Mysterious heather

Methodically inspects a sandy hill after another. Neobhvatnye Usman pine forest, exuding the smell of pine needles and vigorous melting in the midday sun, turpentine resin, majestically above me were talking with the wind-vertex. And very rarely seem tight cap where young Borovik. Photo bathyporeia / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) But the day before, after a hot and exhausting suhotnoy midsummer, was abundant rain storm. He slipped moisture in light sandy soils, and before mass pour the mushroom. Soles hills joined the swamp to the waist vymahal poisonous green sedge. Here, on Pine Read more [...]
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Sergey Donskoy said that increased penalties for poaching does not bring the expected results

High levels of poaching persists despite the toughening of punishment for violations in the environmental field, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy."Unfortunately, the measures taken, including the toughening of administrative and criminal penalties in 2012-2013 is enough. Although there were quite taken serious measures. We know that every year in Russia revealed about 50 thousand. Violations in the use of protected areas"- Said S.Donskoy Vladivostok on Monday at the opening of the All-Russian meeting of directors of protected areas.This situation, according Read more [...]
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A rare autumn flood recorded in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Extremely rare autumn flood fix specialists of Nizhny Novgorod GES - November 26, almost twice as increased lateral inflow to the waterworks, on December 2, 1360, it reached a value of cubic meters per second, said the GES. Until December 10, the average daily consumption set within 2900-3500 m3 / s. These figures are quite comparable to the spring flood of 2009. "Autumn flood - namely the so-referred to as cost increases through waterworks in the second half - a rather rare phenomenon and predict it, in contrast to the spring flood is difficult. If in the last century 45 years of operation of Read more [...]
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Prospects for the development of natural parks

At the current time in the Chelyabinsk region is the design and creation at various stages of the subsequent national parks: Nature Park "Turgoyak" - Area 23.7 thousand. Hectares. - Includes monuments of nature - oz. Turgoyak and river Kushtumga. - 516 species of vascular plants. - Neolithic site on Lake Kysykul. - Peninsula of Faith - a place of pilgrimage of the Old Believers. Nature Park "Zigalga" - Area 84 thousand. Hectares. - The core of the park - mountain ridge Zigalga with well-preserved areas of mountain tundra. - Well presented glacial landforms Read more [...]
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How delicate flower petals

They flocked from all over the world, and a motley bunch of dipped in the museum hall. Modest Belyankov and urticaria native Ural side and cast pearl guest from South America, prozrachnokrylye dragonflies and spread like a sail, sailing their wings, tiny bugs and beetles giants. About three thousand insects appeared before the audience at the show, which opened at the Museum-Reserve, and almost all of them are assembled, as emphasized by presenting a new exhibition, senior researcher Galina Kotin, one man alone VI Markin, metallurgical engineer and collector-entomologist. Inspired by collecting Read more [...]
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For tourist: Strochok usual

Most of early mushroom, begins to appear in the northern forests and the middle lane of in April, May and June are very rare. Grows in pine forests, clearings, burned areas, clearings, roadsides, under the old birches and spruces. In people, this mushroom for its shape and appearance called junkie, veal offal, Babur, eversmolt. Hat up to 8 cm long, 13 cm, incomprehensible, wavy folds and wrinkles, with an edge, partly fused with the stem, brown, occasionally yellowish, sometimes with a touch of white. Leg up to 6 cm long, 3 cm, swollen, rough, hollow, snow-white or yellowish with different Read more [...]
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For tourist: Morchella conical

Grows throughout the forest zone of the country, often in the pine forests, rarely mixed, in the midst of shrubs. Morels avoid dense turf, but because you need to find them along the forest paths, garyam have vyvorochennye trees near old willows, birches shabby, on the sandy cliffs on the southern slopes of steep ravines. Fruiting from April to May, and June occasionally; very earliest mushrooms. Hat narrow, conical, rarely ovate, fused with the stalk is hollow inside, the color brown, gray-yellow-brown, dark brown, yellow-red and other similar colors, length 3-10 cm, width 2-5 cm Leg longish, Read more [...]
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Three rare creatures found dead on the coast of California

New findings of rare sea creatures. Within one week. This week it was reported that team training ship Tole Mour and instructors from Katalanskeho marine Institute has caught a giant fish-strap (which is otherwise called the herring king). The length of this creature turned out to be 5.5 metres. Instructor Jasmine Santana fins and breathing tube submerged in the southern coast of California and suddenly saw on the bottom of the creature, as if from the ancient legends - giant monster in silvery scales. In order to pull out the giant on the beach, they needed help, at least 15 people. The Read more [...]
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For tourist: Prunus

Common bird cherry (Latin Prúnus pádus) - Kind of low trees (sometimes shrub) of the genus Plum Pink family (Rosaceae). It grows in forests and bushland throughout the Russian Federation to the snow-white sea, in Western Europe and Asia. Cultivated as an ornamental plant.  Distribution and ecology  The natural habitat - North Africa (Morocco), South, Central, Western, Northern and Eastern Europe, Malaya, Central and East Asia (including many provinces of China), Transcaucasia. In Russia mediocrity in European, Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East.  Submited and naturalized Read more [...]
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For tourist Beach Cirali Beach

Beach Cirali Beach. It seems that tourists are completely mastered all the Turkish coast, but managed to keep this corner of the original charm, because there on the pebbly beaches of rare sea turtles nest, and the local administration, taking care of animals, limiting the number of visitors. But if you have time to stay in some of the rarest hotels (so double occupancy in Canada Hotel worth 60-70 euros), you can relax and enjoy the relaxed mountains, waterfalls and azure coast state park Olympos. Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Trophy chub

We go to the Seversky Donets River, which flows into Ukraine and chub captured one of our goals. Here occasionally meet with a high concentration areas suitable for large fish ponds, and the highest water clarity and depth background make small additional difficulties for the fans spinning. Yet the number of fans of fishing on small rivers every year only grows. Draws anglers here not only the beauty of local landscapes, but the opportunity to become the owner of a very rare and exceptional trophy. In these places hitherto usual big chub fishing on which is considered one of the most interesting Read more [...]
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Three tornado simultaneously in Saaremaa, Estonia

on July 16. On Wednesday, dozens of people witnessed very rare in Estonia spectacle: in the sea near the island of Abruka of storm clouds descended three tornado. \"This is a rare spectacle in the sense that the majority of Estonians have never seen a tornado, and I, too, — told the newspaper Meie Maa experienced climatologist ain Kallis. \"Every year in Estonia, see the tornado 2-3 times, so it's not an ordinary case. Moreover, what is now seen simultaneously three tornado\", he added. The tornado is an atmospheric vortices in a thunderstorm cloud and propagating downwards in the Read more [...]
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In Australia, a rare virus kills a bird and a person faces

6 September. Rare virus that can be transmitted to humans, killed a huge number of pigeons in the Australian state of Victoria. Here it epidemiologists have documented for the first time, said the Ministry of agriculture. As noted by the chief veterinary officer Australian, Dr. mark Schipp, we are talking about avian paramyxoviruses. It really threatens poultry bred in the state, according to Xinhua. According to the expert, the bird began to die suddenly and in large quantities. Witnesses say that before this bird showed signs of fatigue and disorders of the nervous system (they were circling Read more [...]
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A rare November snow in the southern United States

1 December. \"Topsy-turvy\" is celebrated not only in the weather of Russia, but on the other side of the ocean. So, the southern US is surprised unusually early snow. On Monday and Tuesday (November 28-29) Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas places \"priporoshili 15 see the Truth, mostly by noon it melted. But the fact! Meanwhile, in New England unusually warm. While in Starchile (Mississippi) on Monday was +3° C, Portland (Maine), the air warmed up to 17° C heat. A record high temperature (21° C) was recorded in Washington and (22° C) in new York. Cause of weather oddities became an area of Read more [...]
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Moscow ecologists do not exclude the repetition of freezing rain this winter

on 30 November. Moscow ecologists do not exclude repetition «freezing rain» this winter, however, to prevent falling trees because it can't, told reporters on Wednesday the head of the Moscow Department of natural resources and environmental Anton Kulbachevsky. «Freezing rain» that struck Moscow region in the last days of December 2010, led to the icing of power lines and falling trees. The wire breakages caused «freezing rain», snowfalls and strong winds led to the fact that the outage left many settlements of Moscow region. «The ability „freezing Read more [...]
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Rain during snowfall: Muscovites saw a rare natural phenomenon

Very rare natural phenomenon could be observed today from Moscow. Lightning strikes during a snowfall. This does not happen every winter. According to the Center for PHOBOS, in the afternoon, Moscow was in the zone of active atmospheric front. And he brought with him a wide range of weather phenomena. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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With ISS photographed underwater wave stretching for hundreds of kilometers

Published a photo taken with the International Space Station, and embodying a rare phenomenon of internal waves - a huge movement of water covering hundreds of kilometers below the surface of the Earth's oceans. Photo, which you can see above, filmed on the Caribbean island of Trinidad in January. Internal waves are extremely rare and never before had not been photographed. Their causes and the impact they have - is not known. Category: Ocean Read more [...]
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14 of the strangest phenomena of nature

Present to you the 14 most bizarre natural phenomena 1. Bioluminescent "red wave"Under certain conditions, phytoplankton begins to multiply in the ocean with a crazy speed, forming beneath the surface layer of dense algal blooms - so-called "red tide." Day it does not look particularly attractive, but at night on some beaches where usual bioluminescent species Noctiluca scintillans, «red wave" seems to be something just did otherworldly. This comes from the algae blue glow that turns dark ocean into a giant torch. Just imagine how such a luminous wave rolls ashore washes Read more [...]
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December 21 in Mongolia saw rare Solar halo

Today in Mongolia have been several forms of halo: Parghelia "mock sun", a small and a large halo, anti-aircraft and upper tangent arc – a "set" of the optical effects are very rare.
Category: Atmosphere
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Sundog seen in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk, hit 40 degrees below zero, and the inhabitants of the city have seen the emergence Solar halo in its manifestations covered by this rare phenomenon – Sundogs.

It should be noted that Sundog or Pargely, as do conventional solar halo – a rare phenomenon, or at least it was before such, can not be said in December 2012, when the phenomenon is very common.

Category: Atmosphere
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