Tornadoes in Buryatia — is it possible?

A resident of Buryatia tornado captured on video in the mountains of the Oka area respubiki Buryatia, according to local TV and Radio Company "Arik Us". By roller binds tornado occurrence with global climate change on the planet. Vladimir Daganeev was on a business trip in the village Khuzhir in the Oka region of Buryatia, where he and his colleagues observed the unique natural phenomenon at an altitude of about 3000 meters above sea level. Tornado that almost took out the sky, lifted into the air large amounts of snow, moving over a mountain ridge tundra Oka. The most surprising Read more [...]
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In the South Urals can live in any climate scenario

South Ural scientists to forecast the development of the natural complexes of the Chelyabinsk region and came to the conclusion that it will be possible to live here under any scenario.As the correspondent of "New Region", the press service of the CSPU, geographer Vladimir Derjaguin reconstructed the evolution of the lake geosystems Southern Urals during the late-and post-glacial. Based on these findings the researcher concluded about how the nature of the region, as well as to predict how landscapes may change in the future. "The work on the subject is complicated inability to Read more [...]
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In Lake Baikal earthquake

Last night in Lake Baikal earthquake. Its intensity in the epicenter was 5.6 points, magnitude - 3.8, ITAR-TASS quoted Defence Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Irkutsk region. Reports of tremors came at 21:06 local time. In the Irkutsk region, they felt with an intensity score of 3. According to preliminary data, the death and destruction in the region do not. Information on seismic events confirmed Center for Crisis Management regional emergency department.Category: Earthquakes Read more [...]
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Coefficient of seismic hazard in the Kemerovo region increases

According to the forecasts of the Kuzbass construction companies in 2013 may change building codes for seismic intensity in the north of the Kemerovo region. Seismic activity in the region, as scientists say, is growing ... According to the current now seismic zoning map, the rate of seismicity Kiselevsk and south is 7 points for the rest of the region - 6 points. According to accepted standards in the USSR, earthquake-proof buildings are built in areas with seismic danger of 7 points or more. In areas where the predicted maximum intensity of earthquakes is less than 6 points, special anti-seismic Read more [...]
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Seismic anomaly in the state of Rondonia, Brazil, November 25, 2012.

Under the influence of factors on the cosmological geosphere Earth in western Brazil, in the state of Rondonia, November 25, 2012- seismic event occurred a magnitude of 4.7 at a depth of about 19 km.The earthquake occurred in western Brazil in an area which is not a seismically active. Structure of the region in the image.The geological structure of the region's earthquake-November 25, 2012. These earthquakes.Magnitudemb 4.7RegionRONDONIA, BRAZILDate time2012-11-25 22:57:42.4 UTCLocation9.46 S; 63.02 WDepth19 kmDistances779 km SW Manaus (pop 1,598,210; local time 18:57:42.4 2012-11-25)125 km Read more [...]
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A series of three earthquakes occurred in Sakhalin

Seismologists have recorded three earthquakes that occurred in the Sakhalin region near the Kuril Islands, said on Thursday the press office DVRTS Russian Emergencies Ministry, referring to the Geophysical Service RAS. "The first earthquake of magnitude 4.8 was recorded on Wednesday at 11:22 local time (04:22 MSK), 70 km to the south of the core Iturup, 74 km to the east. Malokurilskoye South Kuril City District Sakhalin region. Its epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean depth of 100 km, "- said in a statement. Five hours later another seismic event of magnitude 4.0 was recorded in 10 km Read more [...]
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In the Krasnodar region came bear-vegetarian

In a zoo Krasnodar region an unusual bear. Michael Potapovich not eat meat, and is afraid of fish, but loves bananas, pumpkin seeds and sandwiches with condensed milk.
Category: Animals
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On the eve of frost in the Amur region blossomed rosemary

In the Amur region blossomed rosemary on 2 October. In the southern districts of the Amur region flowered rhododendron. This flower is known as Ledum. According to the laws of nature, the first flowers should bloom in the spring. Autumn flowering was influenced by the warm weather, experts say, and call this a case of secondary vegetation. Usually rhododendron blooms in April - may. On his appearance in the last days beneficially affected by weather conditions: Ledum in abundance receives heat, light and moisture. However, perhaps in the spring it will not be enough of the nutrients they consume Read more [...]
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Bone Venus Stone Age

The bones of mammoths, woolly rhinos and other prehistoric animals, ancient stone tools with which they were hunted more than 20 thousand years ago ... an unusual exhibition organized on the eve of New Year's staff Lipetsk Regional Museum. The exhibition is devoted 85th anniversary of the discovery of one of the most famous monuments in the history of our region - ancient man in the village Gagarino Zadonsk district. In the summer of 1924 a local farmer Ivan Antonov, found near the village of mammoth bones. A little later, Gagarin came archeologists that appeared to make an outstanding scientific Read more [...]
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In the National Park Bayanaul refurbish Stonehenge and the ancient Turkic hours

As part of the tourism cluster in Bayanaul National Park refurbish Kazakhstan "Stonehenge" and the ancient Turkic hours. "There is a presidential order to develop the tourism industry. In our region, on the basis of Bayanaul National Park create a cluster that provides for the development of tourism destinations. It is a modern leisure facilities, as well as historical, that we restore. One of them - the "brothers" of Stonehenge in Lake Toraigyr. Only two such facilities in the world, we call our "mound with a mustache." By this summer he will be restored, Read more [...]
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The storm tore the roof with Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

6 October. Belarus was hit. Been dead about a hundred settlements Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev regions. But most of all the wind had cleared in the Vitebsk region: hurricane damaged trees and tore the roof with Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk.That's the way (see the video - approx. amended) the monument appeared before numerous tourists. According to preliminary data, damaged about 300 meters of the roof. St. Sophia Cathedral stands on the mountain, on the banks of the Western Dvina, and here were recorded wind gusts of up to 28 meters per second. After three weeks here must begin with the traditional Read more [...]
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Solar halo diamond sunset. South Ural, Orenburg region, Novokievka

In the Orenburg region Novokievka observe the solar halo. In addition, witnesses say Observatory of the Sun at sunset, which was visually - Lozenge.Photos by (member of the local meteokluba): "It started last night, when the temperature began to fall clearings. By midnight, it was already slightly below 20 degrees. Light wind and preserved. Night-time cooling of the wind was not strong, and in the morning my sensor recorded minimum temperature of -22.4. I saw myself in the morning only -22 on an ordinary thermometer. Generally the sun at sunset was a strange. I'm used to, it is usually Read more [...]
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Residents of the Karaganda region have witnessed the emergence of three suns

Unusual natural phenomenon observed residents Shet district of Karaganda region. Just three of the sun appeared over the horizon village of Aksu Ayuly. Optical phenomenon "sun dog" is described in the works of Aristotle, "Meteorologika." Unusual natural phenomenon caused by the refraction and reflection of light by ice crystals in cirrostratus clouds, at an altitude of 6 km. Often this phenomenon is accompanied by a circle around a light, which is called a halo. Traditional signs of false sun is associated with increased cold.Category: Atmosphere Read more [...]
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Swedish village suffered during the flood

9 October. One of the Swedish villages called Gagsmark near Kristianstad in the far Northern region of Vasterbotten affected by floods. About 40 families were cut off from the outside world after the spill occurred rivers Aby and neighboring lakes. Delivery of fresh food and transport people to work in other locations impossible due to the fact that the main road leading from the village, disappeared under an impressive layer of water with a height of half a meter. Flooded was the local cemetery.Local people are surprised such a vast flood that occurred after heavy rainfall, as even the spring Read more [...]
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Underground anomaly! In the thirty-degree frost in the Kurgan region boiling water gushed out of the ground. In St. Petersburg, found a historical document of flying saucers 18th century. Anomalous earthquake in Cheboksary. Seismic safety of residents scared tremors. -Luxury house in the center of Kiev flared up at night, when most residents were asleep. -Vampires exist! This is sure a resident of the Perm region Alexey Panfilov. -Sensation from the island of Taiwan. Local police photographed the three-meter creature unknown to science.Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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In the Kurgan region in the 30-degree cold of the drinking water wells flowed hot water.

Anomaly detected in the village of Half of Virgin district of Kurgan region. The depth of the well is 15 meters. According to a local resident Sergei Shtyrov, which stands in the courtyard of a column of water, the well was drilled 5 years ago, but never in the cold water does not rise above 3.4 degrees. Now for the past week the water temperature reaches 19 degrees Celsius. Polovintsy noted that the water was heated for a few days before December 21 - the so-called "end of the world."Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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Bigfoot show children in Kemerovo region

School children from the village of Russian-urrish (Kemerovo region) captured on a mobile phone camera huge footprints in the snow, and being that they have been abandoned. Experts of the center hominology carefully reviewed the video and concluded that the children saw Bigfoot. Movie was the first videosvidetelstvom existence Yeti filmed in Russia. The site "Riddle of the Kuzbass Bigfoot" reports that the meeting took place with the snow man near the village of Russian-urrish Leninsk-Kuznetsk district at the end of January 2013. Yevgeny Anisimov schoolboy with his friends, teenagers Read more [...]
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Snowfall de-energized 44 localities Leningrad

10.12.2010, St. Petersburg. As a result of heavy snow in the Leningrad region occurred in the electricity blackouts Kingiseppsky, Lodeinopolsky, Luga, Priozersk and Tikhvin areas. As the press service of the main emergency department in the region, as of 12:00 MSK disconnected from electricity 44 settlements with a population of one thousand 534. Socially important objects in an emergency zone were not included. A total of disrupted 29 transmission lines and 91 transformer substation. Power supply restored 10 brigades "Lenenergo" 10 units of special equipment and 37 people. Source: Read more [...]
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Snowfall in the Chelyabinsk region caused local emergency. Video

The rain and subsequent snowfall, which lasted more than three hours, led to the break lines and led to the formation of congestion on the federal highway M-5, near the town Juruzan, news agency reported "Access" in the regional emergencies department. It specified that the prompt action by road services and departments MOE adjust traffic on the highway Chelyabinsk-Moscow succeeded in no time. "On Saturday evening, and last night were reported partial breaks lines in different areas of the Southern Urals, which has now been almost completely eliminated," - commented in the Read more [...]
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Snowfall in the Kaliningrad region left without electricity 1.5 thousand people

KALININGRAD, December 9 - RIA Novosti, Eugene RIMCO. Snow which has fallen in the Kaliningrad region, on Thursday broke the power supply and Zhukovskoye Seaside villages, which are home to about 1.5 thousand people, RIA Novosti spokesman for the energy company "Yantarenergo" Alexander Koretsky. "Brigade repairers left in place as soon as signals that trip. At 12.00 MSK, they found a fallen tree branch, which was the cause of a wire break. Because of the build-up of snow, such situations can happen again, so all of the operational mobile teams are on standby, "- said the source. Experts Read more [...]
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