In Zauralye snowfall made dead in 23 locations

on September 26. Without electricity remained residents Gorkoe, Vargashinsky and Polovinko areas. As reported «Uralinformburo» the press service of the Main Directorate of MOE in the Kurgan region, the incident was happened on September 23, 2011 at 20.25 due to the buildup of wet snow on the wires of the transmission lines. At the scene immediately went two operational detachment Federal fire service in the region, representatives of municipal authorities and nine brigades district electrical networks. The consequences of the accident eliminated 80 people and 23 units. By 24 September, Read more [...]
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In the Lipetsk region bloomed lilac

on September 25. Unusual picture could watch the workers in the Kulikovo forestry Lipetsk region. The other day near the village of Borovoye they saw the blooming lilacs. Inflorescences are certainly not as fluffy as in the spring, but the flavor is the same attractive. Now this wonder come to enjoy with the whole neighborhood. To break a twig to anybody and in a head does not come — so this event seems out of the ordinary. All I want lilac pozwala longer. Meanwhile, according to experts, the reason for this interesting phenomenon of nature simple — warm autumn weather and Read more [...]
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Quarantine on African swine fever

Nizhny Novgorod vets struggling with an outbreak of African swine feveron April 20. Quarantine on African swine fever declared in the village Moulineaux Volodarsky district, Nizhny Novgorod region. The virus outbreak was registered on April 18. Veterinarians have cordoned off the area of the hearth ASF and destroyed all the population of these animals. The journalists said the Chairman of the State Committee of Nizhny Novgorod region Yevgeny Kolobov. «All pigs in the quarantine zone subjected bloodless slaughter and subsequent cremation. Ash buried in the trench depth of three meters», — Read more [...]
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In the Krasnodar region recorded an outbreak of African swine fever

The disease is incurable, can be destroyed all livestock; for humans the disease is not dangerous, do not get sick and other PetsEmergency situation in the Krasnodar region. In one of the districts recorded an outbreak of African swine fever. Dangerous disease can cause destruction of the entire livestock. The Report Of Sergey Sorokin. In the study of Antonina Borisovna, the main vetinspektora Kurganskogo area, do not cease phones. In the region — a state of emergency. It was announced after the farm nursery «The Caucasus» veterinarians registered an outbreak of African Read more [...]
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In the South of Russia can start an epidemic of African swine fever

In the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia predict the spread of infectious diseases of farm animals in the South. The reason for this can be African swine fever. «Throughout the districts (except the Republic of Ingushetia and the Chechen Republic) — there is a possibility of occurrence of new lesions especially dangerous acute infectious diseases of farm animals», — says the press service of the emergencies Ministry. In two districts of the Krasnodar territory and the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia Department officials have had to declare a state Read more [...]
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In the Odessa region was hit by a meteor

5 September. Near the village of Nikolaevka Odessa region was an explosion and felt the concussion of the earth. Those who saw the fireball and the subsequent train, realized that a meteorite fell, writes ufodos. Svidetel fall, Vladimir Gritsev says that interviewed the residents of nearby villages of Strukova, viktorovka and Berezovka and those confirmed drop from the sky striking the ball, and estimated area of impact — the village of Nikolaevka. Also, according to rumors, the police on the alleged crash site put up a cordon. \"I, unfortunately, was not able to find a meteorite Read more [...]
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The earthquake magnitude in the Amur region was 6.2

on October 14. The magnitude of the earthquake, which occurred in 10.10 MSC in the Amur region, according to preliminary data, amounted to 6.2, told RIA Novosti on duty of the Geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences. «Information came not from all stations, can be of 6.3 and 6.4», — said the Agency interlocutor. According to her, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 7 kilometres East of the village Takhtamygda Skovorodino district of the Amur region, 134 km South-West of Tynda. Hearth tremors were at a depth of 10-15 km.«This great earthquake, Read more [...]
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In the Kemerovo region in October flowered daisies

on 15 October. Kemerovo region, M-53. The month of October, and in Siberia the weather is warm. Blooming daisies! Isn't it a miracle!? Source: Mobile reporter Read more [...]
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The death of the animal world news round-up for 9 months

Photo: RIA Novosti 2011 statistics show broke all records on the number of death of the animal world, the causes of this phenomenon often remain unclear, of course, there are many official versions that believe as you do not really want, ranging from the banal to the fireworks on the new year with the fear of dying on the fly and poultry to human negligence, meaning the emission of chemical pollutants, but it's only version, and what actually happens remains a mystery. Together, we gathered survey article the death of the animal world for the period from January to September 2011, the statistics Read more [...]
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Showers in Italy led to the deaths of people

on October 26. The rains, which in the last two days have fallen upon the North of Italy, led to the deaths of four people, ten missing. Local authorities do not exclude the possibility that victims may be more. The bad weather has brought many problems to the people of Northern and Central areas of Italy. Most suffered from the disaster region Liguria, where fell more than 400 mm of rainfall. In the port city of La Spezia rains and withdrawn from the shores of the river flooded the local hospital of St. Andrew and a few coastal highways. Partially flooded seven settlements in many homes flooded Read more [...]
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The earthquake on lake Baikal were no casualties and destruction

on October 31.  The earthquake occurred in 00.56 (IGC) on October 29, 50 km South of the village of Khuzhir, Olkhon district, Irkutsk region. According to the press service of EMERCOM of the region, the epicenter was located in the territory of the Irkutsk region in the waters of lake Baikal. The exact coordinates — 53,0 N, 107,2 EAST, with intensity formula 5.4, magnitude — 3,3, energy class — 11,1 . The Ministry also noted that the village Elance located at a distance of 55 km from the epicenter and in the village of Khuzhir (50 miles) of the earthquake was Read more [...]
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Free for the first time in 40 years in November, the rain has gone

Photo Of Vladimir Mezhova. on 1 October. The last month of autumn met us extraordinary warming and rain. According to the head svobodnensky the weather station RI. Krivosheeva, in the Amur region is moving cyclone, bringing precipitation. Daytime temperatures are in the last days remains at around 9 degrees Celsius, and last night the thermometer showed plus 3 degrees. — Over the last 10 years we have not fixed this warming, and Yes even with the rain, \" says Raisa. - October 29, was a phenomenal increase in the temperature in the daytime to 13 degrees, for the Amur region is the excess Read more [...]
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Tremors in Kemerovo

on October 26. According to rumors, yesterday(25 October) about 15:00, right in the centre of Kemerovo, namely in the building at the address: Ave Soviet, 60 case B, the townspeople felt the tremors. \"Everything points to the earthquake: shaking table and hanging objects, for example, a mobile phone lanyard, and the building shook a little, — told MK in Kuzbass\" a witness to the scene. - I always feel the earthquake in your life, therefore, I presume, power — 2-3 points was. Victims and destructions. Sound waves don't be afraid, the nature of shocks is not exactly explosive. Read more [...]
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In Tomsk discovered thermophilic Flamingo

on November 14. Residents Krivosheinskii region Tomsk region found several flamingos, scientists cannot explain how these heat-loving birds were on the territory of the cold region, told RIA Novosti on Monday the head of the hunting Department of the regional Department of natural resources Maxim Danilenko. \"Two individuals were caught, they were wounded, most likely, other birds. But now I feel fine, both will be alive. Today, they are passed to the zoo Seversk (private satellite city of Tomsk),\" said Danilenko. According to him, «science cannot explain how they (Flamingo) there was, Read more [...]
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Four district of the Sakhalin region because of the weather remained without light

on November 21. Power broken in four districts of Sakhalin region of the cyclone that hit the region Monday night, told RIA Novosti the representative branch of the «Sakhalinenergo». «The weather, the brunt of which fell on the southwest coast of the island, caused damage to several power lines 6-10 kV. The result is inadequate electricity in Nevelsk, Kholmsk, Tomari, in the villages Iasnogorskoe, the Precepts of Ilyich, Gornozavodsk (MSU area), kuibyshevo, Novosibirsk, pozharskoe, Barbucci, Kaplanova, Apple (Kholmsky district), Nevelskoi (Tomari district), 2-I and 3-I Pad (Korsakov Read more [...]
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Test systems for alerting the public about emergency situations in the regions

In Krasnodar will once again test the alarm sirenson November 22. Tomorrow, 23 November, from 10.00 to 11.00 in Krasnodar will be held next check of the automated system of centralized alerting the public. For this purpose, the city will include electrocity. The sound that they make, is a warning signal that civil defence about the danger, which means \"Attention everyone!\". This signal must be enabled TVs on TV channels \"Russia-1. Kuban\" or \"channel nine\" or radio frequency radio stations \"Radio of Russia\" (71,81 MHz) or \"radio\" (102,7 MHz). Residents can also listen to a special Read more [...]
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Gas bomb near Astrakhan

Astrakhan gas condensate field on November 28. At any time of abandoned wells can break the hydrogen sulfide, which is able to kill the city.Last week in Astrakhan held a closed meeting on the issue for the region, without exaggeration, vital: just a few dozen kilometers from the city of abandoned wells Astrakhan gas condensate field threaten the most serious environmental disaster. The reason is that well even those not conserved. And there are serious concerns that one does not a beautiful day in the atmosphere can get a huge cloud of poisonous sulfide. What then?The forecast for this Read more [...]
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The students saw an unusual natural phenomenon

16.12.2010 In Yekaterinburg in the winter rain. This occurred at a temperature of minus 7, and the droplets freeze almost instantly. Roads and sidewalks has become a solid roller. And the cars were covered with a thick ice crust. Anomalous weather was also observed in Chelyabinsk, Ulyanovsk region and Bashkortostan. And in Yekaterinburg for the output expected frosts to minus 20 Source: LeadAt 10 degrees below zero in Udmurtia, Perm region the rain has gone In the Urals region marked a rare anomaly - by 10-degree cold rain. The rain has caused a panic among the population, local residents Read more [...]
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More than 20 thousand inhabitants of Karelia were left without electricity due to bad weather

on December 28. More than 20 thousand people living in 71 towns of Karelia, were left without electricity due to bad weather, according to GUMS in the region. «The reason for disconnecting it turns out», — the message says. The message about the emergency power came on Wednesday, about seven in the morning. The disconnection occurred at 06:15 GMT. In the SE zone were, in particular, 56 settlements Pudozh district, including Pudozh district hospital and shelter «Care».In addition, because of the disaster suffered by the residents of the Olonets, Muezersky, Read more [...]
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The apparatus NASA photographed the birth of the Islands in the Red sea

The formation of a new island in the Red sea fixed satellite EO-1. NASA on December 28. NASA satellite photographed the emergence of a new island in the Red sea. Photos and description of results Universe Today. The images were made with a camera EO-1. They show the region off the West coast of Yemen. There is a great number of small Islands formed during the formation of thyroid volcano. In this region there is a system fault, the resulting divergence of the Arabian and African tectonic plates.In mid-December in this region began an eruption. According to some reports, lava and ashes flew Read more [...]
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