Summer paint in winter: Butterflies. Part №2

Satyrinae, Belyanko, copper-butterfly ... These families are also very numerous on the type and variety. I was able to remove not all, but some. But among them I still got a very rare instances, especially for our cool climate zone.By satyrinae (still on the ancient Greek style called satyrs or satiridami, Satiridae) applies, in particular, Nigella coffee or league:Yellow-brown Krupnoglazka - the name speaks for itself, a very rare butterfly:But Eye flower or flower Satyr - on the contrary, it is the usual form for our latitude, and can often be seen in the blossoming of summer meadows:The process Read more [...]
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PhotoHunt: Old World flycatcher, Slavkov

I bet that for the untrained layman Slavka and muholovki- most mysterious and unknown birds. And this despite the fact that it is inhabited by our side. The same solovey- who have not heard it? But how many have seen him? And how many managed to see his feathers? So, I suggest you a photo essay devoted passerine birds taken by me in the last season. Muholovkovye- very large group of insectivorous birds. In fact, all of them migratory, as directly dependent on the weather. No tepla- no food. Therefore, it is difficult to describe the joy when they arrive in the spring. Their arrival clearly establishes Read more [...]
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Thermal eyes «predator»

From the point of view is not very inquisitive user imagers are a form of night vision - night vision devices. From the point of view of technology used in them - this is an alternative, a fundamentally different way of solving the problem. Thermal, if formulated very briefly and primitively, allow you to see not reflected as "traditional" night vision and infrared own facilities. Modern thermal imaging devices can detect human, animal, or running technique in the dense bush, under cover of disguise, or even in complete darkness inside the protected object. Moreover, they can even Read more [...]
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From the Ending Cable: Author Whitney Dreier

Leastwise 3 mass were killed and complete 140 injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. Leastways 17 persist in vital weather.     Photograph: Via Tyler Wakstein/ChitterIn 2008 my conserve, Lusterlessness, and I both ran the Boston Marathon. We didn't cognize apiece early at the clock, so when we matrimonial in 2010, sledding rear to Boston was on our listing of things to do unitedly.Monday's was a full, nimble airstream for both of us. I ran a 3:23:41, good 34 seconds off my personal outflank, and Lustrelessness ruined in fewer than iv hours—rather telling considering he hadn't Read more [...]
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The Vagabondage Chef

Macaroons at Felon's Tree.     Photograph: Joe LeapTurn's Tree: Eyeshade Metalworker's Atlantic Beach Pie Lookout Television The chef checks on his afters. Chef Pecker Metalworker with a cut of Atlantic Beach Pie. The Nutrient Issuance Crop selections from our Border 2013 mark clip. New Orleans Boodle Pud The chef shares the formula for his Louisiana-inspired afters. Atlantic Beach Pie The chef shares the formula for a afters elysian by puerility outings.Peak Metalworker didn’t get to be a chef. He wandered into the professing. That mightiness audio ninety-six unknown Read more [...]
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Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and the Ascent of Enduro Heap Biking

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski equitation in the Subaru Cup     Exposure: trekbikeusa via FlickrFor the retiring quartet geezerhood, hatful biker Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski has owned the cross-country backwash at Vail’s GoPro Lot Games, victorious the case annually since 2009. The 34-year-old Coloradoan is one of the almost experient riders on the prospect, with 20 age of free-enterprise equitation, 17 Humans Patronage squad appearances, and a sojourn to the Olympics nether his whang.Now, afterwards two decades, Horgan-Kobelski says he’s set for a vary of stride. “I Read more [...]
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Things Separate: The Photography of Todd McLellan

Disassembled cycle     Pic: Todd McLellan""" Survey Exposure Drift Pedal dropping asideMotorcycle dropping aside Todd McLellanMcLellan at workplace Things Separate Verandah Aspect Todd McLellan's sensational images of gearing.Let’s criticize Todd McLellan’s phylogenesis as a lensman. At age 7 he borrowed his parents’ camera. “I equitable think my parents shouting at me for cachexy pic,” he aforementioned. “They complete up bountiful me a hand-down 110.”He took that on approximately civilise discipline trips but ne'er real intellection Read more [...]
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The Better Wood-Cutting Ax on the Marketplace

Outflank Made's red woolen all-embracing, $248.     Pic: Inga HendricksonDuring my high-school and community-college eld in westerly Michigan, I sold firewood to accessory my scrimpy income from on-again, off-again structure ferment. I’d trace in the viewing of commercial-grade logging operations, sawing and ripping the undesirable hardwood "first-rate" that cluttered the afforest subsequently the salable logs had been hauled forth. I’d garner $95 a corduroy, delivered. It was gruelling workplace, which is why I had naught declination when I remaining to advert Read more [...]
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Which crownwork bequeath be well-nigh effective at safekeeping me affectionate and dry this wintertime?

Theta AR Cap     Photograph: courtesy, Arc’teryxArc’teryx Theta AR CrownworkTheta AR CrownA:Advantageously, I see your pointedness, Scott, but I rather retrieve you?re forthcoming the job from the awry focussing. When I buy a case, I lack it to be altogether without any lining or anything else. It?s a case, it?s suppositious to dungeon me dry or bend the lead. What I habiliment thereunder is what keeps me fond. And because the cap itself offers minimum insularism, I birth often more exemption to suit dissimilar temperatures and conditions weather. That?s peculiarly Read more [...]
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What’s a near ultra-light waterproof for external move?

A:A identical full affair I'm beholding is a vogue toward hoy rainwear. Manufacturers let pertain see whippersnapper as a material private-enterprise vantage in overclothes, and with new engineering that makes it potential to cut ounces, they're nerve-racking to do so. One cap that's new this springiness and that I alike lots is the Cloudveil Moisten ($235), which uses a new waterproof-breathable textile from Toray, the Japanese framework shaper that supplies many U.S. companies with good-quality non-Gore-Tex substantial. The Mizzle uses what Cloudveil calls a two-and-a-half-ply overture, versus Read more [...]
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RPS for SMERSH boar 12

All welcome! In this article we will talk about CPF SMERSH made under shops sayga12/vepr12 Making Vests I have been doing for quite a while. And decided to make rps but naturally fit your needs - for shops 12 caliber. Wide shoulder straps made (to avoid chafing) fixing steel buckle (to increase the reliability of the product almost all metal hardware used)on them - fixing Mall Suspension pouch under IPP with loom, and other things. Time to make a wide and soft (inside polyurethane)Rusks bag designed for a dry pie, flanked mall system for attaching additional pouches, bottom straps for suspension Read more [...]
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survival fire survival

Practice is very accessible oil, and from time to time and completely free of fuel. It can be used in the furnace. Bake on used oil - cost-effective solution to the problem of heating of buildings, industrial character, garages, workshops, greenhouses and certain other premises.Bake on used oil, the pros and cons of designThe main advantage of this device, as already mentioned, is its efficiency, simplicity of construction. It should also be noted that when there is no oil combustion emissions of smoke and soot. No complex parts, droppers, injectors, etc) allows you to operate the furnace even Read more [...]
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Testament a homemade intoxicant range be sufficiency for the AT?

A:I may bear to yield on this issuance. Because of the geographical localisation where I've through 90 pct of my packing?in the mellow, moderately verbose mountains of the Peaceable Nor'-west?I've foresightful been rather disdainful of inebriant stoves. At the outflank of multiplication, they're slacken and not that hot, but in the winding they're border hopeless, evening if strengthened with windscreens. But, they're likewise secure, simpleton, and identical twinkle, so their popularity with through-hikers. So for dozens of multitude who are hike sheltered trails same the AT, often of which runs Read more [...]
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Walk on the Russian island …

In general, began with the fact that the sudden diarrhea druzhbana tooth was ill, but still not a reason, but with flux ... And "the islands" we did not go. Well, thanks to built a bridge on the Russian island still decided to arrange a piknichek in nature, but what barohlishko Coy oprobyvat / check yes experience even consider, in terms of unprecedented comfort and convenience ... In short, loaded into the car to druzhbanu his property, he decided to grab a go ... went ... and came to the Russian, took a fancy yourself sopochku near the "foot", which previously navy "buoys" stoyali.Peretaschil Read more [...]
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Can you urge a tramp rush to palliate bounder infliction?

FSN 95 GTX     Picture: courtesy, REIFSN 95 GTXA:Yikes. If Asolo's extremely foot-friendly FSN 95 ($155; isn't easy for you, so I'm not certainly you're expiration to obtain anything. It's merely not potential to physique a thrill with a "mild privileged reheel" that offers reenforcement anyplace else. In otc dustup, you're looking tramp in about rather tag stolon, which may oeuvre but is far from paragon Course, Marc, as you live, "ivory spurs" are not crisp piddling projections poke out of your dog. Rather, you deliver around boney corporeal Read more [...]
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About HF communications, FT-817ND and promenade in the suburbs.

Wanted to "Communication" yes insert did not find such a blog, because in a "guest." In general at the end of last year reading about online communication, interaction, and so on. decided to add from myself here a bit ... In particular about the relationship at short wavelengths, it is clear that on the VHF range 30 kilometers just not obespechish, especially in the field, but when moving to their two-because we have to use HF radio diappazonom.Modeley that make "burzhuiny" this diappazonov, handheld / portable, quite a bit, and "domestic producers" did not want sdes support (already tired). Read more [...]
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Is thither a paraphernalia shaper that sells commodity motherhood togs?

A:Wow, yob crew. The curt resolve is: No, cipher that I'm remotely cognisant of tailors what I mean as outdoor-oriented habiliment?wool jackets, rainwear, that kinda matter?for the significant set. Your inquiry suggests thither may be a mart for it, but I await that the mothers who are lull out thither tramp and mounting veracious capable their maturity are jolly in the nonage. Cheers for you, though?presumptuous you genuinely look wish doing that rather matter with a watermelon below your shirt. My trace, so, is to micturate the outdo of what you can incur. Thither are avenues to get about fundament Read more [...]
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Should I get a bivy release or a camp?

The Tail Noggin T1     Picture: courtesy, REIThe Quartern Noodle T1A:Comfortably, you get rather an antiquate, Geoffrey. Or a definitive. It depends on whether you are a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty rather guy. Moonstone croaked a few eld binding. Which is likewise. It was a august stigma that added lots to the outside manufacture. I hush bear a few Moonstone pieces. A refine jumper, e.g.. And someplace a bivy bag such as yours.The bivy bag of yours is an interesting cause. My recall is that the affair weighs betwixt iii and iv pounds, yet calm is not practically more a nylon Read more [...]
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First impressions of the use multitool Walther

Choosing multitool that I wanted it in the first place knife, so the choice was to Walther MultitacAnd so Externally this is not multifunction knife and tongsNice solid plastic handle fits the handpleased mechanism folding knife very gently, do not know that as bearings used in it (not yet deciphered)mites are removed too well, but you need to put them carefully. At the time of folding triggered spring, which can pinch your fingers (bitter experience has nipped up blood)a knife as there is a screwdriver with nine nozzles (metal nozzles at slightly seasoned with frequent use Read more [...]
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Guns tuning, thinking out loud …

That's decided to share the expense of tuning thoughts. Yes, that's just borohlishko almost all come ... In general, there is the farm rifle, shotgun or shotgun, or semiautomatic and wanted to upgrade it a little or as they say, tuned ... Especially now when the stores any "baubles", not to say that would be in bulk, but there is, and it is quite possible with zabugore manage to drag ... That's what would have happened is ...(Photo not mine, on the occasion of the network naschel ...) and that would not spend money on useless or even "harmful", but still often of dubious quality, things ... Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).