Climbing the rise in the pipe

Moving in gorges, canyons and mountainous terrain, you are equally proficient as lifting techniques and descent. Particularly difficult climb to almost vertical slopes of the canyons and sinkholes. On one of these lifting techniques between two closely spaced walls, rocks, we'll talk in today's article. This so-called «the rise in the pipe». This is a really important appointment. Often when traveling over rough and mountainous terrain have to go canyoning, river beds with steep sheer cliffs, slopes – sooner or later you have to go upstairs. And it was discussed today rousing Read more [...]
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Wildfires Are Melt Greenland: The Measurements

McKenzie Skiles wields her portable spectrometer.     Picture: Annie BryantC is a extremely musing born coat, when nighttime impurities are deliver they engulf more sunlight- and the c reflection drops. This like burden can be matt-up on a cheery day if you clothing a iniquity shirt, quite than a ignitor one. McKenzie volition use a “spectrometer” that measures sunshine volume at gamey resolve crossways the seeable and near-infrared spectrums, to measure how practically solar push the c is engrossing and how lots it is reflecting. She volition do this get-go at the rise, Read more [...]
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Sea-level rise is inevitable

According to the latest report of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), as a result of global climate change, which will lead to the melting of ice in the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland, and as a result - an increase in global sea level, the water will be large areas of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives will be submerged and the archipelago of Tuvalu. Homeless can stay 100 million Asians, 14 million Europeans, 8 million people in Africa and South America. Stefan Rahmstorf German scientist, whose research is based on the forecast of sea-level rise of 1.4 meters, said that rising Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Mag, Aug 2008

Oakland, California, habitation of the commonwealth's trump conditions     The Template THE Masses'S GAMES Lovemaking 'em or detest 'em, the Beijing Olympics testament be the well-nigh talked-about Games in decades. You're loss to picket. Hither's how. Features Finale Nighttime I DREAMED I HAD LEGS Jeff Lowe made alpinism what it is now, but ms has concluded his climb calling and threatens evening more. Pete Takeda ropes up with the caption as he tries to deal the capitulation. Liberalist CANDIDATES The topper places to endure now: 20 expectant American towns that Read more [...]
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Too early to talk about speeding up the melting of glaciers

July 18, 2013. While climate change is the responsibility of such an exact science as fundamental physics, this is largely the result of a complex interaction of factors that are not entirely clear. For example, it is obvious that in terms of global warming sea level rise as a warmer water in the oceans expand and glaciers and ice sheets melt. But the rate of sea-level rise and its endpoint remain the subject of heated debate. This week, some clarity to the issue have two new articles. One devoted to where to stop the sea level, the climate once again come into balance (a few centuries). The Read more [...]
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Does an umbrella deliver any spot on a tramp’s pitch inclination?

Komperdell Umbrella Stave     Picture: courtesy, REIKomperdell Umbrella FacultyA:Umbrellas are a much-overlooked element to outside equipment. So, I've known just one guy who carried an umbrella on a rise or rise?this was on mountain-rescue operations, no less?and spell everybody laughed at him, I perpetually mentation it was real cunning. Later all, you don a rainjacket, and you're nearly outright too strong unless the temperature is in the 40s. With an umbrella you stop dry piece avoiding having to clothing an undesirable redundant stratum. One job is that virtually umbrellas Read more [...]
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Amur flood crest approaches to Khabarovsk

According Giromettsentra RF September 3, 2013 on the rivers Amur Region and the Jewish Autonomous Region lasting decline in water level. Amur flood crest approaches to Khabarovsk. On the Amur River on the section from the town to the village of Trinity Khabarovsk water level was rising by 2-8 cm per day, downstream by 10-19 cm. On the territory of Khabarovsk Krai on the Ussuri River and its tributaries noted leisurely decline in water levels. On the Amur River near the town of Khabarovsk for 2-day predicted the rise of water about 3-5 cm. In Primorye, on the river near the town of Big Ussurka Read more [...]
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Berdyaush pos. in Satka borough Chelyaba. region., located on the river. Large Satka 210 km from Chelyaba. Pos. B. Regular. in 1896 as the w / d art. at p. Trans-Siberian railway Bakal and development of the mine. Until 1916 there was a host. rise pos. interrupted events roar. and civil. War. In the years. industrialization beginning. the second host. rise. B. becomes a working village. (1928), where one of the largest ballast quarries. B. expanding in the cities. Second World War, increasing its capacity as w / d art. In the future economic development of the village. remains without major changes. Read more [...]
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In Kiev was flooded promenade and parks

Photo: It seems that the weather forecast and the authorities of the partial flooding of Kiev justified. At the weekend flooded the Peoples' Friendship Park near Moscow bridge, stairs and benches on the embankment of the Dnieper, and in Gidropark temporarily closed one of the restaurants But the people of the elite Concha Zaspa in complete tranquility. "Every morning swim in Kozynka. No sign of the flood is not yet ", - told the" Today "a local resident, former deputy mayor of the capital Yevgeny Chervonenko. The current government also remain calm. "The level that we have now, Read more [...]
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The incredible heat in the Altai

Tomorrow, April 27, in the Altai expected real heat. In some areas the temperature will rise to a very high level of 28 degrees, which is not typical for the end of April. In Barnaul is 24 + ... + 26 °. On Wednesday, April 28, the heat a bit cooler. It is expected to + 18 ... + 23 °. But on Thursday, April 29, the thermometer will rise again to 27 degrees. At the same time about Thursday is expected rainy cyclone, strong wind, but the temperature at the same time will not decrease. Heavy rains will be accompanied by the first rain of the season. Source: IA Atmosphere Comment: With various Read more [...]
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In the Philippines, prepare for a volcanic eruption of Taal

The pressure rise of magma beneath the volcano Taal led to a number of volcanic earthquakes, yet tangible only by special equipment. In addition, seismologists have found the temperature rise under the lake. volcanic activity recorded in this place, may be a harbinger of imminent eruption. 5000 local residents prepare for possible evacuation. Volcanic lake and its island popular with tourists, but soon admitted to the picturesque island in Crater Lake, will not. And the locals working guides temporarily left without work. Source:   Read more [...]
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In Chernivtsi region flooded 65 villages

On the Prut River in Chernivtsi water is expected to rise by more than 6 meters. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with reference to the Minister Nestor Shufrich, who is now in Chernivtsi. In particular, Shufrich examined one of the most dangerous areas on the Prut River in the city, where the intensity of the rising water level is more than 10 cm per hour. «According to preliminary data, the water is expected to rise to the level of 6 meters, we are now seeing the rise of water level of approximately 5 meters on the Prut River " — Read more [...]
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Why does my dormancy bag invariably garner condensing?

The Minimalist     Exposure: courtesy, REIThe MinimalistA:Comfortably, that's odd. Capsule, largely, is a intersection of international weather. Air is mellow in humidness, the rise of the bag is frigidity, and the wet in the air condenses out. If your friends do not let the like abridgment trouble, it would brand an interesting physics trouble to see why not. Perhaps your bag is more insulated so the rise is tank than the others, so more wet condenses out.Approximately wet too comes from inwardly the bag, yet. You emit respective pints of urine evaporation at dark, and that can Read more [...]
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Melting ice and submarine landslides

August 19, 2013. If melting ice at the poles will actually lead to a rapid rise in sea level, the pressure on the coast of the continents will lead to underwater landslides - American scientists predict. Submarine landslides occur in every continental slope (underwater the edge of the continent, where the underwater parts of the lithospheric plates adjacent tectonic plates of the oceans. Such avalanches can cause dangerous tsunami, reports Live Science. Almost half of tectonic shifts in the underwater landslides that occurred over the past 125,000 years, falls between 8 000-15 000 years ago. Read more [...]
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Record growth in world prices

This year there has been unprecedented growth in the prices of many goods, some of which soared to such heights, which has not been recorded in the entire history of the world market. A record rise in the prices of various categories of goods contribute to the need of the world economy in metals and fuel against the backdrop of dwindling reserves of these raw materials, adverse weather conditions and natural disasters, reduced crop yields, and the activity of speculators in the global market.Currently, the trend is the sharp increase in copper prices: November 11, the price of copper reached Read more [...]
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Rise GTX     Photograph: Shana NovakMountain-ReadyWith its stalwart, full-grain-leather building, Gore-Tex lining, and lucullan EVA midsole, the Rise is far the burliest, about tough bang to win our prise this yr. It's doubly as expectant as the Stumptown but double as supportive, too; it's the solitary thrill hither we'd urge for schlepping a large (40-to-50-pound) gang all workweek hanker. And we'll acknowledge it: In a mart flooded with flare, its old-school esthetic won us ended. It fit our wider-footed testers outdo—our nearly narrowfooted testers had fuss acquiring Read more [...]
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Maldives will not prevent sea level rise

October 2, 2013. The continued accumulation of sand within the annular reefs of Maldives Attalos can provide the basis for future development of the Islands, say the authors of a new study. It is assumed that these Islands like the Maldives one of the first will suffer the consequences caused by climate change, particularly sea level rise. The study, published in the journal Geology, describes the formation of Islands inside Attalos Maldives. Researchers studied the history of education \"island Foundation, which begins when enough lagoon filled with sand, which is derived from the surrounding Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing fish Fugu

Puffer fish is considered the most toxic seafood. It is so toxic that in the rising sun chefs are long training courses fabrication of this fish, and then pass the exam to receive a special certificate. Education takes 2-3 years. During the exam chefs answer written questions, also show their culinary possibilities. In the final part of the exam chef should experience without the help of other pieces of gutted fish them. Only 30% of chefs will receive a certificate. It certainly does not mean that others die during the tasting: the theoretical part of the exam too easy.In the food used only Read more [...]
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7-Year-Old Climbs Wax Whitney

A 7-year-old boy summited California's 14,505-foot Wax Whitney, the highest crown in the glower 48 U.S. States, seemly the youngest soul e'er to rise the mount. Tyler Armstrong, from Yorba Linda, California began the tramp with his forefather roughly 2 A.M. on July 26, hike 11 miles from 8,500 feet to the lot's vizor by noontide. They returned to their start detail fair ahead 7 P.M. Otherwise a few refuse on his genu from swinging, Tyler made it improving high. "I deprivation to rise every heap thither is, if that's potential," Armstrong told Los Angeles tidings send KTLA. He following Read more [...]
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In Jakarta it is planned the construction of dams to prevent immersion under water

on January 27, Jakarta. As reported on Thursday, the Governor, in Indonesia it is planned the construction of large dams to prevent the invasion of the sea to the capital because of subsidence of the ground level and sea level rise. Governor Fawzi Bovo: \"sink Rate faster than the rate of sea level rise, but both phenomena lead to the flooding of the Northern coast of Java, including Jakarta\" According to him, there is no other way out but to build the dam. While the Governor has not revealed the details such as the size of the dam, the cost of building or structure. Meeting of the Governor Read more [...]
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