Heavenly sign: on the night after the announcement of the abdication of the Pope in Saint Peter’s dome was struck by lightning

Late in the evening of 11 February, after Pope Benedict XVI announced his abdication from the throne of Rome storm broke. With one of the lightning struck right in the dome of St. Peter's.Representatives of religious bodies can only wonder if it was an accident or a special sign from heaven.On the ground, the reaction to the resignation of the Pope is ambiguous. Many European political and religious leaders have already said they believe the act of Benedict XVI courageous and deserving of respect.In the Russian Orthodox Church said they did not expect Benedict XVI after the departure Read more [...]
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China sets conditions have not elected Pope

China's Foreign Ministry said the conditions under which the country is ready to support the new leader of the Vatican, whose name will be announced in the next month. If you accept the conditions of the Holy See, it will be a breakthrough in relations between the two countries. Diplomatic ties between China and the Vatican were severed in the early 1950s. Official Beijing announced its readiness to develop relations with the new leader of the Vatican. However, his successor Benedict XVI officials from China have prepared a number of conditions. According to a Foreign Ministry Lay Hoon, Read more [...]
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What would the widow

At the appointed hour, I came to Gromyko. The Lord of the waiting room, Vasily Makarov, regulating the flow of people into and out through the doors of the ministerial office, located at a small table. He looked at me through his thick glasses habitually carefully, trying to define my "weight class" in order to properly from the start to build a relationship. Like most all-powerful personal secretaries of ministers, he had identified himself with those who serve, and therefore very unceremoniously held with all those who were lower, including in this case, and deputy ministers. In the Read more [...]
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About Commandments sex

About Commandments sex and not just about them says Tonu Oates - a specialist in sexology - Dr. Oates, I have a suspicion (after reading the editorial mail about sex) that our young people in this matter not too enlightened. What do you think? - We conducted surveys among schoolchildren. We came to the conclusion that the problem is not even that they know very little, and the other is terrible what they know. The impression they create is: sex - is a perversion. Then they have to retrain, to explain that sex - is not necessarily the case of drunkards, this - the most beautiful that can exist Read more [...]
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Asking for help to the embassy (consulate) of the Russian Federation

Almost all countries in the world in the Russian Federation established diplomatic relations aimed at the presence of the official Russian representative in a foreign country. In a foreign country can be several forms of representation: embassy, consulate, mission. Embassy - diplomatic representation of the state in a city where the government of a State or an international organization* (67). Legally embassy compound is an enclave and belongs to the state, which it was installed. Thus, it is not subject to the laws of the surrounding states. In addition to the Embassy may contain consulates Read more [...]
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Personality psychology as a major problem-4

BG Ananiev [1980] established principle of personal union of mental processes, states, and mental properties, along with psychophysical entities, activities, motivations and needs. This is the essence of one of the most broadly defined personality in Soviet psychology. Many members of the general psychology and most health psychologists adhere to a certain person belonging to VN Myasishchev: the essence of the personality are social relations of man to the world and to himself. This definition, which seems more philosophical than psychological, fully described in the numerous works of the author Read more [...]
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Inadequacy of global regulatory institutions

The absence of absolute dominance of one economic and military and political power in the world was undoubtedly a strong positive factor that allows to take a number of major decisions of the international community towards the harmonization of the global system of political and economic relations. This adjustment is carried out, including on the basis of consensus (it is doubtful that he this principle could prevail in the present conditions, if this question - that is, the introduction of this principle in the system of international relations - would be subject to discussion.) Bear in mind Read more [...]
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