Earthquake in China (recording with CCTV cameras)

Chinese authorities issued a recording of CCTV cameras, depicting an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 in Gansu Province in the north-west of the country in the morning on 22 July. According to the latest reports, the accident killed 95 people, injured thousands.

Source: RT

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Strange sounds

Like this theme yet no one raised? According to my observations began about six months ago, in different places, but seldom - reported them came an interval of about once a month. In recent weeks recording of these sounds in different cities on different continents appear in the network almost daily. Who thinks about this? Is it not angels trumpet, announcing the inevitable?Record of the last under the cut.Read more [...]
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CD recording of church silence hits record sales

CD with the sounds of silence recorded in the village church, has become an absolute hit among the faithful. Orders for the 30-minute recording come from all over the world. 30-minute recording was created to help raise additional funds for the repair of the church of St. Peter in Seyforde. Church members felt that the atmosphere in the little church of the 12th century was so unique that its calm and peaceful silence like a wide audience. They installed recording equipment inside the building on a half-hour. The only sounds that can be heard on the CD, it is rare creaking wooden benches, steps Read more [...]
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Creepy video skrezhechuschih mystical sounds in Indianapolis, USA

A series of grinding sound in Indianapolis, 12:14 day 07/01/2013. Official authorities say three reps. The man who made the recording on the cell phone, started recording with sirens before the 2nd repetition of sound. The last of the sonic booms were so strong that they have cracked the window.
Category: Anomalies
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Phonocardiogram (below) and in the third ECG leads (top) healthy man: I and II - the first and second tone. Phonography - A method of graphic recording of sound waves. In medicine used phonocardiography - method of recording sound that occurs when the heart of its activities, with the device - phonocardiography. The latter consists of a microphone, the receiving sound waves, amplifier and recording device. Microphone in turn put those points on the chest, which usually listen heart at auscultation (See Heart). Thus recorded curve - phonocardiogram (PCG). Along with the PCG recorded electrocardiogram. Read more [...]
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The detection rate of arrhythmia

Published data on the incidence of cardiac arrhythmias in athletes contradictory. One reason for these discrepancies is the above mentioned lack of uniform criteria for the diagnosis of certain cardiac arrhythmias. Another, equally important reason is the lack of a common methodology ECG arrhythmia research and scientific evidence on the impact of the duration of ECG for detection rate of various arrhythmias. Time ECG has no appreciable effect on the frequency of detection of arrhythmias, accompanied by changes in timing atrio-ventricular complex (cross-site block, atrioventricular block I degree, Read more [...]
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Technique of electroencephalography

To register, use electroencephalograph bioelectric activity (Fig. 1), which contains electronic amplifiers with sufficiently high gain, low noise and bandwidth of 1 to 100 Hz or higher. In addition, the EEG recording is part representing an oscilloscope system with access to the ink pen, electron or loop oscillograph. Recently, some of the samples has been applied electroencephalography less inertia than the ink, inkjet and thermal recording. Remote electrodes, connecting the object of study with the input amplifier can be placed on the surface of the head, or implanted in a more or less long Read more [...]
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Electrogastrography - A method of recording biopotential stomach, reflecting its motor function, using the device electrogastrography. Electrogastrography produce glucose (first need to open the bowels) after the test meal (150 g of white bread and one cup of sweet tea) in the supine position of the patient for 40-60 minutes. Trim (working) electrode (sucker) is applied to the anterior abdominal wall in the midline of the stomach antrum, which is determined radiographically. The second electrode is applied to the right leg. Before applying the electrodes smeared special electrode paste. Analysis Read more [...]
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Hypnosis with a tape recording

For daily treatment sessions gipnosuggestivnoy therapy was necessary to create a particular background noise, which successfully built or that formula suggestion. In some cases, this background noise is the sound of falling rain on the roof. In another case, we recorded the sound of the surf, in the third - this background was the howling wind in the chimney, etc. These sound backgrounds highly successfully distracted by extraneous sounds that prevent hypnosis. Soon came the idea to write this or that formula suggestion on tape and pass it on patients in order to save power hypnologist. We Read more [...]
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Vibration - The mechanical vibrations of solids. The source of the vibration is mechanical, pneumatic and electrical hand tools and rotary percussion action, special equipment for certain levels of vibration. A variety of equipment that is installed without adequate cushioning and vibration, as well as all the vehicles and agricultural machinery can be a source of vibration jobs (floor, seats, handlebars). Safe levels of vibration is used to treat certain diseases in order to stimulate neurotrophic, metabolic processes, increase circulation (see Vibrotherapy). With long-term exposure to high Read more [...]
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