In Armenia, an earthquake 2.5 points

Photo: EMSCEarthquake of magnitude 2.5 occurred on July 13 at 8 km south-west of the city Sevan Gegharkunik region Armenia. Information on casualties were reported."Underground push force of 3 points in the epicenter was recorded at 15.19 local time (14.19 MSK.)", - The duty manager of the National Seismic Protection Service of the Republic.Near the town of Sevan is the eponymous lake, which is one of the most popular places for recreation Armenia in the summer, "Novosti-Armenia".As reported by the "Caucasian Knot" earthquake similar magnitude occurred in the Lake Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred in Taiwan

Photo: EMSC

In the eastern part of the Chinese island of Taiwan reported earthquake magnetudoy 5.4.

Tremor was recorded seismic service in the island on Sunday night.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located near the town of Hualien.

Data on victims, casualties or damage have been reported yet

Source: A Look

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In Iran, an earthquake measuring 5.9

Photo: EMSC Iranian state television reported on the earthquake magnitude 5.9 points in a remote area in northeastern Iran.It is reported that earthquake started at 23:23 local time (19:23 CET), 300 kilometers from the city of Semnan province Damhan.During the disaster two villagers were killed and 40 injured, dozens of homes were destroyed. U.S. Geological Survey to estimate the strength of the earthquake at 5.7 points.Source: MIGnews Read more [...]
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Taiwan recorded an earthquake of magnitude 5.2

Photo: EMSC Magnitude earthquake 5.2 registered on Tuesday on the island of Taiwan, China's Xinhua news agency reported.Earthquakes have been recorded in the north-east of the island at 7.16 Beijing time (03.16 MSK). The epicenter of the underground hit, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, was located at a depth 108.9 km.Information about the possible destruction and no injuries reported.In September 1999, an earthquake in Taiwan magnitude 7.6 killed about 2.4 thousand people. In December 2006, the tremors damaged several communications cables off the coast of the island, resulting in Read more [...]
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In the east of Indonesia earthquake with magnitude 6.0

Earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred on Sunday in the eastern part of Indonesia. Information on casualties or damage were reported.According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake was located near the Kai Islands and center lies at a depth of about 9 km.According to seismologists, there is no tsunami threat.The Indonesian archipelago is part of the so-called Pacific volcanic "Ring of Fire", which is characterized by high seismic activity, ITAR-TASS reported.Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda Read more [...]
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An earthquake measuring 4.4 in Bulgaria

Photo: EMSC Evening of October 7 in Varna and Provadia recorded earthquake of magnitude 4.4 on the Richter scale, reported in the European Mediterranean Seismological Institute.Earthquake was recorded 22:51 hours with its epicenter at about 7 km south-east of Provadia and 34 km. west of Varna.Data on victims and the wounded there.Provadia temporarily without electricity. In Bulgarian media reported the broken glass in the area.Earthquake also felt in Ruse, Novi Pazar, Dobrich, Devnya.Source: Read more [...]
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A series of earthquakes occurred in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, on Monday morning (05.00 MSK), a series of earthquakes of low power with an interval of about 30 - 40 minutes, reported in Dushanbe seismic station.The last two hours three counters registered tremors of low power. All three earthquakes occurred about 85 kilometers south-west of Dushanbe.The magnitude of the first tremor was 4.4, the second 4.9, power the third has not yet been established. Earthquake affected part of a densely populated region of the country, including Dushanbe.Near the quake is and Rogun HPP. Information about damage were reported, reports ITAR-TASS.Source: Read more [...]
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An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the south-western China

In southwest China on Monday night was magnitude earthquake 4.5. This was reported by local media.Tremors lasted for 7-8 seconds. Information on casualties or damage were reported, according to ITAR-TASS.In May 2008, in the same area was magnitude earthquake 8, which killed more than 80,000 people. Since then, the seismic record of service periodically there tremors of varying strength.Source: Voice of Russia Read more [...]
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Evacuation to Fiji because of hurricane

Destruction caused by cyclone Fiji. Photos © AFPCyclone fourth category covered the northern part of Fiji, caused considerable damage to buildings on the coast, thousands of people were evacuated inland, reported on Monday by AFP citing local authorities.Fiji authorities ordered the evacuation of about 6 thousand people from several northern islands in the region because of the collapse of the cyclone "Thomas." Reportedly, despite wind gusts up to 280 km / h, accompanied by floods and destruction, the local population was pre-prepared for the disaster, which killed only one person.The Read more [...]
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Showers in Sao Paulo

The death toll from tropical rain held in the Brazilian city of SaoPaulo, increased up to eight people, said local rescue service and fire protection. Previously reported six dead. According to rescuers, all the dead, including three children, were victims of landslides in areas of natural development on the periphery of the SanPaulo.According to meteorologists, for 12 hours in the city fell 55.5 millimeters, corresponding quarter of the monthly average for this time of year.Downpour also caused chaos on the roads of South America's largest city. Overflowed rivers and Pineyrus Thiet, and Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Croatia

June 22 2010.Dva man hospitalized, 40 cars damaged by fallen branches and shingles, knocked down 15 telegraph poles and dozens of trees.These are the results of the disaster that struck the capital today Croatia.According to police in Zagreb injured elderly inhabitant the city, which fell a temporary construction site fence, and the young man, injured when falling tree, ITAR-TASS reported.It is reported that the amount of damage done to the city economy and private property, is not yet known.Other parts of Croatia for the third consecutive day the brunt of the heavy rains.A particularly difficult Read more [...]
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Rostov fell heavy downpour

Downpour Hail, suddenly began 29June around 16.00 in Rostov, significantly impeded traffic on several downtown streets, RIA Novosti reported.Main roads flooded in four places. On a street even swam bus. The passengers had to get out of the cabin. Due to the rain fell a tree, there is a power outage.Information about the victims and the extent of the damage has not yet been reported.Meanwhile, according to weather forecasters, the storm will last Rostov and the area for several hours. The sharp deterioration in weather department for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations of Read more [...]
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Sinkhole in Berezniki. Photo

Failure soil Berezniki: Cavity expandsSpecialists of the company "Uralkali" spend Berezniki (Perm region) seismic survey and monitoring of railroad, which took place on Thursday morning failure soil. Scientists analyze the cause of formation of a cavity, which continues to expandSource: NewsCorporate communications office of the Sverdlovsk Railway reported that on Thursday at 4:55 am Moscow time, the station Berezniki in the administration of the cargo operation was avtotormozov train."On examination of identified failure subgrade depth 20 meters, a width of 50 meters and a length Read more [...]
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Floods in southern Israel

Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in southern Israel. There are deaths and injuries, several people are reported missing. Under water were dozens of settlements.Some cities are flooded first floors of buildings. Evacuated hundreds of residents. Rescuers work in emergency mode, the phone lines every minute emergency services received dozens of calls for assistance.No better than the situation in the Palestinian territories. Moreover, local authorities blamed the Israel. In the press reported that the soldiers of this country opened one of the dams, resulting in the streets of Gaza were Read more [...]
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Deadly flooding in Tennessee

Frame CNN from the sceneAs a result of floods in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, caused by heavy rains that continued throughout the weekend, died, according to the latest data, at least 15 man. This May 2 reported by Associated Press.Previously reported five dead in the flood. Now states that only in Tennessee, the worst affected by the disaster, killing 12 man. Two others are reported missing.Search and rescue operations are complicated by severe weather conditions and inaccessibility of the affected areas because of degraded roads. From flooded areas evacuated thousands man, Residents Read more [...]
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Flooding in northern Ispanii.Video

Powerful showers in northern Spain caused floods in the province of Galicia. In the municipality of Asturias announced plight, reports NTV.The streets of several cities are literally flooded with streams of water, reported on the convergence of floods. Information about the victims and the victims have not yet been reported.Source: NTV news Read more [...]
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Flooding in Sudan has left 600 families homeless

Prolonged heavy rains caused severe flooding in the province of Bahr el Ghazal in southern Sudan, which left without shelter 600 families reported Saturday radio "Miraya."According to journalists, in the village in the north of Aweil destroyed 10 residential areas. Minister of State for Information and Communications Sudan Mauyen Makuach Bona (Bona Mauein Makwach) reported that homeless people have been placed at the site, where construction airport."This is a temporary solution as long as the water does not subside with the flooded areas," - he said.Islamic charities have Read more [...]
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Residents of Peru are buried in the mud. Video

Mudslides, flooding southeast Peru's heavy rains the night of October 17, destroyed at least 50 buildings. Residents were forced to hastily leave their homes.Tullumayo river burst its banks. City Urubamba, not far from the popular tourist city of Cuzco, was brought mud and rocks. As reported by the Associated Press, water mixed with mud, the level of which in some places is one meter, flows through the city.As of October 19, the information on casualties were reported.Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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The number of victims of a new wave of floods in Vietnam has reached 16

The number of victims of the next wave of flooding in central Vietnam, caused by heavy rains has reached 16 people, two more people are missing, said on Thursday the Associated Press reported, citing local authorities.Previously reported eight dead.According to the National Office of Flood Control and storms, to date day provincial Fuen, Anhui and Nintuan dropped about 100 centimeters of precipitation, evacuated more than 40,000 man.The latest data from the beginning of October the number of victims has reached 159 elements man.As reported by forecasters, the rains are expected in the next few Read more [...]
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Tornado damaged 16 homes in the area Udomelsky

Last night was a strong tornado in the village Manuylova Udomelsky region Tver region. The settlement remained without electricity. In place of a lifeguard.As reported in our weekly press service of the regional emergencies department in the Tver region, the incident there were no casualties. Knocked down a few trees, destroyed 16 homes and some outbuildings. Severed power lines, the settlement de-energized.At the moment the rescue work is still underway - is sawing fallen trees, power is restored. Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the road to the village is free, so the work Read more [...]
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