In Brest on a street Promenade dandelions bloomed

Photo - Andrew Germanic on October 24. In spite of the deep autumn, is relatively warm and Sunny weather. On a street Promenade, in Brest in some places there are blooming dandelions. They usually bloom in late spring and summer, and October flowering occurs relatively rarely. However, it is not out of the ordinary event, and this is not surprising. All because of the lack of strong frosts and high daytime temperatures. Of course, this is not blooming fields, but it is curious. Source: Virtual Brest Read more [...]
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Planet star Fomalhaut in 20 years hits the asteroid belt

Fomalhaut is among the relatively young and bright stars in the sky of the southern hemisphere, located relatively close to Earth. This star is removed from us by 25 light years, and in size it is much larger than the sun.A group of scientists working with data telescope "Hubble", found that the planet Fomalhaut star, Fomalhaut b, is highly unusual orbit that after 20 years it can lead to disaster - a collision with an asteroid belt, the press service of NASA. In 2008, the team of astronomers led by Paul Kalas (Paul Kalas) from the University of California at Berkeley (USA) announced Read more [...]
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Diagnosis of postnatal diseases erased form-8

Of the numerous samples is most often used to modify the Quick test to determine Pytel antitoxic function of the liver. This test is relatively simple, and the results to a certain extent the antitoxic function of the liver, and indirectly - overall health. Etiologic diagnosis of essential importance for the understanding of the clinical picture of the disease, and for rational therapy, involves a detailed microbiological examination. We will not be here to present techniques of bacteriological research, focus only on the diagnostic value of it. Among the studies plays a major role blood cultures. Read more [...]
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Large, reddish or gopher — citellus major pallas

Synonyms: Spermophilus rufescens, Arctomys rufescens, Citellus rufescens. Kazakh name: balpak. Russian local, name: Meadow gopher. In Pushnikov: common ground squirrel. Notes on taxonomy. Reddish gopher in its morphology is well-differentiated species. From close to him red-squirrel it has large size smaller zygomatic width, reduced first upper premolars, narrower brain capsule, relatively shorter dentition, small orbits. In red-squirrel "cap" on the head fainter, and her cheeks are white. Reddish gopher has a very low intraspecific variability. Give a description Read more [...]
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Bat pond

Status. The small sedentary species, with a relatively stable habitat, vulnerability to man-made factors. Distribution. Lives in the steppe and forest zones of the Northern and Eastern Europe, east of Western Siberia to the Yenisei River in Kazakhstan. Number. The share of species accounts for a relatively small number of findings (8.0%), but the number of fish caught or taken into account it is second (about 6.2%), second only to Pipistrellus pipistrellus slato. The discrepancy is associated with the discovery of large brood colonies, which significantly affected the ratio of all bat species Read more [...]
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The Asian long-tailed ground squirrel — citellus undulatus pallas

Synonyms: Spermophilus eversmanni, Citellus eversmanni. Kazakh name: tapak kuypyuk. Local name: emuranok - Altai. In Pushnikov: obyknovennyysuslik. Notes on taxonomy. Long-tailed ground squirrel was first described by Pallas to p. Selenga (Transbaikalia). In 1841, Brandt described the long-tailed ground squirrel called - Spermophilus eversmanni and in the same year, the gopher Eversmann was described under the name of - Arctomys altaicus. The Asian long-tailed ground squirrel is very close to the American parakeet gopher - Citellus parryi Rich., 1827. The latter are somewhat Read more [...]
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