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The flood will leave the country without bread

August 20, 2013. Farmers begin to count the losses caused by the flood in the far East. Figures, of course, while approximate, but inspire economic pessimism. The acreage of various crops, killed in the disaster exceeded 627 thousand hectares, the preliminary damage is estimated at more than 8.5 billion rubles. On the General background of relatively well looks Yakutia — here the flooding has only been natural grazing lands. These are the official data of the Ministry of agriculture.But to many fields it is impossible to even approach, so that the amount of loss can grow many times. Read more [...]
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Throughout the Sverdlovsk region declared a drought emergency

The decision on the introduction of emergency the night before it was signed by the Commission of the government of Sverdlovsk region, chaired by Anatoly Gredin. As reported by the \"New Region\" in the press service of the regional Ministry of agriculture, because of the drought, agricultural production suffered significant damages in excess of 500 million rubles. Especially from the hot and dehydrated summer has hit South-Western and southern parts of the region - Artinskian, krasnoufimsky, Acidkill, nizhneserginskiy grams and Kamensky. They altogether have 18 percent of the cultivated area Read more [...]
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Kostroma and districts of the region recover after the hurricane hit

Broken cars, broken harvest, dangling power lines. The long-awaited after the sweltering heat of the storm the night before was accompanied by wind, rain and hail. The locations of the disaster drove our crew. Hailstones the size of walnuts. In the photo , you can see how powerful was the impact of the disaster. In Kostroma the larger icicles fell by Davydov and Volga districts. And in Chernorechye hailstone gathered in the whole snowdrifts. But, as eyewitnesses say, this is not the limit. In the village of Karimova near Kostroma hail struck the roof, destroyed the greenhouses. This pumpkin Read more [...]
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Gale was dead two districts in the Rostov region

Almost 2.5 thousand residents of the Rostov region remained without light in the night of Friday due to squally wind, obervables transmission line in two areas. On the eve of the emergencies Ministry sent out to subscribers of mobile networks storm warning — that wind gusts are expected to 30 meters per second. The prediction came true, and late in the evening in the Rostov region was ruled by this hurricane. As reported the press service of the Department of prevention and liquidation of emergency situation in the Rostov region, the most affected of the Azov and Salsk areas. In Read more [...]
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The storm left without electricity 13 thousand residents of the Pskov region

The storm left without electricity 13 529 thousand residents of the Pskov region. As reported Pskov News in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia since the Pskov region, on Sunday, August 15 operational duty of the Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia in the Pskov region received a message on predicted adverse natural phenomenon. In the period from 15.20 18.20 on in the region were expected thunderstorms and brief wind gusts of up to 15-18 m / sec. In the area 19.50 minutes, the passage of a storm front had indeed been increased wind gusts of 17-22 m / s. This resulted in an emergency shutdown Read more [...]
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Night storm left in the dark 17 settlements of the Tver region

Storm front that brought this night in the Tver region hurricane, and damaged more than 30 lines. The element came into the area on August 15 at about 21:00 and raged all night. Today it became known that as a result of hurricane winds and heavy rains in Vesyegonsk the area were damaged 16 lines, were left without electricity 7 settlements. To combat the effects of storms sent 1 team. The electricity supply was disrupted in CRH and 10 villages Firovsky district. There are two teams at a heightened pace restore job 17 power lines. The damage to the electricity system Spirovska district, up to Read more [...]
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Rescuers scare deprived of the shelter of Chelyabinsk new cyclone

August 25, 2013. Survivors of a powerful flood of Chelyabinsk are waiting for the next disaster strikes. Ural cyclone is coming. With him will come heavy rains and thunderstorms. MES Chelyabinsk region issued today emergency warning: region moves powerful cyclone, similar to that in the beginning of the month left dozens of South Ural residents homeless. The representative of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Chelyabinsk region: \"In some districts of the Chelyabinsk region heavy rains, storms, strong winds of up to 17-22 m / s. The greatest potential for increased weather on 27 August Read more [...]
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The storm \»took\» several roofs in the Tambov region

The storm \"took\" several roofs in the Tambov area and left without light dozens of villages \"From the house can only go barefoot around the water, the gardens went under water,\" say the inhabitants of Tambovka. Last night before in Tambov, Ivanovo and Constantine districts shower podtopil streets and gardens, the element blew the roofs off several houses and a garage and left for the night without light almost all the villages in the territories. On Wednesday evening in Tambovka there were no signs of storms. Even Amur emergency Department, which is usually very sensitive to any potential Read more [...]
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Global failure in the General circulation of the atmosphere

Weather in the Central region of the EPR still forms the anticyclone, which is gradually destroyed. Destroyed and the associated high-rise crest, which had led to a series of temperature records. Thus, the new record maximum temperature recorded in Tula ...+33,5°, Smolensk ...+35,0°, the eagle ...+35,5°. Hot weather is kept in the Ukraine and southern Belarus. In Odessa, the temperature rose to ...+34,9°, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk was accordingly ...+36,5° ...+36,6°, in Kherson the thermometer rose to ...+37,6° in Kiev ...+35,7°. Almost not behind Ukrainian records the maximum Read more [...]
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Heat stroke in agriculture

Anomalous heat, steady on the territory of Central Russia, managed to inflict a lot of harm. Suffer from it plants, animals and people. According to the Department of agriculture and consumer market of the Yaroslavl region, in the farmland region, the soil has dried out to 50 cm in depth. In the Department progressof Vologda region predict a decrease in grain yield up to 20%. However, as assured there will suffer from this are not people, but animals as the grain that is grown in the fields of Vologda region, aft. So part of the livestock in the fall will have to be put under the knife at Read more [...]
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Nature has prepared the Russians new challenges

After the abnormal heat and temperature records in the same regions declared a storm warning. Cold snap brings strong winds, hurricanes and even a tornado, as in Novorossiysk.Five tornadoes formed over NovorossiyskFive tornadoes were spotted in the sea, between the Kabardinka village and Cape Jaco. Over the city hung storm clouds, where they formed a high pillars. The elements raged in earnest - the tornadoes that appeared, then disappeared. - At the moment tornadoes broke up, but there is a possibility of formation of new - told Life News operational duty MU Civil protection of Novorossiysk. Read more [...]
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Thousands of Peruvians were trapped in the snow

August 28, 2013. In the heavy snowfall, thousands of people were cut off from the outside world in Peru. The storm made landfall on the South-Eastern part of the country. In the Puno region in the Andes very cold - the column of the thermometer fell to zero. In remote villages fell to 40 cm of snow. According to local media, in a difficult position was 12 thousand families. Blizzard has caught and livestock, it is assumed that many animals died. On the roads seen dozens of abandoned cars, owassa in the snow, when people tried to leave the region.In a small community one of the residents Read more [...]
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California is waiting for an earthquake

Seismologists from the University of Irvine and the Rate in the U.S. is predicted in the coming years, California's strong earthquake, which can reach 8 points. Scientists estimate that such a devastating earthquake in the region that happens only once in 45 — 145 years. Analyzed statistical data on earthquakes in California for the last 700 years, researchers are setting their likely effect. With regularity in time 45 — 145 years in the region, a major earthquake occurs in 6,5 — 7,8 points on the Richter scale. The last such earthquake was in California Read more [...]
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In the Samara region the soil is dry to a depth of 2.5 meters

Currently in the Samara region the soil is dry to a depth of 250 cm. And in the coming year a drought will likely continue, even if the year is rainy. In connection with the anomalous heat environmentalists are preparing disappointing forecasts. Over the past 5 years of drought have become typical, but this year the situation is extremely deteriorated. The moisture, which feed on the ground was scorched the may heat, and the summer was abnormally dry, so a comprehensive drought has led to the fact that a large part of the crops were lost. \"This year has been the death of many plants, Read more [...]
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The drought has destroyed half of the crops in the Samara region

Experts stated that 50% of crops in the Samara area burned during this natural disaster. — For the second year in a row in our region continues severe drought. If last year it suffered 700 farms, in 2010 their number exceeded 900, — said the head of the Department of crop production and farming of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Samara region Sergey Ershov. Winter frosts killed winter, and now burned 900 hectares, i.e. half of the total cultivated area. In General, the material damage is estimated at 7 billion. Currently, the authorities have adopted a Read more [...]
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The heat wave in Russia caused the outbreak of a deadly fever

Abnormal heat and drought that prevailed in Russia two months, provoked the outbreak of exotic viral diseases — fever Western Nilaveli in the administration of the Vologda region confirmed that African virus in the region already killed five people. Only in the region, there are 108 patients, 35 of them have been identified in the past week. Experts of Rospotrebnadzor warn that Contracting the disease can millions.The disease is highly seasonal, and his time — late summer and autumn. During this period, mosquitoes, ticks and alasbie ticks adopt the virus in animals-carriers Read more [...]
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The drought in Russia: a Disaster for Egypt

The embargo on grain exports, caused by the unprecedented heat and drought in Russia, threatened the food security of the largest Arab neighbor of Israel. Experts on the Middle East has analyzed the consequences of this decision for our region. Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab world (more than 80 million people). Cheap corn tortillas — the main staple food for almost half of the population. Not accidentally, Egypt ranks first on the planet and consumption of hleboproduktsii and is the largest importer of wheat (8-9 million tons per year). Before the ban, introduced Read more [...]
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In Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan by the mudslide destroyed several bridges

In Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan by the mudslide destroyed several bridges. This reports the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations CU.

According to her, the result of heavy rains and landslides have damaged bridges in the villages Chat, acyc-Alma, Zharyk-Tash, Turtuk and Thorpe Aksy district. \»Due to the fact that washed crossing in these villages, the local people are forced to graze cattle on the banks of the river\», — the message says.

Source: IA \»\»

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The Ministry of agriculture suddenly recognized that three quarter of the area of the Russian Federation unfavorable for agriculture. In the blacklist were also included in the capital of the Russian Chernozem region Voronezh region, the largest producer of soy — Amur region, the birthplace of the oil — Vologda region, all the regions of the North Caucasus.

Link Almost all of Our Motherland has become unfavorable for agriculture - RBC daily The Ministry of agriculture suddenly recognized that three quarter of the area of the Russian Federation adverse to doing...3 APR 2013 17:18|I like914 commentsVladimir Kolovrat well, in General about this should all be clear, at least the last I even Freeman not amazed, on the geography of the country as no 5 in school was... And to watch them (Duma) is a sensation.5:433 APR 2013|Helen Adeyewa said Vladimir Kolovrat Vladimir, but Read more [...]
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Fitover destroyed the potato crop in the Murmansk region

Now many potato fields in the Murmansk region are burned to ashes. Just a few days the plants were shriveled and blackened. Farmers worry and complain about certain emissions from industrial enterprises of the region. A resident of the village Verhnetulomski Galina Konstantinovna with bitterness shows what is left from the harvest. The garden to the pensioner was a good help, and now the potato plots only the charred stalks. Themselves tubers little more peas — did not grow. The same attack all the neighbors. If in the past year, on average, collected 140-160 buckets of potatoes, Read more [...]
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