Fowl Russia

The final publication on the monitoring of game birds in Russia, denoted in terms of hunting science major tasks of hunting country in monitoring wildfowl. Tasks, without which hunting is "vulnerable" place of the national economy, and hunting - poaching and legal headache for the state.Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Russia's chances to retain control of the main resources of the hunting enormous Eurasian migratory waterbirds are quite large, but Only under certain conditions.The most important of them is necessary to recognize, first, the existence of a real monitoring of the Read more [...]
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REST in PEACE — a new expansive ammunition G2R RIP

The company G2 Research has made a real stir in the market pistol cartridges, presenting their own new 9-mm cartridge with a unique expansive bullet RIP (rest in peace - rest in peace).New expansive (unfolding) bullet R.I.P., when you hit the target revealed rosette, which increases their destructive ability. New cartridges made a splash on the arms market, and the owners of the guns now struggling to get them for yourself. 9 mm ammo is capable of reaching a depth of 40 cm, spreading damaging fragments up to 15 seeSmall teeth of this bullet, which the manufacturer was called trocars, as the circular Read more [...]
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Bright red sprite in the stratosphere

August 13, 2013. On the edge of earth's atmosphere, where the dark sky line meteors and gentle light shining noctilucent clouds, sometimes you can see the odd shape of lightning. Scientists say that the sprites is as beautiful as it is mysterious. Jason Örns (Jason Ahrns), graduate of the University of Alaska, made a photo of bright red sprite over Oklahoma city on August 6. A specialist in the study of the Aurora that day was onboard the U.S. National center for atmospheric research, carrying out regular flight. \"During the flight we had not seen the sprites, but found them later on the records Read more [...]
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50 circumstances to protect the child from vaccination

1. There are no studies designed to find whether the vaccine prevent the disease. Graphics morbidity faster demonstrate that vaccination was administered at the end of the period of the epidemic, when the disease was already at the last stage. In the case of smallpox vaccination actually caused a powerful surge of incidence, while the protest society has not led to its abolition.2. No long-term research vaccine safety. Are only short-validation, where vaccinated subjects compared with the group which introduced another vaccine. In fact to associate you with the unvaccinated group. And nobody knows Read more [...]
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MOSCOW, 22 Feb — RIA Announcements.

1st piece of the meteor that crashed last Friday in the region of Chelyabinsk, delivered in Moscow, in the laboratory of meteoritics Institute of Geochemistry and analytical chemistry, Vernadsky Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geochemistry), where experts will conduct in-depth research "guest" also to prepare the application for inclusion of a meteor in the international directory.In the framework of programs of research scientists plan to make a sliced piece of meteor width of 40 microns for petrographic research. Not counting, of course, is exactly the type of meteor, its Read more [...]
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Tick ​​bite and effects, methods of treatment and prevention.

Now began a period going on nature, barbecues, tents, mushrooms, berries, and other delights of the natural life. Just now intensified and ticks and what they carry: tick borne encephalitis - Encephalitis, which people can become infected from biting his mite attacks the nervous system. Its symptoms - a very severe headache, vomiting, dizziness, high temperature. Lyme disease - First strikes kozhu.Bakterialnoe disease. Man enters Borrelia combing wound. Therefore, the bite should be thoroughly washed and certainly desirable than any alcohol-containing, iodine or green paint, in extreme cases, Read more [...]
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Apologetics psyche, or how to protect your mind

I am by nature a person sensitive to the situation and because sometimes there are situations in which it is difficult to do something reasonable under the pressure of emotions. Held this morning an article about the impending chaos after the presidential election, and I really started to shake.] Just ignore the message about the possible dangers, stupid and short-sighted. Looming question: How not having any knowledge of political science, political knowledge in a particular situation (such as current infa only upper case), geology or astronomy can build their behavior, build a strategy and Read more [...]
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Paraglider Lacking in Peru

Xavier Murillo, the caput of the Parasailing Man Cup Connection, has bypast lacking approach Huarez, Peru astern a parasailing fledge on Friday. Murillo, 49, was finale seen at an el of round 6,000 meters. He was carrying both a wireless and cell. A research and saving opperation has been afoot since Saturday, but pathetic profile and questions most Murillo's insurance sustain circumscribed the use of aircraft. Murillo, who is French, was in Peru with a grouping of paragliders reconnoitring the country for an X-Andes case adjacent yr. The Parasailing Mankind Cup Connection is presently elevation Read more [...]
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Shock: melting Arctic sea ice releases the will of deadly gas

The Russian research team was surprised to discover methane emissions from the surface of the water on December 13. Significant and unprecedented emissions of methane, a gas that is 20 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide were detected in the form of bubbles on the surface of the Arctic ocean by scientists, who carried out a comprehensive study of the region. The scale and scope of methane emissions surprised the leader of the Russian research group studying the seabed of the East Siberian Arctic shelf in the North of Russia for almost 20 years. As we learned from an exclusive interview Read more [...]
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Someone steals the earth’s heat…

6 February. Until now, scientists could not understand what happened to a significant part of the heat energy which the Earth over the last ten years has received from the Sun. Some researchers believe that the loss to be found in the ocean depths - the heat went there. Others say that no loss was not, was the place to be trivial mistake in the calculations. This story can be called the crime of the century. Which still no one can really reveal. And its essence is very simple - every day on the planet someone is stealing... its warmth! Moreover, the amount of theft is not small - we are talking Read more [...]
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Expanding our paranormal possibilities — biophysical and clinical approaches to parapsychology

Despite the fact that most of the current debates about the existence of the paranormal arises in research psychology and culture, in fact, the background investigation of psychic abilities as much, if not more, is based on the physical sciences and clinical medicine. In a recent article for Reality Sandwich researcher Paul Devereux examines biophysical experiments of Dr. Michael Persinger and Dottie Blake of the Lavrentiev University in Ontario, and, as can be seen from these experiments, they carry our attention back to the physical characteristics of phenomena: "Parapsychology usually gives Read more [...]
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Hundreds of flowers bloom on the Arctic Circle

This charming scene could be mistaken for the end of summer in Britain, when the rivers and lakes are floating flowers. But in fact, it is even more surprising phenomenon, and hundreds of flower petals are not normal, and the structure of ice on the Arctic Circle. While scientists know little about the physical, chemical and biological properties of the structure. To ensure the safety of the research team used a special vehicle that passes through the snow and ice. In the picture, scientists conducting research work at the foot of the glacier.Category: Other Read more [...]
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In the Arctic seas thawed new cool place

But start there fishing only after serious research, which Russia does not have the money. The warming of the Arctic Ocean in the central part of the ice-water area of vacant area of 2.8 million square meters. km. Scientists believe that there may be a lot of valuable fish species. But to begin fishing in those areas can not, without serious research. With funding for marine research expeditions in Russia decreased by 40%.Flounder and capelin are moving north- Halibut, capelin and cod in recent years was as up to 82 degrees north latitude, - says Evgeny Shamrai deputy. Director of Science Read more [...]
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Divers found two gas volcano near the Crimean coast

on 8 June. Underwater archeological expedition \"Coast of the gods\" 210 kilometers from the shores of the Crimea discovered two gas volcano. It is reported by the press service of the Republican Committee for the protection of ultraslide. How to tell the Republican Committee head of the expedition, Deputy Director of the research Institute of the National Academy of managerial staff of culture and arts Sergei Voronov, the first stage of the expedition, which began on 21 may, there has been a significant discoveries: \"Frankly, when research was conducted and we found the craters, it alerted us, Read more [...]
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In the Arctic discovered vast fields of methane emissions

on September 26. The participants of the Russian-American expedition to the Eastern sector of the Arctic discovered a new large fields of methane emissions in the Northern parts of the Laptev sea and the Bering sea. This was reported by phone from aboard the research vessel «Academician Lavrentiev» the commander of the Arctic research Laboratory Pacific Oceanological Institute far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor at the American University of Alaska-Fairbanks Igor Semiletov. «Gas torches» pass through the entire thickness of the ocean water Read more [...]
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Invisible objects become reality

Scientists tend to deny the opportunity to create something that will allow the subject to become invisible. But that did not stop the young scientist who tried to understand the principle of converting the visible to the invisible. Janos Perczel, a student of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, described his invention, and new projects.In 2011, a young scientist published a study that talked about the "invisible sphere", which shield the light, thus turning the object into invisibility with a colorful background.- Janos, before we get into the detail of research, could you tell Read more [...]
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Our pilots encountered a UFO hundreds of times

Old story about the meeting of two of our passenger aircraft with an unidentified flying object remains a mystery. But experts are still alive, which were directly related to the investigation of such incidents. Meet Valery Postnikov, one of the most authoritative experts in the field of accident investigation. - Valery, you are in the Soviet time undertook a study of UFOs. Why? - In the early 80s I was assigned to a single State Research Institute of Aviation Research Institute near Moscow, where he was secretive department on anomalous phenomena. My task was to prepare certificates for Read more [...]
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Scientists look for life in the volcanic waters of Antarctica

A team of scientists from various universities and research organizations in Great Britain went on an expedition to the coast of Antarctica on a research vessel "James Cook". The expedition - the study of hydrothermal vents, calderas and cold springs, located at a depth of more than three kilometers below the surface. Mostly slum community of scientists interested in the seabed south of the South Sandwich Islands, where the complex tectonic system, according to the portal "Science Daily." With the help of Isis experts hope to understand how these creatures survive near the Read more [...]
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Scientists have determined that the child in the womb yawning, hiccups and stretches

Submitted research scientists from Universities of Durham and Lancaster (England), Which states that the ability to evolve in the womb of the child along with the yawn skills hiccup and swallow stretch, indicate some level of his mental and physical development. The scientists studied 15 healthy fetuses in video format 4D, to find out, can you still unborn baby yawn or just opens his mouth as some researchers. The study was conducted with the participation of women with gestation of 24 to 36 weeks. Eight of them were waiting for the girl, and seven Read more [...]
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NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has published a self-portrait

12/13/2012 Curiosity rover came to the surface of the Red Planet for more than two months ago, and now NASA experts released pictures in which a research unit imprinted itself in the period from October 31 to November 1. Picture you can see below, is made in the 84th and 85th days of operation on Mars. According to Slashgear, this picture was taken with a robotic arm and camera Mars Hand Lens Imager. To create a photo mechanical manipulator for a day had to do about 50 operations to combine all the resulting images into a single coherent picture. As a result, we see a photograph of the rover Read more [...]
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