And outside burning Reserve

Early in the morning in July 1882 at the station "Don" of the passenger train left Moscow University professor Vasily Y. Zinger and keeper of the Botanical Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Ivanovich Litvinov. From the window of the car, they noticed on the steep bank of the Don unusual rock like sheltered gray-green carpet. Scientists are interested in this «striation», and they decided to make a stop in way ...Within a few hours, the researchers found 17 species of plants that can grow in Alps, but nothing in the Russian Read more [...]
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Darrell and reserved Russia

The emblem depicts the reserve ospreyPhoto: Leszek Solski Given the uniqueness of this bird and its numbers in the reserve is true, but ... next to her on the right is to show off and grouse, as he was for many years predominated in Darwin State Reserve among birds.The reserve was created first in the country — and probably in the world — experimental nursery grouse, worked out a system of detention of adult birds and their breeding. Work on the breeding aviary grouse began in DCP 1963 All-farm nursery was regulated, the work gained momentum. But after the ministry Read more [...]
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Five years to the benefit of the Motherland

Creating a network of protected areas (PAs) in the Stavropol region was the beginning of a unique conservation of the steppe zone. Management of Protected Areas celebrates its first anniversary - 5 years. It's old enough to take stock of the first results.Photo T.Kovalenko Conservation, restoration and sustainable use of wildlife is one of the main problems of civilization. The most important element of the conservation of the natural environment and a favorable ecological situation is a network of protected areas.In the Stavropol region, unfortunately, there is no state nature Read more [...]
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A Federal Reserve and three National Park will be created in 2012

Four federal protected areas (PAs) will be established in Russia in 2012, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on Wednesday.Eleventh January in Russia marks the Day of reserves and national parks. It was established in 1997 on the initiative of the Center for Wildlife Conservation and World Wildlife Fund in the eightieth anniversary of the country's first nature reserve - the Barguzin. It was created January 11, 1917 in the Irkutsk region to protect sable."In 2012, it planned to create a National Nature Reserve "Ingermanlandsky" (Leningrad region) and at Read more [...]
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For ducks in Ulomu

Rybinsk Reservoir not far from Darwin State Natural Reserve (DGPZ), the boundary of the Vologda and Tver regions, Mologa Reach .. not to say that the duck was a little, but comparing to the previous year, this time hunting was poor.Mallard markedly diminished, but in August in the production of hunters occupied a prominent place wigeon, which previously came up in September. Water regime, which often depended on hunting and the number of local ducks in this year's unfavorable name was not. In general, satisfactory opening in terms of waterfowl production from the second week was characterized by Read more [...]
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Looking through the archives and old diaries, I found among them, photos and short write-marks of one of the most successful of my hunts - bloodless. The action takes place a quarter century ago in the Voronezh Reserve. I like writing about the nature and frequent guest in a protected area, was invited to participate in catching deer. Then still on sunset of the Soviet Union, an excess amount of deer resettled from the reserve for nationwide.His diary, which offer readers, I broke into small cupola.FIRSTOlenuha raised her head, and big tear, breaking the frame Read more [...]
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The unique nature reserve

In late May, I was lucky enough to visit the suburban reserve "Homeland of the Crane." We worked there on the study of the biology of reproduction and the account and snipe snipe in the framework of international cooperation. But in this essay we are not talking about this work and about the unique nature reserve and its role in the preservation of nature, Moscow region. The observation deck in farmland specially made for birdwatching. Photo: Sergei Fokin In the north-eastern suburbs have extensive marshy lowlands area of ​​300 square meters. km. It Dubna lowland. ABOUT Crane Read more [...]
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Confessions of a huntsman

Photo by the author No, I'm not going to the next world, but due to recent events, I'm afraid I huntsman not work for long. Beginning in December 2011 by my «Kisluhinsky» Reserve literally attacked by poachers.December 21, 2011, unknown to the three import snowmobile had shot the moose.January 5, 2012, while in the sanctuary and found traces of the car, clearly examiner in the reserve for the purpose of production of elk, I'm in his car followed him. When left on a dead-end road, I saw the car Toyota Land Cruiser-80, which rammed my car, and then it traveled, fled the Read more [...]
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Well, hare, wait a minute!

The dog seemed stung by hundreds of bees at once - the surrounding forest filled with music rutPhoto: Anatoly Evmenov «Rabbits, however, ran out!» – so I thought, going to a weekend in the woods. Already the beginning of February, but the Anglo-Russian vyzhlets Zagray persistently called in the morning for a walk, and the permit has until 28 February.Meet with game chances were slim, recently hare population has plummeted. This season our team was taken just 5 oblique and hare tracks in the forest disappeared altogether. I had a chance to drive the hare asphalt Read more [...]
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The Kronotsky a web camera showing the hunting of bears on salmon.

Webcam installed on the rig in the South Kamchatka Preserve, show to everyone through the Internet, as bears catch salmon, reports the Kronotsky Nature Reserve."Now, for the inhabitants of the South Kamchatka Sanctuary can watch online at Webcam installed on the new observation tower near the cordon Ozerny Kuril Lake. In virtual tourists there are even some advantages over the observers in the tower - an eightfold approach allows us to consider even "facial expression" under the gun camera of animals"- Said in a statement.At the same time the main action Read more [...]
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Moscow compensates game, which consume large quantities Europeans

In Italy, France, Spain and Greece shoot 80% of the European production of woodcock in Russia - only 5%, but in the suburban reserve it nests 2-3 times a year.Experts terraced Oka Reserve analyzed the reasons for the unusual behavior of birds, REGNUM was informed at the press service of the reserve, located in the Serpukhov district of Moscow region.Recall, July 16, ornithologists observed the draft woodcock, which usually lasts from April to May: after sunset male flew several times in the middle of the nature reserve with a characteristic sound. «With such an unusual phenomenon in the middle Read more [...]
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Dead leopard with a satellite collar found in the reserve in Primorye

The remains of an adult male Amur leopard, tagged with satellite collars, discovered inspectors and scientists working in the reserve "Leopard" in Primorye, transfers "Interfax".According to experts, the leopard named "Pattern" died about four or five weeks ago (November 10-15), but his remains were discovered in the reserve on the middle reaches of the river Amba only now, the site of the permanent expedition of Russian Academy of Sciences to study the animals of the Red Book."He could have been killed during the transition from one hunting area to another. All Read more [...]
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The wild edges Zatirlyanya

Beloretsk small town, but when you do not know the road, he begins to grow in size. Where the fuck Morse guys where saves ?! (C) Well, where is the road to Tirlyan ??? Found and drove north isselodovat Beloretskogo district. 1st item Shushpa. Village on the white where they filmed The endless cry. Before the village abounding stream. Well, well, it's Snow White! Nothing too exciting. Dacha settlement, bought up magnitogortsamim. Generally curious to look at the expansion of Magnitogorsk Truckers on such utter sinusoid as kombinat who will close the thread a piece of metal, so sledtset Read more [...]
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Comparison armies

Decided to look at the potential size of the armies of the enemy, and came across the 10 largest armies mira.V this article few digits on the number of weapons and the like, but their numbers ukazanna.Tak enjoy from reading Dear Comrades! FranceActive army: 362,485 Military Reserve: 419,000France is one of the few countries in the armed forces which have almost full range of modern weapons and military equipment of its own production - from small arms to shock nuclear aircraft carriers (which, except in France, there is only the United States).In 2003 there was completed the second part Read more [...]
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Reserve Shulgantash

In 1986 Pribelsky branch was in a separate reserve Shulgan-Tash cave known by the name of Shulgan-Tash (Kapova) and river Shulgan. The very name comes from the Bashkir Shulgan words words "Sumgait", "sulgan", "Shulgan" has failed or fail. Typically, these items are karst holes or a place of disappearance of underground rivers. Specifically that of the river and the river is Shulgan disappearing underground and on the current inside the cave Kapova she actually saying, and washed. The word "tash" means "Stone". So makarom Shulgan-Tash - "a failed rock" or "stone fell." On the territory of the Read more [...]
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Vostochnouralsky Reserve

Trace of the explosion, so called East-Ural radioactive trace left on the east, contaminating a large area. But by the early 60s managed to reclaim a large part of the land, and return into circulation. Only the territory, located in the head of the trail, dirtier remained inapplicable for use. Because here, in 1966, was created by the East-Ural Nature Reserve. It was assumed that there will be observed the effects of radiation on plants and animals. Newly established reserve was assigned to the most experienced research station (Onishi) as a research site. Where excluded people living, economic Read more [...]
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Bashkir Reserve

For the first time reserve was established July 11, 1930. In the midst of nature reserves Urals he organized one of the first. But in 1951, the decision of the Council of Ministers BASSR, was liquidated and its territoriiorganizovan forestry. Again began intense exploitation of the forest. Only cherezsem years  in November 1958 zapovednikbyl vosstanovlen.Do 1986 it consisted of 3 phases: Ural-Tau, South Kraka and Pribelsky. In 1986 Pribelsky plot bylpreobrazovan in reserve - Shulgan-Tash. Today ploschadzapovednika - 50,000 ha. The terrain of the reserve was formed under the influence of erozionnyhprotsessov, Read more [...]
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Draft first settlers videos about survival

In a nutshell: A group of eight people makes raft floated on it 60 miles on the river Desna, stay in the middle of the reserve, on the border of Chernigov and Sumy regions, go 10 kilometers into the capital reserve and build shelter, where you can live in all weather conditions . Their website is: /Read more [...]
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We are driven by fear!

Today on came across an interesting article: "Top 7 attacks on personal budget» ( I wanted to share with you the seventh section of this article. Allow a couple of sentences from him. On the one hand we (the inhabitants of this site) seems oposaemsya tomorrow. And do not expect me to you as BP medications from our current problems? In this world, it's hard not to go mad. How not to destroy yourself and keep those who are dear to us? This problem, of natural causes, ultimately doomed to failure (all our meetings separation, alas, destined, Read more [...]
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Two new mini mud-volcano grew up in the Kronotsky nature reserve

Two new miniature mud volcano increased after prolonged heavy rains in the crater of the volcano Uzon on the territory of the Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka, told RIA Novosti the representative of the reserve. In the bowl of an old volcano intensified his old miniature copies, and appeared new. Two newborn dwarf volcanoes state inspectors reserve found from the observation deck of the lake Chloride during traversal\", - said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, previously, there was only dried lumps of clay. After rains hot couple has softened dirt, revived the old volcanoes, Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).