Hiking, fishing, small repairs of the car on the way to nasty cold weather, when no longer listen to the frozen fingers of the hand, there appears a need in an ordinary heating pad. Naturally, a great warm up by the campfire, but not always it can be diluted, so it will demand time and daze. And if you make a little chem pad? It does not take much space and will always be at hand.For such heating pad will come in handy the most common reagents. Conduct easy experience. Take of salt, two teaspoons of salt (20 g), then slightly copper sulphate three teaspoons (40 grams). Will resotre them separately Read more [...]
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the survival.

RESPONSE TRAINING.Training reaction, whether the reaction on hearing, sight or feel, you know, what will be the response during training, what specific action. To produce training is necessary for 1-body emotions on different response. In other words, during the training you need to provide different movement with the work of the greatest amount of muscle. But every movement has to be very normal and to be the only one. They can be different and make different efforts. From the movement of the finger, to stop lying and pull-UPS.All this helps to train the brain for instant decision making, in other Read more [...]
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Warmer chemical

Good day comrades survivalist. Read in an article on the Internet based on a heating pad copper sulfate article tempting simple composition decided to do.found in the bins bluestone already since 1998 but is a rarity!took in the kitchen cooking salt iodization is not, disposable cup and went from tinkering. salt interfere with vitriol We thrust back aluminum wire. sawdust will not find them without add water, stir, and went reaction!minutes after 2 cup warmed up to 35 degrees-40C thermometer was not at hand but felt heat. rendered it all in the snow The mixture was heated for 40 minutes Read more [...]
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The UK was attacked by poisonous caterpillars

May, 10th.Already several dozen people turned for help to the doctors complaining of a severe allergic reaction. The symptoms are all the same — sudden redness and severe itching. It is known that a dangerous insect is quite large, live exclusively in oak leaves. To get burned, just touch the hairs of the caterpillars. Experts have not yet found the cause of the strange invasion, but advise available in advance to stock up on drugs, or the reaction can be unpredictable. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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Extremely powerful laser system in the U.S. could not ignite a fusion reaction

American physicists at the end of 2012 recognized that one of the most ambitious projects brought them no good. The scientists could not start the fusion reaction with super lasers. The news that the National Ignition Facility project did not justify it invested in capabilities, especially unpleasant due to the fact that this project was previously required additional investments. Now, the authors ask Congress for money for another three years, for which plans to sort out what is not allowed to do the trick. And although it is difficult to blame the physicists that they were unable to pre-calculate Read more [...]
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Scientists claim that the fish do not feel pain

In the long-term dispute fishermen with animal welfare advocates of the pain first cause fish, scientists have intervened. According to the research team of scientists from the University of Wyoming, led by Professor James Rose, published in the journal Fish and Fisheries, the fish do not feel pain.Her reaction when she jerks the hook, is, according to the researchers, not a reaction to pain, and unconscious reaction. The thing is that the brain does not have the abilities of fish needed to feel the pain.Despite the fact that the fish have nociceptors (pain receptors) that people send signals Read more [...]
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Found another reason ozone depletion

It turns out that Ozone kills himself: Its reaction with iodine in the sea surface leads to the formation iodnovatistoy acid, which is then converted to nitric iodine that destroys ozone.Researchers from the Universities of Leeds and York (UK) found that most of the observed over the ocean, iodine oxide (ozone-depleting substances) comes from a source that previously overlooked.Scientists came to the conclusion that the latter may be emissions iodnovatistoy acid (HOI) - gas, which, as previously thought, the ocean does not stand out - along with molecular iodine (I2).Beach near Fort Lauderdale Read more [...]
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Identified another reason for the destruction of ozone

January 15, 2013. Researchers from the universities of Leeds and York (UK) found that the bulk of the observed over the ocean oxide iodine (substances that Deplete the ozone) comes from a source that had not paid attention. The researchers concluded that the latter may be emissions of innovatice acid (HOI) gas, which was believed until now, the ocean is not allocated, along with molecular iodine (I2). 1970-ies, when it became clear that the ocean exists everywhere methyl iodide (CH3I), it was believed that the iodine enters the atmosphere mainly in the production of organic compounds by phytoplankton Read more [...]
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Solar snow destroys the atmosphere over the Arctic

April 30, 2013. Researchers from Purdue University found that sunlit snow can be a major source of atmospheric bromine in the Arctic and the key reactions that emit pollutants and destroy ozone. New research also shows that snow cover on Arctic sea ice in the cycle of bromine plays an important role, which was considered to be insignificant. General conclusions, as always, disappointing: the rapid melting of sea ice in recent years, can have extremely negative consequences in the balance of the chemistry of the atmosphere at high latitudes. According to some sources, the surface temperature in Read more [...]
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The education of young brown bears

The reaction is followed. This is an important accessory a young animal, providing him the best safety in the early, very important period of life. During the move, a family group from one place to another, when the most likely possibility of losing a baby (especially in many families), the reaction sequence provides a solid contact with the baby's mother, makes him relentlessly follow. In the classical works on. Example precocial birds has been shown that the reaction sequence is the result of recording chick stimulus object in a short sensitive period in the very early stages of ontogeny. Read more [...]
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\»KaY-wave predicts an earthquake. Part 2

Alexander Yagodin Haifa laboratory earthquake alerts predict.y@gmail.com < Часть 1  ·  ']);" >Part 3 >   Seismologists and biologists often turned to dogs, with the hope that they can predict earthquakes. In the article ? described typical cases of positive examples: \"... After the Spitak earthquake in Armenia has become a well-known story of Laika Alice and her master A. Gharibyan of Leninakan. On the morning of 7 December, two hours before the earthquake, the owner brought the dog out for a walk, but back at home Alice refused to return, creepy howled and barked. Scared the Read more [...]
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Artificial initiation of thermonuclear detonation of the Earth and other celestial bodies

DlI have many natural disasters related to long-term accumulation and sudden release of energy, a theoretical possibility to provoke a certain technical effects. In this case, to start the process requires much less energy than then highlighted. Projects were even cause explosion Sun attacks by hydrogen bombs1. But this is not realistic, because the process can become self-sustaining, since the upper density of the Sun is very small (it is worth to calculate precisely because assumptions without calculations do not guarantee safety. In my last article Bolonkin a criterion similar to the Lawson Read more [...]
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Other dangers of atomic weapons

Superbomb After testing the "Tsar-bomb" in 1961 in the New Earth with the release of 50 megatons, were carried out to develop more powerful bombs with a yield of 200 megatons, and even 1000, which were to be transported on ships to America and use them to cause a tsunami [Adamski Smirnov, 1995]. This means that, probably, there is unlimited technical capabilities to build explosive power bomb. InANT also be noted that the King-bomb was tested only 12 years after the explosion of the first atomic bomb. This fact may indicate that other powers may take a relatively short period to go Read more [...]
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Positive feedback and very negative

Obviously, the chain reaction is not only using the principle of nuclear weapons and the nuclear proliferation and arms race. The more countries that have nuclear weapons, the more they are able to distribute it, the more affordable and cheap its technology and the greater the temptation for countries left without such weapons, its gain, the more weapons from the enemy, the more you need weapons and "us" and the greater the fear of the enemy, prompting him to continue to arm. The same scenario underlies the risk of accidental nuclear war - the more the fear that the "we" hit Read more [...]
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The principle of the NPP

Nuclear power is a complex of buildings designed to generate electrical energy from the energy released in a controlled nuclear reaction.© RIA Novosti, Infographics. Hope Andrianova Nuclear power is a complex of buildings designed to generate electrical energy from the energy released in a controlled nuclear reaction. As a common fuel for nuclear power plants use uranium. Fission reaction is carried out in the main unit nuclear power plant - nuclear reactor. Most pasppostpanen peaktop Enriched the U, in the eccentricity and the coolant and moderator is ordinary, or "light", water. Read more [...]
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Transferase enzymes of the class

Catalyzed reaction Localization in tissues and physiological role of diagnostic value Transaminase carry out the reaction reversible transfer of amino groups of amino acids on any?-Keto acids in many tissues and organs. In the blood activity Characterize very low intensity of the metabolic processes, in particular the synthesis of proteins. Activity serum increases sharply by breakage tissues, especially in infectious hepatitis and other liver diseases, as well as myocardial infarction kinases carry out the reaction carry-phosphoric acid, such as creatine + ADP ATP + phosphocreatine in the muscles Read more [...]
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Role of reversible oxidation in the mechanism of biological action of phenols

So, the most important chemical property of phenolic compounds is their ability to reversible oxidation. And this is a deep similarity and proximity undoubted manifestations of chemical and biochemical activity of phenolics and ascorbic acid, vitamin C and vitamin P. In both cases, in fact, we are not dealing with the matter, and with a system whose elements are bound by mutual redox transitions. Substance, which is oxidized, the recovery of another compound, commonly referred to as a reducing agent. To reducing the effect was quite pronounced, the concentrations of both reactants to be about Read more [...]
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Anti-inflammatory sclerosis and allergies

Inflammation - This is a complex reaction of the body to injury, worked out and evolutionarily fixed in a long line of generations of our animal ancestors. Begins inflammation with a variety of effects on the body of damaging agents - physical (mechanical trauma, burns, electric shock, frostbite, radiation exposure), chemical (irritant, destroying tissue, toxins) and biological (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.). During inflammation difficult. When exposed to physical and chemical agents, the inflammatory response begins with damage and destruction of tissue (alteration), then developed the Read more [...]
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Passive protection and active immunity-2

Along with the sweet smells - normally waste products - are produced in plants and different kind of antibiotics, they occur only in response to entry of pathogens. Such substances are called phytoalexins. Most of them have a phenolic nature. These are pizatin (phytoalexins peas) fazeolin beans oksifazeolin soybean medikarpin of alfalfa. Phytoalexins occur in dying under the influence of parasite cells of the host plant. In this case, different pathogens cause the formation of the same phytoalexins in this species of plants. Consequently, their education - non-specific reaction, encoded in Read more [...]
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Clinic poisoning poison bees and wasps

Poisoned bees and wasps characterized by the development of diverse, often severe clinical manifestations. It must be emphasized that, in contrast to the poison of other animals, nature and severity of these symptoms to a certain extent depend on individual sensitivity (reaction) of the body to the venom of bees and wasps. A slight dose of poison can cause severe anaphylactic reaction of the organism, which develops within a few minutes, rarely - during the day and with less severe symptoms. The degree of severity depends on the site of injection and the amount of venom injected, time of day Read more [...]
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