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Forest fires again threaten homes. Video

By fighting forest fires Ulyanovsk area attracts locals. About 200 people have volunteered to save their home, the fire came at a dangerous distance. Place already prepared for evacuation. It may begin at any time. But while the fire all the forces trying to defend the residential sector - in putting together more than 800 people and 100 vehicles, aircraft works.Fire and squally wind - this time the brunt of the disaster was in the Volga region. 50 hectares of forest in the Ulyanovsk region on fire. This Novospassky and Nikolaev regions. The flames immediately to the six selected villages Read more [...]
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Kazakh fires again threaten the Altai Territory

© RIA Novosti. Alexander AlpatkinFires in Kazakhstan once again threaten the Altai region - according to satellite monitoring, in Kazakhstan, registered more than 40 outbreaks of steppe fires, 19 of which are in close proximity to the border, said on Monday the boundary Forest Management.The report says that the earth and the Tretyakov Loktevskogo Altai Region is now a threat fire, located 9 kilometers from the border.According to the Office, Altay management specialists is in continuous communication with the duty timber inspection of Kazakhstan, which assures that all possible measures are Read more [...]
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Ulyanovsk region four days trying to put out a big forest fire. Video

Ulyanovsk region four days trying to put out a big forest fire. Over the last day failed 3 times to reduce the area of fire. However, about 20 acres are on fire.As fire fighting continues in the Irkutsk region. The day before it broke fire in the Baikal National Park. By now it was possible to localize. Continue to smolder small pockets, sometimes burning brushwood. Now, the work of fire 43.Source: TV Center-Moscow Read more [...]
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In several areas of the Ulyanovsk region declared a state of emergency. Video

Forest fires are again reminded of themselves. In several areas of the Ulyanovsk region declared a state of emergency. The total area is 57 hectares of fires.In the Sverdlovsk region erupted again fire Visim in reserve. Identifying reasons for the prosecutor's office has already taken. Now being tested and the requirement for fire safety. In addition, to the centers of the additional forces pulled together to extinguish the fire. Over the past day fire area increased to 10 hectares.Xenia Semisynova, propaganda chief inspector for emergency department of the Sverdlovsk region:- In firefighting Read more [...]
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The effects of the landslide in the Tasman region of New Zealand

Read more [...]
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China: Xinjiang snow fell, and Jiangsu pouring rain

June 21, 2013. In the North-West, China in the summer of unexpected snow. Snowfall in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region lasted all night. Pastures of Bayanbulak completely covered with snow. Got about 29 mm of rain and the temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celsius.Although in the cities summer snow caused confusion and traffic congestion for residents of rural areas such weather is a joy, because in this region are often droughts, and now there is hope for a good harvest. Meanwhile, in neighboring Gansu province floods and landslides. The rain did not stop here two days. Half a day fell Read more [...]
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Status. Rare, sedentary species. Distribution. Occurs from Spain and North Africa to South-East China, spread north to the Baltic Sea and the Wed Volga region, south to India and Indochina. In Russia, inhabited central and southern regions of the European part, the North Caucasus, the Volga region and the south of N. Wed Volga. In the Volga region late Kozhan represented by two well-differentiated subspecies: the European (E. s. Serotinus) and Turkmen (E. s. Turco-manus). Coming to the borders of the region finds representatives of these two forms were confined until recently to the Volgograd Read more [...]
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Selle came in Almaty region

In Almaty region has gone rural, blocking the township road. According to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan, victims, and there were no injuries, according to news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan."On Tuesday night, in the basin as a result of past Aksai intense rainfall occurred small mudflow release," - said in a statement.According to the MOE, gryazekamennoy mass blocked the road. Height has come off weight was 20-40 centimeters.Source: Read more [...]
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Kiev reservoir dam burst. Forecast

In Ukraine, there is no such rivers as the Dnieper ... Pripyat Chernobyl threat? ... How MOE will save citizens, if he himself should be saved? ... Each bag should be ready with all the necessary ...Some weeks we are frightened spring floods, which threatens many areas of the capital and the largest population of the Ukraine.We turned to the experts-katastrofologu Basil Creed, head of the international group of independent specialists in predicting the effects of disasters and emergencies, so he set out his vision for the threats.In Ukraine there is no such rivers as the Dnepr- Why the flood of Read more [...]
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Flooding in Tuscany

Right after Christmas in Italian region Tuscany began flooding.Because of the warming and the melting of the snow out of the banks of a small river Serko which flooded the neighborhood and turned the village located in the hills in the province of Lucca and Pisa in these islands. Flooded roads and partially damaged power lines - which is why in region state of emergency.In the disaster area rescue squads that boat evacuating people from dangerous areas. Those who are in a hurry before he left his house flooded, authorities permitted under the supervision of engineers a while back - to pick up Read more [...]
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In Ukraine, the flood

In the Kherson region, due to prolonged rainfall that hit the neighboring region last week, significantly up the water table.As the press service of the Kherson obladminstratsii, present in seven districts of the region was flooded 41 settlements. Water is for garden use, in the basement of nearly two thousand private residential homes in the region. A little more, and can be flooded the houses, according to "TSN".In the fight with the water element activated the Emergency Situations 90 vehicles and 135 rescue personnel to pump water. Earlier this week, a special commission for the Read more [...]
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In Kazakhstan, the unprecedented floods. Video

In Kazakhstan, the unprecedented floods. This year, in the country of snow fell seven times more than the norm. And because of the sharp rise of warming the water level in rivers and reservoirs.From the villages of East Kazakhstan region rescue helicopter has evacuated more than five thousand man. Several areas declared a natural disaster. Flood waters tore down four bridges, destroyed hundreds of homes and a half, more than a thousand buildings flooded.10 days ago in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan during the floods killed 40 man. 8 more, including three children, are still reported missing Read more [...]
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Storm warning announced in Tomsk

The water level in the river Ob in the village Molchanovo Tomsk region May 6-10, can reach a critical level, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Tomsk region."On Thursday, the head of ice flow on the Ob is a village Narym Parabel District, tail - the village Parabel. Now this part of the ice jam formed. On Wednesday, area left the task force EMERCOM of Russia on the Tomsk region. Scheduled air reconnaissance area with a view to deciding on ledovzryvnyh works to destroy foul, "- said in a statement.According to MOE, water levels continue to rise in the Ob, Read more [...]
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Photos of floods in Spain north of the country is drowning in water

Because of river flooding in the province of Cantabria urgently evacuated population. Independently from their homes, people can not. In region broken rail and road links.We recall a similar situation in the south of France. In the Var department of emergency was declared. Flood victims were 20 people. Rescue workers remove people from rooftops and rescues from cars. Rushing streams literally demolished parked cars as toys. According to meteorologists is flood - The strongest in region for nearly two centuries. Source: CTV Read more [...]
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Nearly 100 houses flooded in the Novosibirsk region

Nearly 100 houses, home to about 220 people were flooded on Wednesday night in Iskitim district Novosibirsk region, the press service of the regional EMERCOM."For the last night there was a sharp rise of water in the river Koyniha Iskitim district. Level rose above the critical 1.5 meters ... In the area of flooding were 94 houses, inhabited by about 220 man, 25 of them are children, "- said in a statement.As explained the representative of Ministry of Emergency Situations, 43 houses flooded above floor level, 51 houses flooded the basement.According to rescuers, the people prepared to Read more [...]
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The earthquake in Western Nepal

June 29, 2013. The earthquake occurred in the middle of the Western part of Nepal in the region Rukum, had a magnitude of 5.5. Tremor was felt in 15 administrative units of the country and even in the capital city Kathmandu. Major destruction from earthquakes recorded in the southern Rukoma settlement Nuwakot destroyed more than a dozen houses. In Jagatpura due to shock damage to two two-storey buildings. The other damaged buildings are Khalanga-9. Among men are also victims, whose number reached 20. Most people from the epicenter are still afraid to go back inside the house so expect tremors Read more [...]
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Irkutsk dives

In Irkutsk, due to heavy snow melt many of the streets turned into real river, in the private sector are flooded dozens of homes. Water in the room - literally - to the waist, and the furniture and things just float away.A local woman, "I do not know what we'll do. It's not summer - water ice, everything floats. "Problems arose with public transportation. In one area the water left the tram tracks. MES is projected, in the Irkutsk region flood wave will be one of the most powerful.Source: NTVPrevious news:· Flood threatens two million Russians· Flooded central Russia· In Read more [...]
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Spring flooding and its consequences. Review

In Kirov suffer without water - drinkingThis is also the consequences of the flood. The snow has melted and brought dirt. This water can not drink.Several Russian regions suffer from the effects of high waterIn Tomsk area at night and the water subsided, but the situation has evolved according to the worst-case scenario. One of the suburbs, the village Black River, flooded completely. Hence had to be evacuated on the eve of nearly a thousand people.Rescuers all Day blew ice on the Tom River - is to reduce the level of water in the flooded areas, but residents of some settlements are still bringing Read more [...]
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Volgograd region flooded 12 villages

Due to receipt of meltwater and ice jams on the river Kumylga rose by almost three meters. Suffered about five hundred houses, hundreds of residents were evacuated. Particularly difficult situation has developed in four areas.According to weather forecasts, the situation in the near future time not improve. At risk are 23 districts and islands in the Volga region of Volgograd. In the case of the most disadvantaged in the area of high water flooding may be more than 30,000 people and 9,000 homes.On the eve of the Volgograd region burst dam. Inundate the area of railway trains were on time stopped.Source: Read more [...]
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Downpour left without light dozens of towns and cities in Ukraine

Heavy rain and strong wind left without electricity 61 city in the central and south-eastern regions of Ukraine, the press service of the Emergencies Ministry."On the night of 5 to 6 July, the complications due to weather conditions trigger automatic protection of power lines in four areas blackout occurred 61 settlement: in Poltava - 26, Kiev - 14, Zhytomyr - 12, Chernihiv - seven, Donetsk - two "- said in a statement.In Dnepropetrovsk and towns Vasilkivka Dnipropetrovsk region were flooded due to bad weather 42 private residential homes, eight apartments and 102 private plots. Also Read more [...]
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