MOE: dozens houses flooded in Ukraine

KIEV, Dec 9 — RIA Novosti, Alain mate. Dozens of farms and farmlands flooded in Transcarpathian region due to heavy rains in some parts of the roads because of flooding of the rivers had to be closed for vehicular traffic, said on Thursday the press-service of Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine. In particular, during the 8th and on the night of 9th December due to adverse weather conditions (heavy rain, gusty wind), due to actuation of the automatic protection of power lines in two districts of the Transcarpathian region deenergized ten communities (six part). To resume the supply of Read more [...]
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The cyclone made dead several areas of the Tver region

Blackouts occurred on 10 December, the passage of a cyclone in Zapadnodvinskiy, Toropets, Ostashkov, Spirovska, Peno, Torzhok, Kalinin, Likhoslavl areas of the Tver region. About this a correspondent of IA REGNUM news was reported in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia Tver region. Just disabled 219 transformer substations, 131 settlements, where 4.085 people. On site work specialists of EMERCOM of Russia Tver region, JSC «IDGC of Centre»-\"Tverenergo\". In the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia Tver region deployed operational headquarters, the situation is under control. Source: Read more [...]
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Snowfall was dead 44 localities of the Leningrad region

10.12.2010, St. Petersburg. In the heavy snowfall on the territory of the Leningrad region has been a fan outage in Kingisepp, Gatchina, Luga, Priozersk and Tikhvin areas. As the press service of the main Directorate of the MES of the region, as of 12:00 GMT the electricity is off 44 settlements with a population of 1 534 thousand people. Socially important facilities in the disaster area were not included. In total disruption 29 transmission lines and 91 transformer substation. Electricity restores 10 teams «Lenenergo», 10 units of machinery and 37 people. Source: RBC Read more [...]
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In Transcarpathia flooded 1133 economy and 13 bridges. Photo. Video

Na morning, December 10, in the Transcarpathian region due to bad weather flooded 1133 households, 214 basements of houses, 404 wells, 121 ha of agricultural land damaged about 305 btw, coast protection and 6 thousand 200 LM of roads, 4 concrete and 9 wooden bridges. As reported ZAXID.NET in regional emergencies Department, suffered the most from the weather settlements Svalyava, Vinogradov, Agency, intermountain, Khust, Perechyn, Tyachiv, Irshava, Rakhiv and Mukachevo areas. Recorded 5 mudslides, and disconnected from the power supply 10 settlements completely and 10 partially suspended Read more [...]
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To the North of the Amur region came anomalous cold

17.12.2010. Anomalous cold of minus 40, came to the North of the Amur region from neighboring Yakutia. And according to forecasts, the thermometer will fall even closer to the 50-degree mark. Although this December and is already recognized as the coldest in the last decade. Public utilities are prepared for emergencies. The woodpile near the house Zina Shershneva rapidly disappearing every day. You again have to spend money on firewood, complains mistress. When on the street below 40, to heat the house very difficult. Well, from which the pensioner takes water, frozen, and in order to go outside Read more [...]
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China is coming of a powerful Typhoon

on September 29, 2013. Coastal areas of China reached Typhoon «Wutip» in the region declared penultimate - orange - severity. According to weather forecasts, severe anxiety will be observed in the Central and Western areas of the South China sea. It is expected that about Eastern and southern coastal areas of Hainan island the height of the waves will reach up to 4.4m. Vessels and onshore services are recommended to take precautions. Storm warning announced in Guangdong province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region, according to ITAR-TASS. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Kuzbass happened mysterious earthquake of magnitude 4

In the European Mediterranean seismological Centre there is evidence of an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 points Aftershocks of magnitude 4 points recorded in Novokuznetsk district, Kemerovo region, said on Monday, the press service of the administration of the city of Novokuznetsk with reference to the Kemerovo regional center for monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations. The message says that the aftershocks were registered in 13:32 local time. Causes tremors are investigated. Data on casualties or damage has not yet been reported, reports «Interfax». At the same time on Read more [...]
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The bad weather has hit the whole of Russia

Severe weather remains the situation in many regions of Russia. Without light now forced to do tens of thousands of people. For elimination of consequences of natural disasters in the regions organized operational headquarters. In the meter drifts even stuck vehicle. Ola pass on the Magadan has become a real trap for motorists. The machine firmly stuck in the snow, they can't even get road machinery. Rescuers offer jammed to throw the machine and go to town. But not all agree. From the pass evacuated only 12 people. Others decided to wait for the grader, which should smooth out the road. And Read more [...]
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In the Stavropol region flowered violets

On the territory of Stavropol region blossomed street violets, buttercups bloom, reports «Interfax». According to the women of the village of pelagiad Yulia Fedorova, usually violet in her yard bloom in late March, and then blossomed before the New year. In addition, in the front garden blooming buttercups, 's dogwood blossom. She also said that the air temperature in the region of the sun on clear days, nearly plus 25 degrees. Source: South Read more [...]
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In Central Russia goes bad weather

On Wednesday, December 29, immediately in 27 regions of the Central Federal district and the Volga region is expected sharp deterioration in the weather. EMERCOM of Russia has already warned about the possible consequences of the disaster — cliffs of transmission lines, disruption of transport systems and utilities.According to the forecasts of the rescuers in the Central Federal district complex situation is expected in all 18 provinces, and in the Volga region emergency situation is possible in Saratov, Penza, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk, Samara oblasts, as well as in Mordovia, Read more [...]
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Citizens alarmed arising in their homes vibration of unknown origin

In the Nizhny Novgorod region on 9 November in the Centre of crisis management have received numerous calls from residents of Nizhny Novgorod, Balakhna, Volodarsky, Chkalovskaya and Gorodets areas. As reported REGNUM news in the regional MOE The Russian Federation, citizens expressed concern over the sudden vibration in their homes and apartments. In MES 't call causes this vibration, but sent a formal request to the military unit, with which these phenomena may be related. To date no official response had been received. Source: REGNUMNovember 8-10, 2010. at different times in Nizhny Read more [...]
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In Samara fell brown snow

January 2, 2011. In the night of Sunday in Samara snow with shades of brown. Environmentalists immediately took the snow on chemical analysis. The analysis showed that the risk to human life is not. As reported on Sunday the head of the press service of the regional EMERCOM Michael Metelkin, most likely brown snow — the consequences of a sandstorm in Kazakhstan. A similar phenomenon could be observed in March last year, the inhabitants of the Amur region, when dust storms in Mongolia in the region, the snow is yellow, reports \"Interfax\". Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Somalia asks for help because of the drought

Representatives of the Central part of the fragmented Somalia appealed to the international community to provide emergency support to the region due to a massive drought, reports Bi-bi-si. According to them, there is a serious lack of water and food. In the region, in addition to the needs of the local population, many immigrants.

Source: VSESMI

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In the Amur region hit 40 degrees of frost

The real Epiphany frosts under forty degrees was established in the Amur region. Coldest weather in the Central and southern areas of the region - this night thermometers there showed minus 46 degrees. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Explosions and fires at the ammunition depots in Russia in 2002-2012

Link Explosions and fires at the ammunition depots in Russia in 2002-2012 June 11, 2012 lit military warehouses, located 14 kilometers from the village Koltubanovka in the Orenburg region near the border with the Samara oblast.Sergey Vladimirovich12 Jun 2012 at 7:43|I like511 commentsNikolas Shpeer Nothing everyday... someone to lead the war, some need a gun Here and burn the warehouses with us. Read more [...]
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On Wednesday, the Middle Urals (Sverdlovsk region) sirens howl.

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, at 11:30, in the municipalities of the Sverdlovsk region held a scheduled inspection of warning systems to include Electric sirens. Audit objective - to assess the condition of devices providing launch Electric sirens in case of emergency, as well as the level of sound emanating from them.General Directorate of Emergency of Russia Sverdlovsk region asks residents during checkout alert system to remain calm, not to interrupt his studies and work.For residents of the native Sverdlovsk region.1. Without panic safecrack Director and run into the woods - do not. 2. (Most Read more [...]
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For tourist: Berries in the campaign

Wild berries - not a bad diet help in tourists. Basically just be able to distinguish edible from poisonous berries also know the average time of their maturation. This tour posodeystvuyut information presented below (by Dm. Zuev. "Gifts of the Russian forest"). June berries.Strawberries. In Bashkortostan, matures on June 16, in the Yaroslavl region on June 18, in the Novgorod region on June 22 at the Metropolitan areas and Kuibyshev June 23, June 24 in the Urals.Honeysuckle (Dark). Far East on June 25.Blueberries. In the western regions on June 28.July berries.Strawberries. Read more [...]
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Buryatia shook 6.7 points

Tremor was recorded February 1, 15:53 GMT. After almost 40 minutes (16 hours 30 min) information about seysmosovete entered the remote senior duty shift of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk region, where it was transferred to the Republic. According to the head of the press service of the Main Directorate of MOE in Buryatia Tatiana Hogenova, in the midst of seysmosovete located 12.5 km South of the village of Mecury, the intensity of the tremor was 6.7 points. The tremors 2 points were felt also in the number of settlements within a radius of 50 kilometers from the epicenter. Read more [...]
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In Mexico volcano wakes up

News Mexico, Colima. Mexicans are sounding the alarm - in the country wakes up the region's largest volcano Colima. The Colima volcano is located in Western Mexico, in the same state, and is the largest volcano in the region. The eruption of Colima happen often, at the moment there were almost forty of these episodes, and each time its tragic consequences (according to the observations from the 16th century BC).According to residents of the surrounding area, they have a few days, as I feel the hot breath of Colima, accompanied by the earthquakes. Several homes were destroyed. People don't Read more [...]
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Blossoming willow in the Moscow region

To our office, Maxim Grishin sent pictures of blooming willow in Istrinsky district, Moscow region. Here is what he writes: \"Today , 4.02.11 g, walking with my family in the forest near Moscow (bullfinches, Istra R-he) found the broken tree (most likely from the weight of ice) with swollen buds, which, apparently, blossomed even in late autumn.\"Read more [...]
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