and small terrain slopes "Hollow" area is a factor that greatly distorts the common characteristic of winter distribution temperature gradient from south-west to north-east, which is determined by the nature of the atmospheric circulation.  In the summer, the zonal distribution temperature in the West Siberian Lowland Read more [...]
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The radiation. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Before you leave, you must tightly to fasten garments, foot wear high shoes, mouth and nose cover with a gauze bandage. 2. Move from the area of contamination is necessary in the direction perpendicular to the wind direction. You can not sit on the ground, to smoke, to walk in the dust, there are berries in the woods and swim. 3. If you are unable to get outside, take shelter of the house. To do this, close the Windows, doors, vents, chimneys, cracks in window frames (you can seal them with duct tape). Front door to put a bucket of water and wet the Mat to wipe Read more [...]
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Greetings from Fukushima!

All good health! Komrad, I can not convey information. Kopipast here povstanez.livejournal.com/617530.html Prestegnulis Well, Let's go! Nuclear Death apokalipsis.Fukushima-living things!povstanez May 21st, 2020 Remaining 35 days or less to the time when the nuclear fuel reaches the stage of large-scale division (or mp) Boron, which stops nuclear fission, has a short duration of his life Tepco has already made a request in March to evacuate the reactors. (Probably talking about some closure procedure of the reactor than an evacuation, although hz) God bless their souls, it is really a deadly Read more [...]
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Little about radiation.

There is an option BP until recently he was the most popular. This is a war involving nuclear weapons. Consequences of the war is very difficult to predict, experts are divided in their opinion, the complete destruction of the ball to a very comforting.Suppose we survived, but radioactive contamination has not been canceled, though really anything about him not telling. So I want to write a few words about this, trying not to repeat what has given us in the classroom for GO.As the radiation penetrates into the human body. Well, with the explosion of understanding, alpha and beta particles, Read more [...]
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Life after people. Scientists have explained why plants survived in Chernobyl. Pictures

Pripyat Flax adapted to high levels of radiation in Chernobyl thanks to the work of «rescue» network of proteins in their cells, which will help to understand the high resistance of some plants to soil contamination with radionuclides, according to the journal Environmental Science & Technology. An international team of scientists from Slovakia, Ukraine and the USA explained the ability of flax to adapt to adverse conditions in the zone of the Chernobyl NPP. In their work, the researchers used analysis of the proteome (all protein molecules) flax seed.According to researchers, Read more [...]
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