In Ukraine, twenty degrees of frost killed 27 people

In Ukraine, 20 ° frosts led to the deaths from hypothermia and frostbite 27 people. As reported by "Interfax" in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Donetsk region have died from hypothermia 11 people in Lugansk and Volyn - 3 people. In Sumy, Kherson and Cherkasy victims of bad weather began on 2 persons. Even one person died from the cold in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad, Rivne and Chernivtsi regions. As the press service of the Ministry of Health, in the Donetsk region 7 people froze to death while in a building. Another person was killed in the same way in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Medical Read more [...]
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A powerful earthquake in 2015, scientists predict the East Siberia

July 15, 2013. Scientists have noted an increase in seismic activity in the Siberian Federal District. The most powerful earthquake in the last period was in the Kemerovo region, notable activity recorded in the Baikal region. On this occasion portal "Sibinfo" talked to the deputy director of the Institute of the Earth's Crust Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Cyril Levy. - Cyril G., my impression is that in Siberia began to occur more earthquakes. Really now seeing increased seismic activity? - Yes, there have recently been two earthquakes with a difference of a few days - in Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the Middle Urals

Near the town of Sverdlovsk region Severoural'sk December 29 was a local earthquake that injured one miner, said Tuesday Roman Lukichev - spokesman OK "Rusal", which owns the mine. "At 5:14 (7:14 MSK) Tuesday in the mine" Red Riding Hood "was a local underground earthquake. As a result, mining worker was injured, doctors characterized as light, "- said Lukichev. The victim - a man born in 1977 - provided first aid, fractures collarbone and head injuries, he was hospitalized in Severoural'sk city hospital, said the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Sverdlovsk region. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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In Belarus without electricity 230 settlements

More than 230 settlements in Belarus was de-energized due to heavy snowfall that occurred on Tuesday night. "The most affected by snowfall Brest, Gomel and Mogilev region. Power outage occurred in 231 cities and 59 farms "- told the agency. Representative of the company "Belenergo" said that the main reason for power failures began clippings under the weight of snow lines with a voltage of 10 kV. In "Belenergo" assured that the power failure will be restored in a short time. "Emergency crews since 6:00 am working to resolve the problem. Brest region involved 33 teams, in the Gomel region - about Read more [...]
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Authorities of the Region are asked to save electricity

Governor of Trans-Baikal Territory on Tuesday appealed to the people of the region in the period of abnormally cold temperatures expected until January 4, economical use of electricity and to refrain from extensive use of high-power electrical appliances. From December 28 to January 4 in the Trans-Baikal region is expected to abnormally cold weather with an average temperature below the norm by 7-15 °. In some places severe frosts with temperatures -45 -50 °. In the night from Sunday to Monday in Chita registered temperature -41,1 °, in other areas of the province, the thermometer fell to -49 Read more [...]
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-50 ° in the Trans-Baikal region for the first 36 years

The air temperature in the south-east of the Trans-Baikal Territory on Thursday night for the first time in 36 years, dropped to -50 °, in other areas the temperature ranged from minus 40 to minus 48 degrees, abnormal frosts remain in the region until January 7. "The temperature is below the daily average rates on long-term 10-15 °. Because of the abnormal cold in the region put on high alert, the government edges schedule of duty deputy prime ministers and ministers, "- said the representative of the press service of the governor of the province. According to him, in a New Year's Eve in Chita Read more [...]
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In the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia continues to flood

July 16, 2013. As reported by a trusted source of the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, located in the north-east of China, the number of victims has spread to several kilometers flooding has reached 26 people. Flooding of vast areas was the result does not stop a few days of heavy rains, attacked the region in four passes. According to statistics from the Service Control floods and droughts, the whole of July in Inner Mongolia, the amount of precipitation greatly exceeds the norm, so that the flood is a logical consequence of waterlogged soil. A particularly difficult situation in the north-eastern Read more [...]
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Storm warning in the Crimea and the Novosibirsk region

Emergency Management in the Novosibirsk region on Tuesday issued a storm warning due to expected strong frosts. "On the territory of the Novosibirsk Region 6 to January 10, most likely in the north, northeast, set the minimum temperature of minus 35-40 degrees," - said in a statement. Currently in Novosibirsk about 25 ° below zero. MOE warns that due to the cold snap may increase the number of fires, burns and frostbite. Residents of the region are advised not to leave the premises without the need for warm and motorists as possible, refrain from long-distance travel. Residents of the private Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.0 occurred in the Italian region of Marche

Earthquake of magnitude 4.0 occurred on Tuesday in the Marches (Marche) in central Italy, according to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. According to the Italian Civil Defence, death and destruction is not revealed yet. The strongest quake (4.0) was recorded by seismologists at 9.25 am (11.25 MSK). Shortly before this happened fluctuations in the Earth surface force of 2.9 on the Richter scale. Third thrust force had 2.6 points. The earthquake's epicenter was located in the area between the settlements of St # 39, Angelo (Sant # 39; Angelo) and Loro Piceno (Loro Piceno) in Read more [...]
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Rain in the Rostov region

Movement of intercity buses in the Rostov region in all directions is closed due to heavy ice, the cause of which served as rain.

«The movement of passenger vehicles in the Rostov region is closed in all directions due to the fact that sub-zero temperatures — it ranges from -5 … -6 ° — the rain, and the roads are covered with ice, «- said on Friday the agency» Interfax «Minister of Roads, Transport and Communications of the Rostov region Vasily Holla.

Source: Interfax

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Earthquake. Trends

Interesting picture on seysmokartah. On the map view of the earthquake at the junction of the plates in the oceans over the past week, from January 31. Magnitude - 5 and up. Source: USGS, Google Earth 4.8, southeast of Easter Island 5, Easter Island region 5, north of Ascension Island 5.1, Pacific-Antarctic Ridge 6.2, southeast Indian Ridge 5.2, South Sandwich Islands region Read more [...]
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River Urca, in the Amur region, left homeless by residents of a village

July 21, 2013. Rescuers Amur region had to urgently evacuate the whole village. Due to heavy rains overflowed the river came Urca. Within a few hours the water level rose by half a meter. Flooded all the houses. The village is cut off from the world. Not only affected local school - it is located on a hill. It put part of the evacuees. The rest were taken to the nearby towns.Residents from the flooded village Ivanivka evacuated by helicopter. Sent Mi-26 - one of the most spacious cars - or simply do not have time. First, take out the children. Baby lifeguards are on hand. Almost all of Read more [...]
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Alarming suitcase teenager.

I actually 13 years old, I often go with his father and uncle in the area hiking, doing rukopashka. I decided now just in case assemble your PM: BP suddenly happen and have to throw one, etc. That's actually a list. Packing. 1. Ryukzachek 50 liter (old, do not know the brand) Provisions 1. Protein Bars-3 pc. 2. Snickers-4 pcs. 3. Noodles "Rollton" -6 briquettes 4. 1 can of meat 5. Sachet salt Fire 2 box hunting matches sealed in polyethylene. 2 lighters Tool 1. Viktorinoks Knife Link 1. Mobila 2. Ratsya kenwood2107/3107 Others 1. Lifesaving blanket 2. Compass and map of Tambov region 3. Whistle 4. Read more [...]
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Ehrzjan subethnos Mordovian-ethnic people (Mordvinians). Ethnonym E. etymologically traced back to Iranian-Sarmatian vocabulary (arsan male, man, hero). With the V c. lived to the north-west by Moksha at ter. sovr. Ryazan and Nizhny Novgorod region. At 961 E. (art, ARIS) referred to the Khazar Khagan Joseph as a people, to pay him tribute. There are suggestions that an E. wrote another ancient Greek geographer Strabo (Aorses) and Ptolemy (arsiity). Arza country Erza appears in the writings of the Arab traveler Ibn Haukal (X cent.). On E. (Arjan) reported Rashid al-Din (XIV c.) Nogai book. Yusuf Read more [...]
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Eneolithic URAL

Eneolithic URAL transition period between the Neolithic and Bronze Age. century. occupied III may beg. II millennium BC., Coincided with the transition from the Atlantic to the Subboreal period of the Holocene climatic optimum to the cool and uniform in the first two phases of the humidity Subboreal. At this time, ur. us. acquainted with metallurgy and metal copper. E.N.Chernyh shares Lv. Mining and met. region. (UGMO) on Priur.-Volga and Zaur. Mining and met. c. (GCMs), within a three-ryh functioned met. hearth (MO): yamny, Garinsky-Bor and kysykulsky. Yamny (pit-poltavkinsky) MO based on the Read more [...]
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Schuchie of p-tion n. Kurgan region. Located 170 kilometers to the west of Barrow. Der. Schuchie founded in the XVIII century. In 1893-94, at p. Railway less than a mile from S. was built art. Chumlyakov and pos., Which gave impetus to the rapid growth of us. der. By 1909 in S. 1010 inhabitants, had a mill. Regular. occupation of us. husbandry, Naib. common fisheries: pimokatny, a tailor, a shoemaker, a sheepskin. 1924 S. p. District Chelyaba. env. Since 1943 p. Coorg district. region. From 24.08.1942 S. slave. pos. May 16, 1945 S. converted in p-tion submission. In 1941 S. was evacuated zd Read more [...]
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Sheshupe river in Poland, Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region of Russia

Sheshupe (Šešupė, Sheshupe and Lithuanian Sesupe) - a river flowing  by regions of Poland (source), Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region of Russia, left tributary of the Neman (Nemunas). Belongs to the basin Baltic Sea. Section of the river Sheshupe length 51 km is a border between Lithuania and Russia's Kaliningrad region. Sheshupe originates in Poland on the Baltic ridge one kilometer north of the village Vodzilki and 18 kilometers north of the town of Suwalki. The river is 298 km Sheshupe, 27 of them falls on the area of ​​Poland, Lithuania 158 km, 62 km - Russia. 51 km of the river Read more [...]
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Shelon river in Pskov and Novgorod regions of Russia.

Shelon – river flowing in the middle-eastern and north-eastern part of the Pskov region and in the western part of the Novgorod region of Russia. Belongs to the basin of the Baltic Sea basin of Lake Ilmen and river basin – Neva and Volkhov. River Shelon very zigzag. The general direction of flow from the source to Porkhov – first north-east, and later the northern, western, and then after the settlement Pionerny north-west. From the mouth of Porkhov – north-east. Source Shelon comes from the swamps on the border and Bezhanitsy Dedovicheskogo areas of the Pskov region, 2.5 Read more [...]
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What did the Poles in the Ural rear during the Second World War?

The history of Soviet-Polish relations is one of the most painful fact of our history. For many centuries the two Slavic people compete with each other on the spaces of Eastern Europe. Create a powerful first power Rzeczpospolita, then Russian Empire, but rock inexorably falling apart both states due to errors of politicians and insatiable appetites neighbors. Both in Poland and in Russia there are national nation-wide celebrations associated with the victory. In the first case above bratom- "moskalёm" (August 15) in the second over bratom- "lyahom" (November 4).     But the most painful two Read more [...]
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Black River in the Pskov region.

Dark - River flowing through the area of ​​the Pskov region of the Russian Federation. Belongs to the basin Baltic Sea Pskov lake and river basin Narva. Dark river flows from east to west, in the lower reaches of the south-west. Originates from Lake Long (Twisted, Kryukovskoye) on a hill in the Luga Strugokrasnenskom area then flows border with Gdov district, and after moving to the area of ​​the Pskov region, where it joins the Pskov lake near the village of Oak-Bor. Localities. In Strugokrasnenskom district: no human Fri. In Gdov near the village Isakovschina. In the Pskov region: village Read more [...]
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