NYC Pedal Ploughshare Threatened

New York Metropolis's bicycle plowshare broadcast is sparking protests among residents. The motorcycle ploughshare syllabus is set to plunge this month with 330 dockage stations and 6,000 bikes in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Patch a late pate showed 72 pct of residents documentation the conception, the facility is sparking discontentment, including protestation stickers and the defacing of dockage stations.Local occupation owners are complaintive some the going of parking and a potentiality lace in dealings. “I don’t live how we’re passing to be able-bodied to engage real now efficaciously," Read more [...]
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NYC Wheel Parcel Threatened

New York Metropolis's wheel part broadcast is sparking protests among residents. The bicycle percentage platform is set to found this month with 330 dockage stations and 6,000 bikes in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Patch a late canvass showed 72 percentage of residents keep the construct, the induction is sparking discontentment, including resist stickers and the defacing of dockage stations.Local patronage owners are complaintive almost the deprivation of parking and a likely ear in dealings. “I don’t recognise how we’re passing to be able-bodied to engage truly now efficaciously," Read more [...]
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Rummy Bruin Freed From Jar

In a saga ostensibly interpreted from the plant of A.A. Milne, residents of a diminished Pennsylvania township were capable to deliver a wear that had had its drumhead stuck in a jar for leastways 11 years. The 100-pound, jar-headed bruin was get-go patched on June 3, but eluded the punt wardens attempting to disengage him from his deoxyephedrine prison.The have was eventually reclaimed by a grouping of quadruplet residents who patched the expect spell going the Jamison Metropolis Hotel in the township of Benton. Abaft a curt tag done a local nonmigratory’s dorsum 1000, the ad-lib rescuers Read more [...]
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Washington, D.C., Has the Land’s Whip Drivers

Drivers in Washington, D.C., are formally the near serious in the nation. Washington residents go but 4.8 eld 'tween accidents, flaming doubly as ofttimes as the internal modal, a sight released by Allstate's America's Topper Drivers finds. It's the one-sixth twelvemonth in a row that Washington has graded at the ass of the sight.“I wouldn’t say it’s the pip, I’d say it’s the least topper,” Allstate spokesman Adam Polak told The Washington Berth. “From look our information, drivers in Washington, D.C., on norm let collisions more oft.”Polak suggests Read more [...]
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Sentinel: Bowlder Floods, Residents Kayak

Flare floods in northerly Colorado suffer left-hand leastways tercet masses beat and many residents and motorists in and some Bowlder isolated. Deliverance crews birth been hampered by far-flung mellow waters and outages, and the Interior Endure Serving has called the flooding an "highly serious and severe place."According to the Denver Berth, the Home Hold has been called in to avail saving marooned citizens and towns interrupt by the photoflood, but brave weather bear express the use of delivery helicopters.Under we’ve rounded up the about unbelievable videos of the flooding, Read more [...]
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Earthquake in northern Sakhalin

The earthquake occurred on Wednesday afternoon (December 2) in the city of Alexandria in the north-Sakhalinsk Sakhalin victims and destructions, told RIA Novosti press officer of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. According to him, tremors 3-3.5 points residents feel at 14.48 Sakhalin time (7.48 MSK). As reported by an employee of seismic Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, due to the remoteness of the transmitter from the exact epicenter of the earthquake magnitude aftershocks could not be determined. According to local residents, during the state of emergency in the homes of swinging chandeliers, Read more [...]
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Raging Turkeys Absorb Staten Island

Staten Island residents are already sick dud, and it isn’t level Grace yet.Peregrine bands of savage turkeys—thousands of them—get go mess-making, traffic-stopping nuances to residents, according to New York Day-to-day Word. The birds bit yards into toilets, devastate gardens, and wake-up residents in strident pre-dawn union sessions. Residents are timid how to hold the plague."We don’t need to defeat them. We scarce lack them to forget us unequaled," Barbara Laing, who has seen leastways 50 turkeys gathering away of her theatre, told New York Casual Newsworthiness.Experts Read more [...]
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Snow ruled point in North America. Photo

Snow-covered cars, closed schools, fatal accident: the cause of the chaos in many American states was barbaric invasion of winter. Meter snow drifts and strong wind made many streets completely impassable, and already announced that the next attack.USA Massive snow storm the paralyzed significant part of Connections States and it's almost two weeks before the beginning of the cold period of the calendar year. Powerful snow drifts and ice caused chaos on the streets of many American states in the middle of the western and southern parts of the country. Hundreds of schools remained closed. Read more [...]
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Street, where there is little or Survival School at Corner

     Corner Lebyazhka be called street with a stretch. Five wooden houses hidden among the high-rise buildings. That's very close to the newly built two high-rise buildings on the street Ermak, which only added to the torment the few residents Corner.     Settlers of flats (second house not yet settled), as usual, immediately started to arrange well their homes. Chutes in new homes are not provided, so as not bred rats, cockroaches and other nasty creatures, so tenants №32 should use containers. But some residents of a new home prefer to throw out the garbage, Read more [...]
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Spring Kipon

View larger map Boiling water with pebbles like cooking buckwheat that just tempted to take the spoon, to prevent the brew. And then to scoop up and experience the porridge on the degree of readiness. But instead of cereals in the source boil small colored stone fragments. Local residents stones are recruited and used in homes instead of decorative scenery, as the stones are very beautiful and colorful. How to reach kipona? To reach Kipona you. On the way Iglino-Pavlovka drive to red Hill and from there turn to the New Suby. From the village of New Subi to Kipona will be approximately 5 km Read more [...]
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This is my Father’s House. Part 3

District municipal service takes care of the inhabitants of the private sector. Summer will glaziers glass in a special box on the shoulder, with a special grinders Sharpening machine, loudly offering services: "To insert a glass! Sharpen saws, axes, scissors! "Since almost every household had cattle, including the horse, the services offered and the farrier (conventional healers). When it appeared the veterinary service, if necessary invite the vet, going after him on horseback. In winter, the pond cut through the hole to clean water and to rinse the laundry. Every day, early in the morning Read more [...]
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Forgotten outskirts of the Leninsky district

    Once village Gorbunovo applied to suburban areas but now the residents of the village, constantly living there (and there are, according to official statistics, last year, there were 650 people) "patron" Leninsky district administration.     Problems in the village, according to 84–year veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Paul Alexandrovich Kotovshchikova, which for many years is the owner of one of the gardens in the village Gorbunovo, accumulated what is called the roof. Retired offered a ride to Gorbunovo, to see what is the situation in the Read more [...]
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In Tver send more water

One of the areas flooded Tver, the evacuation of local residents. To some of the houses emergency workers can be reached only on their inflatable boats. Water is coming, and it must be pumped. Marina Dominina, local resident: "Rescuers worked through the night. We begged them not to stop, because if they are left all around would flood. " Many residents, mostly senior citizens, refuse to leave the house. Floods are common in the area, but such a strong flooding has not already been more than 10 years, reports NTV. Source: NTV Previous News: · Flooding threatens two million Russians · Read more [...]
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Urban villagers

    According to the administration Gornouralskogo urban district, namely the so- Right now, the former Suburban District, on four or five months of the year the population of this municipal formation increases in ... five times.     - Permanent residents - 36 thousands, and in the summer actually live in the neighborhood of 150 thousand man - says Head Alexander County Semyachkov. - If they are not spelled out, and it is not taken into account when preparing the budget. Hence, we miss summer precinct, fire, on visitors are not designed medical services cultural and Read more [...]
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China dominated by snowstorms and snow

China is once again at the mercy of the weather. Blizzard struck the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Just a few hours tens of centimeters of snow fell. Roads covered with ice and the cars lined up in a multi-kilometer traffic jams. According to local residents, this winter was the worst in the last 60 years. Meanwhile, in the central provinces of China was played sandstorm. Hurricane winds uprooted trees. In one of the settlements fell crane. There were no casualties, although dozens of parked cars were damaged. Was also damaged the facade of the building was next. Visibility on the streets Read more [...]
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Gale was dead two districts in the Rostov region

Almost 2.5 thousand residents of the Rostov region remained without light in the night of Friday due to squally wind, obervables transmission line in two areas. On the eve of the emergencies Ministry sent out to subscribers of mobile networks storm warning — that wind gusts are expected to 30 meters per second. The prediction came true, and late in the evening in the Rostov region was ruled by this hurricane. As reported the press service of the Department of prevention and liquidation of emergency situation in the Rostov region, the most affected of the Azov and Salsk areas. In Read more [...]
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Rural deprived residents of Kholmsk drinking water. Video

The river instead of the streets, shortage of drinking water, destroyed the railroad. 30 thousands of residents of the city of Kholmsk on Sakhalin are struggling with the effects of the cyclone, which poured on them more than the monthly rate of rain. Local dam didn't withstand the pressure, dirty water and sat rushed into the city and into the reservoir. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in cranes residents of the Rostov region flows of low-quality water

The heat in the Rostov region have provoked in include reservoir cyanobacteria — blue-green algae. From contaminated water affects residents of the city of Konstantinovsk. For several days the townspeople felt out of the faucet and the smell of dust, and herring, and even manure. Such fluid scary not to drink and use for bathing and washing. Now the water is much lighter than I was three days ago, says Eugene Susalla. Yesterday, she was like «Tarragon». Already half pension she bought pure water, while to get used to now it can't. Says, life drank raw water from the Read more [...]
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Yuzhnouralsk town Kasli left without water due to the shallow pond

Since yesterday, August 24, residents of Kasli sit without water: the main source of water has almost dried up due to drought, and now the authorities need to urgently resolve the issue with an alternative. As the correspondent of \"New Region\" in the city of Kasli, due to severe drought has seriously reduced the level of the sole source of drinking water - Zatsepina pond. The scale of the destruction experts still can not estimate all measurements will be made later. Local authorities have found a way out is to arrange water from another source - the lake of Kirati. Of course, this will Read more [...]
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Earthquake magnitude 3 occurred in Tuapse

Photo: EMSC September 02, 10 (16:46)According to local residents, the power of the tremors was about 3 points In EMERCOM of the Russian Federation in the Krasnodar region, we confirmed the information about the earthquake that occurred in Tuapse about 40 moments ago. According to preliminary data, the epicenter of the tremors was in the sea a few kilometers from the shore. Pushes very well could be felt on land. Among the residents there was panic. In the background was a flurry of calls of citizens who wanted to know whether an aftershock and whether to leave their homes. According Read more [...]
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