Domestic roaming canceled this year, but will have to pay for a long-distance

On the change in charging rules announced today by the Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov. According to him, the new legislation could be taken before the end of the year. The essence of the change is the abolition of intra-network roaming. "The idea is to what city we're not coming, we always were able to talk on a cell phone, using the local prices. That there was some strange charges for the right to use their SIM card in order to line the pockets of people do not SIM cards for different cities and constantly changed them into their phones "- quoted Nikiforov" Read more [...]
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Nine people were injured in the hard landing of Mi-8 in the Omsk region

Nine people were injured in a hard landing of the Mi-8, which took place on November 17 in the Omsk region, said on Wednesday the International Aviation Committee (IAC). The incident occurred in the village Sedelnikovo at 17.50 (14.50 MSK). Mi-8 "UTair" on the approach to the heliport made the list to the right side, caught the screw for the ground and fell on its side, having mechanical damage. Threat of fire helicopter was not. The reason for the emergency is established. On board were 20 people: 17 shift workers and three crew members. On the ground, victims and destructions. Earlier Read more [...]
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Four Russians robbed a truck with food to prepare for the Apocalypse

In Russia, four Kuzbass Residents aged 18 to 25 years old robbed a truck with food. How to tell the police officers, the attackers told his action approximation of the Apocalypse and the need to stock up in connection with this product."While the truckers slept four criminals broke the seal, opened the door of the trailer and got inside" - the official website of the Interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.It is noted that the truck was stolen stew, peas, oil and other products. The total amount stolen exceeded 30 thousand.Truck driver reported the incident to the police, Read more [...]
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Two crash occurred less than one day

On Saturday night, in the Ivanovo region private helicopter crashed. On board were two men, both died. The car crashed in heavy area, rescuers and medics got there at once. Dead bodies have extracted only in the morning. And in the Omsk region crashed Mi-8 carrying employees of an oil company. According to MOE, on board were 20 people, injured eight of them, but only four required hospitalization. Experts have voiced several versions of emergency, among them: a strong side wind and the failure of a single screw.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In the Pskov region of a living person frozen in a morgue

In the Pskov region occurred rare: in the morgue freezer was placed even a real person, who later died of hypothermia, news agencies reported.The death of 57-year resident of Sebezh district of the Pskov region was recorded on February 4. His body on the same day it was delivered to the morgue and placed in the freezer. Two days later, doctors performed the autopsy of the deceased. Examination revealed - the man was taken to the morgue still alive.Investigative Committee of Russia to check on this fact. Investigators have to clarify the circumstances of the incident. After the scan, it will Read more [...]
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Nikolaev in a building collapsed in the bath three-meter hole

7 February at 15:00 in operational dispatchers Territorial Emergency Management in the Mykolaiv region, it was reported that in one of the houses on the street. 7th Slobodskaya, 41, Nikolaev, in the bathroom there was a failure of sex depth of up to 3 meters, which failed bath. On this site in 0512 reported TU MES in Mykolaiv region.76-year-old housewife at the time was at home in the other room, so, fortunately, did not suffer. Rescuers, who caused a woman, conducted a survey of failure.Today, February 8, members of the paramilitary mountain rescue team will be an additional survey of the Read more [...]
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Drought and crop failures in the regions of the southern Federal district

on 15 June. In the South of Russia was established by anomalous heat. In some regions due to abnormally high temperatures, it was decided to declare a state of emergency. Most of the agricultural territory of the country because of the prolonged drought was under threat of crop failure. The Republican Commission on emergency situations and fire safety introduced on the territory of Kalmykia mode emergency due to drought and the death of about 50% yield. The second decade of may in the Republic was established dry hot weather. So on Thursday and Friday, June 14 and 15, in the region of temperatures Read more [...]
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Earthquake in EAO 4,6

Earthquake in EAO touched the territory of four municipalities on June 18. Earthquake in the Jewish Autonomous region touched the territory of four municipalities. In Birobidzhan force reached three points, said Corr. RIA ЕАОmedia the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in EAO. June 18, 2012 at 16:10 (HBR) on the territory of the Jewish Autonomous region was recorded quake, which was felt in, Birobidzhan power up to 3 points. According to the geophysical service of RAS seysmosovete happened magnitude of 4.6. According to preliminary data, the earthquake was felt in, Birobidzhan, Birobidzhan, Read more [...]
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Winter storm in the South East Europe

Whenever Asian anticyclone extends its crest in Eastern Europe and in conflict with it enters southern cyclone, southern Ukraine and Russia rude winter storm. The clash of cold continental air from the warm southern sea leads to strong winds, precipitation of complicated and severe storms at sea.Area of bad weather, the length of 500 km, it combines all the colors of bad weather, from thunderstorms to blizzards. In Novorossiysk enacted storm boron. At a temperature of? 6 Sea strongly soars, wind storm rips off waves of droplets that quickly freezes on ships and buildings in Tsemesskaya Read more [...]
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300 people in Romania are locked in cars due to snow

Heavy snow hit the north-eastern region of Romania, leaving about 300 people were trapped in their cars on the road in the county (counties) Botosani and Neamt. Today transport in the region is difficult, many routes are blocked. However, according to the prefect of Botosani, authorities and emergency services in case of need can reach any settlement. Snowfall led to the temporary disruption to electricity. A number of schools were closed, the authorities have instructed students to stay home in bad weather. According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the near future precipitation in the Read more [...]
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Lipetsk region flunked hail

on June 18. At the Lipetsk region was lashed by hail such force that it hurt people to death, killing chickens and destroyed the entire crop. Ice attack lasted about half an hour. 6301 Damaged roofs, broken glass, cars and ruined crops is all that is left to farmers in the Lipetsk region past the castle. For half an hour, the storm caused damage to the region hundreds of millions of rubles.According to the NTV correspondent Olga Chernova hail beaten all: cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes. Some backyards seedlings completely washed away. All hope of the harvest from local residents collapsed. Read more [...]
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Winter storm in the Black Earth and in the Rostov region

Southern cyclone, moving from the Black Sea to the north, brought a lot of trouble the southerners Chernozem, Rostov Region and Eastern Ukraine. There were snow with blizzards, sometimes made little glaze effects. The greatest amount of precipitation in the form of snow fell in the Belgorod (up to 26 mm) and Orel (26 mm) regions. In the Rostov region weather led to considerable difficulty vehicular movement, especially on the federal highway M4. Cyclone leaves the region, precipitation stops, but choppy wind yet remain. And, due to the increasing influence of anticyclone to the east, to begin Read more [...]
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In the Pskov region all day tearing power lines: 15,000 without electricity

Approximately 15,000 residents of the Pskov region remain without power due to the massive cliffs on power lines caused by freezing rain. Repairers work in emergency mode, but do not have time for poetry: reduced line again dropped.Press-service of JSC "IDGC of North-West" "Pskovenergo" reports that 68 remain without power transmission lines of 10 kV and 1133 points of transformer power transfer "Interfax".According to the press service of the Pskov Energy, work is complicated dangerous situation prevailing in the forest: trees covered with ice, fall under Read more [...]
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Moscow covered with snow

Heavy snowfall, which experts warned by the Met Office, on the afternoon of November 28 "selected" to the capital region. First snow was small. In the future, as they approach, and then the complete domination of active weather fronts Cyclone, Moscow and Moscow region became overwhelm snow. Per day, 28 November, in Moscow fell 7 mm, range from 5 to 8 mm in the New Jerusalem, 16 mm of precipitation! Heavy snow continued through the night. From 22 pm Nov. 28 to 6 am on 29 November in Moscow (Moscow State University), rainfall was 10 mm. From the beginning of the snow attack up to 6 Read more [...]
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In Russia, scattered subjects

Two district of Sverdlovsk region are preparing to declare a vote of no confidence in the governor and leave the jurisdiction of the Tyumen. Bomb, planted in the base of the Sverdlovsk region crisis of the 90's, followed by a redistribution of influence, spending on "Innoprom" fad of the ambitious projects in Yekaterinburg, the World Cup and the EXPO 2020, is ready to explode. As it became known, eastern Middle Urals initiate the procedure to withdraw from the area and asked the Tyumen Governor Vladimir Yakushev accept them. Initiative supports the majority of the inhabitants Read more [...]
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Report on earthquakes for the period from 21 April to 31 may 2012

Report on earthquakes of magnitude 4 and above for the period from 21 April to 31 may 2012. APRIL, from 21 to 30 - 999 earthquake. A magnitude of more than 4 - 240; Magnitude 4 to 5 - 166; Magnitude 5 to 6 - 69; Magnitude 6 to 7 - 4; Over 7 - 0.Strongest: 2012-04-21 - 10 - 6.0 - NEAR N COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA 2012-04-21 - 10 - 5.6 - SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE 2012-04-21 - 10 - 6.6 - NEAR N COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA 2012-04-23 - 46 - 5.6 - KURIL ISLANDS 2012-04-23 - 60 - 5.7 - MOLUCCA SEA 2012-04-23 - 113 - 6.0 - KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION 2012-04-24 - 10 - 5.5 - NICOBAR ISLANDS, Read more [...]
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Forecast of accidents and disasters in the world in July 2012

We represent to your attention, as an experiment, forecast predictions of world events for July 2012, which sent us to the editors Nicholas Cap. First of all,  the interesting forecast local accuracy of the dates and details of events. Next, the word of the author of the forecast. Astrologer, Nikolai Cap: \"I do astrology for a long time, since about 1992 Methods do not reveal the secret only about say. Draw the horoscope of the day, Sunny, not a simple - mobile. Drawn hours of the day. Applied signs of the zodiac - all in motion. In fact 2 of the horoscope - aspects and elements, and also drawn Read more [...]
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One snowflake — still no snow, but in June…

on June 28. Long time on the territory of European Russia there was no snow and frost. The night will correct the situation. The cyclonic vortex, whirling over Murmansk region will continue to move North, and as a parting gesture will bring into the territory of the Kola Peninsula mass of very cold air. In such a situation in the North-West region night will be held rain and sleet, while the air temperature drops to 0...+5°, and sometimes drops below zero. Fortunately, the cold snap will be short-lived, and already in the afternoon, with increasing atmospheric pressure, in the sky over the region Read more [...]
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Cause yellow clouds over Moscow was an optical effect — authorities

the 4th of July. Clouds over Moscow and Moscow region acquired on Tuesday, a yellow tinge due to the fact that the sun's rays unusual angle became the exhaust gases, which is always much in the Metropolitan region, told RIA Novosti in the Ministry of ecology, Moscow region. Two days ago, residents of some areas in the North of the capital city and in the suburbs have seen strange haze, many of them took her by the smoke from forest and peat fires. «This topic has two days discussed. Just happened optical effect due to the fact that the sun illuminates the exhaust gases. I think another Read more [...]
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Predictions of world events for February 2013

Astrological predictions of world events for February 2013. Astrologer - Nicholas cap.                      -----------------------------------------------------1-February-fire in the mine - Kemerovo region.Mexico - the north-west of the country, an earthquake measuring 5 points.Sverdlovsk region - heavy precipitation.------------------------------------------------2 February and the weather in the Sverdlovsk - Tyumen regionstrengthening the cold - the wind-snow.In the Altai-wind-storm snow.Spain-France Read more [...]
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