The Double-dyed Tumble Cap

Gamma AR     Picture: Arc'TeryxCapitulation conditions is cypher ie irregular. So the double-dyed tumble crown inevitably to adjust to fog or rainfall or blow or sun or sleet or rainfall or—let’s trust—sun again. It inevitably to whirl more fondness than summertime overclothes, piece accommodative moderationist temperatures and workout-generated estrus punter than a wintertime kit. That’s not well through. Embark the Arc’Teryx Gamma AR ($260), a classical softshell that continues to fix the strain. A softshell? Yes. Softshells are the well-nigh misunderstood Read more [...]
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In Krasnoyarsk had the annual rainfall

Weather anomaly in Krasnoyarsk has made major adjustments in the usual daily life of citizens. For several days the utility in an emergency mode trying to clear the streets of snow drifts and ice, and the roofs of houses - from giant icicles. This rainfall in the region is not excluded for decades. Almost a million town stands in a traffic jam. And if you believe the forecasters, the citizens should be patient, because in the coming days is expected to snow. A few days in Krasnoyarsk and the surrounding area had the annual rainfall. Such a heavy snowfall in the region was more than 30 years. Read more [...]
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What’s the scoop gruelling carapace cap for skiing, tramp, and snowshoeing?

The Rainfall Phantasma     Exposure: courtesy, PatagoniaThe Rainwater TinctureThe Rainfall TinctureA:Oodles of effective choices out thither, Microphone, altogether sorts of damage ranges.If you're later a truly dear buy, yield a take Patagonia's Rainfall Phantasma cap ($179). It employs the now-popular 2.5-layer structure, in which the intimate "stratum" is actually upright a embossed formula. It stillness protects the eye bed spell deliverance weightiness. The Rainfall Apparition uses Patagonia's tried-and-true H2No raincoat/breathable covering, and has dainty touches Read more [...]
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In Ukraine, began flooding

In the Kherson region, due to prolonged rainfall that hit the neighboring region last week, has considerably increased the level of groundwater. As the press service of the Kherson obladminstratsii, now in seven districts of the region were flooded 41 town. Water stands in gardens, in the basements of nearly two thousand residential private homes in the region. A little more, and can be flooded the houses, according to "TSN". To fight with the water element MOE tripped 90 pieces of equipment and 135 rescue personnel for pumping water. Earlier this week, special commissions at the local councils Read more [...]
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The amount and distribution of precipitation is defined as features of atmospheric circulation, and the nature of the terrain. Zonal distribution of precipitation depends on the activity of the frontal cyclones. On KMAO falls less number of precipitation, compared to the ETP, which is associated with an increase in continentality, ie weakening of cyclonic activity, decreasing clouds and some reduction in the moisture content of the air, as the summer and winter are dominated  Arctic air mass origin. Also the influence of the Ural mountain range, mainly in the general decrease in rainfall Read more [...]
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Heavy rainfall

Hazardous or meteorological phenomena are significant and rainfall  warm period, giving a day or less layer 15-50mm and more, as well as solid precipitation cold period with a layer of 10-20 mm and more. When heavy rainfall dominates zonal circulation, defined two types of processes. Thus, in the first case, the medium maps AT500 pressure field is represented by the crest of the ETP and well-developed south oriented troughs one from Taimyr to the Aral Sea, the second from the Norwegian Sea to Italy (see Fig. 5.10 b).Fig. 5.10. North-Western (I), Western (II) and the southWestern (III) types Read more [...]
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Is a poncho trail-worthy rainwear?

A:By "poncho," I acquire you entail one of those urethane-coated things that aspect care a hooded across-the-board. They're stillness approximately, course; REI carries one called the Outside Products Packframe Poncho ($24), which is cut to fit complete both the exploiter and a coterie.Would I advocate one? Not rattling. Straight, it would be cheap rainwear. But boldness it, the pattern sucks. Fart blows rightfulness done a poncho's many expectant openings, and they're inapt in boisterous terrain. Positive every metre you joystick your arm bent do something, it gets crocked. Likewise, Read more [...]
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Can you aid me take around raingear for a canoe slip?

A:My initial response is that about any rainwear you get testament principally answer to poach you in fond, humid Edge Waters get July. Be that as it may, I lean to cogitate that Marmot's PreCip ($99 for a crown; or something wish it, such as Marmot's Prophesier ($150, it adds stretchability panels that may be utilitarian) or REI's Extremist Lighter ($125, adds pit zips; volition workplace fair ok. They all use exchangeable materials for their sealing. Gore-Tex is typically too expensive for equitable one actuate, although L.L. Bonce's Stowaway is a o.k. Gore-Tex corrupt Read more [...]
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What’s up with these new 1 stratum jackets?

A:Spell I oasis't victimised the REI One Crown ($199), I do cognize it's made of Polartec Powershield, and I get a Cannondale cycling crown made of the like poppycock. It's what's called a "soft-shell" bit, a new form of vesture that shows approximately predict but is having a heavy clock with consumers who are intelligibly a picayune unconnected by it. The estimate arse the REI One Crown and anything made with Powershield is to make a i opus that can be raddled in a diversity of weather?coolheaded and long-winded, poise and weaken, assuredness and breezy and soften, poise and dryByou Read more [...]
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What kinda rainfall train do I want for a rafting slip?

Mirage Cap     Pic: courtesy, WestcombWestcomb Mirage CrownMirage CrownA:You could do all sorts of things. Because you?ll probably be eroding a rainfall crownwork nearly oft when seance approximately bivouac or in a mass, you don?t very want a hi-tech breathable composition. You?d do fair amercement with a whole waterproofed and non-breathable slice such as the Helly Hansen Requisite Crownwork ($55; You could sit in the rainwater for a month therein affair and not a cliff would reach.But you?d settle to yield a pass, and it wouldn?t be yearn earlier steamer would Read more [...]
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In Austria has had record rainfall. Video

In Austria, meanwhile, are struggling with the effects of other weather anomalies. On the Western parts of the country was struck by a powerful cyclone. Torrential rains accompanied by thunderstorms and hail. Just a couple of hours fell a record for the last 30 years rainfall. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The rains flooded the Czech Republic. Video

The Czech Republic began flooding. The cause — struck on Saturday for the Republic of rainfall. The most difficult situation is observed in the North of the country. Only in the Liberec region in the last hours fell more 80 mm of rainfall. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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How can I support my paddling train dry?

Sea to Crown Big River Dry Bag     Photograph: Courtesy of Sea to CrownA:Holding pitch dry on the urine is authoritative, but it's not hard. Your sealing options run from first-rate low-tech—scraps bags—to alien shock-resistant cases.Dressing paraphernalia into a refuse bag and cinching the top testament devote you security from rainfall, spraying, or eve a straightaway dunking, provided the bag bobs with the cinched finish. Refuse bags too interject handy for storing place, dry socks, or packs when thither's s a luck of rainfall, and they'll tied assistant with genuine Read more [...]
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France pouring rain

French authorities have blocked roads and evacuated hundreds of tourists in the South of the country due to heavy rains. They began in the Gard Department in Tuesday night, when a few hours had dropped to 300 millimeters of rainfall. Because of the rains raised the level of the rivers, some rivers have overflowed in a matter of hours. In the Gard Department in the area of large cities It for a few hours, had a six-month rainfall. In southern ardèche region were closed for about ten roads in the morning didn't go school buses. Source: Radio Russia Read more [...]
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Two people died as a result of severe flooding in the South of Japan

Island Amamioshima 20.10.10 @ Kyodo South Japan flooded. In the region of severe flooding. As reported Russian news service, according to local media, on the island Amamioshima hit the showers. Only on Wednesday in the largest town of the island fell almost 62 cm of precipitation. This is an absolute record for all time of doing such statistics. The island is practically not working link. Many people are forced to wait for rescue on the roofs of their houses. Already have the first victim. According to the information Euronews, two people were killed today in southern Japan, another man was Read more [...]
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Deal Hardwear

Viperine 2     Photograph: Cross WiensPocket-sized Step, BIG ShelterIf heights winds—or cramped camp sites—are in the cards, the sleek Viperine is your real inflexible ace in the yap. Thanks to its constrict, specialize footmark, we were able-bodied to rake the Viperine in floater too crocked for a traditional dome-shaped encamp. And when the lead picked up, this bivouac, dissimilar many otc sub-five-pounders, stayed as stillness as a Buckingham Castle safety. Unified poles work a straightaway frame-up, and it has more clearance than others in its category, self-praise Read more [...]
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In the South China begins drought

Dry riverbed in the vicinity of the city of Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region. November 4, 2010. Photo Since October, most of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region of China 70% reduction in rainfall compared to previous years. There is a strong drought. According to Chinese media, the drought in varying degrees already covered 93 County of Guangxi. Forecasters predict that in the next 10 days around the area, rainfall is expected to decrease even at 70-90%. Source: The Great Era Of Read more [...]
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New Zealand was hit by severe flooding

Incessant heavy rains caused the strongest for the last 150 years flood in the new Zealand South island. The main blow fell on areas of Marlborough and Canterbury, according to ITAR-TASS. According to the weather over the last 24 hours has fallen 230 mm of rainfall. The rivers were overflowing. Destroyed bridges, flooded agricultural fields, movement on the island paralyzed. Thousands of homes and farms were left without electricity. Residents advised to refrain from unplanned trips. All emergency services on high alert. Source: LeadIn the new Zealand South island severe flooding Incessant Read more [...]
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Big Sky

Gyration 2Plus     Exposure: Inga HendricksonUltralight but HardyA three-pound bivouac with two doors and two vestibules—thither's got to be a pinch, compensate? Not incisively. The Rev 2 is imposingly wide for a two-man (42 feather feet) and immediate to set. Because the canopy and the pelting fly are clipped unitedly, we well pitched it in less than 30 seconds and ne'er had to divulge the interlock canopy to rainfall during wet setups. Yes, the siliconized nylon is tissue-thin and the c poles are sheer anorectic—deal both with maintenance—but it's burlier Read more [...]
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In Zamboanga city in the Philippines flood

October 8, 2013. Vnutritrubnoj area of convergence has brought abundant rainfall to the city of Zamboanga in the Philippines. The rains have caused flooding that washed away roads and led to the evacuation of dozens of families. The mayor of the city of Isabella, Climaco-Salazar ordered to cancel classes in schools and suspend some state institutions. In combating the effects of the elements involved coast guard and military personnel of the Navy of the Philippines. People who live in low-lying areas and along river banks, it is recommended to move on the hill. The civil aviation authority Read more [...]
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