Hurricane in the Samara region. Video

on July 28. The weather suddenly invaded the territory of the region, attacked the village a real hurricane. The brunt of the elements assumed local club and administration building — from the roof the wind knocked down the paneling. Suffered and private homes. Wind-blown trees damaged fences and snapped power lines. By happy coincidence, none of the residents of Bobrovka was not injured. Source: GTRK\"Samara\"   Read more [...]
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In the Tomsk region in the middle of summer can hit freezing

Forecasters predict freezing to minus two degrees in the Tomsk region on the night of 30 July, according to the website «Meteoroloji». «While in the European part of the country there was heat in Siberia average daily air temperature is two to four degrees does not reach normal. Forecasters issued a warning about that in the night of 30 July in some areas of the Tomsk region are expected freezing temperatures will drop to zero — minus two degrees», — the message says. «Meteoroloji» explain that «so the cool weather is a consequence Read more [...]
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In Moravia, in the East of the Czech Republic began flooding

Photo PRAGUE, July 29. /Corr. ITAR-TASS Igor samsin/. In Moravia, the Eastern region of the Czech Republic, began flooding. The result struck this region in the last days of heavy rains raised the water level in rivers and reservoirs. The most difficult situation is observed in the areas of zlín, Vsetin and kroměříž, said Corr. ITAR-TASS by telephone in the administration of the Zlín region. So, in the village by Branka-u-zlín flooded several houses. Water washes out the mound laid here the railroad tracks, on which, in particular, followed by international Express. Active Read more [...]
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The weather does not spare the Russians: South of burns, Moscow and St. Petersburg flooded, and in Siberia promise freeze

on July 29. Weather charts are full of anomalies, and already have the first victim. And blame the Sun - went to the liability. Our correspondent Vitaly cashwhen learned what happens:A few hours ago on this capital street would be impossible to find some shade to take a break from the heat wave. Now - soaked roadway rescue from the effects of rain, hail and hurricane. A nightmare around Moscow and in the air flew the construction of the fences, on an equal place under the water left of the machine. The driver of this drying cars had to be pitcher - machine nearly drowned in a giant puddle. A Read more [...]
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The hurricane made dead towns in Volgograd oblast

VOLGOGRAD, 1 Aug — RIA Novosti, Irina Ilichev. Hurricanes partially left in the dark villages in six districts of the Volgograd region, outages of socially important objects are not allowed, according to the press-service of JSC branch «IDGC of the South» — «Volgogradenergo». The hurricane, which sometimes was accompanied by rain and thunderstorms that swept across several districts of the region Sunday night. «In storm front caused a partial loss of power settlements in six districts: elkhovskogo, Danilov, Kamyshin, Kumylzhenskom, Novoaninsky Read more [...]
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In the national Park \»Burabay\» there was a mass death of fish

on August 12. In Akmola region on lake Big chebache on the territory of National nature Park «Burabay» there was a mass death of fish, according to Kazakhstan Today. According to Director of the Northern branch LLP «KAZNIIRH» Zhetkergen Abdiyev, mainly surfaced fish species of whitefish and perch. «Whitefish are generally cold, and we assume that the depth of the lake has been the movement of the earth's crust, accompanied by the emission of gas. Fish got deep momentary stress», — said J. Abdiyev, reports noted that Read more [...]
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The number of ducks on the ponds of Moscow has decreased almost two times

MOSCOW, 11 Jan. The number of mallards on the river Moscow within the capital of Russia and the Moscow region in December 2010 decreased by almost two times — up to 4.5 thousand individuals, in comparison with data of the December observations for the previous three years. This was reported by RIA Novosti development Director of bird conservation Union Russia Elena Sobakina. In the course of new year monitoring of waterfowl found that the number of mallards (the mass of wintering species of waterfowl in the region of Moscow) was about 4.5 thousand individuals (about 2.8 thousand birds Read more [...]
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In the Bryansk region blossomed hazel

on November 27, 2013. In the reserve of the Bryansk region after the red Armeria blossomed hazel. As they say of botany, the reason for this unusually warm autumn. Reserve \"Bryansk forest\" is located in Suzemka and Trubchevsk areas of the Bryansk region, being at the junction of broad-leaved forest, forest-steppe and taiga zones. He has been around since 1987, and in 2001 acquired the status of a biosphere. Temperature for November is kept very warm, and in the floodplain Tiraboschi it is still higher than in the forests. This, according to botanist reserve, Oleg Evstigneev, caused the flowering Read more [...]
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In the Krasnoyarsk region to find out the cause of mass deaths of migratory birds. Video

In the Krasnoyarsk region to find out what caused the mass deaths of migratory birds in the South region. In the area of lake Tagar found about a thousand dead ducks. Experts suggest that they died from the virus, is dangerous not only for birds but also for humans. Details NTV correspondent Tatiana Panihida. Local resident: \"So, let's with the dead, dead come on.\" Local resident: \"A sick duck. Next. Here's a sick duck all. Dead duck in the water, in the thickets of reeds on the Bank. This picture saw scientists of the Siberian Federal University during routine inspections lake Tagar Read more [...]
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The mountain cracked after the earthquake in Almaty region

On the Northern slope of the mountains in Almaty region due to the recent series of earthquakes was cracked six meters long, with a width of 20-30 centimeters, correspondent with reference to the Ministry of emergency situations of Kazakhstan. According to the Agency, in that location on the hillside opposite the former sanatorium «Spikelet» and then there was a crack of 7.5 meters. The location exhibited a warning shields. Detailed examination with the participation of specialists LLP «Almatygidrogeologiya» scheduled for may 19. Recall that in early may Read more [...]
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In Siberia, there were two mini-earthquakes

August 15 2011 seismologists recorded tremors in Buryatia and Tuva. As reported «Uralinformburo» the press service of EMERCOM in the Irkutsk region, the earthquake of a magnitude of 3.4 happened at 7.30 Moscow time in the district of the Buryat village Kichera in the Northern part of lake Baikal. In 14.02 Moscow time the Baikal seismic station registered an earthquake of magnitude 4.1 in Tuva — 100 kilometers from the village Orlik. Destruction and there were no injuries. As stated by the Director of the geophysical service of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy Read more [...]
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Massive fish kills occurred in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine

on August 19. Massive fish kills occurred, according to preliminary data, the emission of hydrogen sulfide in the Dnipro estuary Mykolaiv region in the South of Ukraine, reports the chief Directorate of the MES of Ukraine in the Mykolaiv region on Friday. This information is entered on Thursday in an operational dispatch management service of EMERCOM in the Mykolaiv region. Fish kills occurred in the Dnipro estuary near the village of Ivanovka Ochakiv district. The coastline in this area examined by the Commission. «The concentration of dead fish is five instances on one square meter of Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Western Georgia

A strong earthquake occurred today in Western Georgia. The epicenter of the tremors power 5.5 points were located in the mountainous region of Racha. According to local authorities, victims and serious damage there. Two years ago, the region also has a strong earthquake of magnitude six points. But the most devastating were tremors in 1991. Their power was about 9 points. Then killed about two hundred people, destroyed nearly 50 homes. Source: Channel PeakBecause of the earthquake in the East of Georgia was slightly damaged homes House in the village Tbilisi Ambrolauri district of Georgia, Read more [...]
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The landslide blocked the road near Sochi

As a result of abundant rainfalls occurred the rise of the river Psis Tuapse district of Krasnodar region. On the Federal highway M-27 fell mudflow, which is partially blocked in this area. In novomihjlovsky have been flooded 60 yards and the area of a local school. — The signal about the rising water level in the river came from Tuapse situation centre, — told Life News in the administration of Krasnodar region. — Immediately on speakerphone rescuers have informed the population. Residents of nearby houses urgently evacuated. In the village were brought up additional Read more [...]
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Micro tornadoes registered in Nizhny Novgorod

on August 18. «Dancing devil» and «cat tail» — unusual natural phenomena were registered in the Nizhny Novgorod region for the last 2 nedelev was abnormal hot weather. Temperature indicators for August were higher at a record 8 degrees. Then forecasters and watched alien to the edge of the desert microsmart. Are there danger of such climatic changes?Watering machine on urban roads in the last days run more buses: three times a day, instead of the usual two. The reason — a sudden for the August heat. Eugene bikes, foreman, senior Manager MP «Emergency Read more [...]
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The locust invasion in the southern Urals

August 29. In the southern Urals declared an emergency. Dangerous pests captured three of the region Chelyabinsk region. In Waskom, Agapovka and Kizilkum areas recorded a locust invasion. Favorable weather conditions provoked reproduction of this pest and meadow moth. According to the Minister of agriculture Ivan decline, now made the purchase of insecticides for agricultural crops. Now, by order of the Governor Mikhail Yurevich, from the reserve Fund of the region to compensate part of the costs already allocated 30 million rubles. Previously the southern Urals were subjected to invasion of Read more [...]
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Tremors shake Ishmael every day

4 September. According to Romanian National Institute of physics of the Earth, the tension in the crust of our region grows. Almost every day of the seismic Romania register one or two of boost. Fortunately, we almost do not feel — their magnitude does not exceed four. But it is alarming frequency. Judge for yourself: recorded August 29 aftershocks, of which 27 — in the mountain range of FRANCI. Moreover, almost half of aftershocks (12) — of magnitude higher than three. These stimuli can already feel people. At the same time, scientists still do not Read more [...]
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Record rains in Moscow

on September 11. At the end of the first decade of the capital region was under the influence of a powerful cyclone, which clearly expressed and in the middle troposphere. Last night the cyclone slowly moved in a South-easterly direction to the Middle Volga, across Moscow. As a result, over night in the Moscow region, there were heavy rains. On the North and East of the region in Dmitrov and Pavlovsky Posad fell more than half the monthly rate, rainfall reached 42-45 mm per day. Record rains were recorded and reference meteorological station of Moscow. In the district OCE only for the night of Read more [...]
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A state of emergency due to destruction of crops introduced in 10 districts of the Saratov region

on September 14. In 10 of the 38 districts of the Saratov region Governor Pavel Ipatov introduced a state of emergency due to loss of crops from drought, reported the Ministry of information and press of the region on Tuesday. The state of emergency imposed in the territory of the Aleksandrov-Gai, Dergachi, Ersascope, novouzen, Krasnokutskaya, organizators of red partisan, Perelyubskiy, St. Petersburg, Fedorovsky, Engels areas. The reason for declaring emergencies in these areas have become «dangerous meteorological phenomena (droughts, soil and atmospheric drought)» that is specified Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Lower Volga. Astrakhan region

Spring - a wonderful and fabulous time. Thousands of fishermen, inhabitants of the middle band of, well, not only are sent to the lower Volga, so catch all my heart and enjoy the Volga air also test new gear. Our crew is also not an exception and went to Astrakhan region ...Read more [...]
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