Today we can successfully combine fishing and a family holiday

Hunting, fishing - traditional male hobbies. One bad - escape to nature fails only on weekends and holidays, when it would seem, is the time to be with family.It is very difficult to choose between his passion and loved ones. In fact, this is not required – it is possible to combine these two parts of his life.Have you ever thought about how to bring your family on a fishing trip? Surely not, because his wife and children will distract and scare away the fish can spoil all the fun. There is a way to avoid all this. Today you can, along with their loved ones go on organized fishing trips in Read more [...]
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Fishing in the style of “high”

Flight from Moscow Oslo was amazingly comfortable. As soon as the wheels touched the runway, in the cabin there was a loud applause.So Russian passengers the crew decided to express gratitude case of a soft landing. Especially zealous company Economy Class. Foreigners reconnaissance aircraft flying at the same flight without We can understand why Russian clap. They are not surprised that the plane, as if hovercraft, landing smoothly. For them, it — norm.Arriving at destination — Gardermoen International Airport, Read more [...]
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We are going camping

So here came the day when you're tired of the city. Are you tired of traffic jams, three meals a day, you irritate a leather desk chair on wheels nimble with anatomical backrest and comfortable plastic handle ...So here came the day when you're tired of the city. Are you tired of traffic jams, three meals a day, you irritate a leather desk chair on wheels nimble with anatomical backrest and comfortable plastic handle ...The only way that will allow you to return the peace of mind – This vacation. And the best vacation – camping. If you – City resident who is familiar with the Read more [...]
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It argued that the regional exhibition - it is a boring show. Rare visitors sleepy stand assistants - all these realities of today's regional exhibitions. This opinion I have formed from repeated visits and participation in such events, and I did not experience the illusion of exclusivity in the Irkutsk exhibition ...Nevertheless, this exhibition was a pleasant exception, obviously geographically remote from the capital city plays a role in the exhibition business. In addition, the local population of the Irkutsk region is not spoiled by such events.The atmosphere of Baikal taiga region and has Read more [...]
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The answer is “the Noble Nest”

The lack of "big water" in the lands during the spring hunting in 2011 can be explainedWhen I read the article «Promises "Nobility nest"»Signed A. Bilibin («HORN» Number 24, 2011), I, responsible for hunting on the basis of «Noble Nest» in the spring of 2011, there was doubt that it was written by a man who was really on our hunt. In the book reviews and suggestions base to keep a personal review A. Bilibin on spring hunting that we propose to compare the contents of the above articles.But let's start from the beginning. Lack “big water” Read more [...]
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In “Sibexpocentre” summed up the exhibition “Hunting. Fishing. Recreation”

The results of the exhibition "Hunting. Fishing. Rest "brought in Irkutsk Exhibition Complex on Saturday. The exhibition was held in the "Sibexpocentre" from May 29 to June 1, 2013.On the show floor this year to introduce products for hunters, fishermen and lovers of nature and hunting achieve more than 60 companies from the Irkutsk region, Buryatia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Nizhniy Novgorod and Vologda regions, Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia.Here you can buy clothes for outings, which is not afraid of any unpredictable Siberian weather or dangerous insects, choose a knife excellent Read more [...]
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river Uvelka

Properties of the river Uvelka. Istokenvalid area near the array Selendi and lake Kundravinsky,located 20 kilometres South of the town of Chebarkul. The length Recoatable 234 km with a catchment Area of -5800 square KMPlayer tributaries of Central Kazakhstan  small rivers coqui,  Comlek, Karasu,  Coelho, Shares and Kubanka. Country baberaham river Hilly. On the river hosted two town - Yuzhnouralsk and Troitsk. And makepolo Krasnogorsk and a large number of villages. On the ground of Yuzhnouralsk, Nouvelle during the construction of the power plant was established at Yuzhnouralskaya Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Inflatables Hunter 280

Inflatable rowing boat "Hunter 280"  - Universal rowboat suitable for fishing as well as for leisure on the water, has a capacious cockpit and good carrying capacity, highly manoeuvrable, the diameter of the cylinder in almost 40 cm provides a beautiful sea-keeping and maintenance of virtually all extreme conditions. High-quality fittings and durable fabric PVC German company HEYTEX - provide the highest quality boats Hunter and humane price - popularity among buyers.  Hunter Marine 280  amuse own buyers European quality, light weight, and maneuverability stunning capacious Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Inflatables Hunter 290 L

Inflatable L. Hunter 290 Hunter 290 A NEW SEASON 2012 - Economical inflatable boat with a stationary transom for motor up to 5 hp. Created for fishing, hunting, and water activities. Impressive grade boats provide the desired comfort and safety on the water. The main difference between the boat - it's not a small capacity and capacity. The largest volume in the classroom will allow the cockpit to take on not only the goods, and 3 passengers. The boat is equipped with two bags that will be appreciated by fans of the fishermen. Made of heavy-duty PVC fabric German concern HEYTEX, density Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Inflatables Hunter 290 R

Inflatable Hunter 290 R. Hunter P 290 NEW SEASON 2012 - economical model inflatable boat with a stationary transom. Suit fishermen for whom the main thing - it's weight, quick assembly and safety. And the ability to install hinged outboard up to 5 hp will allow access to the most sacred places of recreation or fishing. Despite its modest size inflatable Hunter P 290 quite roomy and capacity. Lucky backpack straps with discharge will allow the boat to transport even the most distant forest lakes. Made of heavy-duty PVC fabric German concern HEYTEX, density of 750 g. / sq. Created Read more [...]
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For tourist: Recreational tourism

Recreational tourism - Type of tourism, leisure purposes are healing or sport. For most of this type of tourism is more prevalent. For example, foreigners traveled to Italy, Spain, Turkey, France specifically pursue these goals.  For recreational tourism characterized by the long duration of the trip, the smallest number of visited places and destination, respectively, the long duration of stay in one place (usually - a resort on the coast). Another feature - the widespread use of air transport and charter flights Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Exhibition "Hunting. Fishing. Tourism. Spring 2009"

We go to the exhibition center "Crocus Expo", where is another exhibition "Hunting. Fishing. Tourism 2009". Let's go inside the hall and see what still prepared new traders and manufacturers of hunting and fishing gear this year ...   Read more [...]
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As we rest in the countryside?

The growing desire of people to nature - characteristic of present-day life of citizens. Fumes from the hot city streets on their screens, the tram screaming - in the woods, the park, the river. People in various forms of recreation in most cases the nature of the negative impact. Large groups of holiday makers damage grass cover, soil compaction, changing its properties and loss of shrubs and trees. This, not to mention the cases of mass poaching, when cut young trees to support tents or fire when using unlawful methods of catching fish, etc. Many of the changes in the natural world at the Read more [...]
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We are waiting for stadiums

Belarus capital Minsk is called the city of sport and health. And rightly so. It Minsk 20 stadiums, 30 swimming pools, about 375 gyms. Since 1978, wide front initiated works for "plants health." The city's first sports and recreation complex was launched in 1978 on the First District. Its director was the former chairman of Pervomaisky raysportkomiteta. A. Boyko. Initially, it involved three recreational groups. Gradually was formed 57 groups of health. Began the construction of health departments, construction and equipping of new athletic fields. A growing number of people Read more [...]
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Zone II, located north of I, is divided into 6 districts and has already different climatic conditions. True, they are not the same in some of its parts, located in the north-west, east and south. Some areas II zones are contiguous area, they are more uniform in climate, but, for example, Volga stretched from north-west to south-east and south for thousands of miles. Naturally, the change of seasons and the differences in the heat and humidity conditions, as well as the arrival of the sun's heat and ultraviolet radiation in different parts of its territory are very high. While in the north Read more [...]
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The north-western region

10th district - North West. It includes: the Leningrad region, south of the Karelian ASSR, Pskov, Novgorod and Vologda. In regard to the recreational area is closely related to the central and western areas of recreation. The main wealth - the historical and revolutionary sites, monuments of culture, architecture, and unique landscapes and mild climate. Important for the district has Leningrad - the second concentration of population and cultural value of the country's center. Area densely populated, it is booming tourism (mainly cognitive), All-Union and international. Medical and Wellness Read more [...]
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Calculation of the number of good and bad days-1

By uncomfortable, unacceptable for summer sports activities, recreation and tourism weather (which in our typing form unfavorable period) include all weather, in which temperature air below the lower and above the higher limit subkomfortnyh weather. These include all types of weather 2T and ST, as well as part of the weather type IX, especially with low air temperatures (the forecast is easy to determine from Fig. 4 or Table. 3). In the study of climatic conditions for the purposes of recreation, we can not only limited to research one of the thermal state of the human body. To do this, we need Read more [...]
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The extent and causes of erratic weather-2

Due to the particularly large overload southern recreational areas vacationers and tourists more acute in these areas, issues of nature conservation in the sea coasts, rivers, reservoirs, and in the reserves, especially in mountain areas visited. In this regard, a few comforting (in terms of climate) is the fact that the south (by Research N. Efimova, 1977), especially the Black Sea - a place in our country, the maximum productivity of vegetation. As the map N. Efimova, the productivity of natural vegetation in the subtropical Black Sea reaches and in some places even higher than 200 kg / ha Read more [...]
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Development of tourism and recreation

In our country, development Tourism and recreation are paying great attention to the Communist Party and the Soviet government. The right to rest, like to work, guaranteed by the Constitution. The "Guidelines for the development of the national economy of the USSR for 1976-1980." In section VIII - «The social development and improving the living standards of the people" - stated: "In order to promote public health and a better use of free time to improve the organization of leisure workers. Increase the network sanatoriums, rest homes, boarding houses and dispensaries, as Read more [...]
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Inequality in the distribution of recreational areas-3

Establishment of this General Scheme of the recreational areas of the country and the most important part - of the European territory - needs a strong scientific basis, which by their very nature, demand is spatially differentiated. And when it comes to spatial understanding, can not do without geographers. They own methods of estimating, differentiation and regionalization of production (thus based on an assessment of recreational qualities of individual territories divided the country into a number of different areas of significance) for this sector of the economy. Map recreational zoning, Read more [...]
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