New fire broke out in the Ilmen reserve

© RIA Novosti. Alexander Alpatkin Peatlands in Ilmen Reserve (Chelyabinsk region) remain on, and the two old fire a total area of 3.5 hectares on Sunday added a new fire, reported Monday Rosprirodnadzor. "The cause of fire was as always the human factor. Area of the new fire one hectare, it was contained within three hours after the occurrence, "- said in a statement. Two old fire in the reserve has also long been localized. Fires in Ilmen reserve Chelyabinsk region occur for several months. To put out the fire, heavy rains are needed - however, in the region the weather is dry, say Read more [...]
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Forest fires again threaten homes. Video

By fighting forest fires in the Ulyanovsk region attract locals. About 200 people have volunteered to save their home, the fire came at a dangerous distance. Place already prepared for evacuation. It may begin at any time. But while the fire all the forces trying to defend the residential sector - in putting together more than 800 people and 100 vehicles, aircraft works. Fire and squally wind - this time the brunt of the disaster was in the Volga region. 50 hectares of forest in the Ulyanovsk region on fire. This Novospassky and Nikolaev regions. The flames immediately to the six selected Read more [...]
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Ulyanovsk region four days trying to put out a big forest fire. Video

Ulyanovsk region four days trying to put out a big forest fire. Last Day failed 3 times to reduce the area of fire. However, about 20 acres are on fire. As fire fighting continues in the Irkutsk region. There the day before the fire started in the Baikal National Park. By now it was possible to localize. Continue to smolder small pockets, sometimes burning brushwood. Now, the work of fire 43. Source: TV Center-Moscow Read more [...]
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In Samara region are burning wood. Video

Today, of the Samara region came hot news. After a short break for myself reminded wildfires. The fire rises to homes. Local administration sends to extinguish all the few forces. But quickly get to the islands of fire is almost impossible. NTV correspondent Mikhail Chernov transfers from the firing line. The forest around the town Bezenchuk off several days. In some places, the fire came close to homes. At risk to several villages. In villages Oleksandrivka Kanoevka and neighboring holiday village were preparing to evacuate residents. When the fire from the houses separated only a narrow Read more [...]
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In the Russian regions remain on four reserves and national park

One of the steppe and the three peat fire remains unquenched in four nature reserves and national parks in Russia, said on Thursday the Ministry of Environment. "Steppe fire was discovered in the Orenburg Reserve (Orenburg region) September 29, 2010. Area affected by the fire, was 2.5 thousand hectares. In firefighting activities involving employees of the reserve, two fire MOE calculation, local residents, special equipment, "- said in a statement. According to authorities, in Mordovia reserve and national park Mordvin "Smolny", as well as in the Oka Nature Reserve in the Read more [...]
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In several areas of the Ulyanovsk region declared a state of emergency. Video

Forest fires are again reminded of themselves. In several areas of the Ulyanovsk region declared a state of emergency. The total area is 57 hectares of fires. And again in the Sverdlovsk region was a fire in the Visim reserve. Identifying reasons for the prosecutor's office has already taken. Now being tested and the requirement for fire safety. In addition, to the centers of the additional forces pulled together to extinguish the fire. Over the past day fire area increased to 10 hectares. Xenia Semisynova, propaganda chief inspector for emergency department of the Sverdlovsk region: Read more [...]
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In the eight municipalities of the Moscow region until November extended emergency mode

Natural fires covered Moscow in the summer of 2010 due to the heat wave and drought Regional state of emergency will operate in eight municipalities of the Moscow region until November, signed a decree to the Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov, the press service of the head of the region. Natural fires covered Moscow in the summer of 2010 because of the heat wave and drought. In seven regions, including the Moscow region, from 2 August presidential decree introduced a state of emergency. By August 23 emergency regime was abolished everywhere in the Moscow region, he has ceased to operate on Read more [...]
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Heavy rains podtopili Dzhubga house in the village. Update. Video

Flooding in the Kuban region: the flow of people washed away from the treesVictims of flooding in the Kuban were at least 10 persons in the region had the monthly average rainfall. Rescuers had emergency evacuation. In constant communication with the coordinators of the rescue operation - Kuban governor Alexander Tkachev and Federal Minister Viktor Basargin regionrazvitiya - is Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.What looks like the ruins of long-abandoned house - the remains of the building in which only yesterday was a family of three. Wave wall smashed to pieces, inside there is not furniture Read more [...]
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In Lankaran and Astara evacuated population

In the southern region of Azerbaijan emerged a critical situation. According with reference to ANS Press, incessant rains caused mudslides in the southern region of Azerbaijan. Befell Lerik region heavy rains caused flooding mountain rivers and caused floods. As a result of heavy rains in Lerik River overflowed. Mudslides paralyzed traffic on the road Lankaran-Lerik. Overlapped part of the road due to landslides caused a number of problems for the residents. Lankaran-Lerik highway towards the morning was temporarily opened with heavy machinery, and renewed entry and exit. In Lerik and Read more [...]
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In Transcarpathia flooded farm in 1133, and 13 bridges. Photo. Video

10.12.10.Na morning of December 10 in the Transcarpathian region because of the weather flooded in 1133 households, 214 basements of houses, 404 wells, 121 hectares of agricultural land, and damaged about 305 lm bank protection and 6 thousand 200 lm highways, four concrete and 9 wooden bridges. As reported ZAXID.NET in regional emergencies department, suffered the most from the weather locations Svaljavsky, Vynohradiv, Volovets, Mizhgirya, Hust, Perechyn, Tyachiv, Irshava, Rakhiv and Mukachevo district. Recorded five mudslides, disconnected from the power supply 10 settlements in full and 10 Read more [...]
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Steppe marmot

Status. View, the state is due to the measures taken or because of natural population trends is safe, but is not subject to industrial application and for its populations requires constant monitoring. Distribution. At the beginning of XX century. was widely distributed in most of the steppe zone. The range extends from Podolia in the west to the left bank of the Irtysh in the east. By the middle of the last century due to plowing of virgin lands and unregulated fishing area was divided into separate isolated settlements that are confined to the "inconvenient" land and protected conservation Read more [...]
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Middle Urals can provide itself with grain by only 15%

According to the press service of the Middle Urals Department of Agriculture, local food grain provides 10-15% of domestic needs. In past years, the Middle Urals covered cereal deficit by donors - the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions. But there is a drought destroyed about 2.5 million tons of grain, and the neighbors are unlikely to help, said "Uralinformbyuro." Sverdlovsk region to the federal government request for allocation from the state intervention fund of over 300 tons of food and feed grains. This will close the internal demand by 50%. The rest, according to preliminary data, Read more [...]
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Emergency mode is entered due to drought in the Kursk region

The order of the governor of Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov in agriculture in the region introduced a state of emergency, the press service of the regional EMERCOM. The adoption of this measure due to the drought in the region, the report said. At present the total amount of damage farmers Kursk region is estimated at 1 billion rubles, the area lost grains was 90 ha. In addition, 20 hectares of sugar beet is under threat of death in connection with the established weather. Source: Interfax Read more [...]
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Warming will wash the Middle East conflict from the Earth

Canadian "International Management Institute of Development" published a report on the prospects of global warming in the Middle Vostoke.Doklad said: "Rising temperatures, increased tension: The risk of conflict in the Middle East." The report examines the consequences that global warming will result in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Lebanon. The report said that the Middle East is now the region with the greatest water scarcity in the world. In most countries, the demand for water exceeds the available reserves. Rising temperatures and changing (shortening) Read more [...]
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Orenburg region this year due to drought harvested three times less grain

Orenburg region almost finished harvesting, harvested in the region of about 650 million tons of grain - three times less than the previous year, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti, the representative of the Ministry of agriculture and food processing industry in the region. Last summer, in the Orenburg region acted emergency mode due to abnormal weather conditions - dry winds and severe drought. "As of September 16 in the Orenburg region harvested almost 1.04 million hectares of grain, harvested 1.035 million hectares - is 92% of the total harvested area in the region. Now the region harvested Read more [...]
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Cpeksya potatoes. Because of the drought …

Russia has lost about half of the crop "second bread" ... Roast, mashed potatoes, fries, pie, stewed with prunes, boiled with dill. Potato dishes this year risk becoming delicacy. Domestic farmers talk about the catastrophic crop failure and the coming price increases. Russian consumers have volunteered to help out Belarusian potato growers who have born a bulb at glory. According to preliminary estimations of experts, this year in Russia, killing more than half of the potato crop. In total, according to Rosstat, potatoes planted on 2.2 million hectares. So, a million of them this Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan: The death of the Aral Sea may have unintended consequences

Desiccation of the Aral Sea may have unpredictable consequences for the world. According to international experts, the socio-economic impacts associated with the drying up of the Aral Sea, is one of the world's biggest disasters of modern times. Preserve the natural biological pool Aral, reduce harmful effects of the Aral crisis on the environment and, most importantly, the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of living here and millions of people on the most important task today. By the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov said in his speech on September 20 at the plenary session of the Read more [...]
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Drought in Russia: A disaster for Egypt

Embargo on grain exports to the effects of the unprecedented heat and drought in Russia, threatened the food security of the largest Arab neighbor Israel. Middle East experts have analyzed the consequences of this decision for our region. Egypt - the most populous country in the Arab world (80 million people). Cheap corn tortillas - the staple food for almost half the population. It is no accident, Egypt ranks first in the world for the consumption of baked goods and the largest importer of wheat (9.8 million tonnes). Prior to the ban imposed by the Russian authorities on August 15 on the Read more [...]
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In the Tula region because of the drought emergency regime introduced

Tula Oblast authorities have introduced a state of emergency in the agricultural sector and for governments in the region. "Emergency Mode in the Tula region in the drought this year introduced decree of the head of the region since September 15, a document formally entered into force upon publication in today's regional press," - told "Interfax", the press service of the regional administration. Introduction of emergency adopted in order to reduce the adverse effects of a prolonged drought and the associated loss of crops and shortage of the crop, based on the decision Read more [...]
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In Perm regime introduced emergency because of drought

Press-service of the Perm region said that because of the continuing dry weather in Perm introduced emergency mode, in connection with the claim area for additional support from the federal budget. The press service said: "By order of the Government of Perm, in the region in view of the situation related to the loss and damage of crops due to drought, is set to the emergency. First of all, the problems of manufacturers affected grains and vegetables, while forage for livestock in the Perm region harvested in sufficient quantities. " The regional authorities have reported that when Read more [...]
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