In Kaliningrad expected frosty nights

May 30. EMERCOM the Kaliningrad region warns of frost, which is expected in the region nearest the night, the press-service management. "According to the Hydromet, the night of 30 to 31 May and from 31 May to 1 June night frost in places are expected to 0-2 degrees," - said in a statement. In this regard, the rescuers recommend a specified time not to overload electrical outlets, not warm accommodation with gas burners and plan leisure and work on the streets with the sharp drop in temperature. Now Kaliningrad air temperature is 13 degrees. Night on May 30, the temperature fell to 6 Read more [...]
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Indian Army evacuates more than 400 tourists, cut off by a landslide

July 8. Indian Army conducts rescue operation in the north, where on Saturday a powerful mudslide cut the mountain road, which is why in the trap was more than 400 tourists, said on Sunday channel CNN-IBN. According to media reports, the powerful mudslides cut Saturday night mountain highway near the town Durbuk in the mountain region of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. In the trap was over 150 cars with tourists and locals. Indian military to clear the way, as well as tourists evacuated to temporary camps, where they are provided with hot meals, blankets and medical aid. Information on casualties Read more [...]
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By region, Kalinin Region

Office of the NKVD on the Kalinin region formed task force of 20 people, led by Senior Lieutenant of State Security comrade. Nazarov , which is transferred to the occupied territory of the Kalinin region, with the task of working on "The Raven" in Nevel, New Sokolniki, and Idritsa Pustoshkinskom areas, using existing in these areas of our agents.

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According to the city of Smolensk

a) To prepare the necessary activities and the operation of Smolensk us abandoned behind enemy senior detective NKGB USSR State Security Lieutenant Comrade. Wolves , to help where the following agents: 1. "Clair" in 1898 born, Russian, non-partisan, an electrical engineer, with bodies. NKVD - KGB, working since 1930. Used to sabotage work in Spain, often successfully carried out combat missions. Bold, decisive man, in the German language. 2. "Gustav" born in 1905, a German member of the German Communist Party, the political refugee, took part in the Spanish Civil War and Read more [...]
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Ural region

14th district - Ural. The area is located in the European and Asian parts of the Union. There are many urban areas. Natural resources for the development of different types of recreation are great, but are not fully utilized. Possible to expand network of rest, treatment, tourism, not only for the local population, as is the case now, but also for visitors from other parts of the country. Suburbs and country areas around big cities are used for a short rest with a gradual extension of the zone in the direction away from the cities. This is dictated by the increasing development of public and Read more [...]
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The north-western region

10th district - North West. It includes: the Leningrad region, south of the Karelian ASSR, Pskov, Novgorod and Vologda. In regard to the recreational area is closely related to the central and western areas of recreation. The main wealth - the historical and revolutionary sites, monuments of culture, architecture, and unique landscapes and mild climate. Important for the district has Leningrad - the second concentration of population and cultural value of the country's center. Area densely populated, it is booming tourism (mainly cognitive), All-Union and international. Medical and Wellness Read more [...]
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Vole red

Status. Normal, a widespread species in the region. Distribution. Found in the forests of Europe, North Asia Minor, Siberia extends eastward to the river. Yenisei. In the west and south of the range mainly inhabits deciduous forests, taiga - spruce. On the left bank of the Saratov region is the southeastern boundary of the range. Common in the forests and on the right bank of the north-west of Volga. Forest belt on it goes southern border area, which runs along the river. B. Irgiz (Larin et al, 1968) and gets up to about highway Saratov - Ershov. In the east, the Saratov region extends Read more [...]
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Noctule small

Distribution. Occurs from England and Morocco to the Urals and North-Western Himalayas. In Russia inhabits Central and Central Black Earth region, Wed Volga, South Ural, North Caucasus. Number. Quantitative indicators and their trends in the north of the Volga N. unknown. The extreme rarity of seeing a small vechornytsi in the region formed the basis for the inclusion of species in the regional Red Data Book (Svyatkovsky, 1996 a), and in Appendix 1 to the Red Book of the Saratov region (2006), "An annotated list of taxa and populations of animals that are excluded from the Red Book of Read more [...]
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Status. Normal, numerous species of the region. Distribution. In Russia, found on the western borders of the country to Yakutia. Was first introduced to the Islands in the White Sea, 1928, as a result of successful acclimatization modern area has a huge area. In the Saratov region is widespread on the floodplains of rivers, ponds and reservoirs. On the right bank of the small rivers avoids channels, where the flow rate is high and there are no reed and Rogozov beds (main feed rodent). On the banks of the Volgograd and Saratov reservoirs also common, sometimes abundant species. Widespread, Read more [...]
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Lynx common

Status. Rare, locally distributed species. Distribution. The southern boundary of lynx habitat in the European part of Russia is on the southern edge of the forest-steppe zone. The Volga settlement south there since the late 70's. last century, when the participation of regular visits form the Penza region, and in 1980 the area was discovered Gorodischenskoe brood (Ilyin et al, 1996). Currently populated the trot all relatively large forests of the Penza region, as well as the forest belt along the rivers Khoper and Raven (Ilyin et al, 2006). In the Saratov region lynx appeared and began Read more [...]
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Vnekurortnoe use of mineral waters

In recent years, on the basis of mineral springs, bred in the residential areas, health authorities organized at hospitals, clinics, medical unit balneological hospital, in some cases, with hospitals providing the opportunity to use the thermal bath in vnekurortnyh conditions. At present, the Soviet Union has over 50 such balneolechebnitsa: Moscow (in Zhdanov's), Ivanovo, Vologda and other cities - based on a deep well of highly derived sodium chloride waters rich in iodine and bromine. On the basis of sulfide waters balneolechebnitsa organized in Saratov, Syzran, Baku, on the basis of radon Read more [...]
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Bromine iodine water (Group D)

Mineral water obtained from wells suburban Sm at the farm "Suburban" near the city of Alma-Ata. In chemical composition is close to Aksai, but has a higher mineral content (15 g / l) sodium-calcium chloride with 30 bromine and iodine - 6,5 mg / l of organic matter - up to 10 mg / L, thermal. This water (as recommended by the Department of Cardiology and Kazakh Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Almaty State Institute of Advanced Medical) is widely used for both outdoor as well as for drinking water treatment (at a dilution of 1:1) in sanatoriums in Alma-Ata ("Motorist Read more [...]
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Small white-toothed shrew

Status. Rare species with a stable habitat. Distribution. Range covers the European part of Russia, the North Caucasus, the Caspian Sea region. North limit of pygmy almost reaches the 60th parallel. Number. Accurate inventory data Saratov region no. In the western part of the number is increased by steppe areas in the lowland forests of river valleys Khoper, Bear and Balanda. In the Volga number is slightly lower, but in the floodplain. Bizyukov (right tributary. Eruslan) of its pop-daemost the trap was 1.7% per 100 trap-nights, and steppe habitats Prieruslanskoy steppe - 0.3% per 100 trap-nights Read more [...]
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The neck

Neck (collum) connects the body to the head. Its boundaries are the upper mandible and the mastoid process of the temporal bone at the bottom - the jugular notch of sternum and clavicle to the lateral edge of the trapezius muscle. The solid base of the neck are 7 cervical vertebrae. In the interior of the neck are the internal organs related to the digestive (pharynx, esophagus) and respiratory (larynx, trachea) system, the endocrine glands (thyroid and parathyroid). Pass through the neck to the head and the head of the large blood, lymph vessels and nerves. In infants and children up to 5 Read more [...]
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Stomach (ventriculus s. Gaster) is a container for the food and prepare it for digestion. Food particles under the influence of gastric juice loosened, soaked with digestive enzymes. Many micro-organisms trapped in the stomach, are killed by the action of gastric juice. When muscle contraction of the stomach chyme is exposed and machined, then evacuated to the following parts of the digestive system. Found that in the mucosa produces a special substance that stimulates blood (factor Castle). In the stomach distinguish cardiac part, bottom, body and pyloric region (Fig. 230). 230. Stomach Read more [...]
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In Ulyanovsk, formed four-meter drifts

March 28. For three days in Ulyanovsk fell two months rainfall. "Tractor breaks tracks in the snow drifts, which reach heights of 4 meters," - said the situation in the region Governor Sergei Morozov. In the coming days in the expected dramatic warming to 2-8 degrees above zero. At night, the rain is expected with snow. Such weather can cause icing of power lines and broken wires. Emergency crews are preparing to restore power lines, according to ITAR-TASS. The region is expected storm with wind gusts up to 20 meters per second.The government of the Ulyanovsk region noted that Read more [...]
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The earthquake occurred in the north of the Amur region

January 6. 3.9 magnitude earthquake recorded on Friday in Tynda district of Amur region near the village Yuktali, no casualties or damage, the press service of the regional emergency department. Territory near the village Yuktali is a zone of seismic activity since January last year. Powerful aftershocks are felt to once every three months. The village population 2.2 thousand people, ten five-story buildings were constructed with the seismic hazard. In March, residents of the northern village of Amur region after the earthquake a magnitude of 5 points spent the night on the street for fear of Read more [...]
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Seismic tremors recorded in Berezniki in the Perm region

February 22. Seismic stations registered on Tuesday night three cases tremors in the area of the former mine on the outskirts of the city of Berezniki, Perm region, said on Wednesday the press service of the regional emergency department. "In the evening on February 21 in a single duty of dispatchers received several phone calls from residents of Berezniki, feel the vibrations the earth's surface, accompanied by the roar of unknown origin ... Seismic post, located in the village of Romanov and Solikamsk, there have been three seismic events", - stated in the .Director of the Mining Read more [...]
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MOE has not found an explanation mysterious hum in Berezniki

April 11. The reason for the strange underground strike and its accompanying roar that was heard in one day in February residents of Berezniki, Perm territory, and are not set, told reporters on Wednesday, the deputy chief of the region Alexander GUMCHS Styazhkin. Seismic stations registered in the evening on February 21 three tremors in the area of the former mines in the suburbs Berezniki. There were also calls from residents, felt the tremors, accompanied by the roar of unknown origin. Earlier, in the past few years created three soil failure, opinions about the nature of the origin of which Read more [...]
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Almost 20 thousand families in Peru evacuated because of river flooding

April 4. Numerous exits from the shores of the rivers in the northeastern Peruvian region of Loreto forced over 19.2 thousand families from their homes, said Tuesday the broadcaster Univision. Cause of the disaster began to heavy rains, due to which the water of the rivers Amazon, Ucayali and Marañón overflowed. Peruvian authorities have organized the delivery to the affected area for about 30 tons of aid, especially food and warm clothes. Now the state of emergency declared in 60 towns in the region of Loreto. In addition to residential homes, severely damaged and crops, which are grown by Read more [...]
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