Water barriers

During travels often have face different water obstacles and overcome them. These obstacles include streams, small and large rivers, lakes, swamps, rapids, waterfalls, glaciers. Each body of water – it has its own specifics, and their methods of forcing overcome. Briefly touch on each type of reservoirs. Brooks. Usually not very deep, not wide, but they are usually very cold and fast flowing water. For this, the best way to cross the creek – is to find a tree that had fallen across and connecting both banks. Especially because these brooks and streams are most often found in the foothills Read more [...]
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How to get water, where there are no rivers and lakes?

You can often encounter a situation when you need to replenish the water, to avoid dehydration, and the terrain does not conducive to the satisfaction of the needs in the water: it's just the terrain with no ponds, and possibly at all – an arid steppe, plateau or desert. What to do in such conditions? As to get life-saving water? Let's try to find solutions in this article. Similar «anhydrous» situations happen on the way in a variety of natural areas. When you are unable find the water source in the humid jungle, the forest or the mountains – this is one situation where Read more [...]
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Summertime Getaways: Pawleys Island, S Carolina

    Picture: Raymond Summers/Shutterstock.comThank God for Myrtle Beach. Spell the crowds gang its tough shoreline, the Sack Seacoast—scarce 20 transactions s—stiff pristine. Phoebe rivers meet on eclecticist villages, cypress swamps, and black-water rivers. Gentile a kayak (rentals, $35) and coggle two and a one-half hours to the 9,200-acre Sandlike Island nature preserves, an island that’s plate to nautical forests and blacken bears. Refuel with runt and grits at Quigley’s Pint and Home backbone on the mainland ($16.50) and fix your beachfront bivouac at Read more [...]
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Those Planes Aren’t the Trouble

Deuce-ace Boeing fuselages—the primary compartments of airplanes—fell the duration of an embankment when a caravan derailed conclusion hebdomad.     Photograph: Courtesy of Kid Flanagan/Wiley By now, you've probable seen the photos. On the afternoon of July 3, a gear paralleling Montana’s Clark Ramify River derailed at Atherton Binge, sending payloads of soybeans, denaturized inebriant (not for drink, this is the clobber victimized in fire), and Boeing flat parts into the piss—and into horizon of amazed outside enthusiasts.Spell photographs of the nonstarter made Read more [...]
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External Cartridge, Jul 2010

Banknote: Not Armstrong's Genuine T-Shirt     This entire outlet is now usable on the iPhone, iPad, and on Zinio.Off the Cryptic EndThe Marianas Ditch Nautical Home Repository, on the solitary westerly abut of the Peaceable, is a spot of WWII wrecks, unequaled dive, and plummeting depths. Could it too be the opening in economy the reality's oceans? By PATRICK SYMMESThe PathfinderLacrimation HOLESOur lathery pick of the topper apres-adventure bars in the Joined States. Because you're gonna get hungry out thither. Summation: cocktail recipes!Höchstgeschwindigkeit!How I Read more [...]
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The Mad Goosefish’s Pronunciamento

    Exposure: deepwoodpress.comOn sure stretches of pee in northerly Michigan, author Microphone Delp is an picture. You'll incur him, cigar in sass, cast to abide and dark-brown and rainbow trout, and castigating canoeists for linear complete his front-runner holes.But Delp has an alter-ego, the Mad Monkfish, who exists but on the pages of books alike The Finale Near Pee. The Mad Lotte is a ornery sumbitch who professes his abstruse connecter to all things urine and his emit hate for all things that hold him from it or may fuck scathe.For the retiring dec, I've learn the Mad Read more [...]
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Black River (Sapaoya) — a river in the Lomonosov district of Leningrad region

Black River (Former Finnish. Sanaoja) - River in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region, the pool Baltic Sea. In the upper reaches bears the title Sapaoya. River Black River (Sapaoya) originates in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region in the swamp Partyzanski, 3 kilometers north-west of the village of Peter the Great. Empties into the Gulf of Finland in the precincts of the village of Bolshaya Izhora. Length Black Rivers is 21 kilometer catchment area of ​​96.2 km2. The total drop of the river  is 55 meters, the slope of 2.6 m / km. Localities. Only settlement, located on Read more [...]
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Rescuers Tatarstan prepare to meet the spring flood

On the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan Tukaevsky district and the town of Naberezhnye Chelny occur nine large rivers. This Kama Melekeska, Chelninka, Shilna, Zycha, Avlash, Urguda, Egon, Tigraush. Through these 61 rivers built the bridge, but prone to flooding and low-positioned not. Ice jams on the rivers of the area are not expected. Local rescuers note that during the vernal floods on the ground Tukaevsky urban area and the town of Naberezhnye Chelny is no threat of flooding and waterlogging in institutions, socially significant, potentially dangerous objects, objects of economy and trade. Read more [...]
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State of the ice cover on rivers and reservoirs Russia

At the moment, on the rivers and reservoirs of the Russian Federation persists winter mode. On the rivers Volga, Kama, the Urals in the waters of their basins, rivers and reservoirs ice thickness varies from 24 to 80 cm. In the upper Dnieper and its tributaries to the rivers Desna, Sog, Sudost, Saeima, Tuskar ice has a thickness of 15-41 cm. River north and north-west European part of Russia, Karelia, Kola Peninsula have ice cover width 30-75 cm. In the upper reaches Don, its tributaries Voronezh, Pine, Crow, Hopper, Bear on Tsimlyansk reservoir thickness of ice 15-41 cm. In the basins Obi Read more [...]
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Northern Urals. Rivers, lakes and glaciers

River. With the Northern Urals originate numerous deep rivers, which flows into the Caspian Sea, the Barents and Kara Seas. Major rivers flowing down from the western slope of the ridge, tributaries of the Kama Kosva, Yaiva, Visscher. On the western slope takes also the beginning of the largest river European North Pechora tributaries Uney, Ilych, and Podcherem Shchugorev. On the eastern slope of the drain North Sos'va and its left tributaries Toljan, Nyays, Magna, Yatriya and tributaries Tavda Lozvy, Vijay, Ivdel, Sos'va. Most of the rivers of the mountainous area of ​​Northern Urals typical Read more [...]
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The Federal fishery Agency agrees illegal fishing on spawning salmon rivers

In the work of the territorial divisions of the Agency have been instances of non-compliance with legal requirements when organizing competitions for the right to conclude agreements on the allocation of fishing areas, the control and oversight, implementation of regulatory roles extraction (catch) aquatic biological resources. The Federal fisheries Agency has been illegal practice decisions of the regional commissions on granting institutions the right to install a fish counting Weir barrier to spawning rivers with the possibility of withdrawal of bioresources in the absence of the fishermen of Read more [...]
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River Subpolar Urals

With the ridges of the Subpolar Urals originate numerous deep river pools of the Kara and Barents seas. The main water artery of the Eastern slope of the polar Urals is river Lyapin, in the upper-called Golgoi, the largest left tributary of the Northern Sosva. Hulga is formed by the confluence of the rivers will Chimay and grow coarse, originating on the heights and 660 960 m above sea level. On leaving the mountains Lyapin (Hulga) flows in a South-westerly direction along the Eastern foot of the ridge on extensive Lapin depression. Most of the right tributaries Lyapina Babanu (East), Helmert, Read more [...]
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river Uvelka

Properties of the river Uvelka. Istokenvalid area near the array Selendi and lake Kundravinsky,located 20 kilometres South of the town of Chebarkul. The length Recoatable 234 km with a catchment Area of -5800 square KMPlayer tributaries of Central Kazakhstan  small rivers coqui,  Comlek, Karasu,  Coelho, Shares and Kubanka. Country baberaham river Hilly. On the river hosted two town - Yuzhnouralsk and Troitsk. And makepolo Krasnogorsk and a large number of villages. On the ground of Yuzhnouralsk, Nouvelle during the construction of the power plant was established at Yuzhnouralskaya Read more [...]
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the river is Small Zelenchuk left tributary of the Kuban.

Small Zelenchuk is a river in the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia, is a left tributary Kuban. Small Zelenchuk mountain abounding river medium size. The river's length is 59 km from the source of the river Maruhi - 123 km)Reka flows in a northerly direction in a narrow gorge. You receive the connection of the rivers maruha and Accout, which are the glaciers descending from the ridge Run, which is part of the Caucasus mountain range. Connect both river 5 miles below the village Kardonikskaya. Small Zelenchuk runs virtually parallel to the great long Zelenchuk, narrow plain, surrounded by large Read more [...]
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Consequences of backwater

 Disruption of drainage - is the main consequence of the temporary accumulation of flood waters on the lower portions of the West Siberian rivers flow different order. During backwater rivers turn propped up by sources in the drainage sources of moisture accumulation in the catchment areas. Backed plots can be compared to the bays without flow or even portions having opposite direction of flow in the result of flowing water from the river in the valley buttress tributaries. During the spring-summer floods and the formation of zones of the river propped retaining water swamps, turning the latter Read more [...]
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Polar Urals. Rivers, lakes and glaciers

River. Polar Ural is cut by a dense network of rivers, streams and ephemeral streams carrying their heavy water to the west - in the Pechora, to the north - in Baidarata Bay and to the east - the Ob. So far, most of the rivers of the Polar Urals, except Kara, Sobi, Kozhim, Lemvy, Voikar and some other tourists do not go. Nevertheless, many of the major rivers and their tributaries are very picturesque and are of great interest for water tourists. Places rivers are relatively close to the railway, they are readily available for navigation on them kayaking and shallow-draft boat almost to the headwaters. Mountain Read more [...]
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Flood events in the rivers of Russia

In the lower reaches Volga over the last day saw the rise of the level at 0.1-0.6 meters in connection inflated dumping water Volgograd hydroelectric power. The Republic of Tatarstan resumed vernal development processes with increasing water levels in the rivers 0.4-1.3 meters - Sviyaga, Kubni, Kazanka, Sheshma and others. On the river below the village Ulema Aleberdino congestion ice profit amounted to 2.5 meters of water per day, began flooding the coastal part of the village. In the Penza region in the vicinity of the village on the River Ouse cherd tributary Sura was a sharp increase in water Read more [...]
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Features Travel to the Middle Urals

Terrain features, minerals. Geological processes and glaciation of the Earth defined modern relief of the Middle Urals. The western part of it occupied by low Ural Mountains and Zauralskaya hill, east is represented by plain, which is part of the vast West Siberian Lowland. The most south-east takes Ufa plateau at 450 - 500 m, heavily dissected by river valleys and folded strata of soluble rocks (limestone, dolomite). Elevated part of the Middle Urals are ridges higher axial strip. On the tops of the mountains seen buttes composed of strong rocks: quartzite, gabbro. Especially picturesque granite Read more [...]
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Restrictions on fishing in the rivers and lakes of Karelia

With the advent enlighten on the rivers and lakes of the Republic of Karelia have enacted bans on catching certain species of fish, reports the North-West territorial administration of Federal Agency for fishery. At any time of the year when implementation of Amateur and sport fishing are prohibited to catch the residential form of pike-perch in lake Angosia, lake salmon, juvenile Atlantic salmon (salmon), brook trout and brown trout (brook trout). Accidental capture of marked fish should be released in their natural habitat with less damage. The work plan of the Department of Fisheries in the Read more [...]
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By the rivers of the North Caucasus was rain flood

And in the Kaliningrad region on the river Pregolya lasts profit water. During the period from 11 to 13 January significant configurations in the hydrological regime of the rivers of the Russian Federation did not work. By the rivers of the North Caucasus - Pshekha, Pshish, Psekups, Ubinke, Adagum held rain flood with increasing water level in the 0.5-1.1 meter reports Weather RF. In the Republic of Karelia on the river near the town of Nizhny Vyg Byelomorsk water level exceeded the unfavorable mark 2 cm. In the Kaliningrad region on the river Neman near the town of Sovietsk remained ice blockage. Read more [...]
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