Using products contaminated with radionuclides

Using products contaminated with radionuclides Decontamination of meat contaminated with long-lived isotopes, it is possible in different ways - it's boiling in water, wet Ambassador soaking. The more fluid smaller pieces of meat and, the greater the effect. Need to change the water frequently or brine. Regardless of the method of decontamination is first sliced ​​meat into small thin pieces, washed thoroughly with pure water. After removal from the broth or meat brine back-washed with clean water. Radioactivity in the meat cooking process (at a ratio of 1:3 of meat and water) is reduced Read more [...]
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The accident at the nuclear power plant Fukushima has covered Russia with radioactive cesium-137

In 2011, the territory of Russia reached the radionuclides that have been thrown out of the reactor and the spent nuclear fuel term nuclear power plant under the name "Fukushima-1?. These Gosdoklada Ministry of Nature showed that the air Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Kurchatov, Kursk, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan and Tsimlyansk were reported elevated levels of radioactive cesium-137.Above Primorsky report the presence of radioactive iodine-131. 2 years later became known the truth, and the earlier the authorities have repeatedly said that there is no threat of nuclear accident emissions for Russia Read more [...]
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Time to arm Geiger

Avgust seem to really proved fatal month for Russia. If no coup, the default, if not the default, then fires. Nature, as if in mockery, did not stop the abnormal heat and fire engulfed the forest, and decided to add another factor - radiation. 6 August, the first reports of sunbathing areas of the Bryansk forests affected by the Chernobyl accident. Fires in such territory fraught redistribution secondary products of nuclear fission, which accumulate in the branches and bark of trees, as well as in plants and grass. Together with ash and smoke, they can travel hundreds of kilometers Read more [...]
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Earth — not just a planet. This is our home

Let's start with the fact that human history in a sense - is the history of human interaction with nature. In the Paleolithic basis of human life were gathering and hunting. Prescribed, even in that era, covering not less than 2 million years, humans have completely destroyed some large herbivores (mammoths, giant deer, woolly rhinoceros, etc.). Since the Neolithic era (the period of the slave and feudal societies), with the development of agriculture and animal husbandry society has to have a strong impact on the biosphere. As a result of deforestation, plowing grasslands and grazing large Read more [...]
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Herbal medicine, cleansing the body

The most effective domestic drugs that facilitate the removal of heavy metals, is "zosterin." It is made of sea grass Zostera. The drug is actively attracts, retains, and then outputs the even of the skeletal system heavy metals and other industrial toxins. Like effect and the drug has "Befungin." Effective means of purification is Chaga mushroom. One tablespoon of minced raw pour a glass of hot water. Infuse for half an hour, adding a pinch of baking soda. Take three times a day between meals. This tool is also a good solvent for salt deposits. Phytotherapists but warn Read more [...]
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Popular means to support the conclusion of radiation from the body

In traditional medicine to medicine traditional attitude is ambiguous. Some methods and drugs are really able to recover health, have no side effects and cause approval of experts. Some better not even try. Therefore, in no case do not get carried away with self-treatment, without consulting with experts. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the safest recipes. Traditional medicine believes that the most efficient and effective way of cleansing the body from the effects of radiation is fasting. Rid the body from even severe radiation complications helps complete rejection of the meal. Read more [...]
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