Picayune Progression at Northward Korean Ski Hangout

Structure at Northwards Korean leader Kim Jong-un's commencement "first" ski recur, the Masik Flip Skiing Reason, has been delayed by torrential rains this summertime and the refusal of the Swiss politics originally this month to trade chairlifts to the N Koreans. Seasonal rains dropped 16 inches of weewee on the ski region in one workweek, causation mudslides and flooding. The clear-cutting of trees for ski runs exacerbated the effects, block ditches and prejudicious portions of the hangout.The Swiss governing prohibited the exportation of chairlifts to Northward Korea, afterward the Read more [...]
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Biggest flood in Sao Paulo, Brazil

For several days, both on the southern Brazil hit torrential rains, which have resulted in severe flooding. The most affected one of the largest Brazilian cities - Sao Paulo. Six people died in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. They were victims of a landslide that caused heavy rains, reports NTV. People living in one of the poorest neighborhoods. This area is located on a hillside and was partially destroyed by the flow of mud and stones. Another consequence of the rains in Sao Paulo was a major flood. Local rivers burst their banks and flooded several major highways. Car traffic was paralyzed. Read more [...]
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In the capital of Dagestan, torrential rains

In the capital of Dagestan pour heavy rains, and in the south of Azerbaijan tons of snow. It seems a bit strange, is not it?Going in for the past three days of torrential rains in Dagestan Makhachkala flooded some streets that led to traffic jams. On the avenue Akushinsky December 9 in a traffic jam got hundreds of cars. The very prospect completely flooded, the water is already approaching the ground floor located near the houses. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the city does not have enough tow trucks and some cars are middle of the road with a stalled motor. The situation Read more [...]
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In Greece — Flooding

Active cyclone hit by heavy precipitation on Greece and Turkey. Antalya fell 98 mm. daily precipitation in Greece over the past 24 hours had accumulated in some places up to 98 mm. As a result of heavy rains in some places began flooding. Firefighters have recorded more than 90 calls to pump water out of flooded homes. Bad weather in the first place hit central and northern Greece. Landslides have interrupted the movement of trains on the route Thessaloniki - Athens. Emergency crews organization of railways OSE Greece apart the rubble on the rails to resume message. Due to a heavy storm at the Read more [...]
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Dixie flooded

Heavy rains in the southern states of the USA once again led to flooding. As reported on Tuesday, the authorities of Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia, were flooded miles of roads, a number of settlements. Many schools canceled classes. In New Orleans (Louisiana) only for the last day dropped 18 inches of rain. In the western part of the city authorities have opened a shelter for people whose homes were in the flood zone. With flooded highways had to be evacuated in trouble motorists. According to the National Weather Service United States, the rains in the affected areas will continue for at least Read more [...]
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Part of the Turkish Antalya went under water

In Turkey, a part of the resort region of Antalya was under water due to heavy rains. The rains led to flooding of houses, streets, ground floors of coastal hotels and shops. Local residents to evacuate firefighters and police. In some areas, people are moved by boat. In Istanbul, a strong wind almost led to an accident at the international airport. Gusts of wind from the parking lot was moved close to the local airline passenger plane. The liner was stopped before he collided with other aircraft. Source: Utro.ru. Read more [...]
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Italy may flood of the Tiber

Prolonged rains can cause spillage of the Tiber River, which will lead to the flooding of certain areas of Rome. The water level in the river had risen to 11 meters. In addition to the civil defense services in a heightened state of readiness to deal with the elements given military units. Prepared plans for evacuation of patients and staff in several hospitals, located on the island of the Tiber in central Rome, as well as in urban areas, located in a valley near the river. On Friday, were closed two bridges over the Tiber - bridge in Testaccio district and the Milvian Bridge, a popular place Read more [...]
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In Peru, people died due to flooding

In Peru, three people were killed and two are missing due to the exit from the banks of the river in the department of Huancavelica Huayanay in the south of the country, the cause of which served as heavy rains in the region in the last few weeks. This was reported by the local authorities. Head of the Department of Federico Salas said that the flood affected a total of more than 150 people. "A few hours after the floods, which began on Tuesday night, was recorded mud flows that destroyed several buildings in the surrounding communities," - he added. In connection with anomalously high intensity Read more [...]
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Mudslides in Egypt. Photo

Mudflows and floods are the result of three days of torrential rains in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Victims of raging in the Sinai and southern Egypt three days of heavy rains that caused mudslides and floods have become 12 people, including a British tourist. Another 40 people were injured, and tens - unaccounted for. Such showers that passed the day before, was not here 16 years.Hostage disaster in Egypt were also about 300 rosiyskih tourists. Several coaches have been blocked due to flooding on the road Cairo - Sharm el-Sheikh. Almost daily passengers spent without food and water. Read more [...]
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Heavy rains flooded the city of Mecca

Strong rains accompanied by thunderstorms and strong wind hit the Mecca on Saturday evening, according to the Saudi news agency SPA. Flow of rainwater flooded the streets in some areas of the city, where in some places the level reached 0.5 meters and above. Traffic was paralyzed in some areas broken power supply. Torrential rains that lasted more than 4 hours in a row, led to landslides and the destruction of several non-residential buildings near the ring road. Head of the Civil Defence Forces city of Mecca, General Jamil Arbain said that as a result of rescue 48 people were evacuated from Read more [...]
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In Turkey, the rain, mud, wind …

On the western and southern coasts of Turkey, including in the resort of Antalya, many highways were flooded due to heavy rains. Drivers are forced to leave their cars and get them out of the water has to have with the help of heavy machinery. Heavy rains have caused many accidents. Part of mountain trails closed due to numerous landslides. Hurricane winds snapped power lines, no light left thousands of residents.Antalya was dominated by bad weather on Monday (February 8). This resort hit powerful showers. In the city from hurricane places felled trees, caused damage to many greenhouses. Read more [...]
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Cyclone in Primorye beat 13-year-old record

July 24, 2013. All online services Primorye are on high alert. On the region hit a new cyclone. In southern edge downpour continues with few interruptions for more than 12 hours. Rain accompanied by gale-force winds. Go on holiday to the coast residents is not recommended. Flooded several streets in Vladivostok. Source: Conduct  Flooding caused by cyclone podtopilo in Primorye and Yakutia dozens of homesJuly 25, 2013. After Primorye to hit a powerful cyclone, bringing with him the heavy rains in the village were flooded Ternei 30 farmsteads. Water at the confluence of Fork and Read more [...]
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Rains caused record flooding in Rhode Island

Thousands of houses were left without electricity, and many residents were forced to evacuate due to the rains that caused record flooding along the span in the state of Rhode Island. According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama declared the state a disaster area and ordered to direct resources to oppose elements of the federal authorities. Last flood - is the second in New England in the last month - has been much more destructive of the previous. Stretching from Maine to Connecticut were flooded highways and sewer systems were overwhelmed by flood waters. The volume of precipitation in Read more [...]
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Heavy rain and hail in the northern region of Azerbaijan

Serious damage to agriculture Balakan, Zagatala and Gakh regions Heavy rains and hail have created serious problems in the north-western regions of the country. According to the local bureau reports, from a night on April 2 in the north-western region of the country observed the unstable weather conditions. Running from last night torrential rains and hail lasted until 03:00 last night.Heavy rains and hail have created a number of problems in Balakan, Zagatala and Gakh regions. Told APA Balakan region executive, hail and torrential rains fell more in the village Sheriff region. Thus, in the Read more [...]
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In Saudi Arabia, heavy rains

The Arabian Peninsula, with its deserts — hot and arid place on our planet. However, in recent days, residents of the town of El-Baha and Bisha, which are located in the south-western Saudi Arabia, had to hide not from the heat and rain. So, on Friday for one day in Al Bahah dropped 19 mm of rain, and in Bisha 9 mm. Even more showers were on Thursday, when the Al Bahah dropped 23 mm and 26 mm in Bisha. And it's very, very much, because of the climate norm in April in these areas falls no more than 10 mm of moisture. And the rains accompanied by thunderstorms and a decrease in temperature. Read more [...]
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Torrential rains have claimed the lives of 16 people in Bangladesh

Heavy rains on Sunday caused the deaths of 16 people in Bangladesh, according to the Associated Press, citing local police and emergency services. People, according to the agency, were killed by lightning. Earlier, Reuters reported citing local police and rescue service reported on 15 victims of the disaster. Also as a result of the elements 50 people were injured, several thousand were left without a roof over their head. From rains severely damaged crops. Bangladesh Meteorological Agency reported that the threat of rain and storms will continue over the next 24 hours. Bangladesh every year Read more [...]
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Torrential rains in Saudi Arabia took the lives of two human

As a result of heavy rains that hit Riyadh last Monday, May 3, and continued with less intensity on Tuesday, two people were killed and one was missing. As the representative of the Office of the Civil Defence Forces Riyadh Captain Abdullah Al Cafaro, during the past two days, 155 people were evacuated from the locked car, caught up in the city, have been subjected to flooding. From citizens were received 5385 phone messages asking for help. In the Traffic Police Department in Riyadh received 377 reports of the accident that occurred on the streets in the rain, accompanied by high winds, The Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in the world in February 2010

The past winter was on the territory of Russia the coldest in 30 years, said Monday the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov. "In Siberia, it will probably be the coldest on record," - Frolov said at a press conference dedicated to the Day of the meteorologist, celebrated on 23 March. But not only in Russia was strange cold and snowy, and around the world. Climatic variations, the heat, the cold ... An incredible amount of snow, and in the southern latitudes, rain. All this begs the question - what's going on in the world? RIA Novosti has collected a summary reference to weather for Verwall. Read more [...]
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In the south of Brazil, heavy rains have created a disaster

More than 257,000 people were affected by torrential rains in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, said Thursday the local office of the Civil Defense. According to the ministry, in ten cities declared a disaster mode, material damage is done 35 settlements. The floods and exit the riverbanks their homes were forced to leave more than 4 thousand people, said GO service. With the passage of a powerful cyclone 26 people were injured, one has been missing. No information about the victims. To help the victims, whose number is specified, directed sets of essential commodities. Source: Read more [...]
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In flooded Africa killed 77 people

PRETORIA, May 14. Torrential rains in East Africa led to flooding, killing 77 people. ITAR-TASS, the showers do not stop for a few weeks. Floods are recorded even in the north and east of South Africa and Kenya have already purchased the scope of a national disaster. The Kenyan government is alarmed at the prospect of continuing rains - then can not sustain the dam reservoirs. According to the representative of the Government of Alfred Mutua, people living in the river valleys, have suggested immediately move to higher ground. 10,000 families in the last month have left their homes. Total, according Read more [...]
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