The Orenburg region this year because of the drought will namalata three times less grain

Orenburg region has almost finished the harvest in the region produced about 650 thousand tons of grain — three times less than in the previous year, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of agriculture, food and processing industry of the region. Last summer on the territory of the Orenburg region operated emergency situation due to abnormal weather conditions — winds and extreme drought. «According to 16 September in the Orenburg region beveled almost 1.04 million hectares of grain and threshed 1,035 million hectares — this Read more [...]
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The shock of the summer

Abnormal, according to all indicators, the summer of 2010 will long remember Ulanova. NG decided to draw some conclusions three hot months Temperature In the Ulyanovsk region beaten temperature record. 2 August in the village of Canada (Mykolaiv region) recorded +42 degrees Celsius. This temperature was not in the field during the whole time of observation. Almost from may to August in the region was no rain, \" says the head of Ulyanovsk weather forecasts weather service Almira burnaev. - Soil drought began on 6 June. 24 days we lived during abnormally hot weather, excess temperature standards Read more [...]
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The tornado damaged the 16 houses in our area

Tonight was a strong tornado in the village of Manuilova Udomlya district of Tver region. The village was left without electricity. The place is patrolled. As reported in our weekly press service of the regional Department of the Ministry of emergency on the Tver region, the accident without casualties. Felled a few trees, destroyed 16 houses and part of the outbuildings. Broken lines, the settlement is de-energized. Currently, the rescue work is still underway — is sawing fallen trees, restored electricity. In the MOE reported that the road to the village is free, so work is carried Read more [...]
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Tornado — India, USA, Russia, Australia

Tornado in India, 18 SeptemberHail and tornadoes in Kansas, September 15,Tornado in Surgut, September 14,\"Alternately formed up to three tornado - managed to shoot at the same time the formation of two. Last year in the month of September in the same area, the formation of such a tornado.\" Tornado in the Voronezh region, September 14,Tornado, Samara region, September 19,The birth of a tornado in Athens,Tornado on the East Australia, 14 September Read more [...]
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Fires covered 50 hectares of forest in the Ulyanovsk region

© Photo: Victor Cikini Firefighters, rescue workers, military personnel and employees of the forestry continue to fight forest fires in Novospassky district of the Ulyanovsk region, covering an area of 50 hectares, threatening six settlements, inhabited by more than 16 thousand people, according to the press service of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. According to the head of the press service of Helena Sikharulidze, the situation is under control, opalka villages produced. The population has been informed and is in readiness for evacuation in case of deterioration. The Read more [...]
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Forest fires again threatened homes. Video

The suppression of forest fires in the Ulyanovsk region attract local residents. About 200 people volunteered to save their homes, the fire came at a dangerous distance. Already prepared a place for the evacuation of people. It can start at any time. But while firefighters are trying all means to defend the residential sector — in extinguishing involved more than 800 people and 100 pieces of equipment, works aviation. Fire and storm wind — this time the blow fell on the Volga. 50 hectares of forest in the Ulyanovsk region covered by fire. This Novospassky and Mykolaiv Read more [...]
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In several districts of the Ulyanovsk region declared a state of emergency. Video

Forest fires are again reminded of himself. In several districts of the Ulyanovsk region declared a state of emergency. The total area of fires is 57 hectares. And in the Sverdlovsk region again, a fire broke out in Vasimcom reserve. For the reasons already did the Prosecutor's office. Now is conducted to verify compliance with the requirements of fire safety. In addition, the centers contracted additional forces to extinguish the fire. For the last day the fire was increased to 10 hectares. Ksenia Seminova, inspector of propaganda chief Directorate of the MES in Sverdlovsk region: — Read more [...]
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In the Tula region because of the drought was imposed emergency situation

The government of the Tula region has imposed a state of emergency in agriculture and for the management bodies of the region. \"The state of emergency on the territory of Tula region in the aftermath of the drought this year, introduced by the decree of the head region from September 15, the document officially entered into force upon publication in today's regional press,\" reported to \"Interfax\" the press service of the regional administration. Introduction emergency taken in order to reduce the negative impacts of prolonged drought and the associated destruction of crops and yield, based Read more [...]
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In the Ulyanovsk region the fourth day trying to put out a large forest fire. Video

In the Ulyanovsk region the fourth day trying to put out a large forest fire. Over the past day has been in 3 times to reduce the size of the fire. However, about 20 hectares remain on fire. Also fire-fighting continues in the Irkutsk region. The day before they broke out the fire on the territory of the Baikal national Park. To date, it was possible to localize. Continue to smolder small pockets in places lit the pile. Now on the fire place are 43 people. Source: TV Center-Moscow Read more [...]
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survival medicine

HOW to Realize WHERE YOU GOT :There are times when you take so that either call an ambulance or doctor . Or someone from the family " the stomachache".. But " The Stomachache" - a loose concept, and other times we don't know how to explain where it hurts.True obosnovalsya and allow to realize the doctor, where exactly it hurts, so he proclaimed the right healing will help this scheme:AREAS AND DEPARTMENTS Tummy :1 - right hypochondrium2 - actually epigastric region3 - left hypochondrium4 is a right side region (right flank)5 - paraumbilical region6 is a left side region (left Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji. Ahead, the track is calling!

On the last day of active cyclone moved from the Amur river basin in the sea of Okhotsk. In his rear he \"threw\" the Arctic cold from the Laptev Sea to the South of the Far East. In the Amur region, Khabarovsk and Primorye temperature fell to 8-10°, and in the mountains formed a temporary snow cover. On the slopes of the ridge Jugger its height reached 55 cm! White hats \"pulled\" and the top of the Sikhote-Alin mountains. Even on the ocean in Sovetskaya Gavan marked 1 cm fresh snow. But the continental areas of the Magadan region offer acceptable conditions for skiing is about 20 cm of snow Read more [...]
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Forecasters recognized summer 2010 an unprecedented number of weather anomalies

The summer season of 2010 in Moscow and the Moscow region was marked by an unprecedented number of weather anomalies in the history of meteorological observations, according to the Internet portal of the Moscow center for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring with regional functions (CGMS-R). Rampant «elements» «Such a welter humanity during the entire period of meteorological observations in our territory not seen. The culprit of such abnormal weather was blocking anticyclone, which was maintained above the CFA for a long time. It should be noted that this year was Read more [...]
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Four of the reserve and the national Park continue to burn in the Russian Federation

© Photo: press-service of the Central regional center of EMERCOM of Russia Four lesions forest and peat fires are stored in four nature reserves and national parks of Russia, said on Thursday the Ministry of environment. According to authorities, fires continue in Vasimcom reserve in the Sverdlovsk region on an area of 25 hectares. In the Mordovian reserve and the Mordovian national Park «Smolny» and in the Oka state nature reserve in the Ryazan region continue to smolder peatlands, open fire anymore. The total area of fires in these areas is 27.5 acres, already localized foci, Read more [...]
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In Northern Bohemia again began flooding

In Northern Bohemia with a break in a month and a half again started flooding. In the Liberec region, which has twice this year, was at the epicenter of the flood, began the evacuation of the trapped in the disaster zone in towns and villages. In the village Visnova homes were forced to leave 50 citizens. The water level in the river SMEDA, the depth of which does not usually exceed 40 centimeters, several hours had risen to 3 meters, reported ITAR-TASS in the municipality Vishnevoe. There has been a sharp rise in water level in the other rivers and reservoirs in the region. The water flooded Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji. In Russia the cold for 20°

What is happening in the Russia weather seasonal changes are reflected in the figures. In Central Russia for the first time this season, the temperature fell below -5° (Yaroslavl region), and in Moscow marked the first frost (-0,8°). On the territory of Kostroma, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and Sverdlovsk regions, as well as Udmurtia, Perm region marked snow phase precipitation, and in some places formed a temporary snow cover. In addition, night frosts underwent another psychological barrier in the mountains of Buryatia, the temperature fell below -20°. Source: Read more [...]
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In the Russian regions continue to burn four reserve and national Park

One steppe and three peat fire remain unquenched in four nature reserves and national parks of Russia, said on Thursday the Ministry of environment. «Prairie fire was discovered in the Orenburg reserve (Orenburg region) on September 29, 2010. The area burned was 2.5 thousand hectares. Fire events involved employees of the reserve, two fire brigades emergency, local residents, special machinery», — the message says. According to the Agency, in the Mordovian reserve and the Mordovian national Park «Smolny» and in the Oka state nature reserve in the Ryazan region Read more [...]
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Strong wind in Rostov-on-don and tear wires and fells trees

In Rostov-on-don strong winds felled large number of trees recorded numerous breakages of power lines, damaged cars. «For two hours in Rostov-on-don the wind speed reaches 20 m/s, — reported to law enforcement authorities of the Rostov region. — Noted a large number of broken trees, and there precipices of lines». Fallen trees damaged several private cars, in the heavy rain, which lasted several hours, are flooding the horticultural society. «Had to evacuate from one of the country houses a family with a small child, — added the representative Read more [...]
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Nadisa: Case Overachieve from 30 September

In connection with the events in Indonesia - 2 major events: M 6.2 - NEAR S COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA - 2010-09-29 17:10 UTC, M 7.2 - NEAR S COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA - 2010-09-29 17:11 UTC and in Japan: M 5.0 - EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN - 2010-09-29 03:02 UTC, M 5.6 - EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN - 2010-09-29 08:00 UTC, M 5.3 - VOLCANO ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION - 2010-09-30 00:24 UTC had a temporary relaxation of tension, but in the area Greece-Turkey tensions persist. In this regard, and based on the analysis of information in the testimony of our system in the VLF range, we extend the implementation Read more [...]
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In Lankaran and Astara evacuate the population

In the southern region of Azerbaijan it was a critical situation. As reports with the reference on ANS Press, incessant rains caused mudslides in the southern region of Azerbaijan. Hit the Lerik region heavy rainfall caused the spill mountain rivers and caused floods. As a result of intense rainfall river on the territory of Lerik were overflowing. Debris flows have paralyzed traffic on the road Lankaran-Lerik. Blocked because of landslides, the road has caused a number of problems for residents. Highway Lankaran-Lerik closer to the morning was temporarily reopened with the help of heavy Read more [...]
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Drought will suffer and the next harvest

Abnormal heat and drought of last summer will affect the harvest and next year. In the soil lacks moisture, so winter sown a quarter less than a year ago, the newspaper «Sheet». In the Saratov region of winter crops sown only 64% of forecast data of the regional Ministry of agriculture); in the Orenburg region — 83% of areas, although the optimum sowing time has already passed. Worse: regional authorities characterize shoots large areas of planting as weak, while sitting in the Volga Federal district is almost complete, writes «SovEcon» in analytical review. The Read more [...]
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