TATARKIN Alexander

TATARKIN Alexander (11.3.1946, p. Chesmensky Port Arthur district, Chelyabinsk region.), Economist, Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1997), Dr. Economy. n. (1987), prof. (1990), Honored. Worker. of Science (1996). In 1972 he graduated. Sverdl. Law Institute, in a rum has gone from a graduate student to the head. the Chair, Dean of the Faculty. Since 1987 he works at the Institute of Economics of UB RAS deputy. cond. Science, 1991 Dir. T. specialist in the regional economy and the optimal functioning of territorial entities of different levels, according to the socio-economic impact of the reforms Read more [...]
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Armored columns

Armored columns military units equipped with the means of the working people, one of the forms vsenar. French assistance. in the cities. WWII. The initiators of the movement became a slave. Chelyaba. abrasive h-huh. They suggested the fall of 1941 in Chelyaba. region. beg. fundraising for TK im. Chelyaba. Komsomol. Total for this purpose has received 11.5 million rubles. On the money collected slave. Kirov s da after hours manufactured KV tanks. Established column was equipped with the best Representat. Youth, defended Stalingrad, fought on the Kursk Bulge and ended its combat history in Sofia. Read more [...]
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SILVENSKIE MARI Marie (the ethnonym".), Cheremis (old eng. name), in the past, were Izv. as Kungur Mari, as Ter. stay until the 1780s included in Kungur. VT. lips. (from the 1780s krasnoufimsky. VT. the lip.). Live compactly in Suksun district, VT. region and in a remote village. Nbalance Kishertskogo R-VT. reg. num. 1,5 thousand people. the Appearance of Mari on the PP. Sylva, Irene notes written sources of the XVI century In the seventeenth century Mari us. has increased due to the migration of Cf. Volga region (Kazan in.). According to lang. and spiritual culture close to krasnoufimsky the Read more [...]
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Sumin Peter Ivanovich

Sumin Peter Ivanovich (1946, C. Upper Sonarca Chelyaba. region), the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region. After graduating in 1964 high school, worked on Chelyaba. Metallurgist. C-de (CHMP) assistant steelworker, a master of the electric plant. From 1971 to 1978 C. was elected Secretary of the Komsomol CHMP, the first Secretary of the Metallurgical district Komsomol Committee, first Secretary of the Chelyabinsk city Committee of the Komsomol. In 1978, on its own initiative C. spent on the production of Deputy chief of EMS-5 CHMP. From 1980 to 1984 was elected the second, then first Secretary of Read more [...]
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COURTS in 1723 the establishment of ECAT. court and county affairs office was laid early. the formation of the judicial system in the U., which bore the class character. Cases considered citizens of the mountains. Town Hall, and since 1775 the mountains. magistrates are elected by the merchants and philistinism to 3 years and who reported lips. Master. In 1866, abolished and their functions transferred to the ambient. ships and mountains. Duma. To consider cases of state. and ascribed to the s-ladies cross. there were lower violence (1775-96), consisting of a judge and 8 judges. From 1796, all Read more [...]
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LINK forced removal of persons out of court of their place of residence with the mandatory settlement. in a particular area for the approved term. W. was born in end of the XVI in. After recovery. Uglich (May 1591), broke out in connection with the death of Tsarevich Dmitry, W. g.Pelym in 60 families were deported uglichan, h. were enrolled in Pashennoye cross., joined the rest of the local garrison, consisting of musketeers and Cossacks. There were exiled disgraced townspeople from Moscow and Kaluga, to-ryh obliged to handle the sovereign desiatinnaia arable land. In 1600 he was exiled in Pelym Read more [...]
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SOLIKAMSK (Usolye Kama)

SOLIKAMSK (Usolye Kama) of p-tion n. Perm. region. Located on the river. Usolka (lion. Tributary. Kama) 368 km to the north of Perm. First upominanenie C. in local chronicles in 1430 and due to the DOS. tradespeople people Kalinnikova salt pans on r.Usolke. In the XVI century. by C. took the direct route to Siberia, which significantly strengthened the Social-economic and polit. position S. was adm. c. Great Perm, founded. c. Prikamye salt production, assembly of transport routes, c. crafts and trade. By the end of XVII-beginning. XVIII centuries. due to the depletion of salt deposits, transfer Read more [...]
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State farms (owls. X-va)

State farms (owls. X-va) State. c / x enterprise. First established in 1917 on the basis of the confiscated estates. Were designed to demonstrate a cross. advantages of a large s / x Mfr. based societies. property, to contribute actively to the reconstruction with. S. was state property. property and assign them on a full host. reference. In November. December. 1917 on the basis of the nationalized estates W. organized 8 C. The process of their creation intensively held in 1918 at the end of 1918 there were about U.. 100 C. They possessed considerable in those days mat.-tehn. base. S., org. in Read more [...]
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Joint raid Fisheries and rescuers on the river Yablonevaya and sheepskin Rostov region

Last week, experts at Veshenskaya Fisheries Inspectorate, together with the staff of the Department for Civil Defense and Emergencies ISU on Kasharskomu district of Rostov region completed two joint supervisory activities. Inspectors examined the waters of rivers and Yablonevaya sheepskin. As a result of activities carried out offshore inspectors identified three violation of fishing regulations, drawn up three protocols on administrative offenses. Employees of the Department of Fisheries Lower Don continue to operate in accordance with the plan of joint activities in the field of aquatic biological Read more [...]
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In Western Siberia, the weather anomaly. Video

In some areas of the Omsk region at night the temperature drops to -50 °. This winter there have already recognized the coldest in the last 40 years. A similar situation is in the vicinity of Tyumen. Be on the road in this weather - a serious risk to life.For the freezing of the driver on the track to meet the crew of rescuers - means to survive. In the arsenal of every mobile location heating necessarily have warm clothes and hot tea. With the onset of winter just to the south of the Tyumen region emergency workers rescued thus almost 100 people. Rescuers are recognized: errors drivers Read more [...]
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URAL. Sverdlovsk region. 07.12.2013, output in the taiga. Managed to cross the river on a narrow frozen footpath in the main river is not tetanolysin Zaporozhets

9 Dec 2013 at 13:21|I like228 commentsIlya Zaporozhets here we are =))) joy please =) some taiga. the taiga) Link Our homeland, Sverdlovsk region, Krasnoturinsk - Yandex.Карты9 Dec 2013|1Nikita TEMNOZOR Long do you have river narrows, I next[Chelyabinsk region], already lakes and rivers frost glazed ~15cm)9 Dec 2013|Sergey Anikin in Krasnoyarsk only puddle nachali to ledenice the snow is still kinda there....9 Dec 2013|Ilya Zaporozhets replied Nikita TEMNOZOR Nikita, we abnormally Read more [...]
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SVERDLOVSKAYA AREA formed on January 17. 1934 (spun off from Eq. Region.). In 1938, to ter. region. Connect the upper-Tavdinsky district of the Tyumen region. and r-us Chelyaba. region .: Butkinsky, Kamyshlov, Pyshminsky, Talitskii, Tugulymsky; from the SO highlighted in Perm. region. In 1942, of Chelyaba. region. in SO transferred Kamensk-Ural, Kamensky and Basil r-us. SO is located in the foothills of the middle. and North. W., on B includes hours. Zap. Siberian Plain, in the extreme southwest Land Ufa plateau Vost.-Europe. Plain. River Tavda Tour Iset? Pishma. In the northeast and B. a lot of Read more [...]
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SVERDLOV Jacob (Yankel) Mikhailovich

SVERDLOV Jacob (Yankel) Mikhailovich (23.05 (04.06). 1885 Nizhny Novgorod 16.03. 1919, Moscow), part. and owls. State. figure. From a family of artisan. He studied at the Nizhny Novgorod mountains. high school (1896-1900). Pers. RSDLP (1901). Conducted roar. work in Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Kazan. Pers. Kazan-ta RSDLP (1905). Repeatedly arrested. Since July 1905 led to illegal work W. Perm, ECAT., Et al.'s. and s-dah. Notable organizational and oratorical data often spoke at meetings. In February. 1906 hands. Lv. region. desks. Confer. elected before. region. -ta. In June 1906 arrested Read more [...]
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Safakulevo with., p-tion n. to Coorg. region. Located 200 km from Barrow. Arose in the middle. XVIII century. Prior to 1917, was part of the Karasevskoye? Par. Chelyaba. y. Orenbah. lips. Since the autumn of 1919 Yalan Canton Bash. ASSR. Since 1930, p. Yalano-Kataysk district, from 1940 Safakulevskogo. In p. located brick, asphalt cement, oil and hleboz-dy. There is a cinema, ill., Clinic, muses. school, recreation center, stadium, 2 Bible. Us. 4.4 thousand. Pers. (01/01/1996). Lit .: Kurgan region. Administrative-territorial division. Barrow, 1958, 1982; Essays on the History of the Kurgan region. Read more [...]
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SATKA of p-tion n. Chelyaba. region. Located on the western. slope of Eq. mountains, at the confluence of rivers. B. and M. Satka (bass. Belaya) 236 km to the west of Chelyaba. Regular. in 1758 with the mine owners Stroganov page. meth. h-huh. Fate of S. closely connected with many others. facts of the history of the Fatherland. In the years. Cross. War 1773-75 she was a support base of the rebels, in the period of social services. shocks early. XX century. here there was a fierce struggle supporters of white and red movements. After 1917 the village. beg. develop rapidly. In 1922 the village. Read more [...]
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SAID-Galiev Sahib Garey

SAID-Galiev Sahib Garey (1894-1938), Sov. desks., statesman. figure, pers. RSDLP (b) since March 1917, from 1915 in the arm. After the February. roar. pers. Regiment. -ta and ECAT. Council office. and Soldiers. dep. Since Apr. stood before. Garrison Muslim-ta, pers. -cerned in their native lang. carried on propaganda among sold. Muslims. In August. 1917 SS-G Level headed. region. Muslim Military Council, created in region 1. Muslim military convention. Under the arms. SS-G The Council has become a watered. c., hands. roar. ur movement. Tatar-head. Soldiers., office. and the cross. SS-G played Read more [...]
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HORTICULTURE cultivation of fruit crops. Climatic conditions in most hours. Ter. W. was not allowed to successfully develop S. open ground. First gardens closed ground (greenhouses, greenhouses) appeared in the XVIII century. Botanical Gardens P.A.Demidova Solikamsk, fruits and berries in Dalmatovskoye Mon. In the beginning. XIX century. begins to develop S. open ground, the foundation-cerned was sprouting in the forest-steppe and steppe zones of the Permian. and Ufa Province. wild cherry, cherry, currant, mountain ash, raspberry. Concurrently. along the banks of rivers. Kama, the Urals and the Read more [...]
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In Ukraine, began flooding

In the Kherson region, due to prolonged rainfall that hit the neighboring region last week, has considerably increased the level of groundwater. As the press service of the Kherson obladminstratsii, now in seven districts of the region were flooded 41 town. Water stands in gardens, in the basements of nearly two thousand residential private homes in the region. A little more, and can be flooded the houses, according to "TSN". To fight with the water element MOE tripped 90 pieces of equipment and 135 rescue personnel for pumping water. Earlier this week, special commissions at the local councils Read more [...]
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With a backpack and herbarium folder

     Over 170 years of history of the museum–Reserve it labored a lot of great people, talented scientists. Among them we can name and NM Gruner (1910–1972). Eminent botanist–researcher, she has made an enormous contribution to the study of flora Tagil region. Natalia Maksovna was among those who can be called "tagilchanami captive"She was in our city under tragic circumstances. But along with the PE Rickert, ON Bader, AI Rossadovich and others worked tirelessly for the benefit Tagil, leaving an imprint of its history.     Likely future Read more [...]
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River basin of the Peipsi-Pihkva lake

River basin of the Peipsi-Pihkva lake:  Majestic the river is the Western part of the Pskov region of the Russian Federation. All right tributary of the Stately WADA left tributary of the Stately Issa left tributary of the StatelyKudeb left tributary of the Stately Kochva left tributary of the Stately Pskov right tributary of the Stately Blue left tributary of the Stately Soroti right tributary of the Stately Atroa left tributary of the StatelyLa right tributary of OutroThe cherekha right tributary of the StatelyKEB right tributary CherekhaGlowka river of Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).