The Ascent of the Chocolate Clyster: Don’t Try this at Dwelling. Delight.

The act of arse chugging, or ingesting a deglutition done the rectum, gained nationally photo in 2012 astern a fraternity guy at the University of Tennessee was rush to the infirmary with a line intoxicant substance stratum of .40 percentage. (The sound BAC for drive in Tennessee is .08 percentage.) Eventide worsened was how the kid’s BAC got so heights: a Franzia clyster. Yes, Franzia is that boxed-in vino that costs $13.99 for pentad liters of “bats and favorable,” crowd-pleasing cab.That piteous Pi Kappa Alpha turkey taught us all that approximately things, such as intoxicant Read more [...]
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Estiomen (French esthiomene; from Greek. Esthiomenos - corroded; synonym ulcus rodens vulvae) - a chronic ulcer defeat vulva. Characterized by a long progressive compaction, ulceration and scarring vagina (in the lower one-third) and external genital organs, which leads to elephantiasis of the clitoris, small and large labia. Estiomen usually occurs within a few years after the start of the main disease develops slowly and in some cases combined with a defeat rectum and perineum, forming a so-called genitoanorektalny syndrome. Anorectal defeat begins with inflammatory mucosal changes rectum Read more [...]
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The seminal vesicles

Seminal vesicles - paired glandular organ, releasing secret needed to supply and movement of sperm. The seminal vesicles are of the form of pear-shaped protrusion of the vas deferens, located in the tissue of the prostate gland. In front of seminal vesicles located bottom of the bladder and ureter end. Rear - the front wall of the rectum. Top of the seminal vesicles are covered by peritoneum. The length of the seminal vesicles - 4-5 cm, width - 1.5-2.0, thickness - 1.0-1.5 cm There bottom, the body and the neck of the seminal vesicles. Upper, wider section of the bubble gradually narrows Read more [...]
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Rectal fistula

Just as hard is acute abscess, when the abscess is located behind the rectum (retrorektalny abscess). It should be noted that for all types of acute paraproctitis there is a significant change in the blood picture. Appear leukocytosis, shift to the left, increasing the ESR. With pelvic-rectal paraproctitis these changes are expressed most clearly. Leukocytosis sometimes reaches 20 thousand or more. ESR increased to 50 mm / h, there is a toxic granularity. Surgical treatment consists in opening an abscess on the outside of the anus on the affected side. It should be noted that the pelvic-rectal Read more [...]
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Fig. 1. Proctoscope - on top: P-50, at the bottom - the P-60. Fig. 2. Sigmoidoscopy1 - Bozeman's position in the study; 2-5 - Phase introduction proctoscope. Sigmoidoscopy (synonym: proktosigmoidoskopiya, proctoscopy, rectoscopy) - endoscopic mucosal method of research and direct sigmoid intestines. Done with proctoscope, is a hollow metal cylinder into which the metal rod (Fig. 1). Tube along with the rod is introduced into the rectum in the knee-elbow position the patient. After that, the rod is removed and inserted instead Lighting. Inspection of the mucosa can produce a depth of Read more [...]
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Rectal examination

Rectal examination - diagnostic manipulations made through the rectum to examine it, and adjacent organs and tissues. Rectal study finger and is instrumental (performed by mirrors and rectal proctoscope). Indications: diseases rectum (See) (infiltration of the walls, ulcers, narrowing or compression of rectal tumor, exudate, etc.); pelvic tissue (see abscess), internal organs located in the lower abdomen, in the pelvis. Rectal examination prior examination of the anus. The patient is placed on a table to the side with those given to the abdomen or legs attached to the knee-elbow position. On Read more [...]
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Rectal cancer treatment

Rectal cancer in the initial stages is manifested mainly bleeding, tenesmus and change in stool (constipating). Cancer the left half of the colon in the initial stage is characterized krovjanisto-mucous discharge, local pain and also the changing nature of the chair, often in the form of constipation, have appeared in the last few months. With the localization of cancer in the right side of the colon in the early symptoms predominate somatic disorders - weakness, fatigue, decreased ability to work, loss of weight, are also characteristic changes in the blood in the form of anemia, ESR acceleration. Read more [...]
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Damage prostate

Prostate, protected walls of pelvis bone and muscle-aponeurotic layers of the perineum are rarely isolated damage that often combined with damage to the rectum, bladder, seminal vesicles. Damage to the prostate promote its pathological states: chronic inflammation, hyperemia, changes in tissue fragility and reduced mobility of cancer due to infiltration and edema ligaments. Damage prostate are closed and open. Closed injuries of the urethra usually result from improper, forced instrumental examination of the bladder with the introduction of the catheter, bougie passed, cystoscope, lithotripter. Read more [...]
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Rectum - the end of the digestive tube. It is a continuation of the colon, but in its anatomical and physiological characteristics significantly different from it. Length of the entire colon is 13-15 cm, of which the perineal department and anal canal (the final section intestine, which opens a hole in the skin of the anus - the anus) accounts for up to 3 cm, subperitoneal department - 7-8 cm, and the intraperitoneal part - 3-4 cm The colon consists of mucosa, submucosa and muscle layer. Outside, it is covered with a fairly powerful fascia, which is separated from the muscle layer with a thin Read more [...]
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Limited front crotch angle formed pubic bone, behind - the top of the coccyx, outside - buttocks, is the bottom of the pelvis (Fig. 1 and 2). In obstetrics crotch called space between the back solder labia and anus. The perineum is a diamond shape, the line connecting the point of buttock, is divided into two triangles: the front - urine-polo-hand, through which women pass the urethra and vagina, for men - the urethra, and the rear - anal (anal) triangle through which runs rectum. Fig. 1. Muscles and fascia male perineum (left fascia removed): 1 - bulbospongiosus-cancellous muscle2 - ischio-cavernous Read more [...]
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Diseases of the colon and rectum recently become more widespread. There are many reasons - a sedentary, inactive lifestyle, food habits of modern man, the impact of environmental change. Section describes the achievements of proctology, the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the most common diseases of the colon and rectum. Diseases of the colon and rectum and first met quite often, but recently there is some tendency for them to frequent. So widely available to hemorrhoids, anal fissures, proctitis, colitis and other diseases is a major challenge for many different specialists - surgeons, Read more [...]
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Disease is an inflammation of the lining of the rectum. Characteristic symptoms of proctitis - a burning sensation in the rectum, itching, and soak in the anus, mucus in stool (sometimes with false desires). The most frequent causes of disease - eating disorders (binge eating spicy foods and alcoholic beverages, food poisoning, viral influenza, tonsillitis). Proctitis often occurs in undergoing dysentery, as well as in patients with intestinal dysbiosis caused by antibiotics and other drugs. In other words, the reason for the development of proctitis may be a change in the composition of the Read more [...]
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Injuries and Diseases of the perineum

Perineal damage in men is most often seen in the fall on a hard object. Gunshot wounds of the perineum are often combined with damage to the rectum and urethra. Perineal wounds easily become infected, cellulitis may occur with the transition to the pelvic tissue. Shows the initial debridement, antibiotics. In cases of perineal injury - conservative treatment (rest, cold, then heat applications) with a closed rupture of the urethra, with extensive bruising of the perineum - surgery. Perineal damage in women most often occur during childbirth, much less due to injury of the pelvis or falling Read more [...]
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Pnevmoretroperitoneum - the introduction of gas into the retroperitoneal space for diagnostic purposes. The day before and the day of the study to the patient put enema with 5 g of tannin. The study was conducted on an empty stomach. The patient gives Bozeman's position or on the right side with legs bent and feet given to the stomach. Shave the hair on the skin around the tailbone. After the treatment the skin round the anus alcohol and iodine spend layered tissue anesthesia between the coccyx and the rectum 0.25% solution of novocaine. Through a needle introduced to a depth of 5-6 cm Read more [...]
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Acute prostatitis nonspecific

Symptoms and course of acute prostatitis varied depending on the nature of post-mortem process. When the form of bluetongue disease can occur with almost no subjective phenomena or confined to small frequent urge to urinate. Objectively, one can note some swollen, pastoznost prostate and thread a second urine sample. In secret cancer detected leukocytes in greater or lesser amounts. Later in the transition process in the follicular form becomes more frequent urination, accompanied by tenesmus, pain in the perineum - independent and defecation. On palpation - pain at the pressure of increased Read more [...]
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Acute proctitis

Acute proctitis has a sudden onset, accompanied by fever, chills, tenesmus (false desires) against constipation, feeling of heaviness in the rectum, a strong burning sensation in it. Acute proctitis infrequent, but appeared, runs hard due to expression of subjective feelings. Diagnosis of acute proctitis is difficult because of spasm of the sphincter of collateral. However, such a spasm of the sphincter (unlike the spasm that occurs when fissures) are easily overcome by the introduction of the finger into the rectum, lavishly smeared with vaseline oil. The mucous membrane is greatly swollen, Read more [...]
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Acute appendicitis-1

Much attention in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis children on the analysis of blood. For acute appendicitis is characterized by increased number of white blood cells (leukocytosis) to 10-11 thousand, although it is known that the absence of leukocytosis is not grounds to exclude the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Extremely high number of white blood cells in early disease (20-30 million) is extremely rare to observe acute appendicitis in the first day of the disease. The clinical picture acute appendicitis depends on the child's age and the location of the appendix, the form of appendicitis Read more [...]
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Features subcutaneous intramuscular and intravenous administration of drugs in children 1

In the case of the need to preserve veins for further infusions are widely used in the practice of cannulation catheter. To do this on a cannula, which is well suited to the needle introduced into the catheter (in the absence of special catheters), put on a rubber tube length of about 3-4 cm, fold it in half and tie. Create a seal and at the junction of rubber tubing to the cannula. Cannula and rubber tube before use must be sterile. The cannula was filled with saline solution with the addition of heparin. Filling easily made through a needle inserted into the lumen of the cannula (retrograde). Read more [...]
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Enema in children

Enemas are cleansing, siphon, hypertension and nutrition. The most common - cleansing enemas. The common point for all kinds of enemas is the tip is injected into the rectum. Believe it is better enter enema tip in the lateral position with the legs bent at the hips down. However, you can insert the tip and in the supine position, with the feet leading to the stomach. The tip is introduced gently, without violence, after brushing his abundant mineral oil. The tip is introduced into the rectum in the newborn to 3 cm, the year-old child - 4 cm in older children - 5 cm tip of the tip should Read more [...]
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Hirschsprung's disease-5

The first stage The second stage. Buttocks child should be at the level of the table. The legs are placed in the popliteal taped and divorced. Operating table is elevated so that the anal hole located at breast surgeon. Helps in the second stage of the second operating theater nurse. Serve surgeon swab dipped 1% iodine solution, which it lubricates the lining of the rectum. Lubricate the rubber on the index finger surgeon mineral oil. Then surgeon stretching fingers rectal sphincter. Impose two stitches - taped, further stretching anal hole symmetrically on either side, some distance from Read more [...]
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