In the Chelyabinsk region early grew mushrooms

June 10, 2013. In the southern Urals recorded anomalous phenomenon: in early June, has grown mushrooms. Victims mushroom hunting have become two pregnant women. As the correspondent of \"New Region\", the residents of the Chelyabinsk region indicate unusually earlier appearance of mushrooms. Eyewitnesses report that met in the forests of local barns, boletus and other fungi. Usually mushroom season begins in the southern Urals in the middle of summer. There were already the first \"victims\" of such anomalies.Day 9 June, two pregnant women of the village, Condray Chebarkul district went into Read more [...]
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In the Lviv region torrential rain podtopil homes

Photo: news.wosir.uaOn the eve Lviv region torrential rain podtopil homes, The substitution of the bridge and damaged asphalt coating in Sambir district, reports Ukrainian portal lasted for two hours. Especially got Sambir district Lviv region. As a result, there were two basement flooded homes, 16 garden plots, four wells.Only in the village Belichi flooded five plots. In the village of Great Susica threatened destruction of the cemetery.Was flooded and a pedestrian bridge connecting the two villages.Raging elements also damaged highway "Big Susica - Strilbichi." This Read more [...]
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In Ukraine, the element is de-energized 100 settlements

Hundred communities in different regions of Ukraine were left without power on Tuesday night because of rain and strong winds, the press service of the Emergencies Ministry."On the night of 19 to 20 July, the weather conditions and because of the operation of automatic protection systems of power lines in eight areas are de-energized 100 settlements "- said in a statement.So, no light remained: in Ternopil region - 28 settlements in Kherson - 23, in Mykolaiv - 20, nine in Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv regions, five in Sumy and Ivano-Frankivsk region, and one in Odessa.Heavy rains, especially Read more [...]
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Heavy rains podtopili Dzhubga house in the village. Update. Video

Srochno.Rezhim emergency introduced in one area of the KubanFlooding in the Kuban region: the flow of people washed away from the treesVictims of flooding in the Kuban were at least 10 persons in the region had the monthly average rainfall. Rescuers had emergency evacuation. In constant communication with the coordinators of the rescue operation - Kuban governor Alexander Tkachev and Federal Minister Viktor Basargin regionrazvitiya - is Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.What looks like the ruins of long-abandoned house - the remains of the building in which only yesterday was a family of three Read more [...]
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In Lankaran and Astara evacuated population

In the southern region of Azerbaijan emerged a critical situation.According with reference to ANS Press, incessant rains caused mudslides in the southern region of Azerbaijan.Befell Lerik region heavy rains caused flooding mountain rivers and caused floods.As a result of heavy rains in Lerik River overflowed. Mudslides paralyzed traffic on the road Lankaran-Lerik. Overlapped part of the road due to landslides caused a number of problems for the residents. Lankaran-Lerik highway towards the morning was temporarily opened with heavy machinery, and renewed entry and exit.In Lerik and at this Read more [...]
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In the North of Russia was low freezing

June 14, 2013. Last night in the North of European Russia was rather cold. Under the influence of the Scandinavian anticyclone air Mykolaivska to +1...+6 and places mentioned even a mild frost. In particular, the lowest temperature in the region?0,4) fixed at \"pole of cold\" of the Central district in the city of Sharjah (Kostroma region) and Northern Kirov region in city Lals. As predicted by meteorologists, in the middle lane of the EPR freezing wore local and short-term (pre-dawn) character, and not caused by thermophilic cultures much harm. But in the Russian North, the cold was more significant. Read more [...]
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In Transcarpathia flooded farm in 1133, and 13 bridges. Photo. Video

10.12.10.Na morning of December 10 in the Transcarpathian region because of the weather flooded in 1133 households, 214 basements of houses, 404 wells, 121 hectares of agricultural land, and damaged about 305 lm bank protection and 6 thousand 200 lm highways, four concrete and 9 wooden bridges.As reported ZAXID.NET in regional emergencies department, suffered the most from the weather locations Svaljavsky, Vynohradiv, Volovets, Mizhgirya, Hust, Perechyn, Tyachiv, Irshava, Rakhiv and Mukachevo district.Recorded five mudslides, disconnected from the power supply 10 settlements in full and 10 partial, Read more [...]
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Storm in the Stavropol region. Video

We already reported about the hurricane-force winds in the Stavropol region.
Now we have the video. Look.

Source: NTV

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Cyclone from the Baltic is cool and destruction

In the Leningrad region declared a storm warning. Powerful cyclone moves from Finland. There's a strong wind and heavy rain raged yesterday. Leningrad area is still recovering from a storm two weeks ago, when 10 people were killed and six are still considered missing. Therefore, the approach of the new barrage is followed with attention.At St. Petersburg is a hurricane. The last, as it turned out only now, 13 people killedIn the Leningrad region declared a storm warning. After the events of the night of 29 to 30 July, when the hurricane swept away centuries-old trees, cars, and power lines, Read more [...]
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Hot in the South, it’s hot in Yakutia…

June 16, 2013. Tropical air mass origin, captured the South of European Russia, on Saturday contributed to heat up to +33...+38° and, consequently, to establish in this region of the whole range of temperature records. Above all, the thermometer rose in Kalmykia (Ascoli +38,4°, usta +38,7°), but that's where the record heat fixed and was not, in 2010, 15 June, on the territory of the steppe Republic air warms up to +40° C and higher. It should be noted that Yakutia is not far behind from the southern region. At the airport, Champoluc located in a remote place in the South-West of Sakha, yesterday Read more [...]
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In Peru fell off the snow

June 13, 2013. In the largest financial, industrial and trade center region of Peru Arequipa was off-season snowfall. The sudden cold was a serious blow to the citizens of San Juan de Terukuni who live in houses whose roofs covered with straw. It has been snowing for several days in a row. Damage 80 homes. For local residents, snow and frost are a real tragedy, because cold is unusual for this region and people are not prepared to transfer Morozov. A sudden cold snap may have a negative impact on the health impact of South American camels alpacas. It depends on the main income Chilean citizens Read more [...]
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Siberian roe

Status. Regular, widespread species. Distribution. Common in southern Siberia, the Far East, in the mountains of Central Asia, Mongolia, North and East China. In Saratov region is ubiquitous. In the Penza region 22 individuals were released in 1957, and the deer were brought from the city of Vladivostok, and therefore did not belong to the nominative, and a smaller subspecies - C. p. tianschanicus (Denisov et al, 1980; Ilyin et al, 1998 b). Now, judging by the results of measurements of skulls, roe deer populated the eastern and central parts of the Penza region. Number. The highest number Read more [...]
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Russia in a sea of fire. Video report. Part 2

Nuclear Center in Sarov rescued from fireArea of forest fires in Russia is expanding. In Sarov abandoned all efforts to prevent fire in the nuclear center.The victims of the forest fires in Russia were already 40 peopleThe victims of the forest fires in Russia were already 40 people. Such data are the Health Ministry. The dead are in the Voronezh, Lipetsk, Moscow and Ryazan regions, and in Mordovia.Blooming village was burned in 15 minutesFrom Krasnoyarsk in central Russia today flies a new group of commandos. They decided to throw a Ryazan. In the same direction from Moscow is a column of Read more [...]
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Russia in a sea of fire. Video report. Part 1

Forest fires in Russia spread to villages and townsFor the elimination of forest and peat fires in Russia are involved 240 thousand people, more than 25 thousand pieces of equipment, including 226 aircraftIn central Russia and the Volga raging forest fires. The fire had moved to villages and left homeless more than two thousand people, erased from the maps of the country a few settlements. The fire has already killed 25 people. In many areas of declared emergency mode. In general, a particular fire regime introduced in 32 Subjects of the Russian Federation. Residents allowed to enter the forest, Read more [...]
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Area of fires in the Altai region has doubled

More than a thousand people were left homeless in the Altai region as a result of the wildfires that have moved to the region from KazakhstanFive fires a total area of 6.8 thousand hectares recorded in the Mikhailovsky district of the Altai region, said on Friday Siberian regional center of Russian Emergencies Ministry."General area of 6841 hectare"- Said in a statement.According to the MOE, all fires are localized.On Friday morning it was reported that Michael's burn two seats total area of 3.3 hectares.On Wednesday, September 8, in the area almost completely burned one of the towns: Read more [...]
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The fire spread through the Altai at 100 kilometers per hour

Impacts of forest fires in the Altai regionNatural rate of fire, who came to Altay Wednesday from Kazakhstan, reached 100 kilometers per hour, it could not contain even a 300-meter fire barrier, said on Thursday the regional management of forests.Wednesday fire joined the Russian-Kazakh border and began to spread across the Altai Territory and Novosibirsk region. Managed to localize the fire from Novosibirsk, Altai, in St. Michael's, on time to stop the fire could not - a situation complicated the gusty winds, which reached 30 meters per second.According to recent reports, the fires destroyed Read more [...]
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In the eight municipalities of the Moscow region until November extended emergency mode

Wildfires swept Suburbs in the summer of 2010 due to the heat wave and droughtRegional state of emergency will be act in eight municipalities of the Moscow region until November, signed a decree to the Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov, the press service of the head of the region.Natural fires covered Moscow in the summer of 2010 because of the heat wave and drought. In seven regions, including the Moscow region, from 2 August presidential decree introduced a state of emergency. By August 23 emergency regime was abolished everywhere in the Moscow area, he stopped act August 20. However, at Read more [...]
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Four National Park Reserve and continue to burn in Russia

© Photo: the press service of the Central Regional Emergency Center RussiaFour areas of forest and peat fires are stored in four nature reserves and national parks of Russia, Ministry of Natural Resources said Thursday.According to authorities, the fires continue to Visim reserve in the Sverdlovsk region in the area of 25 hectares. In Mordovia reserve and national park Mordvin "Smolny", as well as in the Oka Nature Reserve in the Ryazan region continue to fester peat, fire anymore.General area fires in these areas is 27.5 hectares, the centers are already localized, said the spokesman.Extinguished Read more [...]
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Three fires reported in the Altai forests at night

For the last day in the Altai region registered 3 fires in the forests. According EMERCOM in the region, the total forest area was 0.14 ha, the correspondent of IA REGNUM News.All fire extinguished by forest areas. Threats to human settlements and economic facilities were not. As of the morning, there is no active forest fires.As previously reported IA REGNUM News, October 4 in the region places on the south-western regions remains extremely high fire risk (class 5 are burning).Source: IA REGNUM News Read more [...]
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New fire broke out in the Ilmen reserve

© RIA Novosti. Alexander AlpatkinPeatlands in Ilmen Reserve (Chelyabinsk region) remain on, and the two old fire a total area of 3.5 hectares on Sunday added a new ignition, reported Monday Rosprirodnadzor."The cause of fire was as always the human factor. One area of the new fire hectare, He was located in three hours after the occurrence, "- said in a statement.Two old fire in the reserve has also long been localized.Fires in Ilmen Reserve Chelyabinsk region occur for several months. To put out the fire, heavy rains are needed - however, in the region the weather is dry, say in Read more [...]
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