Feeding for Elevation

    Picture: David Princenutrient at heightIt turns out those hopped-up huckers aren't the lone radicals you sustain to precaution against on the deal. A late Hungarian discipline in the Daybook of Sports Skill and Music reports that when you pass clock at elevation, you addition the organization of unblock radicals, course occurring molecules in your consistency that interrupt DNA and may advertize bark cancer, cardiovascular disease, and former continuing illnesses. A day of schussing at 10,000 feet exposes you to a trifecta of factors—sparse air, UV rays, and recitation Read more [...]
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About living clouds

In heaven, you can find different forms of life from air passengers to microorganisms. Unlike the first last not just wait a touchdown, but actively affect the chemical processes in the cloud water droplets.Microorganisms often commit a walk in the clouds. Some people are just waiting for the return to a more traditional solid earth, and others actively engaged with the world, for all its strangeness. This is no small feat, given the terrible cold, intense UV radiation, acid, caustic water.Thus, perhaps, the microbes have an impact on how clouds are formed and behave.Photo theaucitron.As Read more [...]
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Reaction on the surface of dust produce atmospheric aerosols

Atmospheric chemistry increasingly intrudes into our lives, so that the cause including irresponsible behavior. Man-made dust particles produce hydroxyl radicals, which cause the formation of sulfuric acid, and the nucleation of aerosols in the Earth's atmosphere.Experts from the Institute of Catalysis and Environment (France) found that active radicals generated on the surface of dust particles trigger the formation of new aerosol particles in the atmosphere. In the future, these aerosols play a key role in climate change, determine the "quality" of the air we inhale, and directly Read more [...]
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Bastioned to Boom

MAJOR PLAYERS: VITAMINS C, E, AND A THE Exact: The focus of workout unleashes armies of justify radicals into your bloodstream that price your cells, go your resistant scheme, and give thereto debile, huffy opinion later an vivid exercise. Antioxidative vitamins are the counterpoison. Vitamin C boosts your resistant arrangement; vitamin E neutralizes the release radicals that movement muscularity irritation; and vitamin A helps fighting the oxidants that track to cancer and cardiopathy. Speed-climbing caption Crisscross Twight claims that antioxidants birth flush assisted him during his thirster Read more [...]
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Role of reversible oxidation in the mechanism of biological action of phenols-1

The ramifications of degenerate branching reactions are such that the effectiveness of the intervention in their flow is highly dependent on the time of intervention. On the exponential stage of the process to achieve the effect of braking, you need to enter a lot of material-inhibitor (from Latin inhibitio - braking). In the induction period is enough to the smallest of the inhibitor to prevent the yield of the reaction in the exponential phase. That is exactly what are phenolic antioxidants. But it is well known that the interaction of the radical with a neutral molecule, a new molecule and Read more [...]
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Radiation phenols and people-5

From the experimental results followed by at least two conclusions. First, for the toxic effect of oxidized drug could be responsible only quinones: further oxidation products as the process of oxidative condensation increasingly lose biological activity, turning eventually into an inert and insoluble precipitate. These products could not be the reason for shortening the life of the irradiated mice. So, those quinones, whose accumulation in plant tissues during penetration of the parasite leads to cell death, along with a killer in this experiment increases the severity of radiation damage to Read more [...]
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How do phenols-1

The second mechanism of action of phenolic compounds on the proteins associated with the anti-radical activity of phenols. In the course of the catalytic activity of certain enzymes produced intermediates radical nature - radicals substrate, co-enzyme or enzyme itself. Since many operating redox enzymes, xanthine oxidase, and other systems that require the participation of flavin coenzymes (during catalysis flavin radicals are formed.) Reacting with free radical intermediates, phenolic compounds directly inhibit the catalytic process. Finally, the third mechanism of inhibition caused by the Read more [...]
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