Preliminary organizational and preventive measures

Leaders mountaineering activities in the process of taking a number of preliminary organizational steps to facilitate and accelerate the rescue. They are: 1) forming spasotryada events and that training of its members so that rescuers caught up in the incident, were not able to lead the team from the bottom part of the rescue operation in a small group; 2) the development of tactical schemes of certain types of rescue operations on the main climbing routes in the area. Tactical scheme is a graphical representation of the route (using international symbols UIAA), broken into stages with Read more [...]
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Safety in mountaineering

Every year the number of people active tourists in the mountains. Their attracts a variety of unusual experiences, the opportunity to test himself in a duel with the elements. But the nature of the mountains is difficult, often full of dangers, and while sports organizations each year improve training of mountain climbers and tourists, to put into practice new types of equipment, improve the organizational forms of climbing activities, mountain accidents do happen. Therefore work to ensure security in the highlands can not wear sporadic. Need to constantly replenish their knowledge about the Read more [...]
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Its mission is: To detect the victim or group assistance, transportation during the difficult mountain terrain. Chief vanguard pick an experienced climber working, able to soberly assess the situation and make decisions. It comes with one of the first outputs and organizes the work on the spot. The head unit includes groups: headache (I out), rope and other equipment (II-III outputs), search, surveillance, and pickup adjustment. Lead group in any case moving as fast as possible to be the first to come to the scene to provide assistance and to all primary and preparatory work to ensure Read more [...]
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The crew

The crew of the aircraft shall: immediately evacuate the passengers and crew to safety; take a group and individual rescue equipment; necessary to administer first aid to passengers and crew; prepare to work emergency radios and send a message about the disaster, to determine its location; to prepare for the use of visual signaling (signal mirror, fires, traffic signs), to prepare the site for planting rescue helicopter. All of the above work should guide the aircraft commander or, in his injury, the death of one member of the crew. After assessing the situation the aircraft Read more [...]
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Use of aircraft for rescue operations

It's rather hard to imagine a sport expedition to a remote region of the Pamir and Tien Shan, Altai without close cooperation with aviation. This solves a complex number of critical issues: quick delivery of the expedition to the mountain area, exploration flight over remote canyons and peaks, zabrosku goods to the upper base camp, the evacuation of the expedition, the provision of search and rescue operations. No exaggeration to say that only by aircraft in the 60-70's were held massive climbing mastering difficult mountainous regions of Central Asia. Use of air power in mountaineering Read more [...]
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The organization and structure of rescue services in the USSR and abroad

In the Soviet Union began networking rescue station was started in the 30s, it completely modern structure took shape in 1959, Mountain Rescue Service is working with the Office of Soviet Union Mountaineering Council of Voluntary sports clubs and organizations, it comprises 16 control and rescue items located in the Caucasus, Pamir and Tien Shan. Voluntary spasotryady in the Crimea, in the Urals, Kamchatka. Rescue work in the mountains, we are engaged in two trade union organizations - Tourism and alpine rescue services. All the activities of our rescue services focus on the following key Read more [...]
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Man in autonomous navigation for rescue rafts

Every year it becomes safer navigation. Designs of the ships, which provide their buoyancy in severe injuries, improved automatic navigation in difficult weather conditions, creating a reliable fire fighting, etc. And yet ... statistics show that in 1970 alone, sank 352 merchant ships (excluding vessels of less than 500 tons displacement) with a total tonnage of over 1 million tons according to the Institute of Economics of Maritime Navigation in Bremen from 1972 to 1976 had disappeared in the sea depths of 754 large ocean vessel. Record were 1978 - 1980 years. Over these three years the world Read more [...]
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Hovering helicopter and rescuers to descend the rope

When hovering at low altitude is not possible, no steeper slope of 60 °, and the flight conditions allow, lowering rescuers and equipment is carried out on the rope with a winch. However, this method is not safe, the rescue operation is preferable to landing on the intermediate landing. When descending a rope to rescuers wearing a gazebo, his backpack he carries himself. Mechanic opens the door, and the work is done in the following sequence: 1) rescue, catching lanyard loop, sits in the doorway of helicopter; 2) He picks his arbor for shotgun cable on the winch and remove the self; Read more [...]
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Organization of rescue operations

If necessary, rescue chief PCB or spasotryada event ensures readiness of rescue units to the output. Usually work a spasotryad event, which was an accident, but can be any climbing units in the area, and in coordination with the local authorities - the local population. PCB chief or spasotryada know your situation, develop organizational and tactical plan for the rescue operation. According to the plan chosen its leader (who may be an employee or supervisor spasotryada PCB), appointed by the chiefs of divisions that define the output groups, the order of interaction and communication. Read more [...]
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The conservation of life in a shipwreck in the ocean or the sea

Disaster in the world's oceans can occur for various reasons. This collision of vessels, and hit the reef, and the result is a severe storm or typhoon. This can happen during a fire in a collision with a stray mines during World War II. Modern maritime statistics relentless - every half hour SOS alarm sounds every day and killed at least one vessel. But it happens that over the vast ocean distress and airliners. In this case, the passengers of the aircraft have very little time to leave the cabin, as the aircraft afloat from 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the design and type of aircraft. Read more [...]
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Nodes, pergolas, trim

The most common rescue operations following components (Figure 27) and the stirrup, the conductor single, single with a carbine and without b, a double in the conductor, grasping g, grasping a rifle - Dr. Bachmann knot, weaving is In the practice of mountaineering are becoming more common loop of tape widths. To bind them are only a counter unit, sometimes called a looped x. Indispensable in rescue unit UIAA s: it is used to brake the rope during a dynamic way of insurance, the descent of the victim. For attachment to the rope used: bowline, conductor single and double (b and c in Read more [...]
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