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Interview with the head of the Department of Smolensk region on the protection, control and regulation of forestry, wildlife and their habitats Yuri SharinEDITORIAL. This interview was published Smolensk newspaper «Work Path» August 22, 2014, before the opening of the hunting season. Issue «HORN» from permission of administration of the newspaper «Work Path» I decided to publish it, since the issues raised in article, and Head of the Department offers Smolensk region Protection, Control and regulation of use of forestry, wildlife and their Read more [...]
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One stroke of the pen we have deprived hunting

"Hunting brings us closer to nature, it teaches us to be patient, and sometimes to the coolness perfed danger." -I.S. Turgenev Photo by Ilya Lipin Time Spent hunting in by life goes. ?LP SabaneyevOne can cite a lot of expressions of great men describing an exciting experience — hunting. But Today we will focus on other.We write this letter prompted the confusion that at Over the past few years in the reigns Our Tyumen Oblast Gosohotupravlenii. What's going on with the timing of opening of hunting? If we recall the past, Read more [...]
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With the blame on others

On the need for respect for the forest everyone knows. This cry all the posters at the entrance to the forest areas. But the forests continue to burn, causing enormous damage to forestry. An important role in the occurrence of forest fires played by the human factor. Even directly under the stands, "Take care of the forest fire!" Ever seen cigarette butts and glass bottles thrown by visitors of the forest.Photo bertknot / flickr.com What should be included these facts? To bad manners, or innate rudeness? Simply stop on the second (in our country used to hang tags), is more difficult Read more [...]
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In that play, «marmoset»?

Last spring, I was able to go hunting before otkrytiya.Vesna was late, the opening was moved, that's possible. Plans to build the hunt is always in advance. A vacation and certainly not perenesesh.Photo ONCFS  I hunt in the Tver region. I bought a house without design, given a little money and live more than ten years. With the game warden of the hunting farm in friendly relations, if not more. He taught me a lot, and now I sometimes help him in preparing for the coming hunting hunters.So this time, he is asked to check the current capercaillie. I gladly accepted. Do not sit Read more [...]
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On the balance of death

Miraculously managed to avoid human casualties as a result of illegal hunting carried out by a resident of n. Arbazh Bogdanov AM The tragedy occurred on November 27, 2013 south of the village Kormishonki Arbazhsky district of the Kirov region, where the day before poacher were installed on three trees made artisanal metal samostrelnyh charged with shooting and combat rounds of 12-caliber unit. I am aware of whether Bogdanov social danger of his actions, we do not know, but the consequences were not long in coming. November 27, 2014, in the first half of the day, deadly weapons Read more [...]
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Krasnodar hunting supervision: experience

Ministry of Natural Resources of Krasnodar Region is the competent authority in the federal state hunting supervision and oversight of the federal state in the field of protection, reproduction and use of wildlife and their habitats in the Krasnodar Territory.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova For many years, dating back to the Soviet era, Krasnodar hunting supervision is one of the leaders of the main indicators of work. Particular attention is paid to the identification and suppression of crimes, the responsibility for which is provided by Article 258 of the Criminal Code «Illegal Read more [...]
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Predatory approach

Wolf - is the bane of our hunting. Cleduya approval Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneev, very greedy wolf — at one time it eats up to 8 kg of meat, which is enough for him for a few days. From this we can conclude that for the year the wolf consumes more than 500 kg of animal food, and in winter when the ground is covered with snow, the wolf eats only meat. There was a time when the collective farm chairmen and owners of private holdings numbered damages caused by wolves in winter, a considerable sum.Pets are trying to protect from the wolf fangs. On serolobyh predators organized battue Read more [...]
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Most hunting area

Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation noted the positive dynamics in the sphere of protection and use of wildlife Kirov region. This was announced May 21, 2014 during a meeting on the subject with the participation of Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia, head of the Federal Forestry Agency, VA Lebedev.Photo by Victor Bushmeneva Opening the meeting, the acting regional governor Nikita Belykh said that our region is rightly considered one of the most «hunting» at Russia, aided and a significant amount of forest resources, Read more [...]
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Attention, slander!

Fighting ASF in the hunting grounds of the Tver region yielded results. We will not specify, positive or negative, but the number of wild boar is minimized. Rarely seen in the grounds of its tracks. How do you respond nature, time will tell.But in the Recently, instead of the nearly extinct species of wild animals the hunting grounds of the Tver region appeared riot!Riot police in Tver the hunting grounds of the Tver region appears to enviable regularity. What he was doing there and what, did not find out will. Hunters ask each other questions: «It does not appear Read more [...]
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When the professionals at the helm

As already informed our newspaper ("ROG» № 25), at a meeting on hunting, held in Kirov on May 21 with the participation of the governor of the region NY White, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation VA Lebedev and Director of the Department of the Ministry of Environment AE profile Berseneva, last year rated the Kirov ohotupravleniya has grown considerably, and his work was assessed as positive. Today we publish a letter of employees ohotupravleniya on some results of the work.Eighteen months ago, the head of the Office of Protection and use of wildlife Read more [...]
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«Gone crazy» thoughts

African Swine (lat. Pestis africana suum) - highly contagious viral disease of animals belonging to the suborder of non-ruminants of the family pig. We recently experienced a "bird flu." However, to fight with him the state has allocated 4 billion rubles. And they imperceptibly with bird flu "resolved." And maybe, "bird flu" heeded the threats VV Zhirinovsky - to become the world on the southern borders of the hunters with guns and soldiers with machine guns and shoot this infection. Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing But another attack — African swine fever (ASF). Cattle breeders Read more [...]
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Do I need a bison hunters?

June 23 at the Faculty of game management and bio-ecology RGAZU a regular meeting of the scientific and technical council RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz. Themes of reports were associated with the most pressing issues of hunting.Photo by Sergey Awe On the use of computer programs SAS.Planeta, GarminBaseCamp and OZI Explorer in the method of the director of SCM Tula branch RGAZU Ph.D. AY Cherenkov. One of the tasks of preparation MFP is on a map identifying the different types of land. Using cartographic material gives great discrepancies in terms of the definition of forest land. Since Read more [...]
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With power fail

January 1, 2007 came into force the Federal Law of 29.12.2006 № 258-FZ "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in connection with further delineation of jurisdiction", including with regard to amendments to the Federal Law № 52- FZ "On the animal world". Thus creating a framework for the restoration of the vertical of power in the hunting management of Russia.Photo Bas Kers (NL) /FLICKR.COM For work undertaken with enthusiasm. It was created by the Department of Natural Resources Management and Environment of the Tver region (hereinafter — Read more [...]
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Let us remember the outgoing year

In the New Year's issue of the "horn" we offer our readers a few pictures in memory of the past year 2010Dear readers!Every day, our editorial staff receives from you not only essays, short stories and articles, and photos with short commentaries. Photos are many, and unfortunately, we are not able to publish each of them as the photo number. Therefore, we decided that the most interesting and high-quality photos will be published by us in the category «News from the hunt» as a photo essay. In today's New Year's Eve room «HORN» we offer our readers a few pictures in memory Read more [...]
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Astrakhan: the fight with the wolves

The fight against predators in the region are team and individual huntersPhoto: Vladimir Bologov In the Astrakhan region with wolves and jackals being uncompromising struggle, which strongly supports the regional and local authorities. The action here bonus system hunters each produced a predator, but positive changes are difficult.«Number of wolf and its species composition, – says Alexander A. Sandrikov, head of the regional service of nature and the environment, – changed under the influence of the events taking place in the North Caucasus since the nineties Read more [...]
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Lost priorities

Why is society deprived of hunting grounds - is the main issuePhoto: Sergei Naumov Twelve thousand hunters Ivanovo region completely lost orientation in the activities of game management. In my notes, I do not aim to subject the industry-depth analysis, and do not have the necessary data to do this. I would like to express its point of view only to change.Basically Ivanovo hunters ask why society eliminated hunters. It should be understood that, in accordance with Russian legislation, a public organization, no one can eliminate. Hunters Society formed voluntarily, only the efforts Read more [...]
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Spring. Woodcocks. Geese

Article TwoPhoto: Fotolia Two days later I again received an invitation to hunt in the same place. The day turned out to be cloudy and cold with a strong wind. The first attack of two geese flying at maximum altitude was less successful than the previous day.After one goose shots began to fall, but then leveled off and flying a bit, I sat on the edge of the field. Alexander gets wounded animal went, and it took him at least half an hour before a shot rang out. It turned out that the goose from the landing had gone into the bush, flooding water, and found it was not easy. It appeared Read more [...]
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Do not allow unreasonable restrictions

To the Editor received an official letter from the Ministry of Agriculture of Moscow Region signed by the Minister AV Rather, explaining the reasons for the postponement of the opening of hunting of the pen in the Moscow region on September 1st.Photo Natalya Fokina Note that the revision does not apply to the Ministry on the issue and sent letters to clarify the situation. According to the letter, a response to numerous letters from citizens, aimed directly at the ministry. Perhaps this is a response to the article authors "horn". The editors express their gratitude to the Minister Read more [...]
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Ivanovo region: a simple face-to-hunters

The hunting economy of the Ivanovo region was an important event. A new, according to the law "On the hunt ...", a modern management structure so complex and multifaceted process, as the organization of hunting economy of the whole region.Photo Fotolia None of the other regions of Russia is nothing like scale conversion has not yet occurred. The urgent need for this we have long overdue.For many years in our region remains the case that 92% of the territory exclusively taken control Ivanovo regional society of hunters and fishermen. All attempts to influence his work, aligned with Read more [...]
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How to divide the meat in the Ivanovo region

In the Ivanovo region quotas for shooting a moose and wild boar are not set on the number of animals, and the number of game users and teams open vote.Photo by Sergey Fokin In early June 2013 the regional service for the protection of fauna for the first time to hold public discussions on the draft of the decree of the Governor of the Ivanovo Region «On approval limit production of hunting resources in the Ivanovo region for the period from 01/08/2013 to 08/01/2014».Present at the discussion in the main persons concerned, the number of users of hunting grounds. Participants Read more [...]
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