The population of wild boars in the Rostov region decreased by 3 times

The population of wild boars in the Rostov region in two years was reduced because of African swine fever more than 3 times and is already less than 1 thousand heads, according to the materials of the Department of protection and use of wildlife and aquatic biological resources in the region.African swine fever virus thoroughly embraced the Rostov region in 2009. In 2010, the region was more than 30 outbreaks of ASF. This year, the virus has weakened somewhat active."Wild boar is a carrier of the virus plague, so we're shooting it, especially in areas bordering the regions where there are Read more [...]
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Tomsk governor has appointed the head of the Department of Game and Fisheries

The governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin appointed head of the Department of Game and Fisheries Victor Sirotina. According to the press service of the administration of the Tomsk region, a new department in the structure of executive bodies of state authority created by October 1 of the Joint Committee of Fisheries and management of hunting. The new department combines the functions of the two departments, its creation has not caused disruption in the provision of public services. Victor Sirotin first headed the committee of fisheries.«We will continue to optimize the structure of executive Read more [...]
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In Arkhangelsk, Vologda and Karelia from the middle of the week in some places rains will warm to 20-25. In the Murmansk region rain in the afternoon 11-16. In the Komi Republic rains will stop and warms up to 24-29. In Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod regions intermittent rain in the daytime 19-24. In the Kaliningrad region the rains and colder 15-20.In the black soil areas of central and Russia remain quite comfortable weather in the daytime 22-27, in Black Earth during the second half of the week to 30. Sometimes the rains.In the Volga Federal District, a short-rains and warmer: in the Volga-Vyatka Read more [...]
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On burned peatlands

After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.Photo: Andrew Fedichkin At the end of the village Karbolit – the final stop of all buses. After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.We made our way, overcoming Read more [...]
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Five years to the benefit of the Motherland

Creating a network of protected areas (PAs) in the Stavropol region was the beginning of a unique conservation of the steppe zone. Management of Protected Areas celebrates its first anniversary - 5 years. It's old enough to take stock of the first results.Photo T.Kovalenko Conservation, restoration and sustainable use of wildlife is one of the main problems of civilization. The most important element of the conservation of the natural environment and a favorable ecological situation is a network of protected areas.In the Stavropol region, unfortunately, there is no state nature Read more [...]
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Resolution on the results of the round table on recreational fishing

Recreational fishing in the Sakhalin region is sufficient mass and socially important activity of the population. The urgency of related issues is not in doubt. In this regard, on November 18 in the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography held an event on recreational fishing in the Sakhalin region. Was organized by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «SakhNIRO» and the NGO Fishing Club «Sakhalin-Kurils». The discussions set the scope of the problem issues that in the next year would significantly improve the organization of recreational fishing in the Read more [...]
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Kurgan Avenger

Modest Kurgan businessman Vyacheslav Bobkov in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Kurgan region known person. For four years, he is haunted by the officials, distributing the wealth of his native land – hunting, care «users» most eligible trans-Ural forests. And once I did not try to negotiate with stubborn: and attractive benefits promised, and threatened with death - and he does not give up – sues and wins.Here only «Matchmaker and brother»Since 2008, Vyacheslav and he tried to participate in tenders for the provision of Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin detained Head of fishing control

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court granted the petition of the Sakhalin interdistrict prosecutor Yuri HSCHENOVICHA elected to a suspect in the crime under Part 1 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code, the chief of department Korsakov fishing control and hunting supervision of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Sakhalin Region Sergey Bogachev measure of restraint in the form of detention, the press service of the Prosecutor of the Sakhalin area.     Earlier Sakhalin district prosecutor's office in relation to Bogachev was a criminal case, he was detained on suspicion of committing a crime directed against Read more [...]
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Reviving traditions

In the Sverdlovsk region revived the ancient tradition of hunting with specially trained hunting dogs. According to experts, is a science, which is aimed at promoting the disciplined, beautiful hunting and conservation of animals in the wild.Text and a photo — Department wildlife protection Sverdlovsk region At the end of September First of Urals region of Sverdlovsk region on Hunting base «Crown Urals» held the first Russian complex competitions of hunting dogs in the breed drathaar prize «In memory of Robert Gennadyevich Read more [...]
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Riddles snipe

Snipe - coveted prey for the hunter with gun dog. In August, especially its first half - the best time for hunting snipe. Hunters noticed that if the opening of the summer-autumn hunting delayed until end of the month, has rarely meet a grouse. ABOUT Some unique features of biology and Migration of the sandpiper and I would like to tell our readers. Many birds during migration, adhere to the tactic of short shots from stops in Great location for feeding, resting, and shelter from predators. AND Only a few species of birds immediately make long, non-stop flights. Read more [...]
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In the land of the lotus

The solid impenetrable thickets of reeds and rushes, shallow ilmenite and meandering channels of the Volga delta are ideal for breeding, feeding and rest numerous waterfowl. In addition to ducks Volga delta and trophies are geese. Photo by the author In the fall to native birds added yet flight path, and raise in secluded Ilmen flock of mallards or Teal in a hundred or two heads — not rarity. It would seem that with such an abundance of game hunting is an almost trivial matter. An no in October-November, when the opening Read more [...]
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At the edge of the invigorating coolness

The ancestors of the ancient peoples inhabiting the modern Norway, in the early stages of development involved in fishing and hunting craft.And this phenomenon is typical of the vast majority of earthlings. What is surprising is that in the small town of Alta remained the most massive in Northern Europe cave paintings, dating from the late Neolithic (Stone Age), made in 2500–6000 years ago. PARADISE FOR FISHING In Norway, countless rivers and other water bodies of different. The fish are caught everywhere in the sea and on the banks of the fjords, lakes and mountain streams, where there Read more [...]
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ANNIVERSARY RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz

Hunting and Fishing Russian well-known address: Moscow, Golovinskskoe highway, 1. Since 1980, here now houses the Central House hunters and fishermen.It houses the Central Board of the Association "RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz" departmental hotel, museum, restaurant. In the years since the construction of the complex, the building is technically and morally outdated, especially since the overhaul was not made from the time of construction. And the hotel is no longer meet modern standards and requirements either in terms of placement, nor the level of services. Guide Association has set a goal to maintain Read more [...]
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Near Moscow Eldorado

It took almost half a century, but the memory stores the impressions about the trips for the summer holidays in his native village near Moscow. After the station bustle, bustle in the train and dusty district bus got out at my stop and stood stunned pure pine air, birds singing and the smell of strawberries. After all life in the capital seemed unusual. Photo: Mikhail Semin According to cool a winding forest path out on the sun-warmed wide field. From year to year there were planted winter rye. Above his head hung a huge blue sky, on the sides went from one end of the green wave. Read more [...]
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The long-awaited moment when the snow yet, and ground frost in the morning prihvatyvaetPhoto: Sergey Borisov There is in our area one remarkable place and called it strange to the ear word Zabok. I heard about it from his father. He said that during the time of collectivization, at the beginning of the last century, the local Komsomol organized municipality, gathered from all the surrounding villages in this very Zabok, built a shelter for cattle – yards, plowed field nearby and lived here until the commune fell apart. Gradually built something like houses and buildings collapsed, Read more [...]
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As hunters have Omsk draw

Acting Governor of Omsk Region VI Nazarov July 16 signed the Law of the Omsk region number 1778-OZ, "On Amending Article 5 of the Law of the Omsk region" On hunting and the preservation of hunting resources in the Omsk region. " The next day he was officially published at the federal Internet portal.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev What is the importance of this law for hunters that preceded its adoption, and what is the role of the hunting community here?The main thing, the law provides that all permits for the extraction of wild hoofed animals and brown bear in public hunting grounds Read more [...]
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Strange inexplicable

Sometimes hunters get into these hidden, almost inaccessible corners of the nearest land, or in a place remote from the housing, which has not been visited by people aged 30-50 years, if not there is no man has gone before. In numerous trips to forest sites with happened to me a lot of interesting cases meetings, but some of them are memorable and its mystery inexplicable happened. I will describe the most interesting.Keech Gorodetsky District, Vologda Region, 1966, June. I I stayed in the regional center to pm, and no trucks on Great Read more [...]
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Do not offend legashatnikov

Get the next issue of "horn", I usually read it from beginning to endBut the July issue open every year from the 3rd page publish reports on the opening of hunting in the regions of Russia. As a kind of passion jealous brothers who live in areas where hunting is allowed with the cops and Spaniels in late July or early August. Alas, our Voronezh region in the lists for three years there. Why?Chairman of our district OOiR throws up his hands: the Council did not approve of the regional organization. In the call to answer a little more: a proposal handler OOOOiR Nechayev, IM the opening of a hunting Read more [...]
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Farewell boar or widespread depopulation?

May 31 in the tract Count Forest (Alexis Belgorod region) "was found" six dead bodies of wild boars. June 4, 2014 the governor of the Belgorod region adopted Resolution № 56 "On restrictions imposed in connection with the disadvantage disease African swine fever".Photo by Sergey Naumov A June 23 adopted a new Decree, number 220-PP «On the prohibition of amateur and sport hunting in the Belgorod region in 2014»Which prohibit any hunting in the region in July, — August and demanded from the Department of protection and use of wildlife Belgorod region to initiate Read more [...]
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Do not touch!

Easter fell this day, 2014, April 20, the penultimate day of the Novgorod hunting tenday. Sleep, we, Anton and Natalie went to church in the village Vnuto, prayed and began to think, to go to Vecherka or not. Photo BillDamon / We decided to go to side of the mountain and to stand on woodcock.I went closer to the flooded, have edge of the forest, and I took the position that allows you to view underflooding edge of the forest on the right and passed out, looking out in front of me between the forest and river that flows to the left. Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).