Immediate Fixes for Cyclists: Fix a Matte With a Buck

    Picture: saap585 via ShutterstockThe post:  You united a fast-paced radical rally and are gallery dorsum house. Dead, you listen a uncongenial raspberry of air streamlined from a dime-sized cut in your tyre and spirit the rim probe the paving. The fag’s snap and you’re refine to your finish subway. If you fair fix the apartment, the underground testament brook—and snow erst you jump equitation. What’s your motility? The fix: Exit one incline of the fag and run your digit on the inwardly, checking for junk comparable thorns or nails that can Read more [...]
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Temperature records and anomalies in 2009

Scoreboard on Tverskaya Street shows 10 degrees. The eve of the New Year was marked by a sharp deterioration in the weather in the regions: wind storm raging around the main tree felled Primorye Vladivostok, Sakhalin ferry traffic stopped and Chita expected abnormal frosts. Temperature records and anomalies in 2009 was recorded by many.In Russia · For the first of February in Khabarovsk was broken thirty record cold: weather forecasters recorded -34 °, which is almost two degrees colder than the previous record for February 1, established in 1979. · On April 29, the temperature record Read more [...]
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Heat decimated hundreds of people

July 18, 2013. This week on the territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to set the record hot weather. Places the thermometer rises to the level of 30 ° C. Residents of Albion, who are accustomed to the cold and rainy summer season is very hard to bear the tropical heat. Victims of weather anomaly became a few hundred people, according to BBC. «With the arrival of nine days ago to the tropical heat, only in England to seven hundred people died», — According to the London School of Hygiene. Anomalous temperature and established overseas. In New York and Washington, Read more [...]
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Atmospheric pressure for the fourth time breaks a record

Thanks to our extensive anticyclone, in the center of Russia still extremely high atmospheric pressure. Today also marks another record. By 11 o'clock the atmospheric pressure in the city (according to the reference weather station ENEA) increased to 1027.4 hPa (770.61 millimeters of mercury). The maximum amount by which the pressure was increased on January 21 was 1027.3 hPa (770.54 mm Hg) and was observed in 1973 Set fourth in the current January record of atmospheric pressure. Monthly record is in 1972, when under the pressure of anticyclonic weather in Moscow rose to 780.74 millimeters of Read more [...]
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In Ulan-Ude record warmer

Atlantic cyclone brought on Thursday in the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude record warm temperatures for this day - minus 3 degrees, it is almost one degree above the previous high, recorded January 28, 2002. "Warmed far eastern Atlantic territory of Russia - it still sends its heat through the basin of the Arctic seas to the east," - says the weatherman. Cyclone brought to Lake Baikal is not only warm, but also a hurricane, the report said. In the near future temperature in Buryatia decreases by about 10 degrees, but the wind is still strong, according to the website. Source: Eye of the world Read more [...]
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What can I do most a encamp lacerate by a dropping tilt?

Kenyon Ripstop Mend Record     Photograph: courtesy, REIKenyon Ripstop Hangout RecordA:That's a funny! Gladiolus you got out unhurt. Reminds me of one of the British climbs up Everest in the betimes Seventies, I recall. The path was ill-famed for rockfalls, and clique had to be made on uncovered slopes. So one of the climbers?a rattling far-famed guy of that era named Don Whillans?devised a box-like bivouac made from ballistic textile. Fundamentally, unshakable. Peradventure that's what you required. As for your camp, it's absolutely repairable. The careen inclose a snag, redress? Read more [...]
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Sounding miracle of the XX century

    In the life of the old Yekaterinburg is often the events took place, which became the theme for a long time conversations. So was the August 23, 1890, when for the first time in the Urals sounded naked man in the mechanical recording. Here under the motto "Miracle of the XX century" was shown World novelty -fonograf Edison. It's funny event in the local newspaper "Business correspondent" was sealed as follows: "Session was lively and interested audience. Anyway case, was useful and amusement in the evenings Kharitonov garden with its stale kupletistov, Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in the world in February 2010

The past winter was on the territory of Russia the coldest in 30 years, said Monday the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov. "In Siberia, it will probably be the coldest on record," - Frolov said at a press conference dedicated to the Day of the meteorologist, celebrated on 23 March. But not only in Russia was strange cold and snowy, and around the world. Climatic variations, the heat, the cold ... An incredible amount of snow, and in the southern latitudes, rain. All this begs the question - what's going on in the world? RIA Novosti has collected a summary reference to weather for Verwall. Read more [...]
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Abnormal heat in the May Novgorod breaks records

Abnormal the May heat in Veliky Novgorod in the last four days has established two temperature record, said on Sunday RIA Novosti Novgorod meteorologist. "In the regional center on May 13 was recorded air temperature of 26.5 degrees, the former maximum (26) was recorded May 13, 1925 May 14, the air in Veliky Novgorod warmed up to 27.4 degrees Celsius, the previous record (25.7) was set May 14, 2003, "- said the source. It is assumed that the abnormally hot weather will continue in the region for at least a week, he added. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Cold pole record overheated

To record +35,3 ° C warmed air in Verkhoyansk, known as one of the poles of the cold. Winter here the temperature can drop below? 70 ° C. Heat prevails in many regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Verkhoyansk weather station recorded a maximum temperature record. In the afternoon, the thermometer rose to the level +35,3 ° C, which is more than a degree higher than the maximum set by the summer of 1977, according to "Meteonovosti." Verkhoyansk - a town in Yakutia, located above the Arctic Circle, 675 km from Yakutsk on the river Yana. Located near one of the poles of cold, where the Read more [...]
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Temperature records of summer 2010

Summer of 2010 dawned in Russia abnormally hot. In many regions of the country were set temperature records.July 12 in many cities of European Russia were updated record the maximum temperature. In Ulyanovsk, the air warmed to 33.2 degrees, 39.3 degrees to Volgograd, Astrakhan to 40.9 degrees (39.1 degrees the previous record was celebrated in 1897). In Makhachkala, the air were heated to 38.2 degrees (34.8 degrees versus 1954). Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Planet overheated

Global warming marches on planet Earth. Temperature has all new records. As said Thursday experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States (NOAA), such a hot June in the current season, it was not in the history of meteorological observations, which are held in 1880. According to the scientists' observations, combined land and ocean temperature was in June +16,2 ° C, that 0.68 degrees above normal for the month norm. Very much the planet warmed, according to NOAA, in Peru, in the central and eastern United States, Eastern and Western Asia. Was higher Read more [...]
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In Belarus set heat records

On Friday in six cities of Belarus was beaten temperature record of July. As reported in Vitebsk on July 23 was 34,7°C is the highest temperature in July for 78 years of observations. In Senno (Vitebsk region) yesterday was recorded 34.5°C, 0.1°C above absolute record set here a day earlier for 66 years of observations. In Klichev Mogilev region the air is warmed to 34.7°C - beaten by an absolute record July for 53 years of observations. Hotter here was only in August 1992 (36,1°C). Two more cities of Mogilev region 23 July recorded the absolute record July for 66 years observations: Read more [...]
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In the capital melted asphaltite

Cold fronts have reached Russia. Forecasters predict that in a few hours it will reach Moscow region, bringing with them the thundery rain, squally wind gusts of up to 22 meters per second. The temperature will fall by 5-10 degrees, according to NTV. And in the afternoon Muscovites continued to pine away heat, which today has again updated the absolute temperature record plus 38,2 C. This was not the case in the history of meteorological observations! The present record does not pass the asphalt on Dmitrovskoye shosse. Under the weight of heavy trucks roadway began to melt and literally went Read more [...]
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Weather in Saint Petersburg: the heat of the city did not know

In St. Petersburg yesterday was the hottest day in the history of observations. As told Вестям.Ru in the Centre weather PHOBOS, the air warmed up to 35.3 degrees. Previously an absolute record summer temperatures was considered to be the value of 34.6, which was recorded on 15 June 1998. Still hot and in the capital. Eve was duplicated maximum temperature established on July 26. The thermometer stopped again at the level of 37.5. In the suburbs it was even hotter up to 38. However, as forecasted, today the weather in the capital region will begin to change. Evening thunder storms, rains Read more [...]
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In Finland hit a record number of lightning

Finland has a ten-year record of lightning strikes per night. Meteorological center reported that last Wednesday from noon to 9 PM was registered 23 thousand lightning discharges. Over the last decade, about the same number of digits was registered on July 19, 2003, when the lightning struck 21 500 time. A large part of the discharge was caused swept over the Western and Central Finland hurricane «Fans». He was dead 15 thousands of farmers in several provinces, and repair damaged fallen trees, power lines can take several days. As reported «Interfax» in some places Read more [...]
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In Austria has had record rainfall. Video

In Austria, meanwhile, are struggling with the effects of other weather anomalies. On the Western parts of the country was struck by a powerful cyclone. Torrential rains accompanied by thunderstorms and hail. Just a couple of hours fell a record for the last 30 years rainfall. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Australia +35°C

August 29, 2013. In Australia +35°C! \"So what? you would say. - This is Australia!\" The peculiarity lies in the fact that in Australia it is winter, and such high temperatures in the winter here it was not very long ago. In August 1946 in the town Oodnadatta in the Northern part of South Australia was established winter record +36.5°C. In 1960 winter weather tried to update the record heat, reaching 36,2°C. From the recent natural disasters in South Australia, it is worth mentioning winter Hades 2009, when all the same Oodnadatta registered +35.3°C. This winter, despite the fact that she Read more [...]
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Hong Kong recorded a record number of lightning strikes

Hong Kong In the night from 8 to 9 September 2010 Chinese Zeus razbunarea is not a joke. He tossed the thunder and lightning with an intensity that has never happened before in the history of Hong Kong. In a six-hour period, starting from 21:00 on 8 September, recorded more than 25 000 lightning strikes from the base of the cloud to the ground. Most discharges were concentrated in the Western New Territories (including Yuen Long, Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan, Lantau island and in the southern part of Hong Kong island. Only an hour after midnight was registered 13 102 flash, which is a record by the Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji. To want — not bad…

...and even useful. Here's the Urals wanted and waited for this \"Indian summer\", with claims on the summer heat! For Ekaterinburg 25° in the second half of September - the record high temperature. Compare it to 5°, which took place ten days ago, and let's pay tribute to the patience of local residents and the whims of the Ural September, which on average is about the norm. In recent abnormally warm days daily record maximum temperature was also observed in Perm, Kurgan, Tyumen and other cities of the region. Source: Read more [...]
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