Polar Urals. Terrain features

Polar Ural - one of the most sublime pieces of ancient Ural Mountains. Crests of ridges here rise to 1100-1300 m above sea level, and the individual peaks reach even greater heights. The axial zone of the Polar Urals is mainly composed of ancient metamorphic rocks, broken through the powerful outpouring of granites and granodiorites, which are associated with rare-metal mineralization and deposits of rock crystal. Many mountain ranges stacked quartzite and quartzite conglomerates. By the nature of the relief and geological structure of the Polar Urals is divided into northern and southern parts Read more [...]
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Became known causes anomalous uplift of the ocean floor

Scientists have found the reason why the ocean floor instead of the expected rises abnormally its tectonic subsidence that might help identify previously unknown patterns of movement of the Earth's mantle, according to a study published in the Friday issue of the journal Science. According to current models of the formation of the ocean floor, it is formed in the so-called mid-ocean ridges where tectonic plates "are leaving" in different directions under the influence of flow mantle - the layer of hot matter that lies directly beneath the crust, and performing the role of a kind of "Ocean", on Read more [...]
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Hydrargyrum Is Shrinkage

The solar scheme’s smallest satellite is return littler.Hg has shrunk nigh niner miles in diam ended the preceding iv million eld, according to a study promulgated Sunday. The grounds? The satellite is chilling, qualification its bingle architectonic home take and distort the open into rough ridges."It is Quicksilver's rendering of a deal smash," Paul Byrne, a world geologist and lead-in source of the work, told Internal Geographical. "It would be a identical spectacular landscape." All of the planets in the solar organization are acquiring colder, and Quicksilver Read more [...]
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The storm and cold

Storm in the mountains - a wind of great strength with sharp gusts. Storm may be snow and snow-free. Even in canyons force storms not only very noticeable, but it makes sometimes take drastic measures of protection. The greater the height, and the lower the temperature, the greater the force of the storm, the greater the danger. Severe frost in calm weather is transferred more easily than the weak cold strong wind. Often without snow storm rages in a very clear day. Then the bottom of the gorge, you can see the storm raging on the mountain tops, the so-called "flags", or, as Read more [...]
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