Undue risk

In that memorable day in September the circumstances were for me so that I could go into the woods late train. She arrived at six in the evening. Dusk was in the eighth, when up to the hut was still a good third foot.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev In previous years, the need to get to base dusk and I was not even at night very embarrassed, because route basically ran on quite trodden path, relatively clean from fallen trees. Now on this path were alone memories: it is overgrown with grass, bushes and alders clutter its windbreak.Another risk has been Read more [...]
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Forced risk

There is hardly a hunter with many years of hunting, who in his hunting practices do not take risks or got into such a situation, which later had to be selected sometimes even risking their lives. Of course, before you make such decisions, they must be thought out, and if in the future it really involves a certain risk, it is better to refuse from such an event.     But there are situations that do not portend no danger, although I can not call them from the category of the ordinary. Everything happens only then, when he took a definite decision and I Read more [...]
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Risk     Exposure: Courtesy of Guava FolkA locomote cot is a must-have for babies, and the expansible Go Cribbage Risk is ignitor, sturdier, and far less cumbrous than its competitors. Interlock sides leave wide-cut airflow and unobstructed views both for and of the nipper, and the curving sidewalls livelihood bumps and boo-boos to a minimal.  The outflank office? The works not just fits into a backpack-style bag for hands-free carrying, it besides fits into the smash bin of an plane.Steel: GoCrib$250 Read more [...]
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• Methods of movement of the assault group in the roomThere are two main types of assault: covert infiltration and lively attack.We will consider a variant of the acts of the assault group, consisting of 5 people, with a lively attack. Lively attack - rapid penetration of the object, with the aim to surprise and overwhelm the enemy before he will be able to provide organized resistance. Speed is a major factor in the lively storm (although its participants should not run on the run), often with the use of explosives for visibone doors or break walls. Others provide the dynamics of the storm means Read more [...]
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Unprecedented earthquakes threaten Europe

August 19, 2013. The French newspaper Le Monde has published the latest results of a study aimed at assessing the risk of earthquake in the next 50 years. A new European study confirms that Romania is among the countries with the highest seismic risk on the continent, according to an article published by the French newspaper Le Monde.\"The unprecedented earthquake potential in Europe\" under this title published an article by Pierre Le hir in the French newspaper, which refers to the results of a study conducted by an international team of 50 professionals. He first used the same criteria Read more [...]
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WWF: the Number of natural disasters in the world will double in 15 years

13.10.10 @ Jay Fine Climate change will lead to a doubling of the frequency and increase the power of severe weather events around the world in the next 10-15 years, the number of victims of the disaster will also increase. About this informed the head of the climate program WWF Russia Alexey Kokorin the international day for the elimination of the risk of natural disasters, which is celebrated annually on the second Wednesday of October. «There is a fear that it (the number of dangerous meteorological phenomena — amended) will even double that would lead to a large number of Read more [...]
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Humanity is struggling with natural disasters

From July 2009 to June 2010 were registered 394 natural disasters, in killing 238 thousand people. In General, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other disasters in this period have affected more than 200 million people. Economic losses amounted to 77.9 billion US dollars. All these numbers are worrisome and member States of the UN are taking drastic measures to reduce the risk of more frequent natural disasters. This is stated in the UN report \"Implementation of the International strategy for disaster reduction\". He was presented to the General Assembly by the assistant Secretary-General Read more [...]
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The Veridical Orca at Survival Races

Asystole during a marathon is sure the clobber of runners' nightmares, but if you're loss to let anything case you anxiousness during your future slipstream, it should be heatstroke. Heart-related deaths lean to get lots of attending, but a new discipline says that heatstroke is a often more commons risk for runners.Cardiologists from Tel Aviv, Israel, institute that for every incidental of asystole either sinister or fetching a offset's liveliness at a long-distance raceway, thither were around 10 incidents of heatstroke doing the like. Heatstroke is the nigh unsafe mannequin of hotness malady, Read more [...]
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Typhoon \»krosa\» approaches to Chinese island of Hainan

November 2, 2013. National center for hydrometeorological forecasting in Vietnam warns that visited on the eve of the North of the Philippines Typhoon \"krosa\" goes to the Eastern part of Hainan island. Speed sustained winds near the center of the Typhoon is about 148 km/h due To risk of giant waves the Typhoon \"krosa\" assigned \"orange\" level of risk, which is the third and penultimate ascending in scale weather color codes.\"Krosa\" became the 29th on account of the Typhoon that struck the coast of China in this year. According to reports in the Chinese news Agency \"Xinhua\", under Read more [...]
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Secrets of the S Peaceable

A premium suitable of mutiny: the palm-treed paragon of Tahiti, foaming drinks optional     Picture: Digital GunstockRisk resources to piddle those island dreams seed unfeigned.Terminus GuidesMisstep ideas, top outfitters, and places to stoppage south Peaceable. Addition guidebooks and articles from Out.com and Extraneous.FijiMicronesiaPalauTahitiTongaRisk Travelling with GORP.comGORP Locomote's finish number of S Seas adventures, from the reefs of Papua New Guinea to the whiteness backbone beaches of the Micronesian archipelago. Read more [...]
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Failure of the soil depth of 22 meters in Ecuador

on 3 November. The day before yesterday 23:19 emergency Central control fire Quito received a call about the failure due to damage to the main water line in the street Eloy Alfaro, in the area of the Park Carolina, to the North of the capital of Ecuador. Three people - a woman, a man and three-year-old child - were hospitalized with injuries in the hospital Vilaflor, in the South of Quito. Division of emergency assistance arrived on the scene to evacuate 42 families who live in the surrounding buildings. Employees Emaap service (drinking water), Epmmop (road construction), the Electric company Read more [...]
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Japanese experts: a Powerful earthquake in Yerevan will be a disaster state scale

on 8 December. If in Yerevan will take place underground tremors Spitak earthquake in 1988, the consequences will be devastating, because of the small distances between buildings during the cataclysm on the roads can occur tube, which would complicate the work of rescuers. This is stated in the report of the international cooperation Agency of Japan for the assessment of seismic risk in Yerevan. «Yerevan is the governmental, economic and social center of Armenia, and, if the city will suffer severe damage will be broken socio-economic functions, delayed development and it will be a catastrophe Read more [...]
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Remote On-line Archives

AdventurersGarble EffortJanuary 8, 2000By Tim ZimmermannJanuary 11, 2001 "Upper, swiftness, fastness, that's the base hither....The stake is aboveboard. Cart the send, go firm, do not prison-breaking the sauceboat." That's the distilled soundness of American Cam Lewis, master of Squad Escapade, as his big catamaran drag-raced Subsidization Dalton and Golf-club Med for 900 miles to see whose bows would be outset to hybridisation the Equator. Read more [...]
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Corrosion by water: snails are at risk more than anyone

Ask any student that looks like a snail, and his answer will begin with a description of the shell. Perhaps in the near future, this description will always remain in the past. Shells of marine snails rapidly destroyed by ocean acidification. The pH of water is now changing more rapidly than in any of the previous 300 million years.A team of scientists at the British Antarctic Survey by Dr Tarling Gerenta published in a popular science magazine article in which scientists tell us that the coast of Antarctica, they have found a significant amount of free-floating empty shells, pitted corrosion. Read more [...]
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A quarter of the modern women poisoned by toxins

Scientists at Brown University in the U.S. carried out a study and found that the blood of almost 23% of American women of childbearing age, a dangerous level three hazardous substances: lead, mercury and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls).In this case, all women aged 16 to 49 years, with the exception of 17.3%, a dangerous level of at least one of these toxic substances, which not only affect women's health, but also transmitted to children - through the placenta and breast milk.Lead, mercury and PCBs are widespread and are very stable in the environment. They can harm the fetus and the Read more [...]
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Effects of electromagnetic fields on human health

Almost all the appliances that produce electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are invisible, but all around us - at home, at work, in traffic.The technological boom of the last two decades has led to the fact that today we live in a continuous electromagnetic field.What is the effect of electromagnetic fields on human health?At a certain intensity of the field of industrial frequency of 50 Hz (which, for example, generate a refrigerator with the «No frost» or working microwave) the impact on the human instrument is similar to the impact of a weak carcinogen. "It is well established Read more [...]
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Life in the city increases the risk of schizophrenia

12/15/2012 Scientists believe that high levels of schizophrenia in urban areas due to the fact that people are more likely to suffer from unequal living conditions. The study was conducted at Cambridge University with the participation of 427 people diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18-64 years old from East London.The researchers assessed the social environment of each patient. They identified three factors that determine the risk of developing schizophrenia: poverty (unemployment, low income, poor education, and criminal history), the high density of population in the community Read more [...]
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Scientists — diclofenac dangerous

Diclofenac has been exposed to the sight at the London School of Medicine and Dentistry Barts. Scientists urge to prohibit drug, citing increased risks of complications. This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent often prescribed after surgery and to control pain of arthritis, says The Telegraph.So, it was already proved that diclofenac increases the chance of stroke or heart attack by 40%. Also in 2011 he published studies showing a fourfold increase in the risk of death from heart attack or stroke. Plus, diclofenac affects the gastrointestinal tract. Accordingly, even if the specialists Read more [...]
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MES: In hazardous areas comprise 60% of the population

12/12/2012 More than 90 million Russians, 60% of the population now live in areas of possible impact of destructive factors in accidents on the critical and potentially dangerous objects. This was said in a Russian Emergencies Ministry. The ministry pointed out that in 2013, increases the risk of emergencies during the spring flood in the Central, North-Western, Volga and Urals federal districts. "In recent years, the number of natural hazards and major technological disasters is growing. Disaster risk arising in the process of global climate change, and economic activity are a significant Read more [...]
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Exposing the myths of traditional nutrition 11

Perhaps what nutritionists certainly succeeded, so it is - certainly in the demonization of healthy food. A striking example of this - the eggs that are high in cholesterol, and thus supposedly increases the risk of heart disease. However, it has recently been shown that the level of cholesterol in our diet does not increase blood cholesterol. In fact, the eggs in the first place raises levels of "good" cholesterol and are not associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The result is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Eggs contain a large amount of various Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).