Sialosemiology experimental animals-1

The results of the successful prevention of experimental tooth decay naturally affected the condition of the whole body of animals. First of all, one would expect the normalization of biochemical parameters studied in mixed saliva of animals. And so it proved. These data series and are detailed in Table. 26. Speed and volume of salivation in rats of all experimental groups were relatively high and, although different from the norm (3,0 ± 0,14 ml/30 min), did not reach such low numbers, as in the previous series of studies. So, if the animals are not treated as actions protivokarioznyh dental Read more [...]
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Reshtka sifts

Lattice screen out (synonym: blend, blend Bucca, Harry Hood - Bucca - currently not used), a device designed to enhance the contrast of the image by X-ray absorption by the body of the scattered X-rays. Winnow grill  consists of a body, mounted inside the raster, raster moving mechanism, control and signaling (Fig. 1). Raster is a series of thin (0.02-0.3 mm) narrow lead plates separated by layers of wood or cardboard, and now plastic or aluminum. Fig. 1. Flat screen out mobile grid: 1-call, 2 - at platoon handle 3 - cassette holder. Fig. 2. Radiography to screen out bars: 1 - X-ray film, Read more [...]
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The sex ratio and age deer

The life of animals is natural communities within the strict framework of the sex ratio and age groups. Changes in environmental conditions or shooting, aiming at the removal of any one group, will inevitably lead to a change in the number of animals (population). The ratios of individual groups of animals and limiting the population density of roe deer in summer habitats support some intrapopulation factors. Such factors include the relationships that arise within a single family, as well as in the aggregate of all individuals living in the area. In fact, how do you explain that some plot Read more [...]
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The pharmacokinetics of drugs during lactation

Fundamental to an effective and safe drug therapy in the postpartum period are pharmacokinetic characteristics prescribed in these terms Medicines. According to PJ Lewis (1982), 2 / s all drugs used in the clinic during pregnancy, used in the postpartum period. Maximum number of Medicines, entering into the mother's milk is not more than 1-2% of the dose administered lactating women, and therefore probably has no effect on the baby [Berlin Ch. M., 1981]. At the entry of medicines and their metabolites in breast milk affected by the same factors as in their passage through other lipid membranes. Read more [...]
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Local anesthetic facilities

In obstetric practice local anesthetic facilities use in conducting small operations. Products in this group include drug procaine, lidocaine (lidocaine), trimekain, paramekain, dicain etc. Pharmacokinetics of local anesthetics in the two-chamber system mother - fruit determined primarily by the kind of local anesthesia. When epidural anesthesia maximum concentration dikaina serum pregnancy occurs within 10-60 minutes after injection. In this case, the route of administration dicain crosses the placental barrier. Dikaina concentration ratio in the blood of the fetus and the mother is 0.2-0.4, Read more [...]
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Valuable nutritional properties of breast milk

Nutritional properties and composition of breast, cow's milk and the most common proprietary mixtures are presented in Appendix B, Table. 13-16. Most infant formula composition of cow milk and its nutritional value is altered slightly in an attempt to bring them to breast, in addition, these mixtures are fortified with vitamins and minerals. The latter is especially emphasized by the manufacturers that promote artificial feeding. Infant formula, of course, have an advantage compared to the untreated cow's milk, but breast milk for its nutritional properties far beyond infant formula. Valuable Read more [...]
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Distances on the angular size of an object

Approximate determination of the distance can be made to the angular size of the visible objects if their linear value we known in advance. Visible or apparent magnitude of an object depends on the angle of view or the angular size of the object, which is reduced to the extent it is deleted from our eyes, and increases as it approaches the observer. If you know the height or the size of the object P, value H and everyday items distance L to it, you can determine the distance D to the object P on a formula derived from the following ratio:If we take the ratio of L / H for a constant value of 100, Read more [...]
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